Project Raptor V10 Alpha V0.3 Changelog

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  1. V10 Alpha 0.3 Changes:
  3. General Changes:
  4. - Units and Structures now have their own individual files. Please refer to the new file structure.
  6. All USA:
  7. - Fixed death OCL's for structures, now all Generals spawn their specific Rangers (Soon to be updated with specific infantry for each General.)
  8. - Fixed Paradrops for America Generals, now they use each General's specific Rangers.
  9. - Cluster Bomb Damage has been reduced from 300 to 200, and the damage radius has been dropped from 50 to 40.
  10. - Cluster Bombs now spawn 40 bomblets instead of 60.
  11. - New B3 created for the cluster bomb to allow the bomb more time to drop before it detonates.
  12. - Patriot Missile Batteries no longer require line of sight to attack. Their missiles may not hit due to buildings in the way, but this keeps them from gaining the long range as well.
  13. - Different Generals have different colored data streams for their Patriots now. Air Force has Red, and Super Weapon has an aqua color.
  15. Laser Gen:
  16. - Laser Patriots no longer have an assist weapon, this reduces the chances of the system being able to target enemies from across the map.
  17. - Particle Tank now has it's own locomotor, it has been changed from 25 to 35.
  19. Tank Gen:
  20. - Fixed the issue with the Tank General's Supply Truck's hulk, where it appeared smaller than the actual unit.
  21. - Fixed the issue with the Tank General's Supply Truck where it displayed it's cargo when it died.
  23. SupW Gen:
  24. - The Marine is now a Super Weapon General specific unit.
  25. - Marines now have a 50% reduction in damage output, and now have a clip of 3.
  26. - Other US Generals no longer benefit from the Optical Implant upgrades.
  27. - Super Weapon General no longer has access to the SpecOps infantry or it's upgrades.
  29. Militia:
  30. - Updated the faction logo
  31. - Added the new logo to the loading screen, command bar, garrison exit buttons, and score screen
  32. - New voices for the Militia Rifleman
  33. - New voices for the Militia Tank (and by extension the heavy tank as well)
  34. - New voices for Militia Worker
  35. - Militia Worker renamed to Liberated Worker
  36. - New engine and weapons sounds for militia tank
  37. - Updated Command Tent model, geometry and exit points updated accordingly
  38. - Command Tent can now be garrisoned by infantry
  39. - New model for 50 Cal Defense, geometry updated accordingly
  40. - 50 Cal now gains veterancy, and gets better weapons at each level
  43. V10 Alpha 0.2 Changes:
  45. General:
  46. - Mobile Barracks have been removed from all sides
  47. - Starting units have all been changed to infantry
  48. - Dozer CommandSets have been changed to fit a more fluid build style. Now production structures like the Power Plant are on the top rows and production structures like the Barracks are on the Bottom rows.
  49. - Fixed string errors
  50. - Fixed an issue where if you had large number of Helix (sometimes Comanche) and one got show down any in the group flying new that unit would go down even if they were not damaged from the AA fire.
  51. - Factions have their own .ini files pertaining to the type of objects that are in them, Air for Aircraft, Building for Structures, Tank for Tanks, Vehicle for Vehicles.
  53. All USA:
  54. - Consolidated Most US CommandSets for War Factories into a single CommandSet for each factory.
  55. - Moved Scram Shells upgrade to the Strategy Center
  56. - US Barracks has lost its secondary CommandSet
  57. - New FX for the Smoke Grenade (Still working on it applying a debuff for range)
  58. - Added new FX for the HE Grenade Upgrade, soon to be renamed M203 Grenades.
  60. SupW Gen:
  61. - Replaced SW General's Humvee with the Bradley and removed the requirement for the TOW Missile Upgrade.
  63. Laser Gen:
  64. - Fixed an issue where the M1A1 for the laser general wouldn't display all the drone upgrades with other units selected.
  65. - Fixed an issue with the Topol Missile Launcher not displaying steam from the tube.
  67. AirF Gen:
  68. - Removed the Scram Shell upgrade from the Air Force General.
  70. Nuke Gen:
  71. - Nuke Mig now has a reduced attack range to match that of the base Migs.
  72. - Removed unnecessary WeaponSet upgrades from Nuke General units for the Gamma Radiation upgrade. The projectile now carries the death OCL that generates any upgraded fields. Allowing for a cleaning unit code.
  74. Militia:
  75. - New Cameos added for the new Militia units
  76. - Rearranged war factory buttons by tier, role and availability to make things easier to find
  79. V10 Alpha 0.1 Changes:
  81. General:
  82. - Converted CSF file to STR file for easier editing
  84. Militia:
  85. - Added Militia Rifleman (replaces Guerilla)
  86. - Militia Rifleman no longer starts as Heroic, and no longer comes in groups of 4
  87. - Militia Rifleman gains various bonuses and upgrades once promoted (experiment, other militia units will get them as well eventually)
  88. - Added Militia Rocket Soldier (replaces Stinger Soldier)
  89. - Added Militia Jeep (replaces Dune Buggy)
  90. - Added Militia APC (replaces Supply Truck)
  91. - Added Militia Heavy Tank (replaces Stalker)
  92. - Added Militia Artillery Vehicle (replaces Farmer Artillery)
  93. - Militia Artillery vehicle can switch between normal mode and long range mode (increases range but decreases accuracy)
  94. - Added New model for Hurricane
  95. - Hurricane can no longer attack ground
  96. - Removes Militia Tank Mac Gun Upgrade
  97. - Militia Tank now starts with a machine gun on its turret
  98. - All new Militia units gain self heal even in Veteran rank, and gain stronger heals in Elite and Heroic ranks
  101. Known bugs:
  103. Civilian:
  104. - Structures when garrisoned do not use proper fireing positions.
  106. US:
  107. - Smoke Grenades don't provide a debuff to range.
  108. - Paradrop Rangers can use Flashbangs even if you haven't purchase the upgrade.
  109. - Patriots have an unusually long range when they are asked to use their assist weapon but can't actually fire it.
  111. China:
  112. - Infantry General's Troop Crawlers droped at the Reinforcement Pad spawn 8 Minigunners in the bottom left of the map.
  113. - Minigunners display a double model/animation on certain maps.
  115. GLA:
  118. Militia:
  119. - Battle trucks can be garrisoned by enemy forces.
  121. AI:
  122. - Crashes happen when you have two or more medium AI.
  123. - Militia AI for whatever reason gets hung up on building units until you destroy the one battle truck they produce.
  125. UI:
  126. - Loading bars don't display the proper size.
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