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  1. when bubble burst goes to zero - FALSE (real estate bubble for example)
  3. Government can't take bitcoin away from you - FALE (compelled to give password, what use is money if in prison? And if in Coinbase or like government can force them to hand over account by court order)
  5. Was neve "virtually impossible" to get a mortgage in 50 years so long as you weren't a sub-prime borrower. Even then if you had 20% you could. Revisioinist History.
  7. Soros is an evil bastard, I would believe anything about him.
  9. Goldman said "most" not "all" cyprto will fall to zero.... You would not think Bitcoin (the biggest player in the market) is part of "most." Likely they mean the smaller coins. Whether they fall to zero or near zero I can't imagine we're going to have a thousand different crypto's going foreward...
  11. I'm not surprised they tried to make the asset crash to buy low, but they have already bought/buying, shouldn't we already see bitcoint exploding?
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