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  1. [14:00:21]      dewww   oh boy
  2. [14:00:47]      dewww   tgh's map13 crusher/door scenario is SO fucked up
  3. [14:00:58]      -->|    Megalyth ( has joined #doomtwid
  4. [14:01:00]      dewww   doom has no idea what to do with that combination
  5. [14:01:07]      Megalyth        hiya
  6. [14:01:10]      dewww   hello
  7. [14:01:14]      dewww   even more interestingly
  8. [14:01:18]      Megalyth        sup dewww
  9. [14:01:31]      dewww   even prboom+ -cl 2 and doom2 behave differently
  10. [14:01:42]      dewww   apparently no one ever was crazy enough to put doors on crushers
  11. [14:02:14]      dewww   doom2.exe is hilariously confused
  12. [14:02:52]      dewww   pr+ does what exe does, but adds some more crazy behaviour cause it's more advanced
  13. [14:03:19]      dewww   zdoom just refuses to even consider such a scenario can exist
  14. [14:04:15]      Megalyth        heh
  15. [14:04:25]      Megalyth        what happens in doom2.exe?
  16. [14:04:34]      dewww   talking about the cchest4 map13 crusher bug
  17. [14:04:35]      Megalyth        does the crusher open like a door?
  18. [14:05:24]      dewww
  19. [14:05:33]      dewww   a test room for it
  20. [14:05:52]      dewww   left side copies the cc4 scenario, right side adds some WR lines for extra fun
  21. [14:06:32]      dewww   three sides of the crusher are D1 doors open-stay as in cc4, backside is DR open-stay-close for more undefined behaviour!
  22. [14:07:19]      dewww   i would like to tell you what doom2.exe does, but it's hard to describe
  23. [14:07:50]      dewww   i think the engine screams and decides what to do with the sector in a sudden burst of panic
  24. [14:08:41]      Megalyth        seems like it just stops the movement because it doesn't know how to react
  25. [14:09:01]      Megalyth        in choco
  26. [14:10:00]      Megalyth        heh
  27. [14:10:07]      dewww   the left side works as intended in cc4
  28. [14:10:14]      Megalyth        it behaves weirdly in gzdoom
  29. [14:10:18]      dewww   at least in doom2/pr+
  30. [14:10:23]      dewww   the right side... adds... drama
  31. [14:10:31]      Megalyth        if you do the w1 crusher first, the switch becomes inoperable
  32. [14:10:32]      dewww   i mean the lava strips
  33. [14:10:44]      dewww   err blood
  34. [14:11:10]      Megalyth        if you do the w1, then the door, you can press the switch, but it just makes the crusher move again, and the switch doesn't actually flip
  35. [14:11:22]      Megalyth        heh weird
  36. [14:11:40]      dewww   all the combinations are quite unpredictable
  37. [14:16:07]      Megalyth        haha
  38. [14:16:21]      Megalyth        for kicks I added a W1 floor raise by 24 to the mix
  39. [14:16:37]      dewww   heh
  40. [14:16:44]      Megalyth        if you wait until the crusher is at floor level to trigger it, the floor only raises to the height of the crusher
  41. [14:17:00]      Megalyth        I was hoping it would crash the game
  42. [14:17:09]      Megalyth        that was in gzdoom, lemme see what choco does
  43. [14:17:14]      dewww   oyeah.. i like how you can raise the door
  44. [14:17:20]      dewww   and when you trigger the WR
  45. [14:17:27]      dewww   it jumps down to the original height instantly
  46. [14:17:33]      dewww   (sometimes)
  47. [14:19:25]      Megalyth        it didn't do that for me
  48. [14:19:40]      Megalyth        it went derpy
  49. [14:19:58]      Megalyth        it still moves like a crusher, but only with a ~16 unit range
  50. [14:20:13]      Megalyth        instead of going all the way up/down
  51. [14:21:01]      dewww   heh
  52. [14:21:19]      Megalyth        haha holy shit
  53. [14:21:26]      Megalyth        light-speed crusher
  54. [14:21:42]      Megalyth        add a W1 door close stay, trigger it, then press the switch
  55. [14:21:47]      Megalyth        hilarious
  56. [14:22:02]      Megalyth        assuming it does the same thing for you
  57. [14:22:31]      dewww   i'm not even sure anymore heh
  58. [14:22:41]      Megalyth        in choco I mean
  59. [14:22:46]      dewww   i got a lot of different outcomes depending on when i pressed it
  60. [14:22:55]      dewww   oh, i played .exe in dosbox
  61. [14:23:03]      dewww   and pr+ with -cl2, not choco
  62. [14:23:05]      Megalyth        it might do the same
  63. [14:23:16]      dewww   you might be getting a third (fourth?) set of behaviour haha
  64. [14:23:51]      Megalyth        if the sector closes like a door all the way to the floor, then you tell it to lower to 8 above the floor, it moves crazy fast
  65. [14:24:02]      Megalyth        quantum crusher
  66. [14:24:15]      dewww   haha
  67. [14:25:22]      Megalyth        usually in vanilla (or choco) if a sector is already active, you can't trigger another action to it
  68. [14:25:58]      Megalyth        which is why the switch does nothing if the crusher is already moving
  69. [14:26:20]      Megalyth        I discovered this, much to my dismay, when I was making my dtwid map
  70. [14:26:33]      dewww   yeah the DR seems to be doing nothing in exe if it's already moving
  71. [14:26:43]      dewww   but the D1 seems to activate
  72. [14:26:58]      Megalyth        I had set up this elaborate scenery-morphing set which was triggered by w1 lines
  73. [14:27:13]      Megalyth        and it didn't work right if the lines were crossed too quickly
  74. [14:27:42]      dewww   ya i can imagine
  75. [14:28:31]      Megalyth        haha I just crashed gzdoom
  76. [14:28:55]      dewww   finally :D
  77. [14:29:05]      dewww   that was the goal all along
  78. [14:29:15]      Megalyth        I was gibbed right out of the game
  79. [14:29:22]      Megalyth        seemingly
  80. [14:34:35]      Megalyth        okay... that was exceptionally weird
  81. [14:35:04]      Megalyth        I added a w1 door open stay and a w1 floor raise to ceiling
  82. [14:35:16]      Megalyth        triggered in that order, and then activated the crusher
  83. [14:36:05]      Megalyth        there's the small gap there, because doors don't open all the way into the ceiling, they stop a few units below
  84. [14:36:30]      Megalyth        so it does the light-speed crusher thing, but it looks like it's just flickering in and out of existence
  85. [14:37:16]      Megalyth        I activated one of the other lines, and the crusher disappeared
  86. [14:37:22]      Megalyth        like completely
  87. [14:37:45]      Megalyth        the silver flat turned into wood, and the crusher couldn't be started again
  88. [14:40:31]      Megalyth        wow
  89. [14:40:38]      Megalyth        this just gets weirder and weirder
  90. [14:43:18]      dewww   haha
  91. [14:43:22]      dewww   still at it?
  92. [14:43:53]      dewww   i wonder if anyone tries to make some sense of it
  93. [14:44:07]      dewww   and perhaps emulate it in pr+/choco/...
  94. [14:44:21]      dewww   cause even vanilla seems to be sadly confused, heh
  95. [14:47:34]      dewww   you seem to have upgraded the test room, can you start a thread in editing or ports?
  96. [14:48:20]      dewww   the port devs should share our fun :)
  97. [14:48:25]      Megalyth        heh
  98. [14:48:39]      Megalyth        some of this only works in (g)zdoom
  99. [14:48:48]      Megalyth        because of the limits on sector activity
  100. [14:49:11]      Megalyth        run this in gzdoom if you have it
  101. [14:49:23]      Megalyth        press the switches from left to right, starting with the arrow
  102. [14:49:32]      Megalyth        make sure to let each action finish before you hit the next
  103. [14:49:39]      Megalyth        it's pretty weird
  104. [14:49:50]      Megalyth        it doesn't work in choco
  105. [14:50:03]      Megalyth        which is unfortunate, because it could make for an interesting effect
  106. [14:50:11]      Megalyth        if used creatively
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