Big Little Sister by DCFTEF (Sweetie Belle/Rarity)

Aug 28th, 2015
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  1. Big Little Sister by DCFTEF (
  3. ---
  5. It was Friday afternoon, around 4pm and Rarity was doing what teenage girls do best; talking on the telephone. Laying back on the sofa with her knees up over the arm rest, idly swinging her legs as she played with the coils of the land-line cord in her fingers (wisely conserving mobile minutes...Mother & Father were so obtuse about letting her have an unlimited usage plan).
  6. >"Oh it won't be a problem at all, Rainbow. Your softball team fund raiser is important...of course I'll be there. I'm the Rainbooms' keyboardist and wardrobe consultant, am I not?"
  7. The girl on the other end of the line was surprised.
  8. >"Really? But you got a 3rd missed homework notice from Vice Principal Luna yesterday. You gotta have that signed by your parents."
  9. >"Already taken care of" answered Rarity.
  10. >"Seriously? And your folks are letting you go out to play the gig?" muttered Rainbow, "Sheesh...I'd be stuck in my room all weekend...probably with a sore butt...if I brought home one of those. They're not even mad at you?"
  11. Rarity giggled wickedly.
  12. >"Who says they know about it?"
  13. >"Huh?"
  14. Rarity lowered her voice and explained;
  15. >"Father has the simplest signature to fake...and you know Vice Principal Luna doesn't scrutinize those letters very closely. I returned it to her problems at all."
  16. Dash was impressed. Usually she was the bold one.
  17. >"Wow Rare...I underestimated you. No way I'd have the nerve to try a stunt like that."
  18. >"Not a word to our friends, understand? I don't feel like a lecture from Twilight about the importance of homework...or a speech about honesty from Applejack."
  19. Rainbow Dash agreed;
  20. >"My lips are sealed. Hey, my Dad is calling...he needs to use the phone. See ya at the gig?"
  21. >"I'll see you there, darling."
  23. Rarity hung up the phone but gave a quick yelp of surprise. She didn't know she was being watched this whole time.
  24. >"Hellooooooo, sis."
  25. >"Oh my...Sweetie startled me. When did you get home?"
  26. The younger sister stood in the kitchen doorway, arms crossed with a serious look on her face. Rarity was worried. How much had she heard?
  27. >"Oh, a few minutes ago" Sweetie answered, "long enough."
  28. She put her hands on her hips.
  29. >"You FORGED Dad's signature!? What the heck, Rarity?"
  30. Blushing, the elder sister tried to twist the facts in her favor.
  31. >" really wasn't a very important note...and I didn't want to worry Father or Mother with it. You understand, don't you...dear sister?"
  32. Playing the 'dear sister' card usually worked like a charm but Sweetie Belle wasn't in the mood today.
  33. >"I understand that forging Dad's signature on a note is wrong!"
  34. Now Rarity was genuinely worried. She would have to carefully maneuver to avoid trouble here. Coercion, bribery...even begging might be required.
  35. >"Sweetie Belle, darling, we're sisters. You wouldn't tell Mother and Father about this insignificant, teensy little tiny indiscretion...would you?"
  36. Sweetie's bottom lip shot out as her face took on a stern and angry visage.
  37. >"Well I dunno...did you have to tell Mom & Dad about what I did two weeks ago?"
  39. Rarity gasped. Two weeks prior Sweetie Belle had told their parents she and her friends were going to the library to study...but she, Scootaloo and Apple Bloom really boarded a bus and went to the other side of Canterlot City to sneak into an R-rated movie. The next day Derpy casually mentioned that she saw Rarity's sister at the theater...and Rarity told their parents.
  40. >"Umm, Sweetie, dear, that's"
  41. >"You totally tattled on me!" snapped the younger girl, "And I got a bare-butt spanking with Mom's hairbrush!"
  42. It was shocking how angry that squeaky little voice could sound.
  43. >"B-but that's different! Those movies are not for nice young ladies your age. I had to tell Mother & Father. I'm sorry, Sweetie, I had no choice!"
  44. Sweetie crossed her arms and snorted.
  45. >"And you're supposed to show every note from school to Mom & Dad. I'm sorry, Rarity, I have no choice!"
  47. The situation had crossed from dangerous territory into one of genuine peril. Rarity threw herself at Sweetie Belle's feet and appealed to her on her knees.
  48. >"Sweetie, PLEASE! I-I could get in a great deal of trouble if you tell them about this! Surely we can work out a deal! I'll do the dishes on your nights...I'll clean your room for you...I'll make you a new outfit!"
  49. But Sweetie Belle had the power now, and the stinging memory of Mom's hairbrush on her behind outweighed anything her sister could promise.
  50. >"Money! What about money? I seem to have already spent my allowance for this week, but I could give you next weeks the moment I get it!" Rarity offered.
  51. She grasped Sweetie's arm desperately but the younger girl pulled it away.
  52. >"No deal!"
  54. Rarity began to tremble all over. She was in serious trouble now. What she had done was a grave offense...much more serious than the original missed homework letter had been. Forging a parent's signature was sure to get her grounded for a long time...loss of her allowance & mobile phone included. Worse, Rarity's parents believed strongly that a mature, sophisticated young lady such as herself could still reap the educational benefits of a hard, painful spanking...and the teenager wanted no part of that.
  55. >"Sweetie...sister...please, I'm begging you. Please don't tell Mother and Father. What can I do to change your mind?"
  56. Sweetie Belle looked down on her pleading older sister and for a moment Rarity thought she'd evoked the pity she was hoping for. But Sweetie remained angry;
  57. >"Sis, you really hurt my feelings when you told on me two weeks ago. I couldn't believe what I was hearing when you tattled...right at the dinner table! You KNEW I was gonna get punished for KNEW I was gonna get a spanking but you did it anyway! Some sister, you betrayed me. That was almost as bad as the spanking!"
  59. They were both silent for a long time, both feeling guilty for what they'd done and said. Finally Sweetie Belle spoke;
  60. >"I'm sorry Rarity. I'm still really angry about what you did and I'm not willing to forgive you, no matter what you promise. That spanking really hurt...and being ratted out by my own sister hurt too. You can forget any deals. I'm telling Mom & Dad."
  61. Tears pooled up in Rarity's eyes. This was absolutely the worst possible thing ever and it was all her fault.
  62. >"Very well" she sighed, "I'm sorry that I hurt you, Sweetie. I'll be up in my room waiting."
  63. Sweetie said nothing, but Rarity thought she saw her little sister's eyes glistening with tears too as she gave a final glance before leaving.
  65. Rarity felt like calling Rainbow Dash back to tell her she wouldn't be able to play the fundraiser gig this Saturday. Surely she'd be restricted to her bedroom. It was too embarrassing though...Rarity could not bring herself to dial the number. She flopped down on her big, fluffy bed...grabbed a stuffed animal and screamed into it.
  66. >"How could this be happening? I'm such an idiot."
  67. The tension of knowing what was coming made Rarity nearly sick to her stomach. She'd screwed up badly...twice. When she'd ratted out Sweetie she thought she was being a responsible big sister; now it had come back to bite her in the ass.
  68. >"Rarity..."
  69. The older girl wiped a few tears away and turned toward the open door.
  70. >"I kinda have an idea."
  71. >"Anything Sweetie Belle, just ask it! Whatever you want just PLEASE don't tell Mother and Father."
  72. The younger sister did not make eye contact. She was unsure she really wanted to suggest this.
  73. >"I'm still really mad at you, sis, but I don't want you to get in big trouble."
  74. >"Believe me, Sweetie, I don't want to get in big trouble either!"
  75. >"But you were bad and you still deserve to get I did."
  76. Rarity did not know what to think of this, but it represented a glimmer of hope so she encouraged her sister.
  77. >"Yes...I'm very sorry I told Mother & Father about the movie theater. You deserve some form of restitution. What can I do, Sweetie Belle?"
  78. The girl took a deep breath and answered;
  79. >"I could punish you myself."
  80. >"Yes, yes, that's what we're talking about...tell me what you have in mind."
  81. Nerves were making Rarity impatient. She knew she had to be careful and not anger Sweetie, souring the deal.
  82. >"Well, if you get grounded you won't be allowed to play with the Rainbooms...and that will ruin the softball team's fund raiser tomorrow. That isn't fair to them. So I figure the most fair thing would be for you to get the same punishment I got."
  83. Sweetie took a deep breath and finally said;
  84. >"You should get a spanking."
  85. Now Rarity was genuinely confused.
  86. >"Umm, how exactly do we do that without Mother & Father finding out?"
  87. >"I will do it" answered Sweetie.
  89. Both girls stood there, staring blankly at each other.
  90. >"Sweetie, are you serious? How would you even accomplish that? I'm your big's just too...well..."
  91. >"Yeah, it's weird" replied Sweetie Belle.
  92. They were each silent for a long time, trying to figure out what the next step would be.
  93. >”I guess we do it the same way Mom & Dad to it to us...” Sweetie finally suggested.
  94. Both of them had more than their fair share of experience with that.
  95. At last Rarity took a deep breath. This was a bizarre situation but it seemed like her only way out of ultimate trouble. Even at her age she feared a spanking from her parents more than anything, so facing her sister's wrath was the lesser of two evils. How bad could it be anyway?
  96. >”Alright, darling. I suppose you're right...I have this coming.”
  97. She stood up, straightened her skirt and placed her hands on the bed.
  98. >”Do you want me to count?”
  100. Now it was Sweetie Belle who was confused. She hadn't really expected Rarity to accept the deal.
  101. >”Well...Mom & Dad never make us count.”
  102. >”D-does that mean we're r-ready?”
  103. Rarity was embarrassed about the stammer. She was trying hard not to let it show how nervous she was.
  104. >”No!” protested Sweetie Belle. “You haven't even pulled your undies down!”
  105. The elder sister whipped around in shock.
  106. >”You can't be serious!”
  107. But Sweetie crossed her arms, wearing a grim & determined look on her face.
  108. >”Oh yes I am. I got it with my panties down...and with Mom's hairbrush.”
  110. Rarity already had a pale complexion, but somehow her face got even whiter when her sister said those last two words.
  111. >"H-hairbrush? I beg your pardon?"
  112. Her mouth felt dry and her stomach churned. Up to this point the thought of submitting to a spanking from her younger sister was embarrassing, but hardly frightening. Rarity had been willing to submit to the awkward punishment because she genuinely felt she deserved it for hurting Sweetie Belle's feelings. Sweetie would get her well-deserved revenge and they could move on as sisters. It wasn't supposed to actually hurt!
  113. >"You heard me, Rarity. What do you think Mom or Dad would do if they found out you forged that signature? What do you think they WILL do if I tell them?"
  114. >"B-but, know how much that hairbrush hurts!"
  115. When Rarity saw the look on Sweetie's face turn angry she knew the argument was over.
  116. >"You didn't seem to mind how much it hurt when you tattled on ME!"
  117. She pointed at the clock on Rarity's wall and raised her voice.
  118. >"In 20 minutes Mom will be home...and Dad soon after that. You're running out of time. I'm telling them both unless we sort this out now."
  119. >"But Sweetie..."
  120. The younger sibling stomped her foot.
  121. >"No! No more buts! Go get Mom's hairbrush NOW or I'm telling on you!"
  123. Rarity rushed out of the bedroom but paused in the hall. She'd been ordered out of her own room by her little sister. Sweetie had yelled and Rarity had gone running...the humiliation was complete.
  124. >"No...not yet it isn't."
  125. Face red and insides twisted into a knot she slowly made her way down the hall. Their parents' bedroom door was open and from the corridor Rarity saw the object she feared laying on the dresser. Classic, elegant design, made of heavy, dark oak. Rectangular but with well rounded corners; it was the brush their mother used on a day-to-day basis. Both girls loved having their hair brushed with it on good days...both hated what the opposite side of it could do on bad days.
  126. >"Rarity, quit stalling!"
  127. Alright, Sweetie was laying it on a bit thick here, she even sounded like Mother.
  128. But Rarity did not have a choice. She entered the room, grasped the terrible brush by its handle and turned back to meet her doom.
  130. When she arrived back in her room Rarity found Sweetie Belle arranging the pillows on her bed.
  131. >"You're too big to go over my lap" explained the younger girl, "you're just gonna have to lay down flat and try your best to stay still."
  132. Rarity looked at the brush in her hands and gulped. That would not be easy. Even in Sweetie's tiny hands this would be an instrument of awful pain and torture.
  133. >"Alright...I guess give it to me now."
  134. Between them the sisters had suffered more spankings than they cared to count, but now that they were conducting one without an adult the procedure was less clear. Mommy & Daddy always knew exactly how long to lecture...when to long to keep the punishment going. For Sweetie Belle this was harder than it looked, and the clock was ticking. Neither girl felt ready to move on but if their mother walked through the door while they were still busy it would not be good for either of them.
  136. Trying to maintain whatever was left of her teenage dignity, Rarity handed over the brush. Without a word she walked to the mound of pillows Sweetie had piled up, and lowered herself down onto it. It felt almost comical...until Sweetie Belle grasped her skirt.
  137. >"Sweetie, you can't!"
  138. A fresh wave of panic washed away all the dignity Rarity had been clinging to. It was no strange thing for the sister's to see each other in their underwear, but this was different. She reached back and attempted to pull the protective fabric back across her butt. To her astonishment Sweetie rapped her fingers with the hairbrush.
  139. >"Stop it! You're just making it harder! Don't fight with me or I'm just gonna go to my room and wait for Mom!"
  140. >"But Sweetie...please don't pull up my skirt for this! It would be different if you were just using your hand, but please...the hairbrush?"
  141. Sweetie Belle gave a swift and decisive response though; she pulled up her older sister's purple skirt and tucked it out of the way.
  142. >"Rarity, this is really hard, and you aren't helping! I got my spanking on the bare bottom because of you and I already told you that's what is gonna happen here!"
  143. Rarity gasped in dismay. She wanted to protest but Sweetie kept up her verbal assault;
  144. >"I can't fight you, or hold you down like Mommy or Daddy if you don't stay still and do what I say the deal is off, you can face them instead."
  145. With a tremulous whimper Rarity consigned herself to the coming punishment.
  146. >"I...I'm sorry Sweetie B-Belle. I will d-do as you say."
  147. >"Then take your undies down."
  148. That was an odd departure from the usual procedure. When one of the girls got into deep enough trouble that lowering of underpants was deemed necessary it was always their parents who removed the final layer of protection.
  149. >"I can't do it myself,'s too weird."
  150. Hands shaking, Rarity forced herself to comply, gently pinching the lacy, elastic waist band and pulling them down just enough to expose her cheeks.
  152. *CRACK*
  153. >"All the way, Rarity!"
  154. But for the moment Rarity was unable to do it. Sweetie had laid on a powerful smack, not to the exposed buttocks but the tender back of Rarity's left thigh. The older girl twisted in pain for a full ten was a much harder blow than Mom or Dad ever delivered.
  155. >"OwwwwWWOoooww! Sweetie, that's too hard!" gasped Rarity.
  156. >"Well you're gonna get another one if you don't pull your panties down in 3...2...1..."
  157. *CRACK*
  158. Poor Rarity had acted too slowly; now her right thigh had a matching red mark.
  159. >"AagghhHH! *sob* Sweetie, please's too..."
  160. >"3...2..."
  161. This time Rarity was faster, she fumbled with the stretchy cotton fabric but got her panties down to mid-thigh where their parents customarily left them until they would be needed again.
  162. >"No more that hard...please, Sweetie *sniffle*, you know that's not fair!"
  163. But Sweetie was not planning on keeping up that cruel intensity.
  164. >"I won't" she promised, "as long as you don't struggle with me."
  165. Rarity gave a whimpering promise to be good, before biting her lip and waiting for the punishment to really begin. This was terrible; humiliating and painful, but it was still not as bad as what she could expect if her parents found out about the forged signature.
  166. >"I'm really sorry, Rarity."
  167. >"I'm sorry *sob* too, Sweetie Belle."
  168. And with that Sweetie began her work in earnest.
  169. Sweetie Belle had learned from the 'lessons' her mother and father had given her. She took position on her big sister's left side and wasted no time in finding a rhythm; fast, sharp cracks that maximized the hairbrush's stinging potential...and when Rarity twisted and squealed she did not ease up at all.
  170. >"Ouch! Ow! Eeep! Sweetie Belle, ple-OW!-please stop, that's enough! Ouch!"
  171. She wasn't in full tears yet, but Rarity was suffering.
  172. Clawing at the bedsheets and stuffed animals she struggled to stay in place but every time her sister delivered another smack she jumped, and her hips twisted to avoid the next sting.
  174. >"I decide when it's enough!" scolded the younger girl.
  175. She further answered Rarity's plea by concentrating the next dozen spanks right at the crease where thighs met buttocks...where it hurt the most.
  176. >OooohhhhhhooOOOOWWWWwwwww!"
  177. The moans were genuine and full of anguish. A fire was building in Rarity's backside and she knew from experience that it would not die out for hours. Sweetie was using that brush like a seasoned professional...not relying on the strength of her skinny arm, but flicking the awful wooden paddle so it struck with the speed of a whip.
  179. To her surprise Rarity felt real tears rolling down her cheeks. She drummed her feet on the carpet and cried, wishing for it to be over soon.
  180. >"OwOwOwOw! Sweetie, please! Ouch! No more, PLEASE!"
  181. But Sweetie Belle angrily snapped back at her;
  182. >"You earned this! Stop trying to get out of it!"
  183. But it hurt too badly, and Rarity threw her hand back to block.
  185. With a frustrated grunt, Sweetie Belle stopped. Rarity hoped it was over, but it was not her choice to make. The younger sister swung her left leg over her sibling, straddling her and the mound of pillows like a horse, but backwards. In this new position Rarity's arms were pinned down by her sister's legs.
  186. Gone were the stinging, whip-like spanks. In her new position Sweetie Belle swung the brush down in long arcs, crashing into Rarity's already burning rear like a heavy paddle. Instead of sharp smacks it fell with heavy thuds now, blistering the tender teenaged tushie and sending poor Rarity into frantic floods of tears.
  187. >"WHHhhhaaaaAAAHHHhhhhhaaAAAAHH! Ow! Ow! Owwww! Please stop, Sweetie, OWWWWW! Please no OWW more!"
  188. In spite of herself Rarity twisted and struggled...even from her position of advantage it was hard for Sweetie Belle to keep control. If she tried to lay a few more punitive spanks on the back of her sister's thighs she would have lost balance and toppled head over heels to the floor.
  190. Although the pace was slower now the smacks were harder, and Rarity's suffering was at its worst. She bawled and struggled to stay still but her body only wanted to escape the pain.
  191. The last straw came when her legs kicked involuntarily, nearly hitting Sweetie.
  192. >"Stop that NOW, Rarity!" she scolded in her high-pitched voice.
  193. But Rarity just wanted the whole thing to end.
  194. >"Rarity, if you kick your legs again I'm going to flip this brush over and USE THE BRISTLE SIDE!"
  195. Exposed and vulnerable, weakened by her struggles, Rarity had no choice but to supplicate herself to her sibling's mercy.
  196. >"Nooo, please not the bristle side! PLEASE don't do that!"
  197. To show she was serious, Sweetie Belle laid the bristles on Rarity's burning, red-hot bottom and dragged the hairbrush across, scratching as it went with just enough pressure to make the teenager bawl with fear.
  198. >"I'll be *hiccup* good, I'll be good! Just *sob* please get it over with!"
  200. Sweetie was close to the end. Rarity had gotten the message, anything more would just be torture and wanton spite like that wasn't in Sweetie Belle's heart.
  201. >"Put your feet on the ground and KEEP them there!"
  202. Whimpering, Rarity complied, giving Sweetie a clear target to administer the last flurry of hard spanks. She used all the strength left in her worn out little arm, but it was enough to make her big sis buck and howl in anguish.
  203. >"Okay" she panted, "we're done."
  204. She rolled off her sibling's back, leaving Rarity face-down on a pile of pillows, crying and rubbing for all she was worth.
  206. It took her a few minutes to regain composure, but when she did Rarity wiped her runny nose and looked around the room for her sister. She was not there.
  207. Walking on shaky legs...still too sore to pull her panties back up from around her thighs, Rarity went searching.
  208. >"Sweetie Belle? Sweetie *sniffle* where are you?"
  209. She found her little sister in her own bedroom, cocooned in a heavy quilt...sobbing.
  210. >"R-Rarity...I'm sorry. Please don't hate me."
  211. It made Rarity's heart break. Sweetie had nothing to be sorry for. It was her own thoughtlessness which had forced this situation...Sweetie Belle had offered her a way out of a perilous predicament and was now suffering burdensome guilt for it. She rushed to her, gathering the younger girl in her arms (while carefully avoiding being seated on her still burning rump).
  212. >No, Sweetie Belle, no, I don't hate you! I'm sorry! I'm sorry I forced you into doing that!"
  213. >"It was so hard!" cried Sweetie, "I was hurting were crying and I just kept doing it! Can you forgive me?"
  214. Rarity stroked her hair...comforting the one who had just spanked her. It was just the latest flip in this afternoon of bizarre contradictions.
  215. >"How about we forgive each other? It was thoughtless and nasty of me to have told Mother & Father about you sneaking into that adult movie."
  216. >"I...I just wish you'd talked to me about it first! Even if you had to tell Mom & Dad you could have warned me instead of blurting it out at the dinner table!"
  217. >"I know, and I'm sorry for that. When you had the chance to take revenge on me you didn' offered me a way out. I promise I'll think about your feelings more in the future. You showed me how to be the better sister today."
  218. Sweetie did not answer immediately, she just snuggled herself under Rarity's chin. There the sisters sat as the minutes passed and birds sang outside.
  219. >"It really was awful" she finally said.
  220. >"Well, it certainly felt awful from my perspective" Rarity muttered, " I'm the only one in this house who doesn't know what it's like to GIVE a spanking."
  221. Both girls began to laugh.
  222. The matter was settled between them. Minutes later they heard their mother's car pull into the driveway and the sisters greeted her as if nothing had happened.
  224. That weekend the Rainbooms' performance at the softball team's bake sale was a resounding success. It was a hot, muggy day but the band drew a big crowd, and the team met their fund-raising goal for a trip to play in the finals in Capitol City.
  225. Despite the torrid temperature (which had all the other girls wearing shorts or mini-skirts) Rarity was dressed in jeans that day, as if she wanted to hide her legs from view. Among the whole audience only Sweetie Belle knew why, and she wasn't telling. It was between sisters and nothing more needed to be said.
  227. END
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