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  1. A Semantic Composition On Death And Its Meaning:
  3. I slowly walk into the shadow of death,
  4. My fingers creep along the shallow walls,
  5. Few bumps to be felt, little noises to be heard only my breath,
  6. There are more than a few halls I can choose.
  8. One leads to this heaven, Another to hell,
  9. What will I do when I begin to ring the bell?
  10. There is a faint whisper flowing through the air,
  11. Shall I follow it if I dare?
  12. What will happen if I don't come back,
  13. Will I just be surrounded by infinite black?
  15. I desperatly try to choose the pathway I want to go,
  16. But one of the paths seem to be blocked with snow,
  17. The fridgidness starts to set in,
  18. I am now surrounded by many men,
  19. They touch my head and say "Son, You are now dead"
  21. I'm now suddenly in a black void,
  22. Nothing is here, And nothing is there.
  23. Nothing can be found any where.
  24. I don't even think I'm concious or around of my surroundings.
  26. I guess I was lied to. I was told there would be an after life.
  27. All I ever got was a knife to the chest,
  28. Some fool thought it would be best,
  29. They must've been greedy and corrupt,
  30. They took my money and my life,
  31. What will my dearest wife do now?
  33. The coffin is covered and the days are gone.
  34. My body decays and there is no song to be sung.
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