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  3. t2;
  4. t4; mst'd mid cus thought it was weird he didn't goats->meta on mof; after seein goats knew he didn't have meta
  5. t6;
  6. t8; thought bout charity m2 incase i draw goats cus the merch bait->2nd mof was obv comin; should've read set heavy after seeing mf, but thought it was super weird
  7. t10;
  8. t12;
  9. t14;
  10. t16; idea was to bls ter, add tsuk to set bls; but i felt like i should've respect noc
  11. t18; ep goat was for top goats/heavy
  13. t1;
  14. t3; didn't think he'd summon ddwl next to sangan, idea was to bom 2nd aggressor, dust, asura for 2
  15. t5;
  16. t7;
  17. t9;
  18. t11; thought mid was goats, wanted to summon akp over ter failed to play around mof/abuse fact his mid isn't real. but i quickly thought it was weird he didn't set ring earlier so i thought he topped it and had the monster on field ih; which made me think it's mjar over mof so i went for tsuk
  19. t13;
  20. t15;
  21. t17; still dont get set 2
  22. t19;
  23. t21; knew meta wasn't a probem after sniping goats/noc serp
  24. t23; i thought his sets left->right were bp trap, dust, and bom. used coth cl3 to bom to bait dust primarily, with the idea to 2nd meta for bls and summon akp over set ter..
  25. after tiv went through i considered tt/mf possibilities; tried to go for game anyway
  26. t25;
  27. t27;
  28. t29;
  29. t31;
  32. disc: been a month since i played i wasn't really readin cards for both games n it showed g1
  33. gradually got a bit better but i deff didn't think out some key turns
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