Bubble Vision 6

Oct 10th, 2013
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  1. "What..."
  3. The three exchange glances, but don't say anything. They just go back to staring at you like you're some physical impossibility. Oh, wait, that's right.
  5. "You promised not to freak out!" you break the silence, lightly mocking the three. You aren't really angry, of course, you'd never dare upset your friends that way.
  7. "Yeah, well... I wasn't really expecting something like this." Isaac manages to vocalize. You can't help but giggle at that. Nobody would ever have expected to see a pony quite this way.
  9. Well, that's fair enough you suppose. "You know, this is really uncomfortable just having the three of you stare at me like that." you break the awkward silence again. "Come inside, I don't want anypony else to see me."
  11. With that, you turn tail and trot towards your kitchen, thankfully situated just to the right of the front door. You still haven't had breakfast, maybe your friends could help you get something to eat. Your ears twitch at the sound of the front door clicking shut, signifying that your friends are finally inside.
  13. "Hey Derpy, is there anywhere I can hang my coat?" Identifying the voice as Jake's, you spin around on the spot and point a hoof towards the wall next to him. He begins to remove his coat, but stops suddenly. He then slowly turns around, and points at you.
  15. "Wait, did I just call you Derpy?" You can tell he is very confused.
  17. Oh ponyfeathers, you hadn't even noticed that. Was it possible that whatever had transformed you, had affected the minds of your friends, too? What else could it have affected? It's a scary thought, and you really don't want to think about it right now. Still, Jake noticed, so you'll have to explain what you know.
  19. "Yeah, you did. I've been calling myself that too. For some reason, I can't think of any other name, and I expect you'll find the same too. I.. I don't really want to think about it." A hint of distress creeps into your voice as you finish your sentence, and your friends clearly picked up on it. Jake and James exchange another glance, whilst Isaac crouches down in front of you.
  21. "Hey, don't worry about it." He says, and reaches over to touch your mane. You shiver at the unexpected touch, but quickly relax and sit on your haunches as he begins to stroke slowly down your neck, a very comforting feeling.
  23. "Now, do you need any help with anything? It must be pretty hard to do anything with hooves." You sigh and nod, before getting back up and walking into the kitchen, with your friends following close behind. You really feel like eating a muffin, but you're fairly sure there aren't any in the house. Snack food wasn't really something your parents ever bothered to stock up on. You jab a hoof at the fridge, and Isaac silently opens it for you. You jump up so that your front hooves rest against the bottom shelf, and begin the search for something worth eating. At least, you'd like to, but your eyes don't seem to want to cooperate. Neither one seems to be pointing the direction you want to look, so you instead close one of them and just move your head to look around. It works, but it still worries you, as you had no problems with it earlier. You must still be changing, gradually.
  25. Now that you're actually able to look around, you glance around the insides of the fridge. On the bottom shelf there are some packaged sausages and a box of vegetables. The sausages look nice, but the slight smell escaping from their packages tells you otherwise. Either they're well past their sell by date, or your new pony nose just doesn't like meat. It's probably something to do with the fact that ponies don't eat meat. You're not going to explain it, you're not a biologist.
  27. You can't see what's on the higher shelves, but you doubt there'd be anything worth eating for breakfast anyway. Instead, you drop down and close the fridge, then point at a bag of cereal on a high shelf across the room.
  29. "Hey, could you get that down for me please?"
  31. James, being the nearest to the shelf, reaches up and pulls it down. You grab it from him in your teeth and trot over to the nearby table, but soon realize you have no clue what to do next. Isaac seems to have noticed though, and acquires a bowl and spoon for you. You smile and thank him as he pours some of the cereal into your bowl. It's great having your friends here to help you, but it's rather degrading having to get their assistance to do the most basic of tasks.
  33. As he places a spoon next to the bowl, your left eye picks up a flash of beige.
  35. You turn to look at Isaac, and he begins scratching his left hand distractedly. You look down at it, and it your eyes go wide.
  36. On the back of Isaac's hand, is a small patch of light beige fur. The same hand he used to stroke your hair with.
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