Stewart mock intimacies

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  1. * Defining Principle: All I have left is my word.
  2. * Defining Principle: What can I do for you?
  3. * Defining Tie: Lauren Ipsum (love)
  4. * Defining Tie: Maura Mankiewicz (tainted love)
  6. W Major Principle: Never end on a loss.
  8. * Major Principle: A secret is sacred. A lie is profane.
  9. * Major Principle: A secret you can learn isn't *really* a secret. A lie of omission isn't *really* a lie.
  10. * Major Principle: I don't take it personally.
  11. * Major Principle: I will become a great magician.
  12. * Major Principle: If a friend asks you for help, you help them.
  13. * Major Principle: The fear is the point.
  14. * Major Principle: We will never reclaim what was taken from us.
  15. * Major Tie: The Autumn Court of Baltimore (loyalty)
  16. * Major Tie: Gaming (escape)
  17. * Major Tie: Gaming (work)
  18. * Major Tie: I A M (careful fear and dead devotion)
  19. * Major Tie: Society [concept] (anxiety)
  20. * Major Tie: Society [person] (hatred)
  21. * Major Tie: The True Fae (holy terror)
  22. * Major Tie: Violence (aversion)
  23. * Major Tie: The Wherehouse (protectiveness)
  25. * Major Tie: Maggie Bakehead (filial affection)
  26. * Major Tie: Melanie Lucas (sadmiration)
  27. * Major Tie: Nels Foulke (grieving friendship)
  28. * Major Tie: Tony Bowen (camaraderie)
  30. * Minor Principle: I need a drink.
  31. * Minor Principle: Tidiness orders the mind.
  32. * Minor Principle: We are *owed*.
  33. * Minor Tie: Lister (fearful pity)
  34. * Minor Tie: R. Gerald Kingsley (cool, scary)
  35. * Minor Tie: Robert G. Kingsley (scary, cool)
  36. * Minor Tie: Stu Mankiewicz (awkward fraternity)
  37. * Minor Tie: The Consilium of Baltimore (fascination)
  38. * Minor Tie: The Court of Baltimore (fascination)
  39. * Minor Tie: The Freehold of Baltimore (loyalty)
  40. * Minor Tie: The Werewolves of Baltimore (they're alright I guess)
  41. * Minor Tie: Punk, pop-punk, and emo of the 1990s-2000s (embarrassing affinity)
  42. * Minor Tie: W. Marcus Santander (awed respect)
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