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  1. [00:19]<latent> SLUG UTM?
  2. [00:19]<crashdemons> SLUG UTM?  slug book?
  3. [00:19]<crashdemons> UTM is a coordinates system
  4. [00:19]<latent> I know
  5. [00:19]<aquinas> where's code-128 coming from?
  6. [00:19]<crashdemons> region 10?
  7. [00:19]<latent> barcode of the ruler book
  8. [00:20]<OTPBot22> New Entries: 856kb (wwwwww25225733315#wwwwwww128##wwwww on 202/Controller) |
  9. [00:20]<aquinas> fuck right
  10. [00:20]<crashdemons> @UTM 10 432399 5107467
  11. [00:20]<OTPBot22> 46.1174307103862, -123.874887389293 (,-123.874887389293&spn=0.05,0.05&t=m&q=46.1174307103862,-123.874887389293 )
  12. [00:21]<crashdemons> South of Astoria
  13. [00:23]<aquinas> where'd you get slugutm latent?
  14. [00:23]<crashdemons> near a riverside parking lot for something
  15. [00:23]<latent> the barcode on the ruler book
  16. [00:23]<latent> code-128 is a barcode format that can encode ascii
  17. [00:24]<latent> used zbar to read it since for some reason my phone can't do it
  18. [00:24]<latent> even though I know I've read other code 128 barcodes before
  19. [00:24]<aquinas> ooooh i see
  20. [00:25]<crashdemons> looks like it's in a Park area according to GEarth
  21. [00:26]<crashdemons> Fort Clatsop Rd?
  22. [00:29]<crashdemons> I thought it was about a drop for the recently-posted Slugs book
  23. [00:29]<crashdemons> :p
  24. [00:29]<crashdemons> which, the first UTM coords seem pretty... convenient.
  25. [00:31]<crashdemons>
  26. [00:33]* Mortvert has quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
  27. [00:34]<latent> oh, so that's where the fringing was coming from
  28. [00:34]<latent> twitter throws some horrible sharpen filter on it
  29. [00:37]<crashdemons> this is the best streetview available of the drop location:
  30. [00:42]<crashdemons> hopefully we can get someone in and out before attracting a park ranger/admin
  31. [00:42]<crashdemons> lol
  32. [00:44]<aquinas> god i hope it's a drop with the bootloader code
  33. [00:44]<crashdemons>
  34. [00:45]<L0j1k> so the code as coords was a viable idea?
  35. [00:45]<crashdemons> also, same ISBN (UTM as we now know)
  36. [00:51]<latent> L0j1k: the slug and ruler books have a code 128 barcode on them that reads SLUGUTM
  37. [00:51]* L0j1k has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
  38. [00:51]<latent> welp
  39. [00:53]* L0j1k (~default@unaffiliated/l0j1k) has joined #ARG
  40. [00:53]<latent> <latent> L0j1k: the slug and ruler books have a code 128 barcode on them that reads SLUGUTM
  41. [00:59]<latent> wrote a batch file to run zbar for every book image I have saved for the sake of it
  42. [00:59]<latent> got code-128 out of the two books, a few ean-13s, and nothing for most of them
  43. [00:59]<aquinas> awesome
  44. [01:00]<aquinas> so are we officially calling drop?
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