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  1. <HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE>The Seven Ecumenical Councils</TITLE> <link rel="stylesheet" href="/include/style.css"> </HEAD> <body><div id="header"></div><div id="main"><A NAME="TopOfPage"> </A><h1 id="title"><a href="/">Orthodox Church Fathers: <span class="subheading">Christian Theology Classics Search Engine</a></span></h1>    <H1 ALIGN=CENTER><A NAME="P-1_0"></A> <FONT COLOR="#660000" SIZE=6>Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, Series II, Vol. XIV</FONT></H1> <P ALIGN=CENTER><IMG SRC="../pix/mroonspm.gif"></P>    <UL><P><A HREF="npnf214.htm" NAME="P0_0"> <FONT SIZE=5>Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, Series II, Vol. XIV</FONT></A></P>  </UL><P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf214.htm#P5_18"> <FONT SIZE=4>NICENE AND</FONT></A></P>  <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2140.htm#P6_28"> <FONT SIZE=4>POST-NICENE FATHERS</FONT></A></P>    <UL><P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2141.htm#P30_306"> <FONT  SIZE=3>VOLUME XIV</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2142.htm#P257_10476"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Preface</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2143.htm#P273_20869"> <FONT  SIZE=3>General Introduction</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2144.htm#P322_41638"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Bibliographical Introduction</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2145.htm#P424_60362"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Appended Note on the Eastern Editions of Synodical Literature.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2146.htm#P453_82389"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Excursus on the History of the Roman Law and Its Relation to the Canon Law.</FONT></A></P>  </UL><P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2147.htm#P506_110748"> <FONT SIZE=4>The First Ecumenical Council; The First Council of Nicea</FONT></A></P>    <UL><P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2148.htm#P514_110857"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Historical Introduction.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2149.htm#P522_112870"> <FONT  SIZE=3>The Nicene Creed</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2110.htm#P538_115696"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Excursus on the Word </FONT><FONT FACE="Semitica Dict" SIZE=3>Homousios</FONT><FONT  SIZE=3>.<SUP>4</SUP> </FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2111.htm#P553_120011"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Excursus on the Words </FONT><FONT FACE='SPIonic' SIZE=3>Gennhqe/ta Ou0 Poihqe/nta</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2112.htm#P561_131414"> <FONT  SIZE=3>The Canons of the 318 Holy Fathers Assembled in the City of Nice, in Bithynia.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2113.htm#P593_136014"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Excursus on the Use of the Word "Canon."</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2114.htm#P681_155628"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Excursus on the Word </FONT><FONT FACE='SPIonic' SIZE=3>Prosfe/rein</FONT><FONT  SIZE=3>.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2115.htm#P719_167167"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Excursus on the Extent of the Jurisdiction of the Bishop of Rome Over the Suburbican Churches.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2116.htm#P743_173304"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Excursus on the Rise of the Patriarchate of Jerusalem.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2117.htm#P768_186497"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Excursus on the Chorepiscopi.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2118.htm#P839_201234"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Excursus on the Public Discipline or Exomologesis of the Early Church.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2119.htm#P891_222702"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Excursus on the Communion of the Sick.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2120.htm#P941_235400"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Excursus on the Translation of Bishops.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2121.htm#P993_248248"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Excursus on Usury.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2122.htm#P1057_267070"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Excursus on the Deaconess of the Early Church.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2123.htm#P1085_275404"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Excursus on the Number of the Nicene Canons.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2124.htm#P1111_287892"> <FONT  SIZE=3>The Captions of the Arabic Canons Attributed to the Council of Nicea.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2125.htm#P1370_306192"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Proposed Action on Clerical Celibacy.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2126.htm#P1383_315797"> <FONT  SIZE=3>The Synodal Letter.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2127.htm#P1395_321799"> <FONT  SIZE=3>On the Keeping of Easter.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2128.htm#P1403_326349"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Excursus on the Subsequent History of the Easter Question.</FONT></A></P>  </UL><P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2129.htm#P1416_333065"> <FONT SIZE=4>The Canons of the Councils of Ancyra, Gangra Neocaesarea, Antioch and Laodicea</FONT></A></P>    <UL><P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2130.htm#P1421_333211"> <FONT  SIZE=3>INTRODUCTORY NOTE TO THE CANONS OF THE PROVINCIAL SYNODS</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2131.htm#P1433_338738"> <FONT  SIZE=3>The Canons of the Council of Ancyra</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2132.htm#P1440_338827"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Historical Note.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2133.htm#P1703_372252"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Excursus on Second Marriages, Called Digamy.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2134.htm#P1786_382829"> <FONT  SIZE=3>The Council of Neocaesarea</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2135.htm#P1793_382930"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Historical Note.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2136.htm#P2036_409363"> <FONT  SIZE=3>The Council of Gangra.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2137.htm#P2043_409431"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Historical Introduction.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2138.htm#P2073_415068"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Synodical Letter of the Council of Gangra.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2139.htm#P2082_418937"> <FONT  SIZE=3>The Canons of the Holy Fathers Assembled at Gangra</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2150.htm#P2363_449646"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Epilogue.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2151.htm#P2376_452451"> <FONT  SIZE=3>The Synod of Antioch in Encaeniis.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2152.htm#P2382_452507"> <FONT  SIZE=3>The Synodal Letter.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2153.htm#P2391_454142"> <FONT  SIZE=3>The Canons of the Blessed and Holy Fathers Assembled at Antioch in Syria.<SUP>1</SUP> </FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2154.htm#P2741_503866"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Synod of Laodicea.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2155.htm#P2747_503906"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Historical Introduction.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2156.htm#P2756_506384"> <FONT  SIZE=3>The Canons of the Synod Held in the City of Laodicea, in Phrygia Pacatiana</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2157.htm#P3040_538678"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Excursus on the Choir Offices of the Early Church.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2158.htm#P3081_546212"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Excursus on the Worship of the Early Church. (Percival, H. R.: Johnson's Universal Cyclopoedia, Vol. V., S. V. Liturgics.)</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2159.htm#P3180_564630"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Excursus on the Vestments of the Early Church.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2160.htm#P3223_575431"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Excursus on the Minor Orders of the Early Church. (Lightfoot, Apostolic Fathers, Ignatius, Vol. I., P. 258.)</FONT></A></P>  </UL><P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2161.htm#P3696_627182"> <FONT SIZE=4>The Second Ecumenical Council. The First Council of Constantinople.</FONT></A></P>    <UL><P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2162.htm#P3705_627417"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Historical Introduction.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2163.htm#P3724_633022"> <FONT  SIZE=3>The Holy Creed Which the 150 Holy Fathers Set Forth, Which is Consonant with the Holy and Great Synod of Nice.<SUP>1</SUP> </FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2164.htm#P3730_633282"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Introductory Note.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2165.htm#P3760_642888"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Historical Excursus on the Introduction into the Creed of the Words "And the Son."</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2166.htm#P3812_660121"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Historical Note on the Lost "Tome" Of the Second Council.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2167.htm#P3818_661456"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Letter of the Same Holy Synod to the Most Pious Emperor Theodosius the Great, to Which are Appended the Canons Enacted by Them.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2168.htm#P3825_663549"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Introduction on the Number of the Canons.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2169.htm#P3832_666410"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Canons of the One Hundred and Fifty Fathers</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2170.htm#P3851_669013"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Excursus on the Heresies Condemned in Canon I.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2171.htm#P4039_725924"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Excursus on the Authority of the Second Ecumenical Council. (Hefele, History of the Councils, Vol. II., Pp. 370, Et Seqq.)</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2172.htm#P4054_732076"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Council of Constantinople: the Synodical Letter.<SUP>1</SUP> </FONT></A></P>  </UL><P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2173.htm#P4068_741453"> <FONT SIZE=4>The Third Ecumenical Council.; The Council of Ephesus.</FONT></A></P>    <UL><P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2174.htm#P4076_741588"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Historical Introduction.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2175.htm#P4099_759137"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Extracts from the Acts. Session I.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2176.htm#P4108_759824"> <FONT  SIZE=3>The Epistle of Cyril to Nestorius.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2177.htm#P4118_767461"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Extracts from the Acts. Session I. (Continued).</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2178.htm#P4135_770075"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Historical Introduction to St. Cyril's Anathematisms.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2179.htm#P4147_775507"> <FONT  SIZE=3>The Epistle of Cyril to Nestorius with the XII. Anathematisms.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2180.htm#P4172_795318"> <FONT  SIZE=3>The XII. Anathematisms of St. Cyril Against Nestorius.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2181.htm#P4198_798476"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Excursus on the Word </FONT><FONT FACE='SPIonic' SIZE=3>Qeoto/koj</FONT><FONT  SIZE=3>.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2182.htm#P4366_831307"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Excursus on How Our Lord Worked Miracles.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2183.htm#P4425_841332"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Extracts from the Acts. Session I. (Continued).</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2184.htm#P4434_842820"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Decree of the Council Against Nestorius. (Found in All the Concilia in Greek with Latin Versions.)</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2185.htm#P4444_845474"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Extracts from the Acts. Session II. </FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2186.htm#P4464_849311"> <FONT  SIZE=3>The Letter of Pope Coelestine to the Synod of Ephesus.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2187.htm#P4479_857071"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Extracts from the Acts. Session II. (Continued.)</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2188.htm#P4490_861140"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Extracts from the Acts. Session III.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2189.htm#P4505_866410"> <FONT  SIZE=3>The Canons of the Two Hundred Holy and Blessed Fathers Who Met at Ephesus.<SUP>1</SUP> </FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2190.htm#P4527_870903"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Excursus on the Conciliabulum of John of Antioch.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2191.htm#P4574_882099"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Excursus on Pelagianism.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2192.htm#P4618_892010"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Excursus on the Words </FONT><FONT FACE='SPIonic' SIZE=3>Pi/stin  0Epe/ran</FONT><FONT  SIZE=3>.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2193.htm#P4662_906903"> <FONT  SIZE=3>The Letter of the Same Holy Synod of Ephesus, to the Sacred Synod in Pamphylia Concerning Eustathius Who Had Been Their Metropolitan.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2194.htm#P4669_911144"> <FONT  SIZE=3>The Letter of the Synod to Pope Celestine.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2195.htm#P4688_924122"> <FONT  SIZE=3>The Definition of the Holy and Ecumenical Synod of Ephesus Against the Impious Messalians</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2196.htm#P4712_932072"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Decree of the Synod in the Matter of Euprepius and Cyril.</FONT></A></P>  </UL><P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2197.htm#P4726_933290"> <FONT SIZE=4>The Fourth Ecumenical Council.; The Council of Chalcedon.</FONT></A></P>    <UL><P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2198.htm#P4734_933455"> <FONT  SIZE=3>General Introduction.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2199.htm#P4746_943584"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Extracts from the Acts. Session I.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2100.htm#P4773_950342"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Extracts from the Acts. Session II.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2101.htm#P4802_956848"> <FONT  SIZE=3>The Letter of Cyril to John of Antioch.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2102.htm#P4824_967794"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Extracts from the Acts. Session II. (Continued).</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2103.htm#P4832_968914"> <FONT  SIZE=3>The Tome of St. Leo.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2104.htm#P4844_991182"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Extracts from the Acts Session II. (Continued).</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2105.htm#P4851_992296"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Session III.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2106.htm#P4863_995172"> <FONT  SIZE=3>The Condemnation Sent by the Holy and Ecumenical Synod to Dioscorus.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2107.htm#P4870_996077"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Extracts from the Acts. Session IV.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2108.htm#P4881_998309"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Session V.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2109.htm#P4895_1000656"> <FONT  SIZE=3>The Definition of Faith of the Council of Chalcedon.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2200.htm#P4918_1015702"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Extracts from the Acts. Session VI.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2201.htm#P4926_1017045"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Decree on the Jurisdiction of Jerusalem and Antioch. Session VII.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2202.htm#P4936_1018519"> <FONT  SIZE=3>The Decree with Regard to the Bishop of Ephesus. Session XII.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2203.htm#P4946_1020345"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Decree with Regard to Nicomedia. Session XIII.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2204.htm#P4958_1022711"> <FONT  SIZE=3>The XXX Canons of the Holy and Fourth Synods, of Chalcedon.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2205.htm#P5374_1107913"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Excursus on the Later History of Canon XXVIII.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2206.htm#P5433_1119928"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Extracts from the Acts. Session XVI.</FONT></A></P>  </UL><P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2207.htm#P5484_1134471"> <FONT SIZE=4>The Fifth Ecumenical Council. The Second Council of Constantinople.</FONT></A></P>    <UL><P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2208.htm#P5492_1134592"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Historical Introduction.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2209.htm#P5504_1142201"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Excursus on the Genuineness of the Acts of the Fifth Council.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2210.htm#P5513_1145091"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Extracts from the Acts. Session I.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2211.htm#P5525_1152873"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Extracts from the Acts. Session VII.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2212.htm#P5543_1159989"> <FONT  SIZE=3>The Sentence of the Synod.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2213.htm#P5571_1184464"> <FONT  SIZE=3>The Capitula of the Council.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2214.htm#P5629_1200405"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Excursus on the XV Anathemas Against Origen.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2215.htm#P5646_1206640"> <FONT  SIZE=3>The Anathemas Against Origen.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2216.htm#P5696_1214065"> <FONT  SIZE=3>The Anathematisms of the Emperor Justinian Against Origen.<SUP>1</SUP> </FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2217.htm#P5731_1216515"> <FONT  SIZE=3>The Decretal Epistle of Pope Vigilius in Confirmation of the Fifth Ecumenical Synod.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2218.htm#P5735_1216599"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Historical Note.</FONT></A></P>  </UL><P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2219.htm#P5769_1229152"> <FONT SIZE=4>The Sixth Ecumenical Council.; The Third Council of Constantinople.</FONT></A></P>    <UL><P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2220.htm#P5777_1229286"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Historical Introduction.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2221.htm#P5789_1232249"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Extracts from the Acts. Session I.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2222.htm#P5798_1234612"> <FONT  SIZE=3>The Letter of Agatho, Pope of Old Rome, to the Emperor</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2223.htm#P5841_1287333"> <FONT  SIZE=3>The Letter of Agatho and of the Roman Synod of 125 Bishops</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2224.htm#P5855_1294957"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Extracts from the Acts. Session VIII.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2225.htm#P5872_1297340"> <FONT  SIZE=3>The Sentence Against the Monothelites. Session XIII.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2226.htm#P5878_1299498"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Session XVI.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2227.htm#P5887_1300670"> <FONT  SIZE=3>The Definition of Faith.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2228.htm#P5902_1310930"> <FONT  SIZE=3>The Prosphoneticus to the Emperor.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2229.htm#P5914_1316163"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Letter of the Council to St. Agatho.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2230.htm#P5927_1323872"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Excursus on the Condemnation of Pope Honorius.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2231.htm#P5954_1330619"> <FONT  SIZE=3>The Imperial Edict Posted in the Third Atrium of the Great Church Near What is Called Dicymbala.</FONT></A></P>  </UL><P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2232.htm#P5965_1332589"> <FONT SIZE=4>The Canons of the Council in Trullo; Often Called the Quinisext Council.</FONT></A></P>    <UL><P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2233.htm#P5971_1332679"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Introductory Note.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2234.htm#P5996_1343778"> <FONT  SIZE=3>The Canons of the Council in Trullo.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2235.htm#P6105_1367241"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Excursus on the Marriage of the Clergy.</FONT></A></P>  </UL><P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2236.htm#P7332_1521354"> <FONT SIZE=4>The Canons of the Synods of Sardica, Carthage, Constantinople, and Carthage</FONT></A></P>    <UL><P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2237.htm#P7338_1521526"> <FONT  SIZE=3>INTRODUCTORY NOTE.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2238.htm#P7343_1521910"> <FONT  SIZE=3>The Council of Sardica.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2239.htm#P7351_1522007"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Introduction on the Date of the Council.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2240.htm#P7368_1530140"> <FONT  SIZE=3>The Canons of the Council of Sardica.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2241.htm#P7788_1596415"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Excursus on the Other Acts of the Council.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2242.htm#P7811_1600945"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Excursus as to Whether the Sardican Council Was Ecumenical.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2243.htm#P7825_1608221"> <FONT  SIZE=3>The Canons of the CCXVII Blessed Fathers Who Assembled at Carthage. </FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2244.htm#P7832_1608363"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Introductory Note.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2245.htm#P7929_1616178"> <FONT  SIZE=3>An Ancient Introduction.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2246.htm#P9956_1842280"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Council of Constantinople Held Under Nectarius.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2247.htm#P9962_1842345"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Introductory Note.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2248.htm#P9982_1848525"> <FONT  SIZE=3>The Council of Carthage Held Under Cyprian.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2249.htm#P9988_1848586"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Introductory Note.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2250.htm#P9998_1850055"> <FONT  SIZE=3>The Synod Held at Carthage Over Which Presided the Great and Holy Martyr Cyprian, Bishop of Carthage.a.d. 257.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2251.htm#P10019_1854468"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Epistle LXX.</FONT></A></P>  </UL><P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2252.htm#P10033_1860249"> <FONT SIZE=4>The Seventh Ecumenical Council. The Second Council of Nicea.</FONT></A></P>    <UL><P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2253.htm#P10041_1860375"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Introduction.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2254.htm#P10087_1883025"> <FONT  SIZE=3>The Divine<SUP>1</SUP> Sacra<SUP>2</SUP> Sent by the Emperors Constantine and Irene to the Most Holy and Most Blessed Hadrian, Pope of Old Rome.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2255.htm#P10098_1888596"> <FONT  SIZE=3>The Imperial Sacra. Read at the First Session.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2256.htm#P10109_1897561"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Extracts from the Acts. Session I.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2257.htm#P10145_1909532"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Extracts from the Acts. Session II.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2258.htm#P10150_1909950"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Part of Pope Hadrian's Letter. </FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2259.htm#P10180_1921798"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Extracts from the Acts. Session III.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2260.htm#P10194_1923154"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Extracts from the Acts. Session IV.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2261.htm#P10218_1933785"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Extracts from the Acts. Session VI.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2262.htm#P10227_1935094"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Epitome of the Definition of the Iconoclastic Conciliabulum</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2263.htm#P10270_1950475"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Excursus on the Conciliabulum Styling Itself the Seventh Ecumenical Council, But Commonly Called the Mock Synod of Constantinople.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2264.htm#P10287_1959698"> <FONT  SIZE=3>The Decree of the Holy, Great, Ecumenical Synod, the Second of Nice.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2265.htm#P10305_1969395"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Excursus on the Present Teaching of the Latin and Greek Churches on the Subject.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2266.htm#P10346_1983930"> <FONT  SIZE=3>The Canons of the Holy and Ecumenical Seventh Council.<SUP>1</SUP> </FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2267.htm#P10686_2041063"> <FONT  SIZE=3>The Letter of the Synod to the Emperor and Empress.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2268.htm#P10704_2055722"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Excursus on the Two Letters of Gregory II. To the Emperor Leo.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2269.htm#P10713_2058586"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Excursus on the Reception of the Seventh Council.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2270.htm#P10728_2065497"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Examination of the Caroline Books.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2271.htm#P10789_2087934"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Excursus on the Council of Frankfort, a.d., 794.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2272.htm#P10808_2096387"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Excursus on the Convention Said to Have Been Held in Paris, a.d. 825.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2273.htm#P10817_2098645"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Historical Note on the So-Called "Eighth General Council" And Subsequent Councils.</FONT></A></P>  </UL><P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2274.htm#P10833_2101986"> <FONT SIZE=4>Appendix</FONT></A></P>    <UL><P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2275.htm#P10838_2102109"> <FONT  SIZE=3>PREFATORY NOTE.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2276.htm#P10843_2103297"> <FONT  SIZE=3>The Apostolical Canons.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2277.htm#P10847_2103320"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Introduction.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2278.htm#P11145_2141177"> <FONT  SIZE=3>The Letter of the Blessed Dionysius, the Archbishop of Alexandria to Basilides the Bishop</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2279.htm#P11178_2143904"> <FONT  SIZE=3>The Canons of the Blessed Peter, Archbishop of Alexandria, and Martyr,<SUP>1</SUP> Which are Found in His Sermon on Penitence.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2280.htm#P11231_2147139"> <FONT  SIZE=3>The Canonical Epistle of St. Gregory</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2281.htm#P11269_2150062"> <FONT  SIZE=3>The Epistle of St. Athanasius to the Monk Ammus.<SUP>1</SUP> </FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2282.htm#P11277_2151106"> <FONT  SIZE=3>The Epistle of the Same Athanasius Taken from the XXXIX. Festal Epistle.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2283.htm#P11287_2154185"> <FONT  SIZE=3>The Epistle of St Athanasius to Ruffinian.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2284.htm#P11294_2155014"> <FONT  SIZE=3>The First Canonical Epistle of Our Holy Father Basil, Archbishop of Caesarea in Cappadocia to Amphilochius, Bishop of Iconium.<SUP>1</SUP> </FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2285.htm#P11346_2161892"> <FONT  SIZE=3>The Second Canonical Epistle of the Same.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2286.htm#P11453_2169759"> <FONT  SIZE=3>The Third Epistle of the Same to the Same.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2287.htm#P11563_2175651"> <FONT  SIZE=3>From an Epistle of the Same to the Blessed Amphilochius on the Difference of Meats.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2288.htm#P11571_2175860"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Of the Same to Diodorus Bishop of Tarsus, Concerning a Man Who Had Taken Two Sisters to Wife.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2289.htm#P11582_2176335"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Of the Same to Gregory a Presbyter, that He Should Separate from a Woman Who Dwelt with Him.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2290.htm#P11589_2177026"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Of the Same to the Chorepiscopi, that No Ordinations Should Be Made Contrary to the Canons.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2291.htm#P11598_2178195"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Of the Same to His Suffragans that They Should Not Ordain for Money.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2292.htm#P11607_2178738"> <FONT  SIZE=3>From Chapter XVII. Of the Book St. Basil Wrote to Blessed Amphilochius on the Holy Ghost.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2293.htm#P11618_2180217"> <FONT  SIZE=3>From the Letter of Basil the Great to the Nicopolitans.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2294.htm#P11624_2180760"> <FONT  SIZE=3>The Canonical Epistle of St. Gregory, Bishop of Nyssa, to St. Letoius, Bishop of Melitene.<SUP>1</SUP> </FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2295.htm#P11653_2183629"> <FONT  SIZE=3>From the Metre Poems of St. Gregory Theologus, Specifying Which Books of the Old and New Testament Should Be Read.<SUP>1</SUP> </FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2296.htm#P11660_2184756"> <FONT  SIZE=3>From the Iambics of St. Amphilochius the Bishop to Seleucus, on the Same Subject.<SUP>1</SUP> </FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2297.htm#P11669_2186127"> <FONT  SIZE=3>The Canonical Answers of Timothy</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2298.htm#P11747_2189448"> <FONT  SIZE=3>The Prosphonesus of Theophilus, Archbishop of Alexandria, When the Holy Epiphanies Happened to Fall on a Sunday.<SUP>1</SUP> </FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2299.htm#P11755_2189957"> <FONT  SIZE=3>The Commonitory of the Same Which Ammon Received on Account of Lycus.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2300.htm#P11787_2193195"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Of the Same to Agatho the Bishop.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2301.htm#P11792_2193457"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Of the Same to Menas the Bishop.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2302.htm#P11797_2193760"> <FONT  SIZE=3>The Narrative of the Same Concerning Those Called Cathari.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2303.htm#P11802_2194037"> <FONT  SIZE=3>The Canonical Epistle of Our Holy Father Among the Saints, Cyril, Archbishop of Alexandria, on the Hymns.<SUP>1</SUP> </FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2304.htm#P11807_2194204"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Cyril to Domnus.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2305.htm#P11812_2195135"> <FONT  SIZE=3>Of the Same to the Bishops of Libya and Pentapolis.</FONT></A></P>    <P ALIGN=LEFT><A HREF="npnf2306.htm#P11817_2195913"> <FONT  SIZE=3>The Encyclical Letter of Gennadius</FONT></A></P></UL> <P ALIGN=CENTER><IMG SRC="../pix/mroonspm.gif"></P> <div id="quotes">&nbsp;</div><noscript><center style="margin-bottom: 40px;"><div style="width: 50%; background-color: white; padding: .25in"><p style="margin-top: 0;">This search engine was created by <a target="_top" href="http://JonathansCorner.com/">Christos Jonathan Hayward</a> (<a target="_top" href="http://JonathansCorner.com/contact/">contact</a>). 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