iphone jailbreak

Mar 8th, 2013
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  1. IOS
  2. @1 - Links to jailbreak's
  3. @2 - Downgrade
  4. @3 - How to work with Cydia
  5. @4 - How to SSH
  6. @5 - Themeing
  7. @6 - Cydia sources
  10. @1
  11. IOS 6.1+ jailbreak
  14. IOS 5.1.1
  17. There is a guide in the link for iOS 5.1.1
  18. and also a guide on the page for iOS 6.1
  20. @2
  21. Downgrading only works if your iPhone has been on iOS 5.1.1. There is still a chance that you can downgrade if you have saved your "SHSH blobs"
  23. Here is a guide how to do it
  26. And a link for the iOS 5.1.1 download
  28. @3
  29. Cydia is fairly easy to work with, but I will tell you the basics.
  30. When you start Cydia for the first time, it will ask you if you are a: User, Hacker, or a Developer. I believe that developer is the best one to select. It will give you access to most of the files on Cydia.
  31. I assume that you pay for the tweaks, but if you want you can always go the pirate way and add some repos to Cydia, and by doing this you can download most of the tweaks. I will link you some of main sources. To add a source go to manage, and then sources. Click change and then add, put in the link and then just hit add source. When you're done, just search for what you want.
  33. @4
  34. How to SSH you iPhone:
  35. SSH is when you gain access to your root files. It will be good to do if you want to add file's manfully from your pc. To SSH you need to be on a WiFi on both the phone and pc. Start with downloading this software, then you'll need to download OpenSSH via Cydia on your phone. When that's done, connect your phone to the WiFi and click the little arrow on the WiFi name so you'll see the IP. Now start Winscp and hit new in the host name type in your IP that you see on the phone, something like this: The user name needs to be "root" and pass needs to be "alpine" then just click save and you're done.
  37. You can access your files via USB too with the software I will not explain how to do it because it’s really easy
  39. @5
  40. How to theme your iPhone:
  41. To start download WinterBoard. When that's done just go Cydia’s start page, click themes, and browse there. As you can see most of the themes cost money, but of course you can pirate those themes. Just add a theme repo and you'll be able to find them if you search for it. Now when you have downloaded a theme: start WinterBoard, select the theme you downloaded, and respring and done! Now if you downloaded a theme on your pc the SSH comes in handy. Just go to var/stash/themes, as this is WinterBoard's root folder. Just add the theme folder and it’s in WinterBoard.
  43. @6
  44. Cydia sources/repos:
  50. <-- good for themes
  53. If there is something more you'll need help with mail me at
  54. iPhone Guide by: Aiko from /w/
  55. eng corektion bye That guy from /w/
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