Any% IGT Routes

Mar 11th, 2015
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  1. ***PDKR***
  3. TAS: http://tasvideos.org/1075M.html
  5. Items:
  7. Morphing Ball
  8. Bombs
  9. Charge Beam
  10. Ice Beam
  11. Spazer*
  12. Wave Beam
  13. Plasma Beam
  14. Hi-Jump Boots**
  15. Speed Booster
  16. Space Jump
  17. Varia Suit
  18. Gravity Suit
  19. Energy Tank - Terminator
  20. Energy Tank - Hi-Jump Boots
  21. Energy Tank - Botwoon
  22. Missile Pack - Awakening
  23. Missile Pack - Charge
  24. Missile Pack - Moat
  25. Missile Pack - Wave
  26. Super Missile Pack - Early
  27. Super Missile Pack - Wrecked Ship (Left)
  28. Power Bomb Pack - Red Brinstar Elevator (Lower)
  30. *If you are not murdering MB, then do not grab this
  31. **TAS grabs this item after having visited eastern Norfair (18:30) (unlikely to be viable humanly)
  33. Other item options:
  35. * Kraid/Ridley Energy Tanks - They may be useful health refills, and would only take 3-4 game time seconds each to acquire, but should be less useful with this boss order due to the presence of Plasma in Lower Norfair. Would also serve as Tourian insurance.
  37. * Hi-Jump Boots Missiles - Potentially less helpful due to having Plasma for Ridley, but would only cost a fraction of a game time second to acquire (compared to taking the lower tunnel out of this room after collecting Hi-Jump Boots). Would mostly be Tourian insurance.
  39. Pauses:
  41. - If Spazer is present, it would have to be disabled at some point before Botwoon to allow for X-Factor
  42. - Turn off Gravity Suit to gravitation jump for full halfie
  43. - Turn back on Gravity Suit after performing full halfie shinespark
  44. - Turn Spazer (VAR) on at MB to murder
  45. - Bunch of pausing during MB for murder beam
  47. These pauses are basically optional and/or depend on having acquired Spazer.
  49. Notes/Thoughts:
  51. This route should be easier to complete runs of than PRKD, mainly due to having Plasma for Lower Norfair. This route is also simpler to optimize due to essentially not needing to pause at any point to save relevant game time (excluding murder beam).
  53. Kraid before Draygon is an option, and should be primarily dependent on your ammo count upon leaving Norfair after the first visit, since 7 Super Missiles are required for an optimal path (1 for Aqueduct door, 6 for Botwoon). Kraid's Lair serves as a Super Missile refill due to Minikraid, and a Power Bomb refill due to Beetoms guarding Kraid's Energy Tank. Kraid's Energy Tank costs roughly the same amount of time as Botwoon's Energy Tank would, effectively replacing it. A small amount of time will be lost compared to Draygon before Kraid due to the lack of Plasma and Space Jump for Kraid's Lair (assuming they would be applied appropriately), and the slower entry into the lair.
  55. Due to the simplicity of the route, there's not much else to comment on here that can't be interpreted by watching the TAS.
  57. ---
  59. ***PRKD***
  61. TAS: http://tasvideos.org/1908M.html
  63. Items:
  65. Morphing Ball
  66. Bombs
  67. Charge Beam
  68. Ice Beam
  69. Spazer
  70. Wave Beam
  71. Plasma Beam
  72. Hi-Jump Boots
  73. Speed Booster
  74. Space Jump
  75. Varia Suit
  76. Gravity Suit
  77. Energy Tank - Terminator
  78. Energy Tank - Hi-Jump Boots
  79. Energy Tank - Ridley
  80. Missile Pack - Awakening
  81. Missile Pack - Charge
  82. Missile Pack - Moat
  83. Missile Pack - Speed
  84. Missile Pack - Wave
  85. Super Missile Pack - Early
  86. Super Missile Pack - Wrecked Ship (Left)
  87. Power Bomb Pack - Red Brinstar Elevator (Lower)
  89. Other item options:
  91. * Kraid's Energy Tank - See PDKR. Slightly more relevant here due to Maridia health (and Power Bomb, to a lesser extent) expenses.
  93. * Wasteland ("Shame") Power Bombs - If someone could manage to efficiently perform this many X-Factors on Ridley.
  95. * Hi-Jump Boots Missiles - Could possibly save an additional tiny bit on Ridley, and would provide a tiny bit more insurance for Tourian.
  97. Pauses:
  99. - Turn off Ice Beam sometime after acquiring it so that Wave+Spazer could be used together*
  100. - Turn off Speed Booster before taking lower/back lava path to Lower Norfair entrance (for more speed through lava, and to bounce ball -> gravitation jump to enter Lower Norfair)
  101. - Turn off Gravity Suit to gravitation jump into Lower Norfair
  102. - Turn Speed Booster and Gravity Suit back on, and turn Ice Beam and Spazer off (beams are disabled for Ridley X-Factors, although this could be delayed if necessary)**
  103. - Turn Ice Beam and Spazer back on after done with X-Factors on Ridley***
  104. - Turn Ice Beam and Spazer back off after Ridley dies (for Maridia X-Factors and some room movement later - Spazer is going to be disabled once Plasma Beam is obtained anyways)
  105. - Multiple gravitation jumps can be performed in Maridia, whether it is to more easily perform the full halfie or escape after returning to the mountain
  106. - Turn Ice Beam back on before Tourian**
  107. - Turn Spazer (VAR) on at MB to murder
  108. - Bunch of pausing during MB for murder beam
  110. *This can be done frequently during the run to make taking out enemies with the beam more viable - after 'Ice escape' until Ridley, after Ridley until Botwoon, after Draygon; basically any point where you don't immediately need to freeze something or X-Factor, you could have Spazer enabled for extra damage and it may prove useful - in which case, the fourth and sixth pauses listed would not disable Spazer
  111. **Doing these on the elevator should not make a difference as it should only affect real time
  112. ***There are mid-fight X-Factor setups that would have you turning these back off and on again if you choose to do them
  114. Notes/Thoughts:
  116. This route is very similar to the most recent real time route due to the matching boss order. The main difference is what takes place after Draygon, where you collect Space Jump and Plasma, and then exit the area by gate glitching the green gate near 'main street' to exit upwards (watch TAS from 30:45 onward). If you know the real time route, you would only really need to learn how things go after Draygon and how to utilize pauses/door transitions/etc to have a basic grasp on this route.
  118. Even though Space Jump would be collected after all four major bosses have been defeated, and costs an estimated ~6 game time seconds to acquire, it does not seem humanly possible to go through the remainder of the game without losing much more time from trying to skip it. Space Jump saves significant time in, including but not limited to, Cacatac Alley, Plasma Spark Room ("Plasma spark" itself becomes virtually impossible without it), Plasma Room, and some rooms containing Metroids (depending on strat choices).
  120. There is more reason to grab certain Missile packs such as Speed's in this route, primarily because of encountering Ridley without Plasma. In terms of damage output in game time on Ridley, Super Missiles > X-Factors > Missiles > charged Ice/Wave/Spazer. A pack of Missiles *should* be able to save up to 2 game time seconds for this reason, without taking into account other areas where Missiles could potentially save time (if there are any - at the very least, they would be added insurance for Tourian).
  122. ---
  124. Notes applicable to both routes:
  126. Collecting every beam allows for murdering MB2, instead of using Charge/Ice/Wave/Plasma against her. It is roughly 5 game time seconds faster for PDKR, and roughly 15 game time seconds faster for PRKD, since Spazer is not normally acquired in PDKR, whereas it is always acquired in PRKD regardless of murder beam usage because of its usefulness against Ridley and in other areas. Murder beam does roughly the same amount of damage over time as charged I/W/P and will also kill MB3 for you. Not utilizing murder beam would obviously make obtaining 00:27 even more difficult, and can make the difference for certain people depending on their execution.
  128. Regarding transitions, what matters is that you enter a transition in a manner that is going to speed up movement in the next room. Speed of the transitions is irrelevant. Rooms with notably long transitions, or transitions that people typically try to shorten with unorthodox movement, include but are not limited to Bat Cave -> Speed Booster hallway and Maridian mountain -> Red Fish Room.
  130. For more information on what affects game time, see http://deanyd.net/sm/index.php?title=Timing#Time
  132. Based on Oatsngoats's attempts, I currently am of the belief that PRKD is the better of the two options for obtaining 00:27, or any long-term goal, due to its higher ceiling - PRKD has many time-saving pauses, and saves triple the amount of time from murdering MB, but is a significantly more difficult route to complete, primarily due to the intensity of Norfair and the green gate glitch required to escape Maridia.
  134. ---
  136. 10/19/16 - Tried to make it less wordy and easier to understand.
  137. 2/23/17 - Added notes for PDKR and reformatted page.
  138. 2/24/17 - Added note about Kraid before Draygon as an option for the first route.
  139. 3/13/17 - Added my opinion on the routes for obtaining 00:27.
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