I Wanna Be The Skullgirl [tournament rules and regulations]

Jun 3rd, 2015
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  1. Tournament check in starts at 8PM and ends at exactly 8:15PM. Anyone who has not checked in on the tournament page will be DISQUALIFIED. After you check-in, join the Steam Group chat so that we can set up matches to be streamed. Please set your Stream Name to reflect the name that you used to check-in. Failure to do so may result in your matches not being streamed.
  3. We will stream TWO matches per round. The matches that will be streamed are up to myself and the co-host, but we will attempt to get everyone who participates at least one game on stream. There is about a 33% chance in a 16-man bracket that you will not be shown on stream. You will be informed via Steam Group Chat if your game is to be streamed previous to playing. We will also announce it on stream.
  5. Each match is a first to two, with the exception of Grand Finals being first to three. The winner of the match should report the results in steam chat in the following format: [Winner's Name] [Winner's Score] - [Loser's Score]. For example, if I had played 6-Let in a match and he had won two rounds and I had only won one round, he would report the match as "6-Let 2-1". If a match is not reported properly, both players may be disqualified. You have 1 minute after your match to report the match.
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