Spank the Anon v4 by Pan (Twilight/Anon)

Aug 17th, 2015
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  1. Spank the Anon v4 by Pan
  3. ---
  5. (from this thread
  7. >You are a colt.
  8. >And you are in deep trouble.
  9. >You thought you were too old for parent-teacher conferences.
  10. >You were doing well enough in school!
  11. >Topaz in math and science
  12. >Sapphires in reading and social studies
  13. >Even a jade in physical education!
  14. >Your mom thinks you can do better.
  15. >Any other mom would be proud.
  16. >Too bad Twilight Sparkle adopted you.
  17. >She never had an imperfect report card in her life.
  18. >And she expects more out of you.
  20. "You lied to me! How are you ever going to get your science grades up if you keep me on the dark side of the moon?"
  22. >She's huffy.
  23. >Literally, she's exhaling air through her nose, like she's about to charge.
  25. "Mom. Topaz is average. It doesn't mean I'm a failure."
  27. >She's not buying it.
  28. "Some foals work really hard to get the grades you have."
  30. "Yeah, I see Snails staying after class to try to bring his PE grade up."
  32. "Don't play games with me."
  34. >She points an accusatory hoof in your direction. Without even thinking, you move back.
  36. "If you spent half the time studying as you did reading comic books, you wouldn't be in this mess."
  38. "What mess? I'm happy with the grades I got."
  40. "Well I'm your mother. And I'm not. All I want is to see you try."
  42. >You're pissed.
  43. >As if those tests aren't hard as fuck.
  45. "You're not my mom."
  47. >Even if you don't, well, study for them outside of class.
  48. >Or do most of the homework.
  49. >But you pay attention! Isn't that good enough?
  51. "I already went through 12 years of this shit! And now I'm a colt and practically have to start over! How would you like to be sent back to magic kindergarten?"
  53. >You've had enough studying to last a lifetime.
  55. >That sets her off.
  57. "Were you this lazy on your home planet? Or this rude, for that matter? Is that any way to talk to your mother?"
  59. "I already told you."
  60. "You're not my mother."
  61. >"Well you're living in my home, eating my food, and enjoying my company."
  62. >"And if I'm not your mother, then feel free to explain to Cheerilee tomorrow which complete stranger gave you this spanking in this castle you currently call your home young man!"
  63. >Not good.
  64. >You book it.
  66. "Hey! That's a first edition, you ungrateful spawn of Cerberus!"
  67. >The book didn't hit her, but she had to take the time to dodge it. The maneuver added a few more precious hoofsteps between you two.
  68. >You lock yourself in your usual hideout, one of the many guest rooms of the castle.
  69. >What usually happens after you do this is Twilight unlocks the door and smacks your hindquarters.
  70. >You know you can delay it a bit.
  71. "Twilight, how would you like it if you got spanked for every little thing you did wrong?"
  72. >The princess is magically fumbling with the tumblers of the lock.
  73. "That 'want it, need it' spell?"
  74. >She stops.
  75. >She's distracted.
  76. "Killing Celestia's pet?"
  77. "That had nothing to do with me!"
  78. >Studying the newspaper archives really comes in handy.
  79. >The more time she spends thinking about this stuff, the more time you have to plan an escape.
  80. >At the very least you get a five minute reprieve from your spanking.
  81. >An idea comes to you.
  82. >You're only as trapped as you think you are.
  83. >And until now, you've never considered the window as a part of this guest room.
  84. >But the second-floor window might be exactly what you've been praying for.
  85. >You go to it, and look below.
  86. >It might be doable.
  87. >The castle curves outwards. Crystal is smooth, right?
  88. "Get back here!"
  89. >Hope so!
  90. >Your front legs brace you at the window as you quickly position your back legs onto the castle wall.
  91. >Twilight makes it halfway across the room before you leave her in the crystal dust.
  92. >She should open this "slide" to the public -- it's fun.
  93. >You almost forget you're bolting from certain rump destruction.
  94. >Your back legs catch the ground and you use the speed from the slide to give you a head start.
  95. >Looking back, Twilight isn't following you.
  96. >She probably couldn't hop out of that narrow window and fly well enough to break her fall.
  97. >She's better at beating your butt than she is at flying.
  98. >Unfortunately.
  99. >You figure she would've caught up by now.
  100. >You're getting spanked, unless you can calm her down.
  101. >Not likely.
  103. "Anon! Your bottom has an appointment with my hoof!"
  105. >Does she have to say it like that?
  106. >Out here?
  107. >More importantly, she's outside now and gaining on you.
  108. >Your best idea ever is quickly turning into your worst idea ever.
  109. >Really you're prolonging your punishment.
  110. >It's going to be so embarrassing.
  111. >She'll publicly lecture you as she takes you back to the castle for the smacking of your life.
  112. >You've gotta stop following through on these dumb ideas.
  113. "Anon, we need to talk. Scoot."
  114. >You head back the way you came.
  115. >Here we go. It's not like this is downtown Canterlot, but a few ponies do get to see your misery.
  116. "That was dangerous and immature. You could've landed on your head and ended...
  117. >As predicted. Twilight's favorite thing to do is lecture.
  119. "I said come here."
  121. "Wha?"
  123. >Well, shit.
  124. >You're not at the castle.
  125. >And she's--
  127. "I don't have all day."
  129. >Sitting on a bench with an awful, determined look on her face.
  131. >You're not even going to ask to go back to the castle.
  132. >You're not setting yourself up for her to lecture you more about running away.
  133. >You approach her, reluctantly.
  135. "I think we can settle things here, Anon."
  137. "Okay."
  139. >She's expecting you to, so you may as well get it over with.
  140. >You climb over her lap.
  141. >Twilight yanks your tail to the side, letting it dangle over her legs.
  142. >You feel your tail brush against her fur as she pushes you into *juuust* the right spot.
  144. >It doesn't hurt that much at first.
  145. >At first, you always think you could handle it.
  146. >Then the reality of the situation sets in.
  147. >Twilight is so big, and you are so small.
  148. >Whack after whack attacks your unprotected behind.
  149. >Now, with pain not as bad as you know it will be later, you have time to bask in your embarrassment,
  150. >Regardless of whether or not you want to.
  151. >You blush as you realize your--
  152. (SLAP)
  153. >Fanny's getting blistered in front of other ponies,
  155. "Irresponsible!"
  156. (SMACK)
  157. >For the first time.
  159. "Rude!"
  160. (SMACK)
  161. >You're bucking.
  163. "And lazy, for that matter!"
  164. (SLAP)
  165. >You can't help it.
  167. "I'm not saying I expect you to get 'jades' in all of your classes."
  168. ...
  169. >No smack. What gives?
  171. "But it would really mean a lot to me to see you try. Okay?"
  173. >Is Twilight waiting for a response?
  174. >It's hard to tell sometimes.
  175. (PAT)
  176. >Much lighter than the others.
  177. >She looks into your eyes with a smile.
  179. "Okay?"
  181. >You mumble.
  182. "Okay..."
  184. >You're glad that's over.
  186. "Which reminds me of your attitude problem."
  187. "Huh?"
  188. (WHACK)
  189. "Ow!"
  190. >Shit, she's not done.
  192. "Don't run away, and don't jump out of windows!"
  193. (SPANK)
  195. >The barrage on your backside continues.
  196. >You'd do anything to make it stop.
  198. "Mom! Please!"
  200. >Still nothing.
  201. >Subconciously, your brain is trying every trick in the book.
  202. >Conciously, there's--
  203. (SMACK)
  204. >Just a lot of pain.
  206. "Mommy!"
  207. >You cry and kick your little hoofsies.
  209. "So I'm your mommy now? A half hour ago I was just some mare who made you breakfast."
  210. (TAP)
  212. "Yesmommysorrymommy--"
  213. >You blurt out, but not in time to avoid a
  214. (SLAP)
  216. "Good. Let's keep it that way. Come on."
  218. >She slides you off her lap, but as you try to set your own pace you realize she's taken you by the ear.
  219. "You're going straight to bed."
  220. >And you don't argue.
  221. >You don't run.
  222. >Because your butt is red.
  223. >And it hurts like hell.
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