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Clock Tower Carnival

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Aug 7th, 2019
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  1. Clock Tower Carnival
  2. Liquid Crushment Committee
  5. It. Is. TIME!
  6. Contest period: June 1st, 2019 - August 10th, 2019 (This time may vary due to the problems with the forum.)
  7. Judging period: August 11th - August 31st
  9. The Liquid Crushment Committee brings you to the most well thought out contest ever made, and the most epic thing you will set your eyes on in your life. (I wrote this before Benox released Ascent obviously)
  11. The theme of this contest is all about clocks and especially clock towers. This doesn’t mean it’s all about adding clock tower tilesets from Castlevania to your entry, though that is definitely encouraged. The biggest score bump will be from the shape of the map itself. While there are no restrictions, your score will be influenced the most by the shape. A clock face map will be worth more than a “regular” map. A clock tower will get you the most. No matter the shape, you will need to defend why it’s a clock of some kind.
  13. The Rules:
  14. 1: Hack must be based on some sort of clock, preferably a clock tower.
  15. 2: The map should be in the shape of a clock or clock tower. (You will have to defend your map shape)
  16. 3: On games with multiple submaps, hack must be built entirely on one submap.
  17. 4: Game must be beatable to credits.
  18. 5: Game must also be startable.
  19. 6: Any 2D Metroid title can be entered, as well as Metroid fangames.
  21. The Scoring System:
  22. This will work a lot different than in the past. The goal is to be the last one with time left on the clock. All entrants start at 00:00 on the clock, and gain time through various means. The Liquid Crushment Committee will be handing out time for various things within the hack. The public will get to pick their winner based on how they feel the hack lived up to the above rules.
  24. Criteria:
  25. Clock tower shape - Up to 30 minutes
  26. Clock Face Shape - Up to 20 minutes
  27. Clock tileset elements - Up to 15 minutes
  28. Countdown Timer in gameplay - Up to 10 minutes
  29. Correct ending % - Up to 5 Minutes
  30. Custom animated tiles - Up to 5 minutes
  31. Public Vote - 15 Minutes each first place vote
  32. Judges have 60 minutes to hand out at their discretion for any clock related reason, but can only use up to 20 on one entry.
  34. Any entrant or public vote must review all the entries to have their vote counted. (Entrants are excused from reviewing their own entry.)
  36. Prize:
  37. Winner gets a clocktower forum badge.
  39. After the time has been added up, the hack with time left on the clock after the others hit 00:00 will be declared the winner due to not getting crushed from the moon.
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