Golden Opportunities V

Dec 21st, 2016
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  1. "A-Ah~"
  2. >You groaned as you popped another spoonful of cereal into your mouth
  3. >Usually, you weren't a fan of cereal
  4. >No matter what kind you or Spike bought you ALWAYS had to pour at least a half a cup of sugar onto it before it was even partially edible
  5. >But this?
  6. >This was PERFECT!
  7. >You might have been a little lukewarm on its coloring--who the hay thought it was a good idea to have cereal that was a whole bunch of different colors?--but it was not only sweet but it had a crunch that really appealed to you
  8. >That and it didn't immediately turn into mush the second that it came into contact with milk
  9. >Humming, you closed your eyes and leaned back into your chair in a state of pure, unadulterated bliss
  10. >You liked these "Froot Loops" a lot
  11. >A LOT
  12. >So much, in fact, that you wouldn't have the slightest problem eating this every single day
  13. >And that was coming from a mare who LOVED her hay bacon and flapjacks...
  14. >Hmm...
  15. >You were going to have to see if you could bring a couple boxes back with you when you eventually went home...
  16. >Nosily chewing, you grabbed your glass of orange juice
  17. >Swallowing your mouthful of cereal, you brought your juice to your lips and drank deeply
  18. >Even though you were trying not to completely pig out, some of the juice spilled out of the corners of your mouth
  19. >You set your juice back on the table, cleaning your lips with the back of your hand and sighing in content
  20. >Sweet Celestia...
  21. >Cute, pure-and-perfect-as-the-driven-snow stallions?
  22. >Amazing cereal?
  23. >Juice without pulp in it?
  24. >Now you could REALLY see why the hay Sunset loves it here...
  26. >Heck, if you didn't have so much waiting back home YOU might have started looking for a house around here yourself...!
  27. >You were about to bring another spoonful of cereal to your mouth but stopped
  28. >A sinking feeling worked its way into the pit of your stomach
  29. >...
  30. >Leave...
  31. >You were going to have to leave in a few days...
  32. >Leave Sunset, leave this snow, leave this cereal
  33. >...
  34. >Leave Anon...
  35. >"We're back!"
  36. >You jumped in your chair, violently pulled out of your thoughts as Sunset strided through the door
  37. >The second that your eyes snapped to her you saw that there was something a little different about your friend
  38. >Her demeanor had changed
  39. >She was standing a little taller, and she bounced with each step that she took
  40. >There was a Pinkie-sized grin on her face, and her eyes were lit up in joy and even a little bit of excitement
  41. >She also had a noticeable blush on her cheeks
  42. >She looked, for all the world, like a filly that had just gotten a kiss from a stallion that she liked...
  43. >Behind her, wrapped up in jackets and hats and scarves, was Anon
  44. >Just like Sunset, there was a smile on the stallion's face
  45. >A big smile...
  46. >A happy smile...
  47. >The kind of smile that dissipated the sinking feeling in your stomach and replaced it with a very pleasant warmth
  48. >...
  49. >Sweet Celestia was he beautiful...
  50. >"Just toss everything in the closet, Nonny!" Sunset chirped, pulling off your scarf and her hat. "I'll make sure to toss all of it in the dryer when the power finally comes back on."
  51. >"Alright," Anon said, unzipping his jacket and tugging at his scarf
  52. >...
  53. >He was getting undressed in front of you…
  54. >Alright there…
  55. >Right in front of you…
  56. >Right where you could see...
  58. >OhsweetCelestiaonhergoldenthrone!
  59. >Not wanting to look like you were gawking, you tried to look away as Anon pulled off his jacket, revealing another underneath
  60. >...
  61. >But you couldn't...
  62. >Your body wouldn't physically let you look away...
  63. >Anon, looking completely innocent, pulled off his first jacket and his scarf
  64. >Sunset--who must have been part glacier because who the BUCK could just stand there casually while a colt was undressing in front of you-- took the jacket and scarf off of him and made her way to the closet
  65. >While she threw open the door, you watched as Anon unzipped his next jacket
  66. >This one was a little smaller than the previous one
  67. >It hugged his curves a little better, teasing you by just giving a HINT of what was hidden underneath.
  68. >Before you could fully process what you were looking at, Anon was already pulling that jacket off, this time revealing a sweatshirt underneath
  69. >This sweatshirt wasn't his, it was Sunset's
  70. >And sweet Luna did it show...
  71. >It hugged his frame so snugly that it may as well have been a second skin
  72. >You could see the muscles in his shoulders and his chest stand out through the fabric
  73. >Like a lot
  74. >Your eyes drifted downward
  75. >Down his chest, down his flat tummy, down to where his hips began...
  76. >W-Woof
  77. >You bit your lip hard, rubbing your thighs together
  78. >You covered your face with a hand, trying to hide the blush that was creeping up your neck
  79. >Wew...
  80. >Wew filly...
  81. >Was it you or did it just get a LOT warmer in here?
  82. >As you sat there, red-faced and squirming in your chair, Anon's gaze drifted toward you
  84. >You instinctively stiffened, bracing yourself for a tongue lashing
  85. >But, to your, surprise, it didn't come
  86. >The moment that his eyes met yours, Anon's smile grew just a hair
  87. >A splash of affection mixed in with the happiness in his eyes
  88. >...
  89. >He looked happy…
  90. >Happy to see you…
  91. >...
  92. >H-Huh...
  93. >For a few seconds, you forgot how to breathe
  94. >Your chest tightened, and you had a sudden yet powerful urge to get up out of your chair and run over to him
  95. >...
  96. >No one had ever looked at you like that...
  97. >You stopped your squirming and your blushing and just looked into Anon's pretty green eyes
  98. >You were swept up in his gaze
  99. >Your heartbeat began to quicken
  100. >Your mouth felt dry and your chest felt so tight that you could barely breathe
  101. >You could feel something in the air...
  102. >It wasn't magic...
  103. >...But was something very much like it
  104. >"Anon? Do you want to take off those boots?"
  105. >Both you and Anon jumped in surprise
  106. >You both broke eye contact, breaking the spell that the both of you had been under
  107. >Unfortunately...
  108. >Looking toward the closet, you could see that Sunset had poked her head out of the little room and was now looking at the two of you, an eyebrow raised
  109. >To most she might have looked puzzled, but you could see that small smile on her face
  110. >That filly was blue beaning you!
  111. >The dyke!
  112. >When Anon looked down at his feet--looking as CUTE as a button while he did it--you stuck your tongue out at Sunset, who blew you a kiss in return
  113. >"I, um, well, yeah, s-sure," Anon shimmered, leaning against the wall so that he could take off his boots
  115. >Untying his laces, he quickly took off his boots and handed them to Sunset
  116. >"Thanks, Nonny," she chirped, disappearing back into the closet. "Why don't you go and help yourself to some cereal? We already have a bowl set up for you."
  117. >"Alright," Anon said, looking back over at you
  118. >His lips curved upward into a shy, uncertain smile
  119. >Hnnnng!
  120. >SweetCelestiawasthisstallionthecutest!
  121. >Resisting the urge to place a hand over your heart, you smiled and beckoned him over with a hand
  122. >As he made his way over, you took the liberty of setting up his breakfast like any respectable mare would do
  123. >You filled a bowl with cereal and then poured him a glass of orange juice
  124. >Easy stuff!
  125. >It was like you were eating breakfast with Starlight and Spike back home!
  126. >You were about to pour a little milk in his cereal but froze
  127. >...
  128. >What if he didn't want milk with his cereal?
  129. >...
  130. >But who the hay DIDN'T eat cereal with milk?
  131. >No one with any sense ate DRY cereal!
  132. >...
  133. >But what if Anon did?
  134. >You didn't want to make him mad by just pouring it in without asking
  135. >You could ruin the whole breakfast for everyone because you just went and assumed something!
  136. >While you sat there frozen, carton of milk tilted ever-so-slightly above Anon's bowl, Anon himself sat down right next to you
  137. >Scooching toward the table in his chair, he grabbed a napkin and tucked it into his shirt to make a makeshift bib
  139. >He then looked over at you
  140. >Eyeing the carton of milk, he reached over and tipped the end of the carton up a little bit with a finger
  141. >Milk came pouring out of the carton and into the bowl
  142. >Your eyes snapped toward Anon, who smiled back at you
  143. >"I like milk in my cereal," he said. "Thanks for waiting before pouring it in though."
  144. >...
  145. >Oh thank Celestia…
  146. >He wasn’t some weirdo...
  147. >Sighing in relief, you tilted the carton over a little more, increasing the stream of milk
  148. "Alright, I just wanted to make sure," you said
  149. >Anon nodded, reaching for his juice
  150. >You watched, out of the corner of your eye, as he brought the juice to his lips and began to drink
  151. >His adam's apple jumped with each swallow
  152. >His eyes became half-lidded
  153. >A bit of juice spilled from the corners of his lips and began to run down his chin
  154. >You squeezed the carton in your hands with a little more force than was necessary, sending a spurt of milk into the bowl
  155. >W-Wew...
  156. >Easy filly...
  157. >EASY...
  158. >You licked your now VERY dry lips
  159. >Feeling a bead of sweat making its way down your forehead, you were quick to wipe it away with the back of your hand
  160. >You're a good girl, Twilight...
  161. >You'd never take advantage of a stallion, no matter how LEWD he was…
  162. >...
  163. >You wouldn’t…
  164. >You wouldn’t…
  165. >Never ever...
  166. >Your eyes snapped away from him and back toward the bowl
  167. >Realizing that you were about to overflow Anon's bowl with milk, you tilted the carton upward, halting the flow
  168. "T-There you go, Anon," you said, sitting the carton back down onto the table
  170. >"Thanks," Anon responded, picking up his spoon
  171. >Looking back down at your own cereal you picked up your spoon as well and started eating
  172. >Because you were in the presence of a stallion, you made sure to eat like a civilized filly
  173. >Small mouthfuls, small sips, sit up straight, wipe your mouth when needed
  174. >Not your preferred way to eat, but since you were raised in a castle around some of the most civilized ponies that Equestria had to offer you were VERY good at it
  175. >Anon, meanwhile, ate like the perfect gentlecolt
  176. >He kept his elbows off the table, he didn't slurp or spit food everywhere, he sat up straight, and he even thanked you when you filled up his glass
  177. >....
  178. >Dad would LOVE him if you brought him home...
  179. >You had nearly finished your cereal and most of your juice when you realized that maybe you should try to start a conversation
  180. >You HAD slept with this stallion, and just sitting here in silence WAS a little weird...
  181. >Setting down your spoon, you cleared your throat
  182. >Alright Sparkle...
  183. >Don't mess this up!
  184. >You want to impress this stallion!
  185. >You want to show him that you'd make an ideal mate!
  186. >Or buck-buddy...
  187. >Or bedfellow….
  188. >Or whatever the heck this was...
  189. >...
  190. >Herewego!
  191. "So! Did you have a good sleep, Anon?" you asked, licking a bit of milk from your top lip
  192. >Anon, who was chewing his food, looked over at you
  193. >He quickly swallowed, licking his lips
  194. >You bit your lip when you saw that little pink muscle of his slide across his lips
  195. >W-Wew...
  197. >"I slept great," he said with a cheery--albeit slightly nervous--smile. "Best sleep that I've had in a very long time."
  198. "Oh? Well I'm glad!" you told him, tucking a stray lock of hair behind your ear
  199. >"How was your sleep?" Anon asked in turn
  200. >Amazing
  201. >The best sleep that I've ever had
  202. >Sleeping with somebody else is incredible
  203. >You were so warm and you smelled to nice and I really enjoyed listening to your heart beating as you slept
  204. >Please sleep with me forever
  205. "It was pretty good," you announced, leaning over and bumping his shoulder with your own
  206. >Anon's smile widened, and that look of warmth and affection came back to his face
  207. >Your heart fluttered at the sight
  208. >Your mouth opened, no doubt ready to say something silly and embarrassing, but you reined yourself in at the last moment
  211. "S-So did you get finished with the front yard?"
  212. >Anon nodded, grabbing his glass of juice and bringing it to his lips
  213. >"Yep. You guys should be able to get out of the house now," he said, before taking a sip of his drink.
  214. >In the background, you could hear the sound of pots clanging and the sink being turned on but you ignored it, keeping your eyes glued on the cute stallion in front of you
  215. "Great! Thanks for the help."
  216. >To your surprise, Anon leaned over and nudged your shoulder with his shoulder
  217. >"Hey, I was happy to do it," he said. "It’s the least I could do after you and Sunset were nice enough to let me stay here with you for the night."
  218. >As Anon pulled away from you you leaned toward him, still wanting your bodies to touch in some way
  219. "We're glad to have you.”
  220. >You were doing it!
  221. >You were making small talk!
  222. >Aw yesh!
  224. >"And why wouldn't we be? Who wouldn't want to spend the night with a sta--guy like yourself?"
  225. >For a moment, the smile on Anon's face diminished just a hair
  226. >The warmth in his eyes was replaced with a sadness that made your heart skip a beat
  227. >Just as quickly as it had come, however, it was gone
  228. >But you saw it
  229. >Oh, you saw it...
  230. >"Well, I'm glad to be here," he said, smile returned to its full glory as he placed his hands on the table. "It's always nice to get out of the house every once in awhile and just... be with people."
  231. >...
  232. >Protectthisstallionssmileyoubuckingdummy!
  233. >Without saying a word, you leaned over and placed one of your hands overtop of his
  234. >Giving his hand a squeeze, you gave Anon your best and brightest smile
  235. "I'm happy that you're happy," you told him. "And I can't wait to spend the next few days with you."
  236. >Anon quietly looked down at your hand for a few moments
  237. >"...Really?" he asked, in a tone that suggested that he didn't quite believe you
  238. >You continued to smile at him, giving his hand another squeeze
  239. "Yep! Both Sunset and I can't wait to get to know you better, and we can't wait for you to get to know us just a little bit better," you said with a nod
  240. >For about a minute, Anon was dead silent
  241. >His eyes snapped up and he gazed into your eyes, looking for any mischief or falsehood
  243. >When he saw that you, in fact, were being completely honest with him his demeanor completely changed
  244. >Surprise, shock, joy, relief, and a dozen other emotions flashed across his face
  245. >One moment he looked like he was about to cry, a split second later he looked like he was about to laugh
  246. >In the end he just smiled
  247. >"Thanks, Twi," he said quietly, placing his other hand on top of yours and giving it a squeeze. "Really. Thank you."
  248. >Aww…
  249. >You did the good things...
  250. >You were about to open your mouth to say something reassuring and heartfelt with just a splash of friendship mixed in when a loud band filled the air
  251. >"Dammit," someone grumbled near the stove
  252. >...
  253. >You and Anon looked over
  254. >There Sunset, who had stripped back down to her undershirt and pajama bottoms, was struggling with a giant pot
  255. >On the stove itself there were half a dozen other pots, each and everyone of them under a burner that was on full blast
  256. >Grunting to herself, your bacon-haired friend struggled to lift the pot in her hands to waist height
  257. >...
  258. >Was that on the floor?
  259. >Why the hay was it on the floor?
  260. >Wouldn't it have been easier to fill it up in the sink?
  261. >Or better yet on the counter, where she didn't need to move it nearly as far?
  262. >...
  263. >Was this for the thing that Sunset had told you about before going outside to get Anon?
  264. >...
  265. >Where did she even get a pot that big anyways?
  266. >"Come on," Sunset grunted, her brow scrunched up in concentration. "Get up there you fucker..."
  267. >You and Anon exchanged glances
  268. >Anon, now looking puzzled, then picked up the hand that he had placed over yours, brought it to his mouth, and coughed into it
  270. >"...Are you doing alright there, Sunset?" he asked
  271. >Struggling for another moment or two, Sunset let out a groan, bending down and sitting the big pot down with a grumble
  272. >"Everything's fine, Anon," she said, wiping her brown. "I was just trying to get this pot onto the stove to heat some water up.
  273. >Anon was silent for a while, and from the look on his face you could tell that he was asking himself the same questions that you had been thinking just a moment before
  274. >"...Alright," he said carefully. "But what are you doing with all that water?"
  275. >Fixing her hair, Sunset flashed the stallion a grin
  276. >"Well, since the power is still out, I thought that I'd get us some hot water so that the three of us can take a bath," she said, looking back down at the pot on the floor, her hands on her hips . "Hey, could you do me a favor and help me pick this up? It's really, REALLY heavy."
  278. ~_~_~_~_~_~
  280. >Back at home, heating up water would have taken two seconds
  281. >All you'd need to do was cast a spell and BAM!
  282. >The water was as hot as you wanted it
  283. >Unfortunately for you, Sunset, and Anon, you weren't able to cast any spells
  284. >If you needed to heat up some bath water you needed to use good ol’ fashioned fire to do so
  285. >...
  286. >Like some filthy barbarian...
  287. >You had a stove to help with this, and you didn't need to have the water boiling, but you needed GALLONS of the stuff--Sunset had a pretty big bathtub-- so it took quite a bit of time
  288. >Almost an hour and a half by your count
  289. >An hour and a half of sitting in the kitchen, with your hands in your lap, watching water heat up
  290. >It wasn't very exciting to say the least, and even though you and Sunset were chatting with Anon the whole time it still felt like it took a hundred years
  291. >Eventually though, the water got hot enough that you were able to take it off the stove and get it upstairs
  292. >Anon had tried to insist on taking all of the pots up himself, but you and Sunset put your foot down, insisting that you help him
  294. >You might be willing to let him go out in the cold and shovel snow but you'd rather eat a horseshoe then let him walk up those stairs by himself with a pot full of hot water
  295. >It had been about as fun getting the water up to the bathroom as it was watching it heat up
  296. >The pots had been heavy, and one or twice you had nearly burned yourself
  297. >You were a marely mare though, so you had gritted your teeth and tough it out until three out of the six pots had been brought up and and their contents had been poured into the tub
  298. >Anon, after the three of you had brought the now empty pots back to the kitchen, had asked what was going to happen to the other three that were still on the stove, under a low heat
  299. >Sunset, with an unusual amount of cheer in her voice, had told him that those pots were for his bath
  300. >She then went on to explain that both you and her would be bathing together so you didn’t have to use so much water
  301. >...
  302. >Anon...
  303. >Anon had taken the news... about as well as Sunset though he would
  304. >Much to her delight
  305. >"Did you see how red he got, Twi?" Sunset asked, pulling off her hoodie and shirt and tossing it to the floor. "I swear I almost walked over and kissed him right there."
  306. >You couldn't help but smile, pulling off your shirt and revealing your purple bra
  307. "Was the wink really necessary?" you asked
  308. >Sunset nodded, fiddling with her bra strap
  309. >"Of course it was! How else am I going to get him to blush like that?" she playfully demanded, bumping your hip with hers
  310. >You shook your head at your friend's antics, unbuttoning your bra
  311. >A groan escaped your throat as your teats were released from their constrictive prison
  312. >By Luna's moon did you HATE that thing...
  313. >If this was how ball bras were back home you could understand why so many stallions complain about them...
  314. >Rolling your shoulders, you tossed your bra onto your clothes pile
  316. >Turning back toward Sunset, you saw that she was bare-chested as well, her large, perky teats jutting out for all to see
  317. >"So what were the two of you talking about when I was getting the pots all filled up?" she asked, tossing her bra to the floor and grabbing at her pants
  318. >You reddened slightly
  319. "Just some small talk," you quickly said as you unbuttoned your pants
  320. >"Oh?"
  321. "Yep," you said, a small smile coming to your face. "I was telling him how glad the two of us were to have him here for the whole weekend."
  322. >"The whole weekend and a few days after that," Sunset corrected. "From what I've read on my phone it's supposed to snow again on Sunday."
  323. >You slid your pants down, then your panties, kicking them away with a sigh
  324. >Finally...
  325. >You were out of all of those silly clothes...
  326. "So does that mean that you guys won't have school for a while?" you questioned, looking over to Sunset
  327. >The girl--just as naked as you--was sticking a toe into the water, checking to see if it had cooled down somewhat
  328. >It apparently had, because she waved you over a moment later
  329. >"I already got a text from the school. They've given us the whole week off from school. We can have him over for the whole week if we want!"
  330. >Sunset stepped into the tub
  331. >You were close behind her, hopping into the water and facing her
  332. >Sunset sighed happily, looking over at you with a smile
  333. >"It's been a long time since I've taken a bath with someone else," she mused
  334. "Really?" you asked, your head cocked to the side
  335. >Your friend nodded
  336. >"The bathing here is different here too, Twi," she said. "A lot of people here usually bathe by themselves."
  337. >Your nose scrunched up just a hair
  338. "...Huh," you muttered, scratching your head. "Really?"
  339. >Sunset nodded
  340. >"Yep. You should have seen the look on the girl's faces when I suggested it at our last sleepover," Sunset said, a big smile coming to her face
  341. >...
  343. >Really...?
  344. >You knew that humans didn't like to be naked around one another but did they really take it that far?
  345. >There wasn't anything sexual about taking a bath!
  346. >All you were doing was cleaning yourself off...
  347. "So that was why you didn't ask Anon to join us?" you questioned, as your friend grabbed a cup floated in the water
  348. >"Aha, that's right," she said, filling the cup up and dunking the water over her arms. "Even though he would have been as cute as a button in here with us I think we would have scared him away if we asked him to do that."
  349. >Sunset brought the cup up and poured the water over her head
  350. >"Maybe in a day or two, after he's warmed up to us a little more."
  351. "Yeah..."
  352. >You looked down at your lap, your stomach tightening in both nervousness and excitement at the prospect
  353. "I think I'd really like that..."
  354. >You jumped slightly when you felt a stream of warm water being poured over your head
  355. >Your head snapped upward to see that Sunset had scooched over so that her knees were touching yours
  356. >You frowned and she smiled
  357. "Dyke," you grumbled, batting the cup that she held over your head away
  358. >Sunset giggled
  359. >"Oh, you love it," she teased, leaning forward and rubbing your cheek with her own
  360. >Not one to turn down a nuzzle, you leaned forward and nuzzled her back
  361. >As you did that you thought of Anon
  362. >Of how nice his cheek felt against yours when you nuzzled him...
  363. >How his eyes lit up when he was happy and how his smile seemed to light up the whole room...
  364. >How his hands felt wrapped around you when you woke up this morning...
  366. >You sighed to yourself, leaning away from your friend
  367. "Sunset?"
  368. "Hmm?"
  369. "Do you think that Anon... likes us?"
  370. >Sunset poured water down her chest, wetting the skin and causing it to shine in the dim light that was coming through the window
  371. >"Yep, I think so," she said, handing the cup to you
  372. >You took it, filling it up with water and she grabbed some soap
  373. >A smile came to your face
  374. >He liked the two of you...
  375. >He liked you...
  376. "Good," you said. "I'm glad."
  377. >Sunset's smile turned a tad mischievous
  378. >"Why?" she asked, poking your belly. “Do you like him?”
  379. >You squealed, slapping her hand away
  380. "Of course I like him!" you announced
  381. >This caused Sunset's grin to widen
  382. >"Really?" she asked, trying to poke your belly again
  383. >You giggled as her pointer finger found its mark
  384. >No!
  385. >Not your tums!
  386. >It was ticklish!
  387. "Yes really! Who the hay wouldn't like a stallion like that? Now quit--HEY!"
  388. >Sunset, dropping the soap, began attacking you with both hands
  389. >Water went flying everywhere as you did your best to deflect the blows, squeaking and screeching and giggling
  390. >Sunset began giggling to, and the two of you soon found yourselves in the middle of a tickle fight
  391. "Stooooop!"
  392. >"Twilight and Nonny, sitting in a tree--"
  393. "What are you, FIVE?"
  394. >"--K-I-S-S-I-N-G! First comes love! Then comes marriage!"
  396. "Quit... it...!"
  397. >Sunset didn’t quit it
  398. >In fact, she tickled you harder
  399. "Stooooop! Stoooop!" you yell in between fits of laughter
  400. >"Then comes marriage!"
  401. >Tears streaming down your face, you lunged forward
  402. >Wrapping your arms around your friend you held her close
  403. >She giggled, trying to poke your sides before grabbing your butt and giving both of your cheeks a hearty squeeze
  404. >...
  405. >D-Dyke...
  406. >"Then comes a baby in a baby carriage!"
  407. >She nuzzled your face as you tried to catch your breath
  408. "I hate... you so... much," you grumbled
  409. >Sunset gave your butt another squeeze
  410. >"I love you too."
  411. "Dyke."
  412. >"Only for you, Twi."
  413. >Huffing quietly under your breath, you relaxed against your friend
  414. "...What about you?"
  415. >Sunset rested both of her hands on the small of your back, placing her head on your shoulder
  416. >"What about me?" she asked
  417. >You huffed again
  418. "Do you like Anon too?" you clarified
  419. >"Of course I do, he's a really sweet guy" your friend chirped. "The kind of colt that you bring home to make your moms' jealous."
  420. >You nodded, feeling your stomach tighten
  421. "Yes... yes he is..."
  423. >The kitchen was a little warmer now
  424. >It wasn't warm-warm, but it was hot enough that you weren't shaking or anything
  425. >Which was nice
  427. >Being cold sucked
  428. >A LOT...
  429. >You were sitting at the table, your hands in your lap and your eyes glued to the sink
  430. >You were watching the water still warming up on the stove, waiting for your turn to take a bath
  431. >And NOT thinking about what Twilight and Sunset were doing up in that bathroom
  432. >You were NOT doing that...
  433. >Nope...
  434. >Not even a little bit!
  435. >Because NOTHING was going on up there!
  436. >The two girls were just taking a bath
  437. >Together
  438. >Naked
  439. >In the same room
  440. >...
  441. >And that was COMPLETELY normal and not arousing or sexual in ANY WAY!
  442. >Girls probably did stuff like that all the time!
  443. >It was probably completely normal!
  444. >YOU were the weird one for getting a boner for sitting here thin--
  450. >Squirming in your seat sightly, you tried to distract yourself by drumming Yankee Doodle Dandy against the table with your fingers
  451. >COME ON!
  452. >You were doing REALLY good this morning!
  453. >You managed to talk with both of the guys without being too much of a sperg!
  454. >Don't mess this up!
  455. >Don't fucking do it!
  457. >"Hey Anon!" someone called from the upstairs
  458. >You jumped, nearly falling out of your chair
  459. >Sunset?
  460. >That was Sunset!
  461. >Quick, say something back so it doesn’t seem like you were thinking about what her boobs looked like wet!
  462. >...
  463. >You didn’t do that…
  464. >R-Really...
  465. "Yeah?" you yelled back
  466. >"We're done with the bathroom! You can come up and take a bath if you want!"
  467. >Oh?
  468. >Good
  469. >You needed to clean yourself up so that you didn’t start reeking…
  470. >You looked over to the pots of water
  471. >You then looked over to the closet, where your spare clothes were
  472. "Alright! I'll be up in a minute!" you called, getting out of your seat with a grunt
  473. >Walking over to the stove, you turned off the burners
  474. >You then walked over to the closet, threw open the door, and grabbed your duffel bag
  475. >Alright...
  476. >First you were going to take this thing up and then you were gonna take the water up...
  477. >Plan formed, you made your way into the hallway and toward the stairs
  478. >Taking two steps at a time--because you were a bad ass like that-- you made your way up the stairs and to the second floor
  479. >When you got to the top of the steps, you saw that the bathroom door was wide open and steam was floating out into the hallway
  480. >You also saw both Twi and Sunset, towels wrapped around their bodies, drying their hair
  481. >...
  482. >Oh no...
  483. >O-Oh no...
  484. >You came screeching to a halt the moment that you saw the two of them, nearly falling back down the steps in the process
  485. >Wa...wa… wa
  486. >What the heck?!
  487. >What the heck was that?
  488. >Why weren’t they dressed?!
  489. >Both Twi and Sunset turn to look at you
  490. >You could still see water droplets around their faces and necks
  491. >If you looked really hard you could almost see a couple right between their bo--
  492. >NO!
  495. >GOOD!
  496. >"We have the water draining right now, Nonny," Sunset said, wrapping a towel around her head. "You'll be able to use the tub in a second."
  498. "Dsnjd--"
  499. >You cleared your throat
  500. "Alright, that's f-fine," you said with your brightest, fakest smile. "I'll just go and put my bag in there. Since its filled with my clothes. And stuff."
  501. >You hugged your duffle bag close to your chest
  502. "Yes..."
  503. >Twilight giggled softly, looking away from you as a blush made its way onto her cheeks
  504. >...
  505. >Start walking...
  506. >Pick up your feet...
  507. >Stop gawking and get moving!
  508. >You took one step forward, then another, then another
  509. >Soon, you were making your way toward the bathroom at a calm, steady place
  510. >Sunset watched you with a smile on her face, while Twilight stood there blushing and looking cute like she usually did
  511. >...
  512. >Everything was fine...
  513. >Everything was awesome...
  514. >You're as cool as a cucumber...
  515. >Remember to breathe...
  516. >Breathe
  517. >If you don't breath then you're going to get dizzy, fall over and pass out!
  518. >Don't think about anything...
  519. >Don't think about what they looked like under those towels
  520. >Don't think about what the hell them standing out here means
  521. >Don't get a boner
  523. >As you neared the bathroom, Twilight wrapped the towel that she had been trying her face off around her head
  524. >When she lifted her arm her breasts jutted out
  525. >The little fold in the towel that held the thing against her shifted slightly
  527. >You could feel your balls tighten
  528. >Don'tthinkaboutitdon'tthinkaboutitdon'tyoufuckingthinkaboutit!
  529. >You picked up the pace, still smiling as best as you could
  530. >Youwerealmosethere!
  531. >Youwerealmostthere!
  532. >Justalittlebitmore!
  533. >You had just about made it when Twilight looked up at you with those pretty purple eyes of hers
  534. >"A-Anon?"
  535. >FUCK!
  536. >Pausing mid step, you looked over at her
  537. >At her face
  538. >Not her dripping wet, nearly naked body
  539. >Nope...
  540. >You'd NEVER do something like that...
  541. "Yes, Twi?" you asked, your voice a few octaves higher than you would have liked
  542. >Twilight bit her lip, looking back down at her feet
  543. "C-Could you come here for a s-second? Please?" she quietly asked, tracing a toe along the carpet
  544. >You could FEEL Sunset's grin, but you ignored the bacon-haired girl, instead moving closer to Twilight
  545. "D-Did you need something, Twi?" you asked
  546. >Twilight nodded, looking up at you
  547. >"A l-little closer?" she suggested, motioning even closer with a hand
  548. >Swallowing, you did as she asked
  549. >The two of you were now close
  550. >Very close
  551. >Not even five inches apart
  552. >Three inches apart it you counted the space her boobs took up
  553. >...
  554. >Which you weren't because you weren't looking at them
  555. >Nope...
  557. >Not breaking eye contact, Twilight reached up and wrapped her arms around your neck
  558. >You twitched, but didn’t shy away from her touch
  559. >"...Anon?" she murmured, gently pulling you down toward her
  560. "Sdjnk?" you babbled, before clearing your throat again. "I mean, yes?"
  561. >Twi was shaking slightly, you noticed, from the temperature or nervousness you had no idea
  562. >"Sunset told me that she k-kissed you on the cheek w-when the two of you were outside," Twi continued, her grip on you tightening. "I-Is that true?"
  563. >She pressed herself against you, causing you to jump
  564. "Well, u-um, yeah, but it w-was only on the cheek," you squeaked. "It wasn't that b-big of a dea--"
  565. >...
  566. >Wait...
  567. >Sunset was right next to you
  568. >Shewasrightbesideyou!
  569. >Eyes widening, you looked over to Sunset, who was staring at the two of you in amusement
  570. "I-I mean, it was a great kiss, an amazing k-kiss! The best kiss e-ever!" you squeaked, not wanting to offend your host. "But it wasn't-- I mean that it didn't-- See, what I'm trying to--"
  571. >Twilight's arms untangled themselves from your neck
  572. >The purple girl stepped away from you so that you were once again looking into each other's eyes
  573. >...
  574. >God was she fucking pretty...
  575. >"W-Would it be a-alright if I k-kissed you on the c-cheek too?" she asked
  576. >...
  577. >...
  578. >...
  579. >Yes
  580. "Y-Yes!" you blurted out.
  581. >You cringed the moment the words left your mouth
  582. >Sunset giggled
  583. >Twilight, who looked like she was about to faint, perked up, a smile on her face
  585. >"R-Really?" she asked, as if you wouldn't want one of the prettiest girls you've ever seen kissing you
  586. >HAH!
  587. >Hah you say!
  588. "I-I mean, if you w-want," you shimmered
  589. >A happy noise escaped Twi's mouth
  590. >Before you could think about what the heck was going on, she grabbed you by the collar and pushed you toward her, her lips puckered
  591. >Your lips puckered automatically, and you readied yourself for the kiss
  592. >Your first kiss on the lips from a girl that wasn't related to you
  593. >...
  594. >If she was going to kiss you on the lips...
  595. >She could just as well kiss you on the forehead, or the cheek like Sunset had...
  596. >Or maybe--
  597. >Twilight, looking as excited as you've ever seen her, yanked you with a little too much force
  598. >This sent your face crashing towards hers
  599. >You think she was aiming for your lips
  600. >...
  601. >But she missed
  602. >...
  603. >She missed badly
  604. "Ow!"
  605. >"Ow!"
  606. >Before either of you could stop yourselves, your foreheads slammed together painfully
  607. >The two of you immediately yelped, your heads jerking away from each other as stars exploded across your vision
  608. >Ohmythisisfuckingbadtheworstthingthatcouldhavehappened!
  609. >As this happened, the little fold keeping Twilight's towel against her body slipped
  610. >You heard the girl yelp again as it began to fall downward
  611. >Ohshit!
  612. >Even though you were seeing stars and your vision was blurry you nonetheless were able to grab Twilight's towel and wrap it back around her body
  613. >Twilight, meanwhile, threw her arms back around your neck so that you didn't accidentally fall over
  615. >Your heads once again slammed together--with less force this time thankfully-- causing the two of you to groan
  616. >Both of you stumbled, holding onto each other tightly for support
  617. >You could feel Twilight's fingers digging into the back of your neck
  618. >You were still holding up her towel and your ears were now ringing
  619. >...
  620. >7/10
  621. >Would kiss again
  622. "...Ow," you groaned, closing your eyes for a second so that the world would hopefully stop spinning for a moment so that you could process what just happened
  623. >You took a deep breath
  624. >Someone exhaled
  625. >You exhaled
  626. >Someone took a deep breath
  627. >This happened for two or three times before you realized, though the dizziness and pain, that someone was breathing REALLY close to your mouth
  628. >...
  629. >You cracked open an eye to see Twilight
  630. >The girl's forehead was still touching yours
  631. >With every minute movement you could feel your nose sliding against hers
  632. >Looking down you also noticed that her mouth was RIGHT THERE
  633. >Right next to your mouth
  634. >Your lips was practically touching...
  635. >...
  636. >Whoo...
  637. >Opening both eyes, you blinked owlishly
  638. "Twi, Twilight, are you alright?" you asked
  639. >You exhaled as Twilight inhaled
  640. “Twi?”
  641. >Twilight whimpered in pain, rubbing your foreheads together
  642. >"Owww..." she whined, her eyes scrunched up in pain
  643. >She leaned into you
  644. >"What the hay is wrong with me?"
  645. >You wrapped your arms around her, covering her fully with the towel
  646. "Are you alright?" you asked again. "Are you hurt? Do you need me to get you something?"
  647. >Twilight sighed as you took in a breath
  649. >"...I think I'm alright," she muttered, breathing in as you breathed out. "But are you alright, Anon? I did hit you--"
  650. >Suddenly, and for seemingly no reason, Twilight stiffened
  651. >Both of her eyes shot open
  652. >She looked into your eyes, then at your face, then finally down at your mouth
  653. >She sucked in a lungful of air
  654. >You exhaled
  655. >Faster than you could see, Twilight's face exploded into a blush
  656. >"OhmygoshI'maccidentlysharingabreathwithyouI'mSOSORRY!" she yelled, scrambling away from you. "OhhroseapplesIjustbreathrapedacoltI'mabadmareIneedottakeresponsibilityandhorsemarryhim!"
  657. >She took two steps backward
  658. >Her towel, no longer held by you, fell to the floor as she shimmered and babbled and blushed
  659. >...
  660. >...
  661. >...
  662. >Oh…
  663. >Hell there boner, you dirty old well-to-do!
  664. >Twilight looked down at her naked form
  665. >With a yelp, she covered herself with her hands
  666. >She looked back up at you, the towel on her head flopping down to the floor too
  667. >"Anon!I'msosorry!" she shrieked, her head snapping left to right. "I'manawfulkisserandIshouldn'tbearoundstallionsandIGOTTAGOBYE!"
  668. >Her still-wet hair flying every which way, Twilight, in nothing but her birthday suit, spun around and raced down the hall as fast as her feet could take her
  669. >She made it to a room all the way down the hall, jumping through it and grabbing the door
  671. SLAM!
  673. >You jumped as the door was slammed shut with enough force that you could feel it all the way down the hall
  674. >...
  675. >...
  676. >...
  677. >Wat?
  678. >You rubbed your noggin, looking over at Sunset
  679. >The girl was standing there, looking toward the room that Twilight had just ran to with a dumbfounded expression and a blush on her face
  680. >"Sharing a breath? I didn't think that she had it in her..." she muttered, putting her hands on her hips. "Good for her."
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