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  1. Steppenwolf - Hard Rock Road Lyrics
  3. Uploaded by LOVE4LYRICS at Pastebin.com
  5. Well you know it's sold out she couldn't get a ticket
  6. Hard rocking' with rollin' on her mind
  7. Scalpers lurking in the shadows
  8. Double the price and have this ticket of mine
  10. Thoughts of her are shakin'
  11. After 13 years of concentration
  12. She's gonna break out
  13. On the hard rock road
  15. Well the dressing room is lady rocks womb
  16. "What's a nice girl like you doing here?"
  17. She said my parents left me
  18. And school's upset me
  19. I've been bored for the last 12 years
  20. Now give me some recognition
  21. The worlds left me no position
  22. I'm gonna break out
  23. On the hard rock road
  25. She just wanted to belong, wanted to belong
  26. Now it won't be long, 'till she belongs
  28. Come on pretty peach, move it to the music
  29. I love your dancin' and your platform feet
  30. Come on pretty peach, don't you ever lose it
  31. Your second nature is so hard to beat
  32. You got your recognition
  33. But the world ain't a better position
  34. Just shake it loose
  35. On the hard rock road
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