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  1. *******************************[ ARTIFACT LIST ]*******************************
  2. Number   Name                                    Location                      
  3. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. 19272    Boots of the Wanderer                   being held by Zada
  5. 37833    an emerald-hued snowglobe               being held by Zada
  6. 41459    a cedar curiobox                        being held by Zada
  7. 45012    a gem of cloaking                       being held by Zada
  8. 48745    a figurine of Galan, the War Horse      inside of "backpack136360"
  9. 52727    a gold-framed scrying mirror            being held by Zada
  10. 65643    a merry solstice stocking               being held by Zada
  11. 87863    a ceramic teapot                        inside of "backpack136360"
  12. 87893    a Great Rune of Figurine Restoration    inside of "figurine48745"
  13. 88831    a golden whip of the pious              inside of "backpack136360"
  14. 92195    an algontherine whistle                 inside of "backpack136360"
  15. 95502    a heartbreaker's amulet                 being held by Zada
  16. 100803   a pair of diamond shears                inside of "backpack136360"
  17. 103473   a voidcopper stole of metal-spun keys a being held by Zada
  18. 103679   a magic spatula                         inside of "backpack136360"
  19. 132405   a Great Rune of Charisma                inside of "ring25712"
  20. 136360   a fesix backpack                        being held by Zada
  21. 137905   a vibrant green clover                  inside of "backpack136360"
  22. 141080   a plush doll of Gwyllgi, the Dog of Dar inside of "backpack136360"
  23. 170801   an opaque twist of crystal              inside of "backpack136360"
  24. 178287   an ornately decorated box               A loading dock and empathic gr
  25. 180294   a draconic vial of shifting colour      being held by Zada
  26. 182355   a draconic vial of shifting colour      being held by Zada
  27. 190312   a draconic vial of shifting colour      being held by Zada
  28. 193499   the Rosewood Cornucopia of Alluring Orc being held by Zada
  29. 203125   a conical, nexus headdress              being held by Zada
  30. 213894   Kiakoda's Map                           inside of "backpack136360"
  31. 215732   a silver jeweller's hammer              inside of "backpack136360"
  32. 250016   a fiery ruby ring                       being held by Zada
  33. 254911   a Silver Spoon                          inside of "backpack136360"
  34. 384868   a ridiculous pig nose                   being held by Zada
  35. 302724   a brazier of wonder                     being held by Zada
  36. 365726   a metallic feathered pelican            being held by Zada
  37. 36366    a Great Rune of the Tobacconist         inside of "pipe225584"
  38. 354001   a Hammer of Clangorum's Mastery         inside of "backpack136360"
  39. 368446   a seal of the master artist             inside of "painting376641"
  40. *******************************************************************************
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