RSPS Think Tank by Team_Rocket ft. Andrew and Thakillah

Mar 26th, 2016
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  1. *************** 'Slang' Key ******************
  3. - N.P.C.C.F = Non-Player Character Combat Flagged
  5. - P.C = Player-Character
  9. Administrative/Testing Weapons and Gear:
  11. - Angry Spear
  12. - Angry Sword
  13. - Angry Battleaxe
  16. Character Background: Upon creation of a new Character, the Player-Character can choose their Background from a pre-generated list of options. There are quite a lot of choices, many of them are very useful, some of them are more for utility, a few of them are permanent, and a couple may only increase your material wealth. Whatever your choice may be, this is what your Character spent their time doing, or how they lived their life... before the Great War, Collapse, and Awakening of Cynosure.
  18. Backgrounds:
  20. Raised by Monks - You were raised by Monks in a monestary from birth, and spent your childhood learning your purpose. You recieve a permanent bonus to your Faith statistic of 10.
  22. Bookworm - You spent all of the free time you had reading any book which you could get your hands on. You are very well educated, and begin the game with 10 levels in all Skills.
  24. Military Enlistment - When the Great War of Cynosure came about, you signed up to fight for your homeland. You were injured before being assigned to the field (-5 Guard Statistic [DEFENSIVE]), but your training remained intact. All Combat stats are raised to 25.
  26. Son of a Hero - Your Father passed away when you were younger, but before leaving this world, he left you with his tactic of enslaving beasts. You are completely immune to any and all Game-Breaker Special Attacks inflicted by Raid Bosses.
  28. Spoiled Child - Being sheltered as a child and spoiled at every opportunity, you are not as battle-hardened as others (-5 to Thaumaturgy and Archery [DEFENSIVE]), however, your parents left you the family fortune in their will. You begin the game with 50,000 pieces of Gold.
  30. Merlin's Relative - Not only are you related to Merlin, the great wizard, by blood, but you are also his favorite Nephew/Niece (WILL BE DIALOGUE-DEPENDANT BASED UPON GENDER CHOSEN). You have a permanent + 5 bonus to Thaumaturgy.
  32. Sickly Childhood - You become sick easily and had a weak immune system as a child. You are stricken with a permanent weakness to negative attributes (poison, burn, drench, fatigue, soul-corruption. These effects will always have their maximum effect), however you studied combat and watched local tournaments whilst you were sick. You have a permanent bonus of +5 to all Offensive Statistics.
  34. Raised by Vampires - As a child, you strayed off into the wilderness, eventually finding shelter in a remote cave. You awoke the next morning to find yourself captured by Vampires. Seeing that you were young and could be trained for their uses, they spared your life in exchange for your life-long dedication to them. Once the Great War occured, however, they were enslaved into Dungeons with the rest of the beasts. You still remain a friend to the Vampiric Race, and any/all Vampires encountered in-game will never be aggressive towards you. Some Vampires will even have unique dialogue for you.
  36. Family of Creators - You grew up in a family where everyone was very skilled in the Creation Skill. You gain 40 levels in the Creation Skill, but due to their odd ways and controversial of creating, you may never join the Creationist Guild. You gain one unique Creation Recipe which no others know.
  38. Warrior Guild Upbringing - As an oprhan, you were adopted by The Warrior Guild. You begin the game with +1 to all Offensive and Defensive Statistics. However, your hardended nature brings about a -5 Disposition to all N.P.C. you encounter.
  40. Heroic Bloodline - Your parents were both heroes of reknown. You begin the game with 2 Quests of your choosing automatically completed. This does not include Master-Quests or Quest-Lines. Many N.P.C. also have unique and varied dialogue in regards as to this Background.
  42. Miracle Operation (ripped from Arcanum) - As a child, you were struck with blindness. Your wealthy parents spent their fortune to have it cured, but to no avail. As a last resort, they took you to a reknown mystic, who cured your sickness, but at what cost? Due to your parent's fortune, you had all of the benefits and the best upbringing in all of Cynosure. You gain a +25 Disposition to all N.P.C. you encounter. You have a permanent increase to your Health statistic of +10. The downside, however, is that you may never purchase any property in Cynosure; no matter your material wealth. This is caused by the Cynosure Act of Prosperity, which states that the richest of bloodlines may never purchase or invest into property.
  44. Knight of the Round Table - After you came of age, you become an honorary member of the Round Table. You focused all of your energy on combat, but your use of magic suffered. You have a decreased resistance to magic as a result (-5% resistance permanent). You begin the game with level 40 in all combat stats except for magic.
  46. Abusive Childhood - You grew up in a shack on the outskirts of Ragnarork, which is the poorest and most crime-ridden city in Cynosure. To make matters worse, both of your parents beat you daily. Once you came of age, you ran away without notice and never looked back. As a result of the beatings, you have a +25% increase to your Health statistic. This makes negative status effects much less effective when used against you. You also learned to defend yourself, and begin the game with 25 levels in Guard. However, due to running away without any training or knowledge in proffessions, you found yourself without a job, and had to take loans from the banks. You begin the game with a debt of 100,000 Gold Pieces to all of the banks in Cynosure. You are unable to purchase property or invest until all of these debts are paid in full.
  48. Forge Worker - Before The Great War took place, you held a job as a forge worker. You know your way around the smelting furnaces and anvils. You begin the game with 30 levels in your Forging and Prospecting skills.
  50. Chef - You were once a reknown chef, famous for creative and inventive cooking. You begin the game with 40 levels in your Culinary skill, have a 10% decreased chance to burn any food, and learn one high-tier (level 100) Culinary recipe which no others may learn. The recipe produces the most expensive pie in Cynosure, and may not be traded with other players. This pie when eaten heals 25
  52. Son of a Scholar - Your Father was one of the most knowledgable scholars in all of Cynosure. As a result, his influence has spread to you as well. You begin the game with an increased reputation in all Guilds.
  66. Skill Perks/Rewards: Once a player achieves a certain Milestone in a Skill, they recieve a Perk. Listed below is the Perk Scale:
  69. Level 50 - Apprentice Perk
  70. Level 75 - Experienced Perk
  71. Level 100 - Master Perk
  74. Perk Trees: When a player reaches the Milestone in the Skill, they may choose one Perk from the 'Tree' of the skill which it pertains to. There are many options and choices, so it is advised to take your time and choose very carefully based upon your play-style, as you may only choose one per Milestone.
  76. **********200,000,000 experience Perks*********************
  78. - Herblaw: You are able to create (5) dose potions. These require special vials to create, can only be obtained via Raiding, and break once they are empty; rendering them unable to be used again. Breaking the vials can be avoided via re-mixing the potions to contain more doses. The vials break upon death as well, or when they are dropped.
  81. - Bow-Crafting: You are a master in the arts of stringing bows. You no longer need Flax or Bow String to create any bow, as they come pre-strung once they are cut from the logs.
  83. - Grace: All items, gear, equipment, weapons, and all in-game materials when carried in your inventory, weight absolutely nothing. You may also buy Hermes' Sandals with 1,000 Grace points, and 50,000,000 gold pieces. If you lose these sandals in any way, they do not function as other non-tradable gear, and can not be retrieved upon death. You can buy another pair for 50,000,000 gold pieces. These may not be traded with other players.
  85. - Culinary: The player can now purchase the Culinary Guild as a property. This is the only Guild in-game which can be purchased as a property by the player. As a result, all shops in the Culinary Guild have a 95% discount for you, the Master Chef will cook one inventory of any raw fish; without burning any; ever, and you also may collect revenue of 500,000 Gold Pieces every 24 hours. Unlike other properties in Cynosure, more than 1 person can own this property at one time. All of the players are listed as the Owners on the Property Deed as per 'regular' property. Players may also recruit the Demon Butler as a companion. This companion is the only one in-game who is capable of carrying items to your bank for you. The Demon Butler will automatically bank 1 of your items, which weights less than 100 LBS, once every 30 minutes.
  87. - Creation: Once you reach 200,000,000 experience in the Creation skill, it only takes 1 Bronze Dust (material) to create 2 Fire Bombs.
  89. - Survival: Since this skill is a merge of Woodcutting and Firemaking, there are two single perks you receive. Once you achieve 200,000,000 experience in Survival, you recieve one log with a 100% chance every-single time you swing your axe at the tree (once the animation is halfway played it adds the log). In regards to the Firemaking aspect of the skill, your fires lit with any type of tinderbox are the color white, can cook up to 250 pieces of raw food before burning out, and you can cook range-only food over the fire now. These fires are local-only, and are not global objects. This means that only the player who creates the fire can see and use it, and even if anyone player is somehow able to see it, they will not be able to have it function.
  91. - Executioner: All drops of all sorts, quality, and loot-tier have a 5% increase in the drop rate.
  93. - Prospecting: Everytime you swing your pickaxe at the ore, you have a 100% chance to gain an ore (ore given once the animation is halfway played as with Survival).
  95. - Forging: You now only need 1 runite ore to forge 1 runite bar.
  108. -----------------------------------------------------------------------
  109. Assault Perk Tree:
  111. Level 50
  113. - Beast Assault: You have an increased chance to hit (+5 Offense Statistics) against all animals. Bears, Rats, Unicorns, etc.
  114. - Giant Assault: You have an increased chance to hit (+5 Offense Statistics) against Giants. Hill Giants, Moss Giants, Fire Giants, etc.
  115. - Insect Assault: You have an increased chance to hit (+5 Offense Statistics) against Insects. Kalphite Workers, Bug Swarms, Kalphite Guardians, etc.
  116. - Knight Assault: You have an increased chance to hit (+5 Offense Statistics) against Knights of all types. White Knights, Black Knights, Rune Knights, etc.
  118. Level 75:
  120. - Abominator: Your chance to hit Abominations with Melee is increased by 5%. Frankenstine, Cravens, Chimeras, etc.
  121. - Paladin: Your chance to hit Undead with Melee is increased by 5%. Zombies, Dark Creations, Liches, etc.
  122. - Witchhunter: Your chance to hit Magic-User enemies with Melee is increased by 5%. Dark Mages, Mystic Creatures, Necromancers, etc.
  123. - Liberator: Your chance to hit Guards of all type is increased by 5%. Light Guard, Heavy Guard, Corrupted Guard, etc.
  125. Level 100:
  127. - Purifier: Chance to hit Instance Bosses increased by 5%.
  128. - Holy Paladin: Chance to hit Undead increased by 10%.
  129. - Supreme Hunter: Chance to hit Animals increased by 50%.
  130. - Raider: Chance to hit Raid Bosses increased by 3%.
  131. -----------------------------------------------------------------------
  134. -----------------------------------------------------------------------
  141. -----------------------------------------------------------------------
  148. -----------------------------------------------------------------------
  151. -----------------------------------------------------------------------
  152. Herblaw Perk Tree:
  154. Level 50:
  155. - Druid Friend - All prices in the Druid Shop (basic Herblaw supplies) are discounted at 75% off.
  156. - Green Thumbs - Experienced gained from cleaning Herbs is permanently increased by 20%.
  157. - Lucky Herbs - Chance of getting a 'rare' Herb from cleaning grimy herbs is increased by 10%.
  158. - Vial Supply - The Druid Shop now sells Vials of Water.
  161. Level 75:
  162. - Nature's Friend - Chance of a Birds Nest falling from a tree is increased by 25%.
  163. - Green-Stained Thumbs - Experience gained from cleaning Herbs is permanently increased to 40%.
  164. - Way of the Druid - A Mortor & Pestle as a tool is no longer required in any aspect of Herblaw.
  165. - Tree Whisperer - 5% chance per log of a random cleaned Herb falling to the ground whilst Woodcutting.
  167. Level 100:
  168. - Earth Friend - Herbs no longer weigh anything, and are now always noted when dropped from any source.
  169. - Greenest Thumbs - Experience gained from cleaning Herbs is permanently increased to 250%.
  170. - Material Master - Only 1 secondary-material is now needed to create 5 potions.
  171. - Herblaw Master - 1 Herb now creates 2 potions.
  172. -----------------------------------------------------------------------
  177. -----------------------------------------------------------------------
  178. Forging Perk Tree:
  180. Level 50:
  182. - Black Knight - The player can now craft Black armor and weapons. However, doing so incuurs Evil Karma. This may be forged using Coal.
  183. - Savory Smithy - You now recieve two of every Platebody below BUT, including Rune each time one is forged.
  184. - The Golden Touch - The player may buy a Golden Hammer from the Forge Attendant, which is wieldable at any level and does not take up an inventory slot.
  185. - Rune-Forge - One less Runite ore is required to smelt Runite Bars.
  187. Level 75:
  189. - Trimming - The player may trim armor of any type any color they choose. Doing so awards Creation, Prospecting, and Forging experience. To create a Gold Trimmed armor, the player must have 1,000,000 Gold Pieces in their Inventory.
  190. - Clueless - The player can forge all of the items and materials needed to complete and progress Clue Scrolls.
  191. - Blazing Forge - You may now forge different colored Firelighters. These are used in the Survival Skill in the Firemaking branch, and award double experience when used to light logs.
  192. - Dwarven Forge - The player may now access the Dwarven Forge. This forge grants double experience when used, however the bank is farther away than most.
  194. Level 100:
  196. - Dragon Smithy - The player can now Forge Dragon armor and weapons. This can be done by mixing Adamantite and Runite ore. You may not craft Dragon Full Helmets, or a Dragonfire Shield.
  197. - Rune Master - Rune Boots are able to be forged.
  198. - Dragon Weaponsmith - Dragon Scimitars and Dragon Daggers can now be forged by the player.
  199. - Master of the Forge - Forging any ore in a Smelter now grants you Prospecting experience as well as forging experience.
  200. -----------------------------------------------------------------------
  204. -----------------------------------------------------------------------
  205. Bow-Crafting Perk Tree:
  207. Level 50:
  209. - Bow-Man - Bow-Crafting any log of any type grants you double experience.
  210. - Robin Hood - Crafting arrows which are Steel and above allows you to craft double the amount of arrows with the same amount of materials.
  211. - Savvy Craftsman - Creating 2 Rune Crossbows allows to you collect one Runite Bar in your Inventory.
  212. - Enchanting Crossbow Bolts also grants you Bow-Crafting experience as well as Magic experience.
  214. Level 75:
  216. - Dark Dragon - The player may now create Dragon Arrows. Doing so will give the player Evil Karma.
  217. - Ice Craft - The player may now create Ice Arrows. These arrows are not quite as good as Dragon Arrows, but are less expensive to craft.
  218. - Father of Robin Hood - Crafting Rune Arrows gives you quadruple the amount with the same amount of materials.
  219. - Dragon Bolt Instructer - Allows you to craft double Dragon Bolts, which come pre-enchanted.
  221. Level 100:
  223. - Blasphemy Bow - A Dark Bow can now be crafted by the player. This can only be done once every 24 hours. Once this is done, the player's Karmic level is automatically set to the most Evil.
  224. - Void Outpost Ranger - The Void Knight gear from the Pest Control mini-game can now be bought with Gold Pieces. The cost is 75,000,000 Gold Pieces per set. The gear, however, remains non-tradable, and still functions as non-tradable items.
  225. - Method Archery - When the player uses Archery in combat, they not only gain Archery experience, but Bow-Crafting experience as well.
  226. - Crystal Archery - Allows the player to create Crystal Bows. The player must have a Crystal Seed, and 2,500,000 Gold Pieces to create this fine bow.
  227. -----------------------------------------------------------------------
  232. -----------------------------------------------------------------------
  233. Creation Perk Tree:
  235. Level 50:
  237. - Creative Creationist - Chisels are no longer required to cut Gems.
  238. - Gem Trader - Uncut gems cost 25% less to buy, sell for 25% more, and the Gem Shop now has an unlimited stock of all Gems.
  239. - Self-Sufficiency - All Hides of any type no longer need to be tanned before they can be used in Creation.
  240. - Thrifty Spinner - Spinning Flax to Bow String grants twice as much experience, and spins twice as quickly as before.
  242. Level 75:
  244. - Bow-Creationist - Spinning Flax to Bow String now gives you Bow-Crafting experience as well as Creation experience.
  245. - Expert Creations - Creating high-level Gear now grants you 250% more experience in Creation.
  246. - Skilled Spinner - When you spin Flax to Bow String, you gain one piece of Flax for every two you spin.
  247. - The player can now craft Robin Hood hats and Ranger Boots.
  249. Level 100:
  251. - Masterful Creations - Creating end-game Gear now grants you 1000% more experience in Creation.
  252. - Flax Baron - At the end of each day, 500 Flax is deposited into your Bank.
  253. - Creationist of the Gods - Saradomin, Zamorak, and Guthix DragonHide can now be created by the player; using the perspective colored Hides.
  254. - Gem Baron - At the end of each day, 100 of each Gem is deposited into your Bank.
  255. -----------------------------------------------------------------------
  258. -----------------------------------------------------------------------
  259. Prospecting Perk Tree:
  261. Level 50:
  263. - Sharp Eye - The player is instantly able to identify the type of ore contained in a rock.
  264. - Coal Miner - The player recieves double experience for mining Coal.
  265. - Gem Prospecter - Chance of getting random gems from Prospecting increased by 40%.
  266. - Golden Pick - Allows the player to Buy a Golden Pickaxe from the Mining Grandmaster. This Pickaxe increases experience gained from Prospecting by 10%, and increases the chance of recieving random gems whilst Prospecting by 10%.
  268. Level 75:
  270. - Smelting Master - Allows the player to smelt Cannonballs. This can be done by mixing Adamantite, Iron, and Tin ore.
  271. - Agile Prospecter - The player's run energy regenerates 50% quicker when their Inventory is filled with Ore of any type.
  272. - Dragonstone in the Rough - Allows the player to have a chance of finding an Uncut Dragonstone Gem whilst prospecting. The chance is 4% for every ore mined.
  273. - Gem Hoarder - Greatly increases the chance of finding Gems whilst prospecting. Rates are: Sapphire 50%, Emerald 45%, Opal 40%, Jade 40%, Ruby 35%, Pearl 30%, Diamond 20%, Ice Diamond 15%, and Dragonstone 6%.
  276. Level 100:
  278. - Legendary Prospecter - Allows the player to prospect Bronze Ore, and turn the Bronze Ore into Bronze Dust. This is the main ingredient in Fire Bombs.
  279. - Gem Runners - Any and all Gems the player gets from prospecting are directly deposited into the player's bank.
  280. - Ultimate Crafting - Allows the player to prospect Crafting Ore. There is only 1 Crafting Ore Rock in-game, and it is located beside Mage Bank. Once mined, the player is tele-blocked, and must run through 55 levels of Wilderness. This Ore is the most valuable Ore in-game. It can be used as a substitute for any secondary material in any recipe.
  281. - Gem Hunter - The player has a chance of finding an Uncut Onyx Gem whilst prospecting. The chance is 1%.
  282. -----------------------------------------------------------------------
  295. -----------------------------------------------------------------------
  296. Culinary Perk Tree:
  298. Level 50:
  300. - Gnome Preparation - The player can now brew stat-boosting drinks.
  301. - Dwarven Shananagins - Allows the player to cook food in a Smelter. This increases the chance of burning food by 25%.
  302. - Cook Hands - Decreases the chance of burning all food by 20%.
  303. - Cook's Assignment - Allows the player to speak to the Castle Cook in Camelot to recieve a 'Culinary Task'. This functions similar to Executioner, except It's with food. The player is rewarded with Purple Sweets for each Culinary Task completed; depending upon difficulty and the amount of food prepared.
  305. Level 75:
  307. - Agile Chef - Weight Carried is reduced to 0 if the player has an Inventory filled with raw food.
  308. - Elvish Culinary - Chance to burn all food is decreased by 50%.
  309. - Herbs and Spices - Allows the player to mix Herblaw Herbs with different food to create special recipes. 25% chance of success.
  310. - Survivalist Chef - The chance of burning food on an open fire is now equal to that of burning it on a range stove.
  312. Level 100:
  314. - Iron Chef - Chance to burn food is decreased by 90%.
  315. - Steel Chef - When 5 food are cooked within 30 seconds, the player's Run Energy is instantly restored by 50%.
  316. - Rune Chef - 5% chance of finding special items from raw shark whilst cooking them.
  317. - Chef of the Gods - The player earns 250% more Culinary experience, and may prepare and cook Enchanted Meat (functions as 2 doses of a Saradomin Brew).
  318. ---------------------------------------------------------------------
  320. -----------------------------------------------------------------------
  321. Executioner Perk Tree ([b]CREDIT TO ANDREW[/b]:
  323. Level 50:
  325. - Karmic Executioner - The Executioner Skill is now counted as a Karmic Skill.
  326. - Moral Executioner - The Executioner Skill is now counted as a Moral Skill.
  327. - Justice Bringer - Each Slayer monster assigned drops an Abyssal Shard. These Shards can be traded to any Slayer Master for Gold Pieces, or Slayer Points.
  328. - Death Bringer - All Slayer Monsters now spawn 2x faster as a global rate after death.
  330. Level 75:
  332. - Executioner's Grace - Grace obstacles in the Executioner's Tower can now be passed without any Grace levels required.
  333. - Executioner's Faith - Every monster in-game now has a 25% chance to drop double bones of It's type.
  334. - Executioner's Triumph - Striking your max hit in combat via Melee when fighting your assignment grants you 100% bonus experience for that kill.
  335. - Executioner's Determination - Completing an assignment now grants you bonus experience upon completion; depending upon task difficulty.
  337. Level 100:
  339. - Enchanted Executioner - You may now use the Enchanted Gem to speak to the Executionist to recieve a new assignment.
  340. - Twisted Executioner - The Executioner Skill now grants more Evil Karma; equal to 500%.
  341. - Vanquisher of Evil - The Executioner Skill now grants more Karmic Karma; equal to 500%.
  342. - Ultimate Executionist - Upon completion of an assignment, you recieve experience equal to half of the total experience gained from the assignment.
  343. -----------------------------------------------------------------------
  345. -----------------------------------------------------------------------
  346. Grace Perk Tree:
  348. Level 50:
  350. - Light Footed - Enemies are slightly less aggressive to you. (Which is equal to 1 tile).
  351. - Grace of a Cat - You can use Grace obstacles and shortcuts which are 10 levels above your Grace level.
  352. - Sprinter - You gain a permanent increase to your Energy of 5%.
  353. - Marathon Runner - You gain a permanent increase of + 5% to your Energy Regeneration rate.
  355. Level 75:
  357. - Agile Thief - You gain a 10% success rate to Pilfering when you pick-pocket any N.P.C.
  358. - Fire-Feet - Everytime you light logs via Tinderbox, you regenerate 4% of your total Run Energy.
  359. - Nature's Swiftness - When you recieve a log from Survival, you regenerate 3% of your total Run Energy.
  360. - Light Warrior - Weight Carried is reduced by 20% when all gear slots are filled.
  362. Level 100:
  364. - Graceful Master - Run Energy permanently increased by 25%.
  365. - Graceful Marathon - Run Energy regeneration increased by 50%.
  366. - Agile Master - Grace level boosted by 10 levels when the Grace Cape is worn (requires 100 Grace to wear).
  367. - Agile Gatherer - Weight Carried reduced to 0 when Inventory is filled.
  368. -----------------------------------------------------------------------
  370. -----------------------------------------------------------------------
  371. Skinning Perk Tree:
  373. Level 50:
  375. - Barbarian Skinning - The player may skin animals without the use of a Knife.
  376. - Dragon Nemesis - Allows the player to skin a Dragon of any color for additional Dragon Hides.
  377. - Chicken Slayer - The player may skin Chickens for 100-1,000 feathers per corpse.
  378. - Fish Skinner - Players are able to 'skin' cooked fish. This converts the cooked fish back into raw re-cookable fish. The player can only do this 250 times every 24 hours.
  380. Level 75:
  382. - Giant Hunter - Allows the player to skin Hill Giants, Moss Giants, Ice Giants, and Fire Giants.
  383. - Mole Hunter - The player may now skin the Giant Mole. This grants the player additional Mole Hides which then may exchanged for Bird Nests and Gold Pieces.
  384. - Careful Skinner - With every 10 levels of Grace, the player has a 5% chance per interval to recieve an additional hide of whatever they are skinning.
  385. - Expert Skinner - Allows the player to skin any creature as long as they are wielding an Abyssal Whip.
  387. Level 100:
  389. - Legendary Hunter - The player is able to skin King Black Dragon, Kalphite Queen, and Abyssal Demons.
  390. - Legendary Skinner - The player may skin The Dagganoth Kings. Chance to recieve a Seercull.
  391. - Golden Skinner - Allows the player to buy a Golden Knife. This Knife awards Gold Pieces which are sent to the player's Mailbox everytime anything is skinned. Gold Pieces are based upon the monster I.D. Skinned.
  392. - Raid Skinner - The player can skin any and all Raid Bosses. This is suggested for 'hardcore' Skinners only.
  393. -----------------------------------------------------------------------
  403. - Weight Carried: Every item in-game has a weight. The weight has been changed from KG to Lbs (pounds).
  407. - Poison: Inflicts 1-9 Hitpoint damage every 20 seconds. (Green Hitsplat)
  409. - Burn: Inflicts 5-15 Hitpoint damage every 10 seconds. (Orange Hitsplat)
  411. - Drench: Inflicts 1-5 Hitpoint damage every 5 seconds. Reduces Energy renegeneration by 50%. Energy also drains 25% faster. (Purple Hitsplat)
  413. - Fatigue: Lowers Agility level to 0. Weight Carried is increased by 50-500lbs. (Yellow Hitsplat)
  415. - Soul-Corruption: Drains 1-3 Prayer Points and 1 Hitpoint every 2-10 seconds.
  420. -----------------------Quick-Thought Scratch Area--------------------
  421. | * "Fletching" Skill re-named to "Bow-Crafting".
  422. | * No 'Grind' for "Crafting", "Bow-Crafting", etc. Materials needed.
  423. | * P.C. are able to swim in Water and 'water-like' substances, but not
  424. | Lava.
  425. | * Re-name the "Drowning" 'Negative Attribute' to: "Drench".
  426. | * New 'Negative Attribute' coined as: "Soul-Corruption". Inflicts
  427. | damage upon both Health-Points, and Prayer-Points.
  428. | * Negative Attributes: "Poison", "Burn", "Drench", "Fatigue", "Soul-| | Corruption".
  429. | * Slayer-Masters renamed to Executionists|
  430. |
  431. |
  432. ||
  433. |
  434. |
  435. |
  436. |
  437. |
  438. |
  439. |
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  465. |
  466. |
  467. |
  468. |
  469. |
  470. |
  471. |
  472. |
  473. |
  474. _______________________________________________________________________
  483. Official Rules of Cynosure:
  485. All Players must abide by the rules stated below.
  488. #1 - No Player, no matter Rank, Community standing, or position may use Foul Language in any form. This rule applies to Game-Masters as well.
  490. #2 - The only spoken Language must be English.
  492. #3 - No harrassment of any form is tolerated. Threats, stalking, bullying, and any other form of harrassment towards players are never tolerated, and are taken very seriously.
  494. #4 - All Clans, Guilds, Organizations, and other groups MUST be public. Secret Clans, Guilds, etc. are not allowed.
  496. #5 - You may only access Cynosure from the Official Public Client. There has never been, nor will there ever be a 'Web-Client', or anything of the sort. Anyone advertising such a thing is probably trying to phish account information to steal your accounts. Playing on a custom Client, even if it directly loads the Official Public Client, is never allowed. This includes a custom Client with customizable features.
  498. #6 - You must conform to and maintain the Terms of Service agreement, and all clauses/statements made therein. Failure to do so will result in Account Suspension.
  500. #7 - Third-Party programs, applications, edited clients, injections, sniffing, and editing are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. Players who dabble in such things will be terminated; regardless of if it is conducted towards Cynosure or not.
  502. #8 - Scamming another Player in any form is unacceptable. Your words must be your bond and solid. Reports such as these are reviewed by hand, and you will get caught and punished in some fashion if you scam other players.
  504. #9 - Impersonating a Player Moderator, Administrator, Forum Moderator, or Gamemaster is against the rules. Violation of this rule will result in an immediate suspension of all Accounts. Any member of staff, except for those which do not have powers, will have a 'title' before their name. This appears both in the chat-screen, and in the right-click context menu as well. An official Game-Master will also have the Cynosure logo beside their name in-game.
  506. #10 - You MUST report any Glitches, Bugs, Errors, Exploits, Duplications, un-fair or unbalanced Gameplay Mechanics, and any fault found immediately to the Community as a whole. This Rule includes Unbalanced Game Content.
  508. #11 - Advertising in any form is prohibited. Violation of this Rule will result in an immediate Mute which sticks to your Internet Protocol Address. If you are caught advertising in another language, or the eleet speak 'hacker' tongue, you will be permanently muted without a warning or question, with absolutely no chance to appeal your punishment.
  510. #12 - Disrespecting another Player is frowned upon - regardless of their Rank, Position, or Community standing. Arguing back and forth in-game or via the Forums is not tolerated.
  512. #13 - Any type or form of Gameplay Manipulation is forbidden. This includes, but is not limited to: exploiting an unbalanced aspect of the game, making use of unfair gameplay mechanics, etc.
  514. #14 - The only place for Player-to-Player Trade is the Concourse. It is impossible to Trade outside of this area. Anyone caught doing so will have their Accounts erased. Packet manipulation is not possible.
  516. #15 - Anyone caught with or caught releasing Staff-privy information will be Jailed. This includes upcoming updates, future bug patches, etc.
  518. #16 - Rewards (cosmetic and hardly practical) are offered to any Player who can Duplicate an Item. These exploits MUST be reported immediately, or they forfeit any possible Rewards.
  520. #17 - All Tickets made by Players must be genuine, truthful, and logical. If your Ticket created does not match the criterion above, it is considered to be Gameplay Manipulation. Actual Tickets will be personally responded to by a Game-Master.
  522. #18 - Account Sharing, Multi-Logging, Mule Accounts, and House Accounts are frowned upon. You may be blacklisted for doing this.
  524. #19 - Luring a Player to their death, via Player Killing or Player V.S. Monster is frowned upon. You may be blacklisted for doing this.
  526. #20 - Phishing, Account Hacking, Social Engineering with malevolent intent, and attempts to gain access to an Account which is not yours will result in permanent termination.
  528. Remember: Game-Masters have the power to become completely invisible to others and hide themselves from the Minimap. They can be anywhere at any time. All Public, Private, Trade, and other conversations are logged and scanned for intent. All Trades between all Players of all Ranks are logged and scanned. Your Trades are also scanned before a Trade can be completed. No Player-to-Player interactions of any type go unmonitored or unchecked. The Cynosure Forums utilizes a Global Blacklist of Players who break rules which are frowned upon.
  532. Material Gathering: In the past, Players would be forced to 'Skill' for certain materials. These said materials can now be gathered from low-level N.P.C.C.F.
  543. Custom City: There is only one Major City in-game. It is basically Yanille which has been HEAVILY edited, and transformed into the biggest City to ever exist. This City is named "Bliss". It consists of 8 Areas seperated by stone walls, with each Area being accessed through large Gates placed in the middle of the Walls, and each area having a very important purpose.
  545. Areas:
  547. 1. The Hub. This Area is designated as the "Starting Area". It is where new Accounts are placed when they are created. This is also where Players re-spawn upon Death.
  549. 2. The Concourse. The Area assigned for Player-to-Player Trade. See "Concourse Concept" for more information on this area.
  551. 3. The Battle Arena. This is a Training Area for all Players. It is filled with a variety of captive N.P.C. contained in Jails and Cages for the Player to fight. The Player may also enter into a Survival Minigame, where each wave spawns more and more N.P.C.
  553. 4. The Royal Garden. This is where the Knights of the Square Table are located, and is in the center of the City.
  555. 5. The Golden Marketplace. Many N.P.C. Vendors and Shops are located here. There is also a lot of Real-Estate for the Players to buy in this area.
  557. 6. The Temple District. This is the personal area of Athene. Players may switch Spell Books here, recharge their Prayer Points, seek Quest Advice and Guidance, and personally speak with Athene.
  559. 7. The Dungeons. The area where Players can enter the Starter Instances.
  561. 8. The Transit. This is where all Players must enter and exit the City. There is no way to go outside of the City, unless you take the transit. Players enter into an Enchanted Box-Car, and are transported via Cinematic to outside of the City.
  565. Engineering: Engineering is a newly introduced Skill to R.S.P.S. This Skill requires a 'Tool Belt' to start, and flows with the Crafting Skill. The Player is able to create 'Mechanically' enabled Items and N.P.C. The N.P.C. are bound to the Engineer's will.
  575. High Scores: There will not only be Highscores for Level Statistics, but also Highscores for the following: Wealth gained, Quests Completed (in order of first to finish), Mini-Games, Player Killing, Raids, and Instances.
  578. High Scores:
  580. - Wealth
  582. - Quests completed in order from first-to-last (completion order)
  584. - Mini-Game ranking based upon factors such as Overall Score
  586. - Players Killed
  588. - Most items crafted
  590. - Most Pest Control points
  592. - Most potions crafted
  594. - Total amount of all items banked (the # of items)
  598. Negative - High Scores:
  600. - Death to Players
  602. - Death to Monsters
  608. 200,000,000 Experience Benefits: Once a Player gains 200,000,000 Experience in any given Skill - they gain the 200m Experience Benefit for the specific Skill.
  610. List:
  612. - Hitpoints: Enables the Player to craft "Bandages". These Bandages require no supplies or materials to create, and heal for the equivelent of "Shark".
  614. - Ranged: The Player is able to create Iron Arrows from nothing.
  616. - Crafting: The Player doesn't need 'Tools' to craft any Items, but still requires 'Tools' to craft Equipment.
  618. - Slayer: The Player has their Hitpoints restored by 5 Points each time a Monster flagged as a Slayer N.P.C. is defeated in Combat.
  620. - Fishing: The Player catches every type of Fish with their bare hands.
  622. -
  638. Environment Danger - Water: Water in-game has been replaced with Lava. This not only coincides with the Story, but is also a deterrent for any possible Clip Abuse. If a Player steps into a Tile with Lava, they are instantly struck for damage equal to their maximum Hitpoints. All things carried are lost as well, and cannot be recovered - even via Telegrab.
  646. Quests:
  648. - Quest Point change: There are no longer any such thing as Quest Points. Due to the new Questing concept and design, Quest Points are no longer needed, wanted, or desired.
  650. - Experience Lamps: Experience Lamps have been replaced by Ancient Books. These books contain hidden knowledge of skills, and function exactly as Experience Lamps. These Ancient Books may only be obtained in one of three ways: Via Random Events, at some point during a quest (usually hidden as a secret bonus along the way to completion), or as a reward for quest completion.
  653. - Daily Quests: Daily Quests can be done once per day, and reset every 24 hours. This means that they can be done 7 times per week. These Quests not only reward Gold Pieces, but also reward Ancient Books, which can be read to gain varying experience in any skill of your choosing. The rewards are based upon your Total Level, and scale accordingly. For example, a player with a Total Level of 2,000 could earn 125,000 Gold Pieces for completion of one Daily Quest, whilst a player with only a level 30 Total Level might only be rewarded with 5,000 Gold Pieces.
  655. - Chain-Quests: Chain-Quests are very versatile. These Quests will require the Player to have a wide array and assortment of skills at their disposal. To unlock and move on to new Chain-Quests, the player must complete the previous Quest in the chain. Some different Quests require previous stages of Chain-Quests to have been completed before you can begin them. A lot of these quests require the Player to have a minimum Combat Level, minimum Total Level, minimum skill levels, or all three at once.
  657. - Lore Quests: Lore Quests advance the story of Cynosure, but also give great insight into It's past, present, and future history. There are not multiple quests to choose from in this tier, however, It's a linear questline. Once a player completes the current Lore Quest, they may move on to the next Lore Quest, which replaces the previous one. Almost all of these Quests are combat-based, and a majority of them will send the Player into Instance and Raid dungeons. These Quests never have any requirements to begin or to complete. They can be completed at the player's own pace, and as early or late as they choose. It's recommended to complete these as you level, however, as you will have an easier time to find others to complete them with. Then again, once you reach the max Combat Level, you can easily complete most of the lower-tiered Lore Quests by yourself.
  662. ------------- Daily Quests ----------------
  664. "Merchants Assisstant". In this Daily Quest, the Player must gather 5 randomly selected items out of the randomly assigned merchant's stock to replenish. The items selected will only be items that the merchant sells out of their stock.
  666. Reward:
  668. - Varies from Total Level
  670. Lowest (30 total): 5,000 Gold Pieces
  672. Highest (2000+ total): 100,000 Gold Pieces
  675. "Knight Watch". The player is tasked with helping the city guard, basically guard the city with them for a randomized time period. Once the time is almost over, the city will be attacked by hostile knights. The level of the knights is selected by the player's total level.
  677. Reward:
  679. - Varies from Total Level
  681. Lowest (30): 10,000 Gold Pieces
  683. Highest (2000+): 200,000 Gold Pieces
  686. "Cook's Helper". This Daily can be completed once the player has finished The Square Party quest. Players help the castle's Cook gather random set of ingredients. When gathering last resource, find it's been stolen by a local tribe of goblins. The Player must kill the Goblin tribe until they drop the last ingredient.
  688. reward:
  689. - Varies from Total Level
  691. Lowest (50): 25,000 Gold Pieces
  693. Highest (2000+): 250,000 Gold Pieces
  702. ----- Chain Quests -----
  704. "Hans the Corrupt". This Quest is an example of how multiple approaches will be able to be utilized to solve the Quest. In this Quest, Sir Percival (Knight of the Square Table) requests an audience with the Player. The Player learns after having spoke with Sir Percival, that one of Cynosure's most beloved public figures - Hans - may be using Forbidden Magic (Administrators will have this Spell Book at their disposal eventually), to create Coins from Gold via Dark Alchemy. The Player may speak with Hans, but Hans will not reveal anything without a Disposition of 100. With a Disposition of 100, Hans will admit to it and the Quest will finish up quickly. Without it, however, the Player must either: 1. Pickpocket the information from Hans (20 Theiving Required), 2. Search Hans' Castle for the information, or 3. Defeat Hans in Combat (Hans will transform into a Monster via Forbidden Magic). In the end, however, the outcome will be the same. Hans and yourself are teleported to the Knights of the Square Table for a confrontation. After finding Hans guilty of the use of Forbidden Magic for personal gain, he is sentenced to be banished (inside an Instanced Dungeon). Hans makes many later appearances in-game as an enemy of the Knights of the Square Table.
  706. Pre-requisites:
  708. - Combat Level of 20.
  711. Rewards:
  713. - 1,000,000 Coins (the Coins Hans made from his Dark Alchemy)
  714. - Iron Armor Set (Item Quality Mundane)
  715. - Emerald Ring (Item Quality Common)
  716. - Black 2-Handed Sword (Item Quality Uncommon)
  721. "The Square Party". This Quest is do-able from Combat Level 1, and has no pre-requisites to start or complete. This Quest also serves as an example of the N.P.C. V.S. N.P.C. Combat System. At the beginning of the game, once a Player has been in-game for a certain period of time, a N.P.C. walks up to the Player with an Invitation from the Knights of the Square Table. The Invitation reads that the Knights are throwing a party, and would like for the Player to attend. Upon visiting their Castle, a Cutscene begins, and shows a Vampire escaping from their Castle Dungeon. The Player procceeds into the Castle, where another Cutscene plays depicting how the Knights of the Square Table party (by standing at their Square Table with Drinks spawned in front of them onto the table and telling jokes via N.P.C. Text Updates). The Vampire bursts into the room, and the Knights attempt to Slay the Vampire, but cannot kill it without Garlic. The Player is to search the Castle for some Garlic (found in the Castle Kitchen). Once the Player finds the Garlic, they must use it on the Vampire when it is close enough to death (the Knights fight the Vampire).
  723. Rewards:
  725. - 100,000 Coins
  727. - Ability to access a Minigame where the Player can prepare meals for the Knights of the Square Table. Be careful not to burn the food though!
  731. "A Royal Offer" This is the Quest in which Players meet the King of Cynosure. This Quest is required as the first in a Quest Chain of 4 other Quests. Upon starting the Quest in The Royal Garden, the Player is tasked with slaying a legendary Black Dragon.
  735. Pre-requisites:
  737. - Combined Assault & Power level of 160
  738. - Must have completed the Quest, "Hans the Corrupt".
  739. - Must have 39 Quest-Points.
  741. Rewards:
  743. - Experience Lamp providing 80,000 experience in 3 skills of your choosing above level 30.
  744. - 5,000,000 Gold Pieces.
  753. - Instance:
  755. "Dark Mesa". This
  760. - Daily:
  770. Local Emote System: Players will be able to perform emotes based upon their text entered. These will be both an Animation performed by the Player-Character and a local colored message sent to all Players within a 8x8 Tile Region. This coincides with the basic Map Updating in all (if not most) RuneScape Private Servers.
  773. Rune Crafting: Rune Crafting can only be performed at the Abyssal Plains. This is the remnants of the Runecrafting Abyss. After the Celestial Awakening of Cynosure, the Runecrafting Abyss was destroyed. It was re-built and decimated many times before Athene intervened and hand-crafted the Abyssal Plains for the citizens of Cynosure. Rune Crafting was therefore made easier and more accessible than ever before.
  775. Special Runes: These Runes act accordingly to the Player's Magic Spells. For example - if a Player were to cast a Combat Spell with Lava Runes in their Inventory (increases Magical Accuracy by 5%) - the Spell would consume the normally used Runes; as well as the Lava Runes to empower their Spell.
  778. Special Runes List:
  780. - Lava Runes: Increases Combat Spell Accuracy by 5%.
  782. - Soul Runes: Utility Spells which summon Followers last twice as long.
  784. - Steam Runes: Increases Combat Spell Damage by 5%.
  786. - Mind Runes: Combat Spells which fail still always hit at least for 1 Hitpoint.
  788. - Ice Runes: Combat Spells which Freeze or Entangle do so for an additional 2 seconds.
  792. Rune Crafting Level List:
  794. - Level 1: Death Runes
  796. - Level 5: Fire Runes
  798. - Level 5: Earth Runes
  800. - Level 5: Water Runes
  802. - Level 10: Mind Runes
  804. -
  813. Celestial Awakening: The Celestial Awakening occured when Athene destroyed 9/10th of the World, and It's new people learned and were taught advanced Crafting, Magic, and many other things. This is what is called: "The Celestial Awakening of Cynosure".
  820. Maximum Skill Rewards: Upon reaching 99 in a Skill, the Player gains cosmetic benefits. Some of these benefits may be practical, but are not gamebreaking or crucial.
  823. 99 (100 with Evil Alignment) Strength Cosmetic Reward:
  825. - The Player's Arm Models are replaced with very large Arms and Muscles.
  828. 99 Ranged Cosmetic Reward:
  830. - The Player is mailed a Quiver. They may store one type of Arrow in this Quiver instead of equipping Arrows.
  833. Donations: Please note before Donating: You will NOT be compensated for Donating or Donations made of free will, in the form of Legal Tender, Virtual Items or Goods and or Currency, in any way, shape, form, or fashion. By clicking "I Agree", you agree to, admit and acknowledge that all Donations and actions proceeding this are made of your own free will. You admit that you are choosing to give a Donation, and have not been threatened or coerced to do so in any manner. You understand that you will never receive anything in exchange for this Donation. While Donations are always appreciated - we DO NOT offer special consideration to those Players who choose to Donate. By Donating, you agree and acknowledge that you are doing so solely for the continuation of the Server, which is being hosted as an educational tool for teaching and learning. By Donating - you ARE NOT to be under the assertion that you will be re-paid, or compensated in any way, shape, form, or fashion. We DO NOT offer virtual goods in exchange for Donations, or any forms of Currency/Legal Tender. The only accepted form of Currency in regards as to Donations, is the Dollar Bill, which is the Legal Tender and Currency of the United States of America. By Donating, you are agreeing to the "NAME" Terms of Service Agreement, and all clauses of the aforementioned Agreement written therein. You also agree to acknowledge all Terms and Conditions of this statement, and obey this written Agreement. This Agreement of Service is backed and reinforced by an Iron-Clad Contract, which may not be subject to any scrutiny or argument under Washington State Law. We do NOT offer refunds for Donation(s) made in any way.
  838. Stealthed N.P.C: Certain N.P.C. will have the ability to "Stealth" themselves and hide in Combat from Players. This is of course only temporary and is considered a Gamebreaker strategy.
  846. The Concourse: The Concourse is an enclosed area which has been assigned to act as the Trading Hub. This is the only area in-game in which Players are able to Trade with each other. Upon visiting this area, the Player is subjected to extreme monitoring which is conducted by Server-Sided programming. The Player's Trades are scanned, logged, questioned, and finally accepted or declined.
  857. Alignments: There are three possible Alignments to choose from. Your actions and playstyle dictate your Alignment, and takes time to change and shift Alignments. Each Skill plays a large part in Alignments, and leveling these Skills will gradually shift your Alignment to one of the three. Alignments are never permanent, and each Alignment has It's specific special Benefits. Dialogue Choices with N.P.C. also play a small part in your Alignment Shift. There are usually three responses to N.P.C. Dialogue which are "Agreement", "Neutral", and "Rude". All three correspond to the Alignments of Karmic, Moral, and Evil.
  859. Alignments:
  861. Karmic
  863. Moral
  865. Evil
  868. Alignment Benefits:
  870. Karmic Alightment:
  872. - Permanent Increase to your Prayer Bonus statistic of 3.
  874. - Run Energy regeneration rate increased by 5%.
  876. - Can use Bones on Prayer Altars to increase the experience gained per Bone by 25%.
  878. - Upon Death must go through the Realm of Light before they may ressurect.
  882. Moral Alignment:
  884. - Permanent Increase to all statistics by +2.
  886. - Maximum Hitpoints level is increased to 100 from 99.
  888. - Does not need to go through the Karmic Stage of Enlightenment, or the Circle of Darkness after Death.
  891. Evil Alignment:
  893. - May attack Slayer monsters within their Slayer Level for 25% of the Slayer Experience normally awarded during a Slayer Task. Does not require a Slayer Task to gain Slayer Experience.
  895. - Maximum Strength Level is increased to 100 from 99.
  897. - Upon Death must navigate their way through the Circle of Darkness. Expect to die many times before you may finally ressurect.
  901. Realm of Light: The Realm of Light is a completely White Area. This Area has a random portal generated each time a Player dies. The Portal is also white, and perfectly blends in with the White Area.
  908. Karmic Alignment Skills:
  910. - Prayer
  912. - Defense
  914. - Agility
  916. - Farming
  918. - Herblore
  921. Moral Alignment Skills:
  923. - Fishing
  925. - Cooking
  927. - Woodcutting
  929. - Fletching
  931. - Ranged
  933. - Strength
  935. - Hitpoints
  937. - Attack
  939. - Mining
  941. - Runecrafting
  946. Evil Alignment Skills:
  948. - Slayer
  950. - Thieiving
  952. - Smithing
  954. - Magic
  956. - Firemaking
  966. Player Owned Property and Shops: Each and every Building and Structure may be purchased for a select amount of Coins which varies based upon several factors. Including: Location, Business, Net Profit, and possible Income. If a Player is sent to Jail, they automatically forfeit all Owned Property and Shops. Once a Player purchases a Building or Shop, their Name is written onto the Property Sign outside of said Building/Shop, and they are given the Deed to the Property. This is their Proof of Ownership, and cannot be traded, dropped, or otherwise disposed of in any manner. Once per day, the Player is Mailed Coins, which varies based upon the purchased Property and include the following possible payment reasons:
  975. Enchantment Skill: This is a newly introduced Skill to R.S.P.S. This Skill enables Players to customize their Equipment and Items to be more effective. Once something is Enchanted, it can no longer be Traded. Enchantments CANNOT be removed, however they can always be replaced by other Enchantments.
  977. Platebody Enchantments -
  979. - Golden Magnetism (level 1): Enchants a Platebody to automatically pick up Coins off the ground once a Monster has been killed and place them inside the Player's Inventory.
  981. - Beast Master (level 25): Monsters below Combat Level 60 will never be aggresive towards the Player.
  983. - Beast Commander (level 25): Monsters below Combat Level 60 will attack the Player on sight. All monsters below Combat Level 60 become aggresive towards the Player.
  985. - Deflection (level 40): Automatically deals a very small percentage of damage back to the Attacker whenever the Player is attacked. This can be compared to the Ring of Recoil (which no longer exists at all).
  987. - Dragonkin (level 60): Dragons of all types are no longer aggresive towards the Player. This does NOT include Boss N.P.C. This DOES include Mini-Boss N.P.C.
  989. - Dragon Soul (level 60): 10 Hitpoints are restored each time the Player kills a Dragon N.P.C. This applies to all Dragons.
  991. - Bloom (level 75): Increases the normal rate of Hitpoint regeneration by x3.
  993. - Faith Bloom (level 75): Adds an additional Prayer Point each time a Player's Prayer is restored in any manner.
  995. - Undead Commander (level 85): Each time the Player attacks an Undead N.P.C. the Player pushes the N.P.C. back one Tile.
  997. - Ultima (level 96): Automatically cures negative de-buffs and effects as soon as they are applied; such as: Poison, Burn, and Drowning.
  1001. Plateleg Enchantments -
  1003. - Enhanced Agility (level 15): Allows the Player to gain access to certain areas which require an Item to access them. Such as a Rope to access the Godwars Dungeon.
  1005. - Fast Journey (level 30): Automatically skips Travel Effects and cinematics. The Player is made aware of when this occurs.
  1007. - Sturdy Stance (level 50): Pushback effects equivelent to 1 Tile are automatically negated and do not affect the Player.
  1009. - Grace (level 90): Increases the maximum Run Energy from 100% to 110%.
  1011. - Energy Rift (level 99): The Run Energy restore rate is increased by x5 when a Player is Following another Player.
  1017. Glove Enchantments -
  1019. - Small Hands (level 70): Increases your chances to Pickpocket any N.P.C. successfuly by 5%.
  1021. - Green Thumbs (level 80): Allows the Player to identify Herbs regardless of their Herblore Level.
  1023. - Sturdy Grip (level 93): Disarm effects no longer have an effect on the Player.
  1027. Helmet Enchantments -
  1030. - Blinding Gaze (level 99): For the first 5 seconds of combat, a N.P.C. will always hit 0 on the Player.
  1033. Ring Enchantments -
  1036. - Bind Ring (level 88): A Ring with this enchantment will always be kept upon Death by the Player no matter the circumstances.
  1041. Prayer Bonus: This statistic actually functions and is calculated into the Prayer Draining formula.
  1050. Barrows Equipment:
  1052. Guthans Set - Will be more accurate and heal much more often as it should.
  1054. Torag Set - Lowers Agility and Mage with each hit when the full set is worn. The Hammers actually have a use now.
  1056. Dharok Set - Accuracy when below 10 hitpoints has been increased to encourage risk and balance Risk V.S. Reward factors.
  1058. Ahrim Set - When the full set is worn, increases your Magic level by 10 and Ice Barrage freezes for an additional 2 seconds.
  1060. Verac Set - Almost always hits through Prayer. Useful for Bosses who use Protect Melee Prayers.
  1062. Karil Set - Lowers Agility and drains the Target's Run Energy as it should. Ranged Accuracy is given a hidden statistic increase of 10% when the full set is equipped.
  1064. Barrows Gloves - The Metal "Gloves" have been renamed to "Barrow Gloves". These can be acquired in various ways such as Pickpocketing the Barrows Brothers (90 Thieving required), getting them in the Rewards Chest in the Barrows Minigame, and by crafting them (96 Crafting required).
  1073. Smithing: Players can smith Iron at level 1, Adamant at level 15, Rune at level 30, Lamps at level 40, Climbing Boots at level 50, Rune Boots at level 60, the Smithy Outfit at level 70, Dragon at level 75, Dragon Boots at level 85, and Abyssal Whips at level 95. The Player can Smith all Dragon Armor; EXCLUDING the Dragon Full Helmet and Dragonfire Shield. The Player can also Smith Dragon Gloves. The Player CANNOT Smith Dragon Weapons. At level 99, the Player unlocks the ability to use the Golden Hammer. This is a wieldable Hammer which doubles Smithing Experience gained.
  1076. Ring of Wealth: When worn, it doesn't effect the chance of getting a rare drop from a N.P.C. Instead, all N.P.C. have a 100% chance of dropping Coins upon their death. This Ring requires 90 Crafting to create.
  1078. Pickaxes: Every Pickaxe from Iron to Rune will eventually wear out and break, except for the Bronze Pickaxe. Each Pickaxe must reach a certain time of use before it is eligible to break. This time varies based upon a few factors including: Mining level, Pickaxe type, and Strength level.
  1082. Axes (Woodcutting): Same concept as Pickaxe degredation.
  1085. Boots of Lightness: When worn, they increase your Run Energy Regeneration speed by 10%. This effect stacks with Agility statistics and the Agility Skill.
  1088. Beds: All Beds in-game used to serve no purpose. Now, the Player can rest in Beds to restore not only their Hitpoints, but also all of their other Stats and Statistics.
  1091. N.P.C. Special Attacks and Gamebreakers: Boss and Mini-Boss N.P.C. will all have Special attacks eventually. These are attacks which have been created originally for each Mini-Boss and Boss. Gamebreaker strategies are reserved for Boss and Raid-Boss N.P.C. only. These are special abilities which are unique for each Boss and Raid-Boss N.P.C. You will see N.P.C. work together to overcome Players and defeat them at all costs.
  1097. Example of a Gamebreaker attack:
  1105. Interactive N.P.C. Text Updates: When a Player gets close to a Boss N.P.C. who is guarding something for example, the N.P.C. will see the Player and have a Yellow Text String above their head which will be situation-oriented. N.P.C. will also use this feature according to their Special Attacks. Text Updates will play a huge part in the game. All Boss N.P.C. are capable of speech and real-time communication which is factored based upon situational awareness and values.
  1110. New Logout System: Players always used to run the risk of dying in combat due to being disconnected. This problem occurs when the Player's Internet Connection is interrupted. They however cannot stop their inevitable death, due to their Player-Character still being logged in and taking damage. This has had a fix created for it. If a Player has been disconnected, they will temporarily be teleported to preset "safe Coordinates". Once the Player logs back in, it gets their last Coordinates and puts them back where they were. Players will NOT be able to see the safe Coordinates, and they are teleported back to where they were without ever seeing the safe Coordinates. It's as if they were never disconnected.
  1116. Guilds: Guilds are not formed by Players, or even controlled by Players at all. Each Skill has a pre-designated location set aside to be the Guild of the selected Skill. These Guilds require you to pay Dues, complete Tasks, and prove yourself worthy before they will allow you to use their services, or even enter their Guild. Once you enter, you will find that Guilds offer many services and will assist you greatly. You can only be a Member of ONE Guild at a time. If you wish to apply for Membership with another Guild, you will forfeit your current position(Rank)held in your current Guild - even if you don't get accepted by the Guild you applied for. Guilds can be attacked by rival Guilds, such as the Thieiving Guild (a Dark Alignment) being at war with the Prayer Guild (Light Alignment). If a Guild is successfuly Raided by an opposing Guild, the Players who participated in the Raid temporarily gain access to the defeated Guild and all of It's Services/Functions.
  1118. Guild Ranks: You can perform Tasks, pay your Dues, and Invest into a Guild. Doing this not only helps to advance the Guild, but it will also eventually increase your Rank and Standing with the Guild. This brings great benefits. Here are some current examples of them:
  1120. 1. Guild N.P.C. will respond differentely (respectfully for example) if you hold a high Rank within the Guild, then the N.P.C. in Dialogue conversations might refer to you as "Sir", "Commander", or even "Guild-Master".
  1122. 2. Certain Areas of a Guild might be restricted for High-Ranking Guild Members.
  1124. 3. Certain Guild N.P.C. can be convinced to adventure with you and add small Bonuses according to their Guild Membership.
  1126. 4. Investing Coins in a Guild might allow you to gain access to other Services which others cannot. For example, by donating a large sum of Coins to a Guild, they might choose to buy a Furnace and Anvil with the Coins you've Invested. These services are local-only, and cannot be seen by or function for another player based upon circumstances.
  1129. Raiding a Guild: This event can only be done once per day, your current Guild must be opposed to another Guild, and you may not use any Prayer during the Guild Raid. Once you speak to the Guild-Master N.P.C. there will be a screen transition, and you will be near the targeted Guild. You must enter the Guild be defeating the Guards defending it. Once all of the Guards outside have been defeated, the Guard Captain will appear - who drops the Key to the Guild Entrance. Once inside, the Player must survive waves of N.P.C. depending upon several factors including: Investments made into the Guild by Players, the current amount of Players who are Members of the Guild, etc.
  1132. Guild-Standing: Standing is how the N.P.C. of a Guild see you. Current Guild-Standing positions:
  1134. - Idolized (Highest)
  1136. - Exalted
  1138. - Ordained
  1140. - Revered
  1142. - Honored
  1144. - Friendly
  1146. - Neutral
  1148. - Distasteful
  1150. - Disliked
  1152. - Enemy
  1154. - Hated
  1156. - Loathed
  1166. Staff List:
  1168. 21. Chief Game-Master
  1170. 20. Game-Master (In-game/Forums)
  1172. 19. Deputy Administrator (Forums)
  1174. 18. Community Manager (In-game/Forums)
  1176. 17. Assistant Community Manager (In-game/Forums)
  1178. 16. Lead Player Moderator (In-game)
  1180. 15. Senior Player Moderator (In-game)
  1182. 14. Player Moderator (In-game)
  1184. 13. Probationary Player Moderator (In-game)
  1186. 12. Lead Forum Moderator (Forums)
  1188. 11. Senior Forum Moderator (Forums)
  1190. 10. Forum Moderator (Forums)
  1192. 9. Probationary Forum Moderator (Forums)
  1194. 8. Community Watcher (Forums)
  1196. 7. Probationary Community Watcher (Forums)
  1198. 6. Server Guide (In-game/Forums)
  1200. 5. Probationary Server Guide (In-game/Forums)
  1202. 4. Forum Guide (Forums)
  1204. 3. Probationary Forum Guide (Forums)
  1206. 2. Think Tank Group (Forums)
  1208. 1. Event Planners (Forums)
  1211. Player Killing: Players will be able to Flag themselves to Enable Player V.S. Player Combat. Once they're Flagged, they are able to attack other Players ONLY IF the other Player is Flagged for P.v.P. as well. The Flag is symbolized by a Red P.K. Skull over their Player-Character. This Skull doesn't affect the amount of Items kept/lost and
  1212. It's only function is to show that the Player is Flagged for P.v.P. Players who are Flagged can engage in P.v.P. anywhere at anytime, except during key events such as Minigames, Quests, Cinematics, etc.
  1214. Dueling: The Duel Arena was destroyed during the Great Holy War which
  1215. destroyed 9/10th of the World. Players are able to Duel each other at anytime anywhere. Except during key events.
  1220. Marketplace: An Interface which can be accessed via any Bank in-game. All items classified as Mundane are listed in this Interface.
  1221. There are two factors also listed on this interface below each item. Supply and Demand. These are both percentages.
  1227. Cutscene: The player creates their Character before the game actually begins. The player enters the game, and finds
  1228. themselves in a jail cell. Their only option is to sleep. The client screen becomes cloudy and shrouded to imitate
  1229. a dream.
  1232. Punishments:
  1234. - Account Jail: 1 hour
  1236. - Account Jail: 24 hours
  1238. - Account Jail: 48 hours
  1240. - Account Jail: 7 Days
  1242. - Account Mute: 1 hour
  1244. - Account Mute: 8 hours
  1246. - Account Mute: 24 hours
  1248. - Account Mute: Permanent
  1250. - I.P. Mute: 48 hours
  1252. - I.P. Mute Permanent
  1254. - Account Disable: 24 hours
  1256. - Account Disable: 72 hours
  1258. - Account Disable: Permanent
  1260. - I.P. Ban: Permanent
  1262. - Global Ban: Permanent
  1264. - Erased from Existance
  1268. Jail: When players are Jailed, they have all of their items stripped from their Inventory, Equipment, and Bank.
  1269. These are of course restored once they are out of Jail. When a player is Jailed, they are sent to a completely "blacked out"
  1270. area where they have nothing to interact with. Not that they could if there were anything, as almost 98% of the entire game
  1271. is disabled for the player until they are released from Jail. Players will always be kept seperate from each other, as the Jail
  1272. will never run out of space, and eventually if it does - more blank maps can be prepared. Player Private Messaging and other
  1273. features such as this are also disabled. Upon being un-Jailed after their Jail Sentence runs out, the player is teleported back
  1274. to their position where they were standing when they were sent to Jail. All of the items the player had in their Inventory,
  1275. or Equipment tab can be found in their Bank. If a player owns property, they will lose their Deed to the property and proof of
  1276. ownership upon being Jailed. The property will once again be available for players to purchase. There is only one way a player
  1277. can ever get out of Jail without waiting for the sentenced time to run out. This can be done by acquiring a "Get out of Jail Free"
  1278. Card. Such a thing can only be obtained from a Staff member, which will be awarded to regular players for good behaviour, honesty,
  1279. and other acts of decency. Staff members will be given a certain amount of these cards by Administrators and Management at the
  1280. 1st of every Month. A Player may only have 1 of these cards per account at any time.
  1284. Item Duplication: We plan to have many different countermeasures in place for Item Duplication exploitation.
  1285. Accounts suspected of Account Duplication will be reported to
  1286. all Moderators and up. They will vote if they think they duped. We have the final say no matter the vote,
  1287. because we will personally investigate every one. Mutiple Item
  1288. Duplication expliots have been patched. Such as the Minimap Duplication, Smithing Duplication, Cheat clients accessing the Server,
  1289. ect. A unique UID will prevent people from accessing the Server via third-party client. Packet Sniffing and manipulating has never
  1290. been a problem in R.S.P.S. so this will remain unfixed - until people start crashing clients with it or nulling their characters.
  1291. If a flagged account is found in posession of Duplicated or otherwise ill-obtained Items, they will be made an offer. If they
  1292. reveal to us step-by-step how it was done, then they won't recieve any sort of penalty or consequence. Any normal player who
  1293. wishes to have an advantage over the competition would exploit this without doubt. It isn't our job to punish the player for
  1294. something Developers didn't do. Once someone has been confirmed as knowing how to Duplicate Items, everything connected
  1295. to the said player will be locked. During this time, only people granted access (Administrators) can login to the account.
  1296. The account will be turned inside and out. Thanks to our Minigame Que system, we'll be able to see the person's last Minigame
  1297. played, Instance/Dungeon entered, ect. If multiple people start duplicating items at once, then an Alert on the website will be
  1298. put out and players on the Server at the time will be alerted. There are multiple choices on how to handle this, but if it gets
  1299. out of hand, 98% of game-play will cease to function until the issue has been resolved. Everyone in-game will be teleported to a safe area
  1300. where they can be monitered. Due to 98% of the content being down due to the fail-safe, the only things they will be able to do
  1301. is speak and login. When players are teleported to this safe area, they are unable to move or walk, however, all Staff members
  1302. are allowed to walk freely. This is to differentiate Staffers from normal players in this time of crisis.
  1306. Costumes for all 99 Statistics, all Achievements completed, all Quests completed, and more.
  1312. Skinning: Some Monsters, Mini-Bosses, and Bosses will have the option to be skinned, if you have the level then you can skin
  1313. them. For example, you can skin a Rat, Giant Rat, and Kree - the Armadyl Godwars Dungeon Boss. The amount and quality of the
  1314. Skin recieved will depend on the statistics of the N.P.C. killed. The person who kills it will have the option to skin it. If
  1315. they don't, then after 1 minute it becomes Skinnable by everyone. These skins can be used to craft any type of Dragonhide
  1316. by having thread in your inventory and using a Needle on the Skin. This includes Dragonhide (g) Trimmed if you have the appropriate
  1317. level.
  1320. Archeology: Artifacts can be found and dug up throughout the Land of Cynosure. Equipment that falls under the Artifact Tier
  1321. requires a level in Archeology to be worn. The dig spots respawn every 8 hours, and there will be many; randomly generated each day. You can learn to identify statues. There is no such thing as Archeology (skill) points, however, statues you find may be exchanged at The Hub for large amounts of Gold Pieces.
  1323. Archeology Minigame: The player is qued for the minigame. They are grouped with 4 other people. It's up for the group of 5 to
  1324. decide the best way to play the Minigame. You can dig as soon as you begin the Minigame, and have a chance of digging up valuables
  1325. or treasure. Or, you can walk further into the collapsing temple, and have a greater chance of digging up treasure, but not valuables.
  1326. After a certain time, an earthquake will begin. The players then have a time, which counts down in the corner of their screen, to exit
  1327. the temple. If they fail to do so after the time runs out, then they will die and lose whatever they were carrying.
  1332. Player Appearance: Player appearance is not set upon login. Everyone has a default look, and they all change dynamically
  1333. according to their game-play choices. For example, a player with 99 Strength would have large arms.
  1334. Each player will start out
  1335. with randomly selected Hair, Beard, and Clothes. These can be changed at a Barbershop and Tailor.
  1340. Cooking: Players are able to cook Lobster at level 1, Swordfish at level 10, Monkfish at level 20, Cake at level 25, Potato at
  1341. level 30, Cheese Potato at level 30, Cheese and Egg Potato at level 35, Egg at level 35, Basic Cocktails at level 40,
  1342. Sharks at level 50, Manta ray at level 60, Golden Sharks at level 75, Advanced Cocktails at level 85, Sea Turtles at 90,
  1343. Enchanted Meat at level 95, and
  1344. Purple Sweets at level 99. The Chef Cooking Outfit can be unlocked via Cooking Minigames. This
  1345. involves mixing and serving Drinks and Cocktails, and preparing food for others. Players are able to access the Cooking
  1346. Guild at level 70. At level 99, the raw food cooked is given back cooked, but in noted form in the player's Inventory.
  1348. Food, and Eating: A lot of Servers try to make players Fish for their own Food and have a player-sustained economy for
  1349. Fishing and Cooking. This works very seldom for them. It is boring and pointless on a R.S.P.S. because they have nothing
  1350. to work for. Our Cooking and Fishing is designed to flood the markets, give the players a reason to get 99 Cooking/Fishing,
  1351. give new players an easy way to make cash. When players eat 5 Food, they gain a buff to all statistics by +1.
  1354. Cooking Outfit:
  1356. Master Chef Hat - +10% chance to successfully Cook Food.
  1358. Master Chef Apron - +10% chance to successfully mix Cocktails.
  1360. Master Chef Boots - Increases energy regain by 25% when the pl
  1361. ayer's Inventory consists only of raw food.
  1364. Cooking Minigame: There will be several Cooking Minigames. One of the earliest accessible to Players will be the Knights of the Square Table Cooking Minigame. This Minigame is accessible after the Quest "The Square Party". In this Minigame, the objective is to prepare as much food as possible during the alloted time without burning any food. Once food is burnt, the Timer subtracts by 5 seconds. Once the Time runs out - the Minigame ends. The food cooked earns the Player twice experience they would normally gain for cooking the Food. This brings the balance to a point to where It's beneficial for the Player to compete in the Minigame, but is not needed to level up quickly. There will also be Highscores for all of the Cooking Minigames, and all Minigames.
  1368. Enchanted Meat: An existing Item in-game that is meant for a Quest. This will be made eatable. It will heal the player and have
  1369. a special effect when fighting Monsters and Bosses.
  1374. Magic: There are no longer three spell books. The new spell book will be a mix of all three spellbooks combined, but very
  1375. different. This Spell tab contains Utility and Combat based spells.
  1377. Here is a current list of spells:
  1382. (Different randomly selected responses each time a Spell is clicked that cannot be cast because the player lacks the level:
  1385. "You lack the knowledge to cast this Spell."
  1387. "You do not have the level to cast this Spell."
  1389. "You need a higher Magic level to cast this."
  1391. "You lack the required level to use this Spell."
  1393. "Your Magic level is not high enough to use this Spell."
  1395. "You must have a higher Magic level to cast this Spell."
  1397. "Your Magic level is too low to cast this Spell."
  1399. "You do not meet the required Magic level to use this Spell."
  1401. "Your Magic level is too low to use this Spell.")
  1405. ----------Spells---------------
  1408. Fill Vials - Level 1 - Runes Req: 4 Water Runes; Fills all Empty Vials in the player's Inventory with water. (Utility)
  1410. Fireball - level 1 - Runes Req: 2 Fire Runes; Does 0-5 damage on N.P.C. (Combat)
  1412. Inferno - level 10 - Runes Req: 6 Fire Runes; Does 0-15 damage on N.P.C. (Combat)
  1414. Telegrab - Level 10 - Runes Req: 2 Earth/Fire/Water Runes; Ability to grab items at a distance of 8 Tiles away (Utility)
  1416. Vitality Curse - Level 20 - Runes Req: Earth/Fire/Water/Air Runes; Reduces N.P.C. Health by 10% for 10 seconds (Combat)
  1418. Weakness Curse - Level 20 - Runes Req: TBA; Reduces all N.P.C. Defense statistics by 10% for 20 seconds (Combat)
  1420. Strength Curse - Level 20 - Runes Req: TBA; Reduces N.P.C. Attack statsitics by 10% for 10 seconds (Combat)
  1422. AquaBall - Level 30 - Runes Req: TBA; Does 0-25 damage on N.P.C. (Combat)
  1424. AquaSphere - Level 30 - Runes Req: TBA; Does 0-30 damage on N.P.C. (Combat)
  1426. Alchemy - Level 30 - Runes Req: 5 Nature Runes; Alchemizes the next item clicked to Gold (Utility)
  1428. Cook Lobsters - Level 35 - Runes Req: TBA; Cooks all Lobsters in the player's Inventory, does not give Cooking Exp. (Utility)
  1430. String Bows - Level 35 - Runes Req: TBA; Strings all unstring Bows in the player's Inventory, does not give Fletching Exp. (Utility)
  1432. Materialize Vials - Level 35 - Runes Req: TBA; Fills the player's Inventory with 28 Vials, drops excess Vials to the ground (Utility)
  1434. EarthShake - Level 40 - Runes Req: TBA; AoE Combat Attack Spell, does 0-30 damage on N.P.C. within 6 Tiles of the Player. Causes the Player's screen to shake for 4 seconds (Combat)
  1436. FireComet - Level 40 - Runes Req: TBA; AoE Combat Attack Spell, does 0-30 damage on N.P.C. within 8 Tiles of the Player. Causes the N.P.C. to recieve a Burn de-buff (Combat)
  1438. AquaTsunami - Level 40 - Runes Req: TBA; AoE Combat Attack Spell, does 0-20 damage on N.P.C. within 6 Tiles of the player. Causes a Stun de-buff to all N.P.C. for 2 seconds within range (Combat)
  1440. Transmute Rune - Level 45 - Runes Req: TBA; Transmutes all Runite Ore in the player's Inventory into Runite Bars (Utility)
  1442. Summon Hellcat - Level 45 - Runes Req: 50 Fire Runes; Summons a Hellcat to follow the player for 60 seconds. Whilst summoned, when a N.P.C. is struck in combat in any way by a player, the N.P.C. recieves a Burn de-buff (Utility)
  1444. Summon Cat - Level 45 - Runes Req: 50 Air Runes; Summons a regular Cat to follow the player for 60 seconds. Has no affects whilst summoned and is purely cosmetic (Utility)
  1446. Clean Herbs - Level 50 - Runes Req: 20 Earth Runes; Instantly Cleans all Dirty Herbs in the player's inventory, does not give Herblore Experience (Utility)
  1448. Ore Oracle - Level 50 - Runes Req: TBA; Instantly able to prospect and identify Ore (Utility)
  1450. Pack Rat - Level 50 - Runes Req: TBA; All items in your Inventory weigh half as much for 60 seconds (Utility)
  1452. FireBlast - Level 60 - Runes Req: TBA; Does 0-35 damage on N.P.C. (Combat)
  1454. Stat Spy - Level 60 - Runes Req: TBA; Allows you to see another player's statistics (Utility)
  1456. Slayer Dart - Level 60 - Runes Req: TBA; A dart effective against Barrows minibosses and Slayer tasks, does 0-30 damage (Utility)
  1458. Blood Blitz - Level 70 - Runes Req: TBA; An Ancient magick Spell that takes Health from one target and transfers it to the caster, does 0-30 damage (Combat)
  1460. Ice Blitz - Level 70 - Runes Req: TBA; An Ancient magick Spell which freezes what it is cast upon in place for 8 seconds, does 0-25 damage. (Combat)
  1462. Smoke Blitz - Level 70 - Runes Req: TBA; An Ancient magick Spell which applies the Poison effect to the target, does 0-30 damage (Combat)
  1464. Loot Oracle - Level 75 - Runes Req: TBA; Allows you to predict what the next Loot drop from a N.P.C. will be (Utility)
  1466. Create Portal - Level 75 - Runes Req: TBA; Creates a portal which can be used by the player to teleport them to a random pre-designated location (Utility)
  1469. Summon Tzok Healer - Level 80 - Runes Req: TBA; Summons a Healer N.P.C. to follow you around. Automatically cleanses the player of de-buffs such as Poison, Burn, Drowning, ect. (Utility)
  1471. Miracle Grow - Level 80 - Runes Req: TBA; Speeds the growth of all crops in the Farming skill by x2 (Utility)
  1473. Black Hole - Level 85 - Runes Req: TBA; Allows the player to create a Black Hole, which does not need to be clicked upon to enter. Once the player moves into it, it automatically teleports the player to a random pre-designated location (Utility)
  1475. Combat Oracle - Level 90 - Runes Req: TBA; When used in an Instanced Dungeon or Raid, can predict the chance of success given the group and several factors.
  1477. Ice Barrage - Spell that can't be left out.
  1479. EarthQuake - Level 95 - Runes Req: 500 Earth Runes; Does 5-45 damage and gives a 5 second Stun de-buff to all N.P.C. within a 14 Tile Radius (Combat)
  1481. Hurricane - Level 96 - Runes Req: 500 Water/Earth/Air Runes; Does 5-50 damage, applies the drowning effect for 30 seconds, and gives a 10 second Stun de-buff to all N.P.C. within a 18 Tile Radius (Combat)
  1483. SolarFlare - Level 99 - Runes Req: 750 Fire 750 Earth Runes; Does 10-50 damage, applies the burn effect for 30 seconds, and gives a 10 second Stun de-buff to all N.P.C. within a 18 Tile Radius (Combat)
  1487. Loot Tiers: Any drop obtained by the player that qualifies as above an Uncommon drop is yelled globally to all players.
  1489. - Mundane (feathers, vials, ect).
  1490. - Common (rune scimitar, potions, ect).
  1491. - Uncommon (abyssal whip, dragon scimitar, ect).
  1492. - Quality (fury, dragon chain, zerk ring, ect).
  1493. - Rare (dfs, dfh, ect).
  1494. - Epic (bandos, armadyl, ect).
  1495. - Legendary (godswords, ect).
  1496. - Artifact (bronze, gilded, ect).
  1497. - Holiday (partyhats, masks, ect).
  1498. - Bind on Character (costumes, event rewards, ect).
  1502. Slayer: Money is mailed to the player once their Slayer task is completed, it takes into account how many enemies were slain, and the difficulty level of the Task you accepted.
  1503. Epic tasks are Bosses only.
  1505. Easy tasks - 1,000 Coins per enemy slain
  1506. Medium tasks - 2,000 Coins per enemy slain
  1507. Hard tasks - 3,000 Coins per enemy slain
  1508. Epic tasks - 50,000 Coins per enemy slain
  1510. The Black Mask will provide a +10% bonus to Strength and Attack when worn and attacking your assigned Slayer Task. The Hexcrest and Focus Sight are also useable during your assigned Slayer Task. The Hexcrest provides a +10% Magic Accuracy boost, while the Focus Sight provides a +15% bonus to Ranged Accuracy. All of these Items are purchasable via the Slayer Point Exchange, which can be accessed via the Slayer Master.
  1511. This Exchange is much like the others, and Players can also spend their
  1512. Slayer Points on other Items and useful Trinkets and features. Even Cosmetics such as a Pet.
  1516. There are four different types of the Cynosure Client. Player, Player Moderator, Project Manager, and Developer. Player Moderator and Project Manager Clients are designed
  1517. to optimize their efficiency at doing their jobs. This is the same case for the Developer Client of course.
  1525. Tickets: When a player needs to report another player, inform Staff members of a glitch, or have any trouble at all, then they may fill out a Ticket. A Ticket is basically
  1526. a player-written message to Staff members.
  1529. Bronze: Bronze was once the weakest of the materials available to smithies in Cynosure.
  1530. This was so, until Athene, the 4th God of Cynosure, revealed himself to not
  1531. only the denziens of Cynosure, but to the other three Gods as well. Who were: Guthix, Saradomin, and Zamorak. Athene revealed to the masses of Cynosure that these three Gods
  1532. had become corrupted, and would eventually lead to the destruction of Cynosure. However, Athene knew something that everyone else did not. 9/10th of the World would be destroyed
  1533. no matter how the course of history might be altered. The three corrupt Gods united under one flag and army - with one purpose. The purpose of the genocide of Man. Athene had
  1534. convinced every Man and warrior alike that his cause was true and just. The armies the three corrupted Gods had gathered were great monsters and giants of immense power. With
  1535. Man no longer having an advantage over beast, all hope would be lost for Mankind if Athene did not intervene. The three corrupted Gods had the advantage over Athene and his
  1536. army of righteousness. Athene devised a plan of great brilliance, and projected his vision to his people. They immediately began gathering every bronze ore and piece of armor
  1537. they could find. They smithed day and night, and when the armor and weapons were ready, they would be brought to Athene himself. Athene would appear to his people in Human
  1538. form, which the three corrupted Gods could never and had never done. Athene would then enchant the mundane armor and weapons into the most powerful artifacts Cynosure had
  1539. ever witnessed. There was one problem, howerver, that Athene had not invisioned. The magical power of the enchantments were being performed in front of Mankind and his people,
  1540. Athene had the best of intentions by doing this - he was not only providing Man with an immense arsenal, but also providing them with the knowledge of God-like creation. This
  1541. had unforeseen consequences, however. Man did indeed gain the knowledge of God-like creation, but upon seeing such powerful magic used was immediately struck blind, which
  1542. could not be cured even by a God. Athene then knew the three corrupt Gods would win if he did not take action. Athene worked and crafted day and night attempting to harness
  1543. his power and magic to imbue the armor with his one true power that no other Gods could have. His ability to foresee and predict future events before they even occur. After
  1544. days and nights without rest, Athene had imbued Bronze helmets with the ability to predict events that would happen in Combat. Even though his people were blind, they were
  1545. still great warriors of mighty strength, and they now had the advantange. When the mighty armies were scouted, the corrupted Gods were informed that Athene's armies of Man
  1546. were wearing armor of mundane Bronze, and weapons of the same dull material. The corrupt Gods were fools to believe that this was indeed the same mundane Bronze that they
  1547. had created themselves so many centuries ago. The armies of beast and monsters were eventually conquered by Mankind and Athene, but Athene knew what he must do to make
  1548. Mankind truly free. Athene unleashed a magical energy so great, that 9/10th of Cynosure was destroyed. This also destroyed almost all of the creations and the entire World
  1549. of Cynosure. However, Mankind was freed of corrupted Gods and was now in complete harmony and peace under one ruler, who had indeed proven himself to be the true God of what
  1550. would now be known as The Land of Cynosure. Mankind had also gained the knowledge that they had lacked for so long, god-like creation and crafting. Great and swift technological
  1551. advances came upon The Land of Cynosure and It's people. After the Great Holy War, the remaining Giants and Monsters of immense power were
  1552. sentenced to be locked in Dungeons forever. They are now known as Raid and Instance Bosses and Minibosses
  1555. Dropping Bronze Artifacts: When anything Bronze is dropped on the ground, it immediately turns into dust. This dust is often used as a material in high-level crafting for things such as a Fire Bomb. When
  1556. Bronze Arrows/Bolts are dropped, at least 50 must be dropped at one time for them to turn into Bronze Dust.
  1558. Bronze Platebody:
  1560. - Allows the wearer to recieve Slayer experience from Slayer monsters without requiring a task. Also doubles the Coin reward mailed to the player for Slayer tasks.
  1562. - Functions as a teleport-other to all in-game Instances.
  1564. - Once per hour the player may use the Platebody to negate N.P.C. melee attacks for 10 seconds.
  1566. Bronze Full Helmet:
  1568. - Functions as a key to all in-game Instances.
  1570. - When worn it warns the player of upcoming special attacks from both N.P.C. and Players.
  1572. - Can predict the flow of all combat and future combat events.
  1574. Bronze Pickaxe: The Bronze Pickaxe is an artifact just like all other Bronze Equipment and Items. This Pickaxe cannot be equipped. When you gain Mining experience with the Bronze Pickaxe in your Inventory, 25% of the experience gained is contributed to your Smithing skill. This Pickaxe has no requirements to use. This Pickaxe also never breaks, and has the fastest Mining speed in-game. Your Prospecting time is also instant no matter your Mining level when the Bronze Pickaxe is in your Inventory.
  1577. Bronze Axe (woodcutting): The Bronze Axe is an artifact just like all other Bronze Equipment and Items. This Axe cannot be equipped. When Woodcutting with this Axe, a Tree will never turn into a Stump. This Axe has no requirements to use and never breaks.
  1580. Bronze Battleaxe: Special Attack - Bronze Throwing Axe Speical Graphic which temporarily unequips the weapon from the designated slot until the projectile returns.
  1582. Bronze Scimitar: The best weapon in-game. This weapon has the strength of a Godsword with the speed of an Abyssal Whip. The Special Attack applies the following effects to the target: Poison, Burn, and Drowning.
  1584. Bronze Arrows: The best Arrows in-game.
  1592. Questing: Quests will be divided into four categories: Regular, Epic, Instance, and Raid. Raid Quests will be repeatable and refresh every day, but all other Quests are completed for good once finished. Regular Quests will be able to be completed by everyone at every level regardless. These Quests consist mainly of 'Errand' Quests,
  1593. 'Retrieve' Quests, 'Talk-to' Quests, etc. Epic Quests will be for people who are dedicated to the extreme challenge for the extra edge over the competition, these will be very hard and long Quests which require a lot of patience and persistence on the Player's part. The Rewards are great and many, and they're the same for everyone. Daily Quests award different Rewards each time they Refresh, but always at least give Coins as a Reward for completing a Daily Quest.
  1595. There will also be some Quests which require mutliple Players to work together to complete.
  1597. There ARE NO AND WILL NEVER BE ANY Quest Guides released. Any sort of Quest Guide or F.A.Q. is forbidden and will be deleted.
  1599. Instance Quests are recieved from Quest-givers found outside, inside and around Instances. These Quests are such as Kill Quests for mini-bosses and bosses, retrieval Quests, and more.
  1603. Server Firsts: Not only will there be Easy/Medium/Hard scaled Achievement Diary content, but we are proud to announce Server First
  1604. Achievements. These Achievements will be only able to be unlocked by players who accomplish them first. For example,
  1605. the Achievement to be the first player to obtain 99 Fletching. All players can view this task, but only one can complete it.
  1606. Once the task is completed, it is also completed for all other players. All players can then click on that Achievement
  1607. to view who the first person to reach that goal was. Examples of Server First Achievements: 200,000,000 experience in Cooking,
  1608. First Person to Defeat Jad, First Person to obtain a partyhat, ect. Players who complete a Server First Achievement will be
  1609. rewarded in three ways.
  1611. 1. A Scroll (item) delivered to the player's Mailbox that certifies them as having completed a Server First Achievement.
  1612. 2. The permanent reminder to everyone that YOU were one of the first people to complete a major Achievement.
  1613. 3. The ability to click on the Achievement they've completed to let everyone around them know what they've done.
  1621. Raiding: Raids are generally large dungeons or open areas. These dungeons must ALWAYS be done with a mimimum limit of 10 players
  1622. per group (maximum is 50). These dungeons only have one difficulty level: Nightmare. You can expect to see a ton of enemy spells
  1623. flying everywhere, weapon specials going off left and right, and more red hit-splats than you can count. At this point, Mage
  1624. based Raid-Bosses are not only casting Ice Barrage on groups of players for AoE damage + Freezing effects, but are teleporting
  1625. around all over the place, flying around the room, teleporting PLAYERS to the far side of the map, summoning minions to heal
  1626. themselves, and much more. Melee based Raid-Bosses hit so hard that they have a 1 in 100 chance of one-shotting a player. If a
  1627. player is hit by a Melee Raid-Boss attack; they are automatically pushed back by a maximum of 10 Tiles. Ranged based Raid-Bosses
  1628. have mastered the art of Ranged combat. You can expect for them to not sit back and sheepishly peck away with their bows. Most
  1629. Raid-Bosses who are Ranged based can range fast and hard. You can even expect to see a few end-game Raid-Bosses using arrows
  1630. which have different effects based on the arrow used. A few of the end-game or higher tier Raids will require a Quest to be
  1631. done, or a key to be required to enter. All N.P.C. must be killed inside of the Raid, and the Raid must then be reset manually
  1632. by the player once outside of the raid for any N.P.C. to respawn. Everyone who particpates in the Raid recieves a Gift box in their Mailbox IF It's successful.
  1638. 2536, 4547 - first dungeon first instance
  1639. 3277, 9171 - first dungeon second instance
  1641. 3549, 3539 - second dungeon first instance
  1644. Instances: Specific special areas have been set aside to be Instances. These are dungeons of varying size and length. When
  1645. entering an Instance, you are confronted with a choice to make. Each Instance has two difficulty levels, Regular and Epic.
  1646. The difference between the two is simple. Epic-mode is Regular-mode with everything scaled * 3. This means three times the
  1647. difficulty, three times the loot chances, and three times the replay-ability. Instances played on Epic can never be soloed, and
  1648. the minimum/maximum amount of people per group is 5. All Enemy N.P.C. inside the Instance are set to be very aggressive and
  1649. attack on-sight. Upon entering an Instance, the Camera will move through the dungeon, to each Mini-Boss room and the Final Boss.
  1650. Each Mini-Boss
  1651. and Boss have their own special set of attacks and defenses. For example, a level 10 Wizard might only cast Earth Strike, but
  1652. a level 100 Wizard might cast powerful spells whilst teleporting around the map. Any player may enter the first two Instances
  1653. at level 1 combat. However, all Instances can be re-visited at any level. This means that high level characters can help
  1654. their low level friends. There will be Instances which are for a group of 5, and there will be solo Instances. The player recieves N.P.C. assisstance if the Instance entered is a solo Instance. The N.P.C. will assist in a variety of ways, such as of course
  1655. helping the player fight off mobs of highly aggressive enemies. N.P.C. are smart, and have mastered the combat triangle. At
  1656. higher level Instances, you can expect to see mobs of enemies containing: mages, melee warriors, and rangers. However, at
  1657. higher solo-Instance play, the player is receiving more assisstance from friendly N.P.C. as well. No N.P.C.inside the Instance
  1658. respawn until the instance has been completed and manually reset by the player once they are outside of the Instance. Instances
  1659. both solo and team based will also have environmental hazards that should be avoided if possible. Such as spikes poking
  1660. out from an unassumming wall, a tile turning to lava beneath you, opening a chest that is really a trapdoor, and more. Each time an Instance is completed, each participant is mailed a special Gift Box based on several factors such as Instance difficulty, solo or team played, ect.
  1663. The Instance level list is as follows:
  1665. Dark Mesa, 1-20, SOLO
  1666. Shadowmend Temple, 1-40, TEAM
  1668. 30-50, SOLO
  1669. 35-65, TEAM
  1671. 70-80, SOLO
  1672. 75-95, TEAM
  1674. 100, SOLO
  1675. 100, TEAM
  1677. 1
  1678. 15, SOLO
  1679. d115, TEAM
  1681. 126, SOLO
  1682. 126, SOLO
  1684. 126, TEAM
  1685. 126, TEAM
  1686. 126, TEAM
  1687. 126, TEAM
  1692. - Player starts inside the first double doors.
  1694. - Aggresive Melee N.P.C. in each room.
  1696. - Boss spawns once all N.P.C. are dead by opening the Graveyard Building door; Replacing Object; Text Update above N.P.C. head;
  1697. first Spellcaster in an Instance the Player will encounter; N.P.C. is Roaming Aggresive. Always drops a TON of Training Equipment and Items.
  1699. - Pacifist N.P.C. can be attacked for Experience by the Player but has low Hitpoints and Defense Statistics.
  1710. Fishing: Players start out fishing Lobsters at level 1 Fishing. At level 99 Fishing, the player's catches are noted in their inventory. If the player has both 99 Fishing and Cooking, then the fish are caught noted and cooked. Monkfish at level 40, Sharks at level 65, Manta Rays at 80, Sea Turtles at 90, and Golden Sharks at 99. Golden sharks
  1711. heal 3 points more than Sea Turtles. The Quest "Fishing Contest" must be completed before you can enter the Fishing Guild. There is also a Minigame that is unlocked after
  1712. completing the Quest. Fishing spots will change based on how many fish are caught from them and how long they've been in that spot. If a player is suspected of botting,
  1713. a whirlpool will appear where they are fishing at and suck them in - forcing them to go through an underwater puzzle with factorization. Fishing Costume cannot
  1714. be equipped until level 85, and each piece gives you an additional catch each time something is caught. Meaning if you unlocked all 6 pieces from the Minigame, then you'd
  1715. instantly catch 7 fish everytime 1 is caught.
  1719. Herblore (RE-NAMED - HERBLAW): Druids robe at level 1 via Minigame. Super potions at level 1. Saradomin Brews at level 20. Get ingredients
  1720. via Farming, PvM, Minigame, Achievement Reward, N.P.C. Drops, and more. Farming earns you Coins of course, and a lot
  1721. of them at that. The Minigame consists of keeping Plants and farms alive for a certain amount of time. All Herbs have
  1722. a set level required to be viewed by the player. At level 90 the player can make Superfire potions, which allow
  1723. you to fight dragons without a shield with no penalty. At level 95 the player can craft a Leaf to make them invisible
  1724. once they eat it from other players and invisible from the Minimap. At level 99, the player is a master of Herblore,
  1725. and can craft an incredible poison to use on Monsters. Damage range 1-10, the rate is the same as regular poison. All
  1726. Herbs start off as Grimy, and must be cleaned before they can be mixed in potions. You have a chance to find Gems
  1727. whilst cleaning Herbs, from Sapphire to Diamonds. The success rate is determined from your current Herblore level
  1728. V.S. the level of Herb being cleaned. At level 99, the Player can visit the Herblore Master for a special option. The Herblore Master, for a fee of Noted Herbs - will decant all Potions in the player's Bank and mix them all into as many (4)Dose Potions as possible. The higher the Player's Herblore Experience - the less Noted Herbs are needed.
  1731. Cape of Legends: Obtained when the player has 5 level 99 skills.
  1733. Trimmed Skillcapes: Trimmed Skillcapes are no longer awarded when a Player has more than one 99 Skill. They are only awarded to the specific Skill when a Player reaches 200,000,000 Experience in the Skill.
  1736. You can craft all runes at level 1. Lava Runes at level 25 which give a +5% Spell Accuracy effect.
  1737. Steam Runes at level 40 - increases Spell Damage by 5 percent. Mud Runes at level 60 gives an extra 2 second freeze
  1738. when an Ancient Magick spell that has a freezing effect is cast. Ability to make Mud Staves at level 75.
  1739. Full Runecrafting outfit can be unlocked via Minigame.
  1743. Farming Minigame: The Fairy Cure. Players may speak with the "Farming Fairy" once they have completed the Quest, A Fairy Tale Pt. 1, they will have unlocked the magical
  1744. secataurs and be able to participate in the Fairy Cure Minigame. Once they speak with the fairy, players are qued for the Minigame. Whilst waiting, the player may do
  1745. any-other activity as long as it doesn't effect their que (such as joining another minigame or instancing). Once 10 players are qued, they are all sent the option to join
  1746. in the minigame. The 10 players are then assigned seeds and all the other materials they will need to begin, the basics are discussed, and then the game begins. The main
  1747. objective of the minigame is to excell in at least one department of Farming. If you farm the most trees, then you will be recognized as having done this and be rewarded
  1748. accordingly. The same goes for varying situational wins, such as the player who has the least amount of diseased crops. In this minigame there are no winners or losers,
  1749. everyone is awarded based on how hard they work and what they accomplish at their own pace.
  1752. Farming: The Royal Family of Cynosure thanks you for your
  1753. contribution to the land by sending you Coins via Mailbox each time you gain a level...
  1754. 10,000 for levels 1-20, 20,000 for levels 20-40.
  1755. 25,000 for levels 40-60, 30,000 for levels 60-70.
  1756. 50,000 for levels 70-80. 75,000 for levels 80-90,
  1757. and 1,000,000 coins for levels 90-99.
  1758. The Gold will be in the player's mailbox. The Royal Family plays a key role
  1759. in the story. Which will be revealed in time. Mailboxes can be found outside of majorly
  1760. populated areas such as banks.
  1763. Fletching: Players can craft Rune Arrows at level 1. They are in fact encouraged to, by completing Achievement tasks in the process. These tasks come with a special costume for Fletching, as well as being able to craft a Dark Bow at level 85. Ice Arrows at level 35, Dragon Arrows at level 75, and Bronze Arrows/Bolts at level 99. All Enchanted Bolts are fletched as pre-enchanted (meaning no Magic needed to Fletch Dragon Bolts (Enchanted).
  1767. N.P.C. Pits: Once a player has completed the Hard Achievement of killing a Boss 1,000 times, or a Mini-boss 500 times -
  1768. they recieve a miniturized figuirine of the N.P.C. via Mailbox. They may then take this to the N.P.C. Pit area and
  1769. exchange it with the Pit-Master for the option to always have the N.P.C. as a choice to use them in the Pit Battles.
  1770. This feature works similar to staking, except all players may place bets on which N.P.C. will win. They can also
  1771. battle with other player's N.P.C. The figuirines are NOT tradeable with others. The only current place this feature
  1772. is confirmed for outside of the N.P.C. Pit is Fight Pits. The N.P.C. will become the player's following companion
  1773. and ceaseless guardian in Fight Pits when battling other players. Fight Pits is not to be confused with the N.P.C. Pit.
  1774. Even if the Player is defeated in the Fight Pits, the other players must then contend with the player's N.P.C.
  1778. Mining: People think of the Mining skill on a R.S.P.S. as a useless Skill and feature. This will no longer be the case.
  1779. Players will be able to Mine Runite ore at level 1. At level 85, players will be able to mine "Extreme Crafting Ore".
  1780. This Ore can be used in virtually all Skills that require materials to make items. It can be substituted once every
  1781. hour to replace ANY ingredient required to make something. For example, crafting a Robin Hood hat. If a player has
  1782. all of the materials to Craft one except they're missing an ingredient, they will be prompted with the substitution
  1783. option. The Ore does not require a Mining level to use, therefore it is invaluable to all players. This Ore will be
  1784. VERY hard to obtain, and will always be in demand. At level 99 Mining, a Player gains the "Ore-Master" perk. This
  1785. will enable players to open a new option with the Mining Skillcape Master. This new option will allow players with
  1786. 99 Mining to change the way they Mine. With this option toggled, the player will no longer recieve Ore from Mining,
  1787. they will recieve Bars already smelted from the Mining rock. This option will cost noted Ore to be toggled on/off. The
  1788. amount of Ore required will be based on the player's total Mining experience. The more Mining experience they have
  1789. in the Skill, the less noted Ore is required to toggle the option. At over 75,000,000 Mining experiece, the toggle
  1790. will be free. ALSO: Dragon Ore, Bars and Smithing.
  1793. Thieiving: Thieiving is usually the same boring thing, you get the level, and you move on to a new N.P.C. which gives
  1794. you a miniscule amount of Coins. You are now able to thieve from any N.P.C. at level 1, It's no longer based on level.
  1795. Instead, you are told the chance of success you have to pickpocket the N.P.C. based on several factors, including
  1796. your Thieiving level, equipment worn (certain pieces of equipment such as Rogue sets increase success rates), and
  1797. more. The higher the level the N.P.C. is, the greater chance of higher loot rewards you recieve. You must be a certain
  1798. level to be able to have a chance to pickpocket certain things. For example, you must reach level 70 Thieiving before
  1799. you have a chance to be able to thieve Gilded armor. There will be perks and certain items that are very useful for this
  1800. skill, like there are and will be for all of the other skills. For instance, at level 55, you may obtain Flash Powder
  1801. via the Thieving Skill Exchange (accessed by speaking with the Skillcape Master of the Skill). This Flash Powder can
  1802. be bought with Thieiving Points, Coins, ect. The purpose of the Flash Powder, is, when you are caught pickpocketing
  1803. from a N.P.C. you are stunned for longer than usual, this is to help balance out the Time V.S. Reward factors. Flash
  1804. Powder can be used to escape the stun completely, and be ready to pickpocket again as soon as you use the Powder.
  1805. However, you will soon run out of Flash Powder, as they are deleted upon use. Eventually all N.P.C. except for Bosses
  1806. and Mini-Bosses will be able to be pickpocketed. Skillcape Masters will also have the Pickpocket option. When the
  1807. player is caught - the Skillcape Masters will retaliate with an attack according to their Skillcape mastery.
  1808. For instance: a player caught pickpocketing the Attack Skillcape Master, he will launch
  1809. a boulder at the player, knocking the player back 5 spaces and doing damage. The Firemaking Skillcape Master will
  1810. use Firemaking against you. He lights a player where the player is standing when caught, if there is already an
  1811. existing fire where the player is standing, another one will not be lit. The lit fire does damage to the player until
  1812. it de-spawns to ashes. Rare items will also be able to be stolen. The level required is 95, and the Skill's Experience
  1813. rate is x2 RuneScape's rate. The chance of receiving a Rare item from Thieiving is equal to the chance of receiving
  1814. a 3rd Age item on RuneScape. You can unlock the Rogue equipment set that increases your chance to thieve successfully
  1815. with each piece unlocked by playing the Rogue Den Minigame.
  1820. Skilling: Skilling is usually not a good way to become rich on a server.Skills will have their own Costumes! You will be able to wear to
  1821. gain more resources from the skill. They will also increase Experience gained and how quickly you are able to Skill.
  1822. All Skills also have misc. items that increase Experience gained in the skill that can be purchased via Skill points
  1823. (based on the skill). For example, you can speak to the Mining Master with the Skillcape to bring up the Skill Exchange
  1824. for mining. When you mine or perform ANY Skill, you gain Skill Points for that skill. This is the currency for the Skill
  1825. Exchanges. There will be 3 types of reward collums on the Exchange interface. The first will be 6 assorted costume,
  1826. armor ranging from Iron to Dragon, and everything in between. The Costumes will make you a better Skiller of course.
  1827. The second collum will contain 6 high level skill items. The third will contain 6 random prizes such as a pet. ALL
  1828. of the Collum prizes refresh, meaning every hour, all of the current items in the collums will be replaced with
  1829. completely new items.
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