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Oct 23rd, 2019
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  2. I know this will sound stupid and ignorant. But why hasn't anyone made a port of Glide 64 for more modern graphics cards?
  4. The current state uses a rather un-needed "wrapper" that basically emulates the graphics card (I think). Is there really a point of making it run the best on out-dated Voodoo cards? Even more stupid is that a computer old enough to use a Voodoo card would probably not even be able to run Glide 64. This "wrapper" built logic can make any game running glide 64 run slow, even on a gaming-PC tank. The worst is when the framebuffer is set on to read every frame (Which some games need). Good luck getting any decent frame-rate on that.
  6. Heck, the whole logic behind Glide 64's functioning is black Voodoo magic. It needs to be shot with the Golden Gun a couple times before it comes back.
  8. So. Why even build it with dated Voodoo cards in mind? IMO. The creator of Glide 64 should allow someone to port it to more modern graphics cards without the black-magic wrapper.
  10. And yes, I know more "modern" graphics plugins are being made. But you might as well have a couple-thousand dollar computer to run a game at 30 FPS, am I right? The requirements needed are un-needed and insane. Especially when you look back at Project 64 1.6's default graphic plugin. It ran pretty dang good, even on a netbook. All it really needed is some new features and improvements, and you'd have a pretty well-made plugin.
  12. But no, we gotta do things the backwards way. Rather than building off a decent foundation, we tear it apart for something more stubborn and slow.
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