In Time (Starlight/Anon) [RGRE] (smut)

Dec 26th, 2018
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  1. > Be Starlight Glimmer, relapsing
  2. > The first time was an accident
  4. > Twilight and Spike are off on some business at Canterlot, and you sort of let your guard down
  5. > It's not like it's wrong to masturbate to anatomical illustrations in Twilight's study
  6. > You have a towel, nothing would get damaged
  7. > But as you get into it, you sort of zone out, your vision narrowing to the exquisitely drawn dragon cock before you
  8. > Your horn glows as you alter the cornu voluptatis spell to match
  9. > Suddenly, you hear the door open
  10. > "Hel-"
  11. > You admit, you panick
  12. > You blitz through the formula, your already charged horn casting the spell nigh instantaneously
  13. > Time
  14. > Stops
  15. > You whirl to face the door
  16. > Anon stands frozen, staring at you
  17. > You take a few steps towards him in the absolute silence
  18. > He stares at where you were, and you breath a sigh of relief
  19. > Thank the stars, it worked
  20. > You levitate the towel into your saddlebags, and close the anatomy book
  21. > Just glancing at the illustration as you close it makes your marehood ache
  22. > You check on Anon, still frozen
  23. > You pause to admire the bulge in his pants
  24. > You know what he told Twilight, but part of you wonders if he's always this lewd because he loves teasing mares
  25. > You stare at it, mouth watering a little
  26. > No, you shouldn't do this, even if nopony will know
  27. > Nopony will know
  28. > Your thighs rub together
  29. > You are a bad pony
  30. > You lean forward and gently press your snout against the fabric covering his bulge
  31. > His musky scent sets your body tingling and your tail lashing back and forth
  32. > You pant, inhaling his scent
  33. > You can practically taste him
  34. > With a shudder, you pull yourself away and gallop to the bathroom
  35. > In the stopped time, you plunge your magic into your pussy again and again
  36. > Perhaps to punish yourself for your transgression against Anon, you abandon subtlety
  37. > The spell loses all realism and morphs into a writhing, bumpy mass of vibrating ether
  38. > You cum in less than a minute, your juices splashing into the toilet below
  39. > You sigh, feeling dirtier than you have ever felt
  40. > Anon must never know
  41. > You clean up after yourself quickly, and trot back to where you were
  42. > You browse for a book on magic theory, and sit down under Anon's frozen gaze
  43. > Your stomach flips a little at how helpless he is right now
  44. > Imagine if you shared this spell with some mare, they would be a menace to stallions everywhere
  45. > No, you need to keep this a secret as well
  46. > You cancel the spell, and Anon blinks
  47. > "-lo Starlight, have you seen Twilight anywhere?"
  48. > You blink, then smile politely
  49. "I'm afraid not. Have you tried checking the market? I think we may be low on eggs, so she probably went to get some."
  50. > Anon grins at you
  51. > "Thanks, I'll try there next."
  52. > Cute
  54. > Each time afterward...
  55. > He was about to drop a carton of eggs, no reason why you should let them go to waste
  56. > And you only sniffed him a little bit, a small reward for a small favor
  58. > Anon pranked you with whipped cream on your hoof and tickling your snout while you were sleeping
  59. > You had to pay him back somehow
  60. > That was the first time you touched him
  61. > Your hoof on those thicc, foalchasing thighs
  62. > He never understood why you didn't get mad at all, but there is no way you would tell him why
  64. > Then there is today
  65. > Thorax dragged you off to the hive, ostensibly to help choose colors for the interior
  66. > He spends hours agonizing and ignoring your every suggestion before ending up with dark green and black
  67. > Still, he thanked you sweetly afterward, and you guess you were a good friend to him
  68. > You barely got enough time to eat lunch when Trixie barreled into your room
  69. > Apparently the Flim Flam brothers asked her out
  70. > Both of them
  71. > How can Trixie be such an utter Trixie?
  72. > And why did she have to sing about it?
  73. > By the time she left, you wanted nothing more than to veg out on the couch with a good book
  75. > And that is exactly what you do
  76. > It is some silly romance novel, about a butler being taken advantage of by his mistress and a visiting duchess
  77. > You are just getting to the part where the duchess has him "massage" her teats when you hear Anon talk to you
  78. > "Hey, sorry to bother you, but would you mind levitating some furniture while I sweep?"
  79. > You mark your place and look up
  80. > He is smiling apologetically
  81. > Your mind catches up with your ears, and you sigh
  82. "Sure, where do you want to start?"
  83. > Anon beams at you
  84. > "Thanks so much. I'll start over in that corner, if you could get the cabinet?"
  85. > You watch him work, the gentle sway of his lithe figure, the subtle flexing of his rump as he twists and turns
  86. > Not to mention the appeal of watching a janefilly doing something so domestic
  87. > You feel your stress transmute into a low level arousal
  88. > You watch him as he cleans the entire sitting room
  89. > By the time he puts the broom and dustpan away, you are pretty wet
  90. > He flops down on the couch, splayed in such a defenseless way
  91. > "Ugh, this castle is way too fucking big."
  92. > You smirk
  93. "Maybe you should let the staff do all the cleaning."
  94. > Anon snorts
  95. > "No, I gotta pay you all back somehow. Besides, it's Feather Duster's birthday, she should get the day off."
  96. > How sweet
  97. > You can't take your eyes off his prominently displayed crotch
  98. > He rolls his head to look at you, and you look up at his relaxed smile
  99. > "Oh, and thanks for the help. Makes things go a lot quicker."
  100. "My pleasure."
  101. > As you levitate your novel towards the coffee table, you secretly set up the time stop
  102. > The book hits the table with a muted thump, and everything freezes
  103. > You deserve a reward, after everything
  104. > You slide off the couch and trot over between his legs
  105. > You can smell the subtle tang of his sweat, and his musk is unusually strong
  106. > Your heart pounds as you sit down between his feet and lay your head down
  107. > You can feel the soft lump of his flaccid member against your cheek, his scent filling your nose
  108. > It is hard to think over your blazing hot arousal
  109. > You pant, climbing up his torso, dragging your tuft against his belly and chest
  110. > You sit in his lap, nuzzling his neck and rocking your hips gently
  111. > You really shouldn't be doing this
  112. > But it's too late now
  113. > You pull back slightly, staring at his frozen face
  114. > You lick your lips
  115. > Then you peck him on the lips
  116. > A thrill runs through you, pure pleasure lightly seasoned with guilt
  117. > You press your lips against his for longer, savoring his warmth
  118. > You should stop, stop before you go too far
  119. > You stare at his lazy grin
  120. "Tell me to stop, Anonymous. Tell me now."
  121. > Of course he doesn't say anything, he can't
  122. > But that smile
  123. > It's like permission
  124. > You lick his cheek
  125. > Delicious
  126. > You lick his lips
  127. > Delectable
  128. > You can no longer restrain yourself, and lock lips with him again
  129. > Your tongue presses past his lips, only to meet his teeth only slightly parted
  130. > Your magic pulls on his chin, and you have full access
  131. > Your tongue pushes and plays with his limp tongue
  132. > You taste him, your saliva mixing with his, your hips grinding your wet snatch against his crotch
  133. > It's a shame he can't get an erection while frozen in time, but he still has enough for you to rub against
  134. > You eventually break the kiss, and pull back to admire your hoofywork
  135. > Anon's mouth gapes open, your spit trailing down his chin, his cheek glistening where you licked him
  136. > You feel some indescribable feeling well up within you, and you kiss him again and again, licking all over his face and neck
  137. > You giggle
  138. "I've marked you, now you're mine."
  139. > You feel high
  140. > You feel sweltering between your legs, a need to mark him in an entirely different way
  141. > You climb off of Anon and seize his pants in your magic
  142. > They slide off, his boxers coming along too
  143. > At last, you see his dick in all its glory
  144. > Well, not all of its glory
  145. > It's not erect, but that just makes it cute
  146. > You take it into your mouth, sucking on his cock, tasting it utterly and completely
  147. > It's a strange flavor, but you think you can grow to like it, especially with your muzzle buried in his pubic hair
  148. > His musk is overpowering, telling your body primal truths
  149. > You need him inside you
  150. > You let his stallionhood fall from your mouth and scramble up onto his lap
  151. > Your magic finds his limp member, and guides it easily
  152. > You nearly have a heart attack as his dick slips between your well-lubricated lips
  153. > You moan, not from any feeling of intense stimulation, but from the mere knowledge that his cock is inside of you
  154. > You lose yourself to your instincts, grinding your clit against his waist, clenching muscles around the soft rod in your pussy
  155. > You magic his hands onto your hips, holding you there as you drench his crotch in your marecum
  156. > Kiss him again and again, whimpering in pleasure
  157. > Your breathing comes in gasps as you hump him, your clit sending waves of pleasure throughout your body
  158. > You push one of his fingers into your asshole, and immediately fall apart
  159. > Your thighs clench around him as you ride out your orgasm, moaning and whining in animal ecstasy
  160. > You slump against him, slowly catching your breath
  161. > As your sweaty body cools, you come to your senses
  162. > Oh no
  163. > You stare at his damp shirt and his glistening crotch
  164. > You get to your hooves, his cock sliding out of you
  165. > Okay, don't panic, you have all the time in the world
  166. > What do you need to do?
  167. > You glance over at his pants on the floor, which are also soiled from your proactive masturbation session
  168. "Okay, we can fix this, we just need to replace everything."
  169. > You take his Anon's clothes off and gallop towards his room
  170. > You rifle through his dresser and find pants and boxers of the same color
  171. > Unfortunately, he doesn't have a duplicate of his shirt, but that one is close enough that it should be fine, right?
  172. > You head down to the laundry room and stuff the soiled clothes in the middle of the pile of dirty clothes
  173. > Never have you been so glad that Anon isn't colty enough to do his own laundry
  174. > Coming back to the sitting room, you are hit with the pungent odor of your cum
  175. > Right
  176. > Wet towels with scented soap, and switching out the couch cushion for another in an unused guest room
  177. > That's everything, right?
  178. > You climb up onto the couch and settle back into your spot
  179. > Then you see his face, still covered in your saliva
  180. >...
  181. > That taken care of, you silently apologize to the cleaning staff and end the time spell
  182. > Anon blinks, his jaw fidgeting a little
  183. > Oh no
  184. > Does he still taste you from when you kissed him?
  185. > "You're a good mare, Starlight."
  186. > He then rolls his head to face the ceiling and sighs happily
  187. > Meanwhile, your stomach churns with guilt
  188. > You took advantage of this poor, sweet human, and he has no idea how thoroughly you've violated him
  189. > You are the worst
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