Oct 2nd, 2012
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  1. Katawa Shoujo Android port
  3. I didn't have time to work on this at all since I've released v7.
  4. Sincere apologies to anyone who sent an email and didn't receive a response.
  6. I tried to keep up for a while but I spent too much time troubleshooting problems
  7. for people only to find out that they've put the files in the wrong folder.
  8. (I'd sometimes receive a couple emails each day)
  9. Not to mention those which would just plain ask why it doesn't work on their
  10. device with 240x320 resolution and 256MB RAM.
  11. Well, I guess I can't blame them, there are no minimum requirements listed.
  13. I appreciate all messages of support. I would've stopped updating this quite
  14. a while ago if it weren't for the demand.
  16. There is probably going to be at least one new version released because the
  17. last one has quite a serious bug.
  18. When? No idea...
  20. The latest version is v7, last updated on 23 January 2014
  22. Instructions:
  23. - Download the Android package (.apk) and expansion data file (.obb) from the links in the Downloads section
  24. - Copy both files to your phone using a usb cable, bluetooth, etc. or just download them straight to your phone.
  25. - Install the apk using any Android file manager.
  26. (If the installation fails, make sure "Unknown sources" is checked in your device's security settings)
  27. - Copy the obb file to /Android/obb/vn.katawashoujo/ on your external storage device,
  28. usually an SD Card. Create the folders if they don't exists. Delete obb files from previous versions.
  29. (If you don't copy the obb file or if you copy it to the wrong location you will be greeted with the message
  30. saying "Download failed because the resources could not be found" when you launch KS)
  31. - That's it, launch KS
  33. (For earlier versions only monolithic apks are available, there is no obb file)
  36. Downloads: (Last update: 23 January 2014)
  37. Latest version: (apk)
  38. (obb)
  40. Older versions: (Dev-Host
  41. (Dev-Host
  44. (Dev-Host
  45. (Dev-Host
  47. (Dev-Host)
  48. Here's a one-piece version (334MB in a single apk) for those who had problems
  49. with the obb expansion file.
  52. (Dev-Host)
  53. (Dev-Host, use only if your device has less
  54. than 512MB of RAM and/or Katawa Shoujo is
  55. randomly force-closing.)
  57. (Dev-Host)
  59. (Dev-Host, no waiting, captchas and similar annoyances,
  60. why didn't I know about it before?)
  61. (Multiupload, multi-annoyances)
  63. (Dropbox)
  65. You will maybe lose your progress when you update.
  66. If you are unable to save your game after updating you will have to clear the app's
  67. data from the settings menu. (this only happened in old versions)
  69. Differences from the PC version:
  70. What works:
  71. - The text and the script
  72. - Backgrounds and characters
  73. - Particles (e.g. snow)
  74. - Sound effects
  75. - Music
  76. - Saving and loading
  77. - Transitions (as of 12 June 2013)
  78. - Videos between acts (as of 18 December 2013)
  79. What doesn't:
  80. - Everything works (Fuck yeah!)
  82. Changelog and bugs:
  84. Here "crash" actually means "exception screen with an ignore button".
  86. v7 - known bugs:
  87. - The note window, see below
  88. - The ending credits don't work, will be fixed in the next version
  89. - fixes:
  90. - Fixed the black screen issue with v6 on some devices.
  91. - changes:
  92. - Added a link to this pastebin on the splash screen due to an increasing number
  93. of reuploads which do not link here.
  95. v6 - known bugs:
  96. - KS hangs on a black screen on some devices after the loading screen
  97. I am investigating the issue and will make an update as soon as possible
  98. - The note window, see below
  99. - fixes:
  100. - All videos now work e.g. route introductions, passing of time sequences etc.
  101. - changes:
  102. - Now includes all the content from Katawa Shoujo 1.1
  103. - The game now uses /Android/data/vn.katawashoujo/files/saves on your external storage
  104. as the save location.
  105. - The save states are NOT compatible with the PC version. The persistance file is.
  106. The persistance file is what holds your progress info, completion percentage, library
  107. and gallery unlock status.
  108. - All your saves and the persistance data will be copied over to the new location the
  109. next time you start KSv6 if you installed it over an older version.
  110. If you try to load an incompatible save, it will crash the game.
  112. v5 - known bugs:
  113. - The note window, it seems to actually be a problem in Ren'Py
  114. - fixes:
  115. - All transitions work now
  117. A lot of bugs that I had to work around have been fixed in Ren'Py itself so this version is made
  118. completely from scratch. Let me know if there are any bugs I missed.
  120. v4 - known bugs:
  121. - The note window, see v2
  122. - fixes:
  123. - Fixed the crash that happened at the end of each route.
  124. Seems like 4LS considered the fact that they might want to make a related project as some point
  125. and used "multipersistent storage". Basically, it allows two different Ren'Py games to share
  126. progress information.
  127. From what I understand, it just notes which ends you have seen but no information is ever
  128. read from the file.
  129. Since Ren'Py for Android doesn't have multipersistent storage implemented yet I have just
  130. removed it from the script.
  132. v3 - known bugs:
  133. - The note window, see v2
  134. - A crash possibly related to saving some information after finishing a route has been reported.
  135. I am yet to look into it.
  136. - fixes:
  137. - Fix for the "JPEG loading error" that was occurring on some devices (awaiting feedback! -> FIXED)
  138. - Fixed two bugs in Shizune's route related to the "[" character and double-speak.
  140. v2 - known bugs:
  141. - The note window (e.g. the note from Hisao's mom and dad) doesn't show up if the background
  142. is set to tile. Instead I've set it to stretch for the time being. The text doesn't strictly
  143. follow the horizontal lines on the note anymore but it doesn't look bad.
  144. This is also present in v1.
  145. If anyone reading this has any experience with Ren'Py, let me know.
  146. - Emi-knockdown and Shizune-Lilly-showdown scenes have been reported to cause an exception
  147. (JPEG loading error) on Android 4.1.1 (clicking on "Ignore" skips a few lines but you can continue)
  148. I haven't been able to reproduce the issue on my Android 4.0.4 device.
  149. - fixes:
  150. - Fixed the credits screen crash
  151. - Hopefully fixed all crashes related to character transitions (if you encounter any, email me)
  153. v1 - known bugs:
  154. - On a couple of points in the game you'll get an "An exception has occurred" screen with a bunch
  155. of technical information. Just click on "Ignore" and you're good to go.
  156. - The credits on the end will keep throwing exceptions and you can't really continue no matter how
  157. many times you click on "Ignore"
  159. Feel free to send bug reports to:
  160. When sending a crash report, please include the .txt files from /Android/data/vn.katawashoujo/files
  161. If possible, include the system log. You can access it with apps such at CatLog (root required for Android 4.1+)
  162. The log should be saved just moments after the crash happens.
  165. FAQ (Last change: 18 December 2013):
  167. Q: It hangs at the loading screen. What do I do?
  168. A: It will take a while to load, especially if it's an older phone, give it a minute or two.
  170. Q: It crashes at the loading screen! What is this shit?
  171. A: Are you using CyanogenMod? If so, there seems to be a bug in CM which causes an error. Try sending a bug report to CM devs.
  172. Someone made a bug report for it here:
  174. Q: Where are the save files located?
  175. A: v6+: /Android/data/vn.katawashoujo/files/saves on your external storage
  176. v1-5: /data/data/vn.katawashoujo/files/saves but you can't access them without rooting your phone.
  178. Q: Can I use the save files from the PC version?
  179. A: You can't use the save files but you can use the persistance file. See the changelog for v6 for more info.
  180. Old answer: No, they are incompatible due to differences between the Ren'Py versions.
  181. What you can do is tick "Skip unread text" in the options menu (something that a surprisingly large amount of people don't know about),
  182. enter skip mode and just skip through everything you've already read.
  183. KS on Android is using a much more recent version of Ren'Py so skip mode is a lot faster than on PC.
  184. Old answer 2: Save files from KS 1.1 on Linux and OSX might be compatible but I haven't tested that.
  186. Q: Are you from Indonesia?
  187. A: No. A link to this paste has appeared on what seems to be a popular Indonesian forum.
  188. KSG threads on 4chan are the only place where I posted the link myself.
  190. Q: How can I contact you?
  191. A: Send an email to
  195. History...
  196. This was previously a paste containing a Python script that operated on the Windows version
  197. of Katawa Shoujo and compiled it into an Android package.
  198. It was designed to avoid the complications of the Creative Commons license which forbids
  199. distributing derivative works. However after I saw how many bugs were introduced by the
  200. incompatibility between the different versions of Ren'Py I decided to drop that idea and
  201. just upload compiled versions here.
  202. If anyone is interested in changes that are required, drop me a note here:
  203. For historical reasons the script is now available here:
  206. -In reply to an anonymous email from Dave U. Random <>
  207. Creating an app to export the save files would be impossible without giving the app root
  208. access because of how Android works. A user with root access can use any file manager
  209. to copy the files to another location. (See the FAQ for the location of save files)
  210. Another option would be to modify Ren'Py's saving mechanism to save the files to another
  211. location but I'd rather not go that far.
  212. Please notify me when you've read this.
  215. -In reply to an anonymous email from Anonymous <> signed: NotReallyDave
  216. I hope I have fulfilled your request with the change made to the latest version.
  218. What happened is that the latest Ren'Py uses external storage as the preferred
  219. location for save files unless there are already some in other locations.
  220. I have modified it to move the existing saves to the new location.
  222. >I'm sending it once more, in case it landed where it shouldn't
  223. I received a total of two emails from you. One probably did land where it shouldn't.
  225. >Also, Android video support? Awesome, are we missing anything else to enjoy it fully?
  226. No, it think that's it.
  230. In reply to anonymous emails signed: NotReallyDave
  231. >Also, if you wish to contact me through other means, maybe you've got *************?
  232. I do but I'm not going to write it down here for obvious reasons.
  233. Feel free to email me yours but I don't think that's necessary.
  235. >Still, my mission has not been accomplished yet. It didn't actually convert existing saves.
  236. You did run KS, right? Did you check the location mentioned in the updated FAQ answer regarding saves?
  238. >it did not start on Xperia SP on Android 4.1.2 (hangs after loading splash image, as you said)
  239. Try v7.
  241. >This device also has funny way of storing your app data, because I need to put obb file in limited internal storage (what is 5GB nowadays...).
  242. I don't really understand this. You mean that its external storage directory doesn't reside on an external removable device (such as an sdcard) but on device's internal memory? That's normal.
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