Lich Earplay

Sep 24th, 2015
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  1. >Sitting with your new lich waifu in the library one day
  2. >You're sitting on a couch, reading an interesting book on the nature of magic and the soul
  3. >The lich is over at a table, scribbling silently into a tome while several other magically controlled quills go to work on the papers suspended in the air
  4. >Get up to a particularly interesting section about soul healing and expenditure
  5. >Suddenly, the lich sets down her ink pot, the gentle clinking sound echoing in the vast library like the drop of a pin
  6. >You lower your book and look over at her. "Something wrong?"
  7. >"Sorry," she says. "I should not have snapped like that."
  8. >"What's got you so angry?" you ask
  9. >"An impasse."
  10. >You think for a second, realising that she's referring to her studies, directing her frustration at the book before her with a bored stare
  11. >Her eyes remain fixed on that book as you set down yours, walking over to you
  12. >Her only reaction is to raise her hand, ready to cup your cheek as you hug her from behind, nuzzling her unmoving face
  13. >"Want to take a break?"
  14. >Her hand is like a cool breeze against your cheek, just chill enough to excite the nerves without being uncomfortable. "Yes. Another avenue of study will clear my mind."
  15. >"Uh, that wasn't really what I meant. I meant why not take a little break from study alltogether? Just for a little bit. Hm?"
  16. >It takes her a good ten seconds to until she next speaks. And when she does, her words take you entirely off guard. "Do you have fetishes?"
  17. >"What? Fetishes, what do you mean?" you ask, still processing the question
  18. >She turns toward you slightly, gazing at you with those calm, amethyst eyes, magical engery visible in the currents behind her irises "Fetishes. Do you have any?"
  19. >"Huh, umm, well, I suppose I like the idea of ear play. But that's really more just a fantasy!" you hastily say. "It's not- I really don't mind if we don't-"
  20. >"Ear play," the lich says. She tilts her head, soft snowy-purple hair rubbing against your shoulder. "Elaborate."
  22. >"Well, it's erotic stuff to do with the ear. Things like sensual whispering and stimulation with delicate touches and certain noises." Her silence spurs you on. "Stuff like kissing the ear lobes, gentle blowing, ear cleaning, that sort of thing."
  23. >The lich still remains silent, even after the conclusion of your explanation
  24. >When you try to get a response out of her, she steps away out of your arms, turns and looks at you
  25. >"Excuse me. I have other studying to do." On her last word, an unfelt breeze makes her hair and robe billow
  26. >Her feet leave the ground, and she drifts off into the rest of the library, ascending to the higher shelves and turning a corner without another word
  27. >You're left alone without warning, wondering just what might be going through her head
  28. >Did you repel her with your ear play thing?
  29. >Did she just get bored?
  30. >Either way, you don't see her coming back
  31. >Exsaperated, you leave the library with your book, deciding to putz around the sanctum for the rest of the day
  32. >At the end of the day, you head up to bed, finding in unoccupied
  33. >No surprise there. Liches didn't really need sleep. For her, it was more of a way to very effectively regenerate her powers, or spend more time with you
  34. >Sometimes you'd wake up to find her staring at you, having stayed awake watching you throughout the entire night
  35. >You slip into bed, the few candles about you illumanting the warmly-furnished room with a dim, golden-amber glow
  36. >Time passes, but you don't feel yourself getting any sleepier, your mind still filled with racing, uncontrolled thoughts
  37. >You would've passed it off as an effect of the lich's magic and blessing upon you, but you know it's more because you're wondering just what the hell she might be doing
  38. >Jumping out of bed, you wonder back down through staircases, hallways and rooms until you enter back into the library
  40. >When you make your way back to the library, you find it almost the same as the way you left it
  41. >Silent, and apparently utterly deserted
  42. >You call out to your lich waifu, voice echoing uncomfortably
  43. >Ten seconds
  44. >Twenty seconds
  45. >Still no answer
  46. >Sighing, you look over at the table she was once working at
  47. >Or rather, the two tables
  48. >Some time since you were gone, a second table was added a few feet away from the first, both still covered in books and reams of paperwork
  49. >You look over at the first
  50. >It's been untouched, incomprehensible diagrams and runes staring back blankly at you from the papers
  51. >You walk over to the second, and find the myriad books' and papers' contents much easier to understand
  52. >Anatomical diagrams of the head, nerve diagrams, studies on sounds and vibrations
  53. >Well, it's not hard to see where this is going
  54. >Smiling, you see no point to staying in the library any longer, seeing as how she doesn't actually seems to be here
  55. >You make your way back to bed, content that you at least know what she's studying this time around
  56. >The candles are dimmer as you slink back under the thick, warm covers
  57. >They've probably got just an hour left before the wick burns out
  58. >Closing your eyes, you let out a breath and snuggle up to nothing...
  59. >Then, through closed eyelids, the room suddenly becomes infinitely darker
  61. >Your eyes fly open, but there's nothing for them to focus on, and even after seconds, no sign of them adjusting to the lesser light
  62. >It's pitch black in a literal sense
  63. >Not a natural darkness, then
  64. >You call out to the lich questioningly
  65. >In her own sanctum, this magic could only be her work, or the work of her thralls, so it's nothing to actually fear
  66. >But the lack of any response unsettles you nevertheless
  67. >You make a move to get up, but your body simply doesn't move
  68. >You're not numb, but it's like sleep paralysis: some fundamental disconnect between your brain, and every muscle in your body
  69. >You call her name again in a hushed tone, trapped, unable to move, yet pinned down by no physical force
  70. >Suddenly, you feel a weight settle on your waist, above the covers
  71. >It's that telltale feeling, the weight of something alive
  72. >Or at least, alive in just a particular sence
  73. >That shifting weight settles upon your waist, and you feel two more points of pressure upon your chest
  74. >Hands, slowly laid down upon you to take the weight of their owner as she ceases her levitation
  75. >Those hands slowly, deliberately pad one after the other upon your chest, higher and higher, until you feel them press into the pillow on either side of your head
  76. >You can feel control of your body return to you, but you dare not move an inch as the silence above you climbs up your body
  77. >You can't see, but she's right there, undead and unbreathing, not even a heartbeat to betray her presence
  78. >But you can feel her pressure. Not so much a living presence, but a fantastic, magical compulsion that feels like some sentient electrical charge, setting your hairs on end
  79. >When she eventually settles down atop you, you sigh
  80. >Her perfectly lithe body, her breasts, her entire weight upon you
  81. >Only then does she speak, uttering your name once
  82. >It cuts through the darkness and silence like a finger slicing cleanly through a body of water, a whisper that tantalises you with sound alone
  84. >Of course, she never speaks much
  85. >And even when she does, it's with brevity, barely above a whisper
  86. >One might think that having spoken so little, her voice wouldn't be that appealing
  87. >How wrong they'd be
  88. >"Is this desirable, husband?" she whispers, and god, is it more than desirable
  89. >Her whisper is refined to perfection, she doesn't even need to try to put the stresses on all the right syllables
  90. >Without your sight, her curiously unheated presence and subdued, divine voice are your entire world
  91. >You can't hear breathing. After all, why would you?
  92. >So you have no warning for when she speaks again, millimetres from your right ear, your body tensing and melting with simultaneous shivers
  93. >"I did some reading, Love." She ennunciates each word with crystal clarity, making sure to put extra, breathy emphasis on the "Love".
  94. >"You probably saw." Oh god, the way she draws out every word.
  95. >You can hear your heart pumping in you ears, breathing going out of control
  96. >She's pressing your buttons like she's known how to do this for years
  97. >A second jolt passes through your body like a lightning bolt when something cold and soft clamps down upon your earlobe
  98. >Her lips, as delicate as snow, begin to knead and kiss as if it was your own mouth she's working upon, the wet snap and pop of saliva as she opens her mouth filling your head with overpowering feelings
  99. >Slowly, under her weight, against the warm, heavy covers, you feel yourself stiffen down there
  100. >She licks and sucks, wetting the lobes and ridges of your ear in small, seperate strokes, and kissing them dry again
  102. >Her weight shifts suddenly, your ear exposed to the air as her cool lips move away
  103. >The covers rustle gently as she moves, and you know, even if you can't sense, that's she's making her way to your left ear
  104. >But even then, you still feel that sudden electric tingle, as she blows a slow, ticklish breath deep into the inner parts of it
  105. >It's like she's imbued some pleasure magic into the air, letting it flow as far into your head as possible
  106. >She keeps blowing, sometimes in short breaths of near-chilling exhalation, sometimes in long, impossibly long drafts
  107. >They pass over the top of your ear, drifting onto your antihelix, inside the ridge, before lowering even further, hitting that sweet spot as your canal is stimulated
  108. >After some time, her hand joins in on the fun, two fingertips at a time passing over your auricle in tantalising little tickles, the dull sound of ther rubbing reverberating in your skull
  109. >She whispers your name again, like a command to bring every nerve in your body to attention
  110. >But her breathing stops, and when she next speaks, it's from above, as she sits atop you
  111. >"Earplay commonly involves talking?"
  112. >"Yeah," you say, shuffling around as she sits just millimetres above your erection
  113. >Silence
  114. >Then: "I'm unsure of what to say."
  115. >Oh. You blink in the darkness. Should've seen that one coming.
  116. >You reach over, and find her hand making a dent in the mattress as she leans on it
  117. >She opens up to your touch, lacing fingers between yours, all the way down to the knuckle, holding tightly
  118. >"Just say whatever you want," you tell her. "Whatever comes to mind, and whatever you think might be erotic, or sound nice."
  119. >"I see."
  120. >After a pause, she shifts her weight back down on you, and suddenly your world closes in again
  122. >You start in suprise as, in the next moment, the bed seems to suddenly fall away from you
  123. >Your bedcovers disappear the next second, but you don't feel yourself drop
  124. >Instead, you remain exactly as you were before, only with the lich's refreshingly cold, entirely naked body sitting atop yours
  125. >Maybe you're suspended on a bed of magic, maybe you're floating feet above your own, or maybe the lich had transported the two of you to her own, empty dimension entirely
  126. >You don't know, nor do you care
  127. >All you care about is the feeling of her body, luxuriously and gracefully slide over yours, until she hugs your right side, legs wrapped around your waist, hand pinned by her pelvis
  128. >"In that case," her dulcet monotone begins, inches from your ear. "I hope this satisfies"
  129. >Every "h" is a huff of air against your tender skin, every "s" a seductive hiss
  130. >At one point, her hand finds its way to your chest
  131. >You tense at the feel of a single fingernail, gently tracing around your pectorals, drawing slow figure-eights upon your skin
  132. >All to distract you as she moves so closely upon your ear, her lips brush against it with every sound and movement she makes
  133. >Not a millimetre of space seperates, and yet her voice is as soft as her own body, cuddled against you
  134. >It only makes it more intimate when she speaks, the shivery sensations only assaulting you harder
  135. >"It's been a long time since I ever spoke so much, in such a short span."
  136. >'God, please don't stop now' you think, urging her onwards
  137. >"Aural stimulation." She draws it out so subtly, almost as if she doesn't even intend to. Stim-u-la-tion.
  138. >"Ways to give you pleasure I didn't even know existed." Her lips are a feather touch against your skin, an erotic herald to the heavenly sounds she's filling your mind with, making your member twitch to every little shiver she allows you
  141. >"You know how long I've been alive." She unwraps her other arm from yours, and its touch dissapears into the darkness
  142. >Before her hand descends upon her head
  143. >You melt like butter under her touch almost instantly, the way she strokes your hair and massages your scalp, so deeply and gently
  144. >And still she continues, laying pleasure of three kinds entirely upon your chest, ear and head. "Yet," the lich whispers, "There's few times I've been this nervous."
  145. >Her voice betrays no hint of it, but it makes sense. An entirely new way of giving pleasure, using one's voice, a tool she almost never employs
  146. >"You're doing perfectly," you say, toes curling, erection begining to cross territory over into the "raging" category
  147. >"I'm glad," she replies, tone unchanging. "Because..." She pauses, drawing out the word and adding inflection to it as she's never done before.
  148. >"I..." The word settles upon your mind like a silk shroud, wrapping it up and staying there, as a curious tingling begins at the base of your shaft
  149. >"Love..." She takes her time, teasing you, withholding each letter as long as she can, while that pleasant warm pressure begins to climb up your member
  150. >"You." The third silk shroud falls, and your thoughts with it, as if she's cast some hypnotic spell on you
  152. >It's so hard to hold a thought, like a mist clouding your thoughts
  153. >All you can focus on are the sensations, the way her words imprint on your mind
  154. >And of course, the little, gel-like bubble of magic growing and seeping along every inch of your hot, sensitive shaft
  155. >It pulses with every movement and sound the lich makes, a spell tied intimately to her own being
  156. >"That's why I'll make this as pleasurable as possible." Her voice takes on an odd, captivating rhythm as she continues
  157. >Still as emotionless and collected on the surface as always, but surging beneath with hundreds of years of lust and love to give
  158. >"Are you enjoying it?" Even if you could see, you know her face wouldn't betray a hint of the devious smirk painted on her mind
  159. >"My voice is your pleasure," she says, some magical power subtly slipping into her voice, enhancing every aspect of it
  160. >You've had her pleasure your soul before, but her voice now is like an angel's chorus, vibrating against it directly, more beautiful than any earthly music
  161. >"When I say it, you will cum." It's a command, an incantation she's casting upon you, to bring your attention back down to your crotch
  162. >The bubble feels hot and alive, a sharp contrast to her body, pressed lovingly against yours
  163. >It milks and builds up a slow pleasure, deeper and more fulfilling than even the physical sensation of sex
  164. >And as it builds up, the lich begins her blissful assault on you in earnest
  166. >Softness and wetness wraps around your right ear, starting at your lobe, and curling up and around in a in a slow crescent
  167. >She sucks and kisses enough to make a succumbs blush, working with such fervour that even a few involuntary moans quiver into your ears
  168. >It's enough to make you think she's become an entirely separate person, but when she speaks, she remains just as calm as always
  169. >It might even be unsettling, if you weren't so deeply enraptured by her trancelike hold over you
  170. >"Getting tired?"
  171. >You don't answer; it's like your entire body is encased in some intangible variant of the jelly orb holding your shaft and suspending your balls in its buoyant embrace
  172. >Her words have wormed their way into your brain, seeping your strength and replacing it with heavenly surrender
  173. >Even with her smaller body, the way she wraps against your side feels as if she's cradling you in her floating void
  174. >"Yes, relax. Sink into the feeling. Let it..." You start as her next words slide not into your right ear, but your left. "Surround you."
  175. >"How-" you begin, already realising that she's magically projecting her voice into your unattended ear
  176. >"Sssshhhhh..." the lich coos, the sound slipping and seeping like an audible ambrosia, igniting tingles and shivers all the way down your spine
  177. >It's more like a breeze of wind than a human sound, as soothing as lying down in a quiet forest, her voice like the rustling of leaves
  178. >"Let my magic work its will. Sink deeper, deeper."
  179. >Every syllable is an emphasis on the pumping at your crotch, and you feel the liquid heat within you begin to surge, expanding like a physical force
  180. >Her kissing, her sucking, and her cold, wet tongue teasing as deep into you canal as far as she can manage... It's like for every second spent as the quiet, collected undead, another part of her's been building up constantly, waiting to be unleashed upon you
  182. >"Just relax. Let me take care of my beloved husband." Her voice comes to you in stereo, slowly shifting from ear to ear
  183. >And still her roaming hand plays with your chest, sometimes straying up to invoke sensation along your neck and jaw
  184. >Electric currents dance through your hair, magical sparks playing upon the edges of her nails as they caress your head
  185. >Every sensation builds upon the last, sending you higher and higher to ecstasy, almost unable to hold it back
  186. >You've never been so calm, and yet so close to climax at the same time; it feels like a dream
  187. >"You're close, aren't you?"
  188. >"So..."
  189. >"Very..."
  190. >"Close." The words are thrusts upon your member, dragging you into orgasm
  191. >And then, with one final breath of air invading both ears, you cum
  192. >"Yes, let it all out. Slowly melt to my voice." She whispers, and you shoot out jet after jst of semen, so slowly and relaxed, you feel the languid swirls of white liquid might not even leave your glans, were it not for the pulsing and milking of the tight, warm bubble sucking it all out
  193. >"Cum as much as you can, for as long as you want..."
  194. >Her quiet words hold your body in thrall, and you can do naught but obey, humping the air and hugging her tight while she breathes and whispers, spiriting you along the crest of your dreamlike climax
  195. >You spurt stream after stream, until the seconds melt together, and you feel yourself grow drowsy
  196. >In the wake of such a long orgasm, the afterglow catches up, and you feel yourself drift off into oblivion, hearing the lich whisper your name, wishing you a peaceful sleep
  198. >You come to, fully rested, eyes opening upon your bedroom yet again
  199. >The lich is straddling you, still naked, watching you like a statue
  200. >She doesn't move when you lean up to look at her, instead asking, "Sleep well?"
  201. >You nod, noting not a single shred of grogginess present in your body.
  202. >Something like the beginning of a smile touches the edge of her lips, and she leans down to lay upon your chest, propping herself up on her small, delicate hands
  203. >"Is it morning?" you ask, not entirely sure how much time has passed since your little session
  204. >The lich nods, still gazing attentively into your eyes
  205. >"Last night was amazing."
  206. >"Mm?" she says, something behind her eyes flickering purple and pink
  207. >"Yeah, you were a natural. I never imagined that sort of stuff was even possible before you tried it."
  208. >At your words, she rests her cheek upon your chest, idly listening to your heartbeat. "Truly?"
  209. >"Absoluetely," you reply without hesitation.
  210. >"I see."
  211. >Then, without warning, she climbs back up, looming over you with her typical poker face, before planting a sudden but loving kiss on your lips.
  212. >Even when she eventually breaks the kiss for the sake of your lungs, her expression never changes. Bored, eyes half-lidded.
  213. >"This was a new area of study for me. I'm glad I was able to pleasure you so."
  214. >You open your mouth to speak, but find her finger there, barring your words.
  215. >"But further research is required?"
  216. >She looks at you expectantly. When you remain silent, wondering just what she might mean, she continues
  217. >"Perform Ear Play upon me tonight. Is this acceptable?"
  218. >You grin, grabbing her slender wrists and pulling her down onto the mattress
  219. >She lets out an emotionless "Oh," of surprise, smiling sleepily as you answer her with your body, kissing and nuzzling under the covers, and losing all sense of time again.
  221. End.
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