Oct 13th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. 2017 via :
  2. * when we have rocket boosting in 1.11: super high flight duration stuff from events.
  3. * doppleganger named "dobbleganger" spawns on exact copy of dobreira's horse
  4. * Doing "/c #channel when you're not in it should NOT return a message like it's private
  5. * a /hop to disconnect you and reconnect(yes I get this is a button already)
  6. * jumping horses while inside a field of lingering jump boost potion greatly increases stat gain, but rabbit feet drop % lowered a bunch
  7. * ...alternatively, just using rabbit feet on horses counts for a hundredth of a level (and are still lowered drop%)
  8. * new special golden carrot drop (like, colored name and a lore tag) from rabbits at super low % that adds some health stat and some jump stat
  9. * enchanted iron nuggets should craft up into (useless) similarly shiny nuggets and iron blocks you can put on display in item frames
  13. 2017 via :
  14. * enchanted iron nuggets should craft up into (useless) similarly shiny nuggets and iron blocks you can put on display in item frames
  15. * next rev lower the level of the ocean 10 blocks a month
  16. * "any way we can get /mail to tab-complete names of people that aren't online?"
  17. * ", keep a table (access /seen?) of everyone that's ever been on the server and feed it into that somehow"
  18. * "let "admins" on chests break them if they didn't place them" & "I mean, where you do /cmodify @playername".
  19. * splash cranberry sauce recipe
  20. * ...cranberry sauce arrows recipe
  21. * mob age timers should reset when they target a player so if you WANT the thing to stick around (see: nels_nelson losing a charged creeper), they do
  22. * future event prize or purchasable item: your own head but enchanted - might have to be useless enchants since it would be an infinite durability helmet? but you'd have your face, glowing and slightly larger
  23. * do we have the technology to prevent unlicensed making-a-dragon-egg-teleport these days / can we? or am I stuck putting it behind four layers of glass or whatever, like how it used to be
  27. 2018 via (same):
  28. * doing a /pve (and similar) if you're already there should still reconnect you somehow
  29. * a link to as minigame suggestion
  33. 2018 via :
  34. * Shop at spawn for giving low-level enchants to mob heads: to give them an even remotely okay use for wearing/obtaining! Specifically low level so you don't have an overpowered, infinite durability helmet. There are even some under-utilized vanilla features to look into: Certain particularly speedy or damage-heavy mobs' heads could provide extremely minor bonuses to movement speed or attack damage respectively. Or you could do minor health bonus on something. Massive amounts of amber could offset any trepidation regarding implementing this. 100 amber for a health or speed bonus (or some Enchant!) on an infinite durability helmet that provides no damage reduction.
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