Watson's Tests Pt. 3

Mar 27th, 2021
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  1. You couldn’t feel anything anymore. Your nerves were so deadened from her experiments that you couldn't even feel the pain. All you could do is watch Amelia perform those same experiments. Over. And over. And over again. Injection after injection. Half the time your vision was so hazy that you couldn’t even make out the colors of the vials anymore. But when you could, you saw some colors you had never seen before. Green. Orange. Transparent. You could only guess that she was making new concoctions with each experiment. Despite this, you noted a major change in her behavior.
  3. She beat you less often now, usually only during her fits of rage when something didn’t go her way. But it was always followed by a reversion of time and fit of apologies, telling you how she was sorry and how soon everything would be ok. Ok? How could anything be ok? After what she’s done… you didn’t know how much more your body could take. It was walking on a thin sheet of ice. Too much pain at once could easily crack it and send you tumbling into the chilly waters. And if Watson was too slow with her watch, there wouldn’t be a life-vest to pull you back to safety. Death. It was something you could only hope for at this point.
  5. “I’m sorry it's taken this long…” you heard Watson apologetically say from behind you. From the corner of your vision you could see her body walk around your chair. Your head was tilted towards the ground as you had no energy to follow her movement. You barely had enough to even stay conscious at this point.
  7. “I’ve finally found it. We can go back to how it was… Before you got those nasty thoughts…” whispered Amelia as she raised her hand and rubbed the back of it against your cheek. She gave you a smile, not the sociopathic one that she gave when she mercilessly attacked you, but one full of genuine happiness and hope. Despite being your torturer, the tender motions she performed gave you the phantom sense of comfort. Maybe… maybe this was the best for you? Maybe you were somehow wrong? Maybe you deserved this?
  9. “You wanted to leave me… you were gonna go away… I was… I was so scared. You said I was too controlling… you said that I was too forceful… that I was wrong…”
  11. As she said this she moved her hand under your chin and raised your head up. You peered into her azur eyes. Unlike before, they were filled with warmth and love in a once empty void. But from the darkness under her eyes and wrinkles across her face, you could tell that she had not slept in a while. She must’ve been working around the clock for this experiment. Amelia tilted your head to the side to expose your neck and she raised her syringe. This time the syringe was crimson red. It gleamed under the light, pulsating at random as if it was a beating heart.
  13. “But in reality, you were wrong… you were just having a bad day. You were just scared. Now, those thoughts wont come back… we’ll be together…”
  15. Watson leaned in to inject the concoction. You couldn’t feel the needle as it ended as quickly as she started, she backed away and the needle was empty. The effects were immediate as you felt a slight shock to your body, but then a sense of lightheadedness and weightlessness took over. You could feel energy returning to your body as you freely moved your head. You looked up and saw Amelia returning to you as she undid the straps to the chair you were in.
  17. “I hurt you because I love you… I just got so excited that we’ll finally get to be together so I went a little overboard… I hope you can forgive me for that!” she said with a giggle. Forgive her? How… could you… forgive… forgive her… for what?
  19. “Ah, right! I wanted to get rid of all that pain you felt, so that concoction will take away all those bad memories. It’ll cure you of everything bad of you… all those bad thoughts… all those bad memories… only the good ones will remain. So just sit back and relax as the drug does its magic…”
  21. Forget? No… No… you remembered. The fights you had beforehand. How she came to control your life. You tried to leave her but she drugged you and dragged your body back to her house. You remembered… remembered how she… she begged and pleaded for you to stay while you were strapped into this same chair. But you… you refused. She tried to beat you into submission, but you… you refused to give in. That was how the experiments… started… how... it all… began? Wait… what... began? Your mind became blank. Fuzzy. You looked at the blonde girl in front of you. Wait… it was Amelia! But... What were you doing in this room? In this chair? When you asked her that, her smile only deepened and she shook her head.
  23. “Don’t worry about that, sillyhead. I was just taking care of a.. problem… you had. You were sick, and I helped you get better! That's what good girlfriends do… right?” she said with a grin. Right… she was your girlfriend. Amelia Watson was your loving girlfriend. She wouldn’t have done anything bad to you, right? There was no way. Amelia helped you up from the chair as you wobbled about, yourself wondering how long you must’ve been there. She helped you across the room, but you couldn’t help but look back at the chair you were in. As you did, however, a massive headache took hold as you groaned.
  25. “Ah, it seems you're suffering from the aftereffects of the medicine I gave you. Don't worry though, they’ll wear off after a while. Soon you’ll be back to your perfect old self. And then nothing… nothing will stand between us!” she gave you a peck on the lips and laughed after she said that. You could only smile as she helped you up the stairs. You could feel something was missing, but it probably wasn’t that important if you forgot. All that mattered now was that you were back with her. The one who you loved more than anything else.
  27. Amelia Watson.
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