Back To Nature

Sep 5th, 2017
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  1. >Waking up to the sun in your face is always annoying
  2. >Even more so when it’s bouncing all over the room because the floors, shelves, tables and roof is made out freaking crystal!
  3. >Grumbling and tossing about, You throw the blanket lightly towards the wall and one of the corners droop out of the window
  4. >Shuffling across the crystalline bedroom, and out into the halls, You trip and fall onto the floor
  5. >Groggily, You look around
  6. > “Good morning, Anon…” Spike nervously says, scratching his scales before asking “You alright?”
  7. >You grab his claw, and he helps you up
  8. “You all set for the big camping trip, bud?” You ask with a smile, looking at the young drake
  9. > “Unfortunately, no. Twilight’s making me stay here while she’s going through.. What did you call it again?” Spike deflates while trying to remember, tapping a claw to his chin
  10. “Shark Week” You say with a grim tone
  11. > “Yeah, That! I’m not gonna question her, because the last time that we did when she was like that...” He trails off and you shudder in revulsion as you ponder what happened to that frog orange abomination that she blasted into oblivion in a fit of insanity
  12. “It still bites the big one though, since I’ve got all of my stuff ready to go.” You say as you walk with Spike to the castle kitchen, your steps reverberating throughout the empty halls
  13. > “Maybe some other time, then?” He says with a tiny bit of optimism in his voice
  14. “Won’t be for a while yet then, after this AJ and Big Mac want me back on the farm to help them out before cider season hits” You tell Spike, before the growling of your belly makes itself known
  15. “First things first, let’s get some grub” You say as you pick up Spike and put him on your shoulders, piggybacking him the rest of the way
  16. >After a grand meal of gems, and mostly vegan stuff for You (thank the heavens for peanut butter), You walk out the front doors of the castle, your pack filled as you venture towards the forest
  18. >It’s a damn shame that everyone else wasn’t able to go, it would’ve been a hella good time with the boys
  19. >Big Mac sprained his back plowing the orchard, and Shining had his in a cinch plowing the other kind
  20. >It’s not your business to know that stuff, but boy, Cadence is quite the squealer
  21. >As for Discord, Fluttershy has him underhoof like a dog on a leash
  22. >Nonetheless, You aren’t a quitter! The show must go on!
  23. >Except that one time when you played the pony version of monopoly, and Glim-Glam had everyone in the gulag economically. Fuck that.
  24. >So following the river that runs through the Everfree, You slog through the forest, avoiding the manticores, cockatrices and other foul beasties living within
  25. >After a long while of getting caught running in circles lost, you make it to a clearing in the woods
  26. >A long abandoned shelter, retaken by the nature surrounding it, with a pit lined with rocks and moss a few steps away, and a pile of rotten wood stacked between the trees
  27. >This is home, or at least it was when you first came here on your terms
  28. >A peaceful refuge from the howling chaos of the woods surrounding it, it was quite surprising to see that it still stood against the time
  29. >Setting your bag down against the supporting poles, you got down to business reclaiming what was rightfully yours, cutting down the overgrowth and replacing the broken with the new
  30. >The sun sets as you’re putting the final touches on the campsite and lighting a fire for the night
  31. >Despite how spooky they say the forest is, you feel at home in it
  32. >The controlled weather is nice and all, but it’s not really natural if you have to actively work to make it like that
  33. >You bring your bag closer to the flame and rest on it, looking to the night’s sky.. and that’s when you hear the howls ring true across the night
  35. >Remember how you said that these woods weren’t even that bad?
  36. >It’s just a bunch of wolves after all, and they’re rustling around in the trees
  37. >If the baying of the pack wasn’t bad enough, seeing nothing but glowing green eyes bob and fade in the undergrowth gave you the creeps
  38. >Frozen in fear in the warmth of the flame, you scan all around the clearing
  39. >You’re slightly relieved to see they aren’t coming any closer, but you feel as though it’s just the fact they’re eyeing you up for a dinner to come
  40. >A strong gust of wind blows throughout the camp, and the sound of branches breaking and leaves rustling puts you even further on edge
  41. >You hadn’t even noticed how fast you were breathing until heard those same howls from much, much farther away
  42. >Soaked in sweat, You sit back down and watch the flame again as the sparks float up high and the firewood popping from the moisture drying out of it
  43. >You don’t even notice yourself drifting off to sleep as the moon sets behind the horizon
  44. >Waking up to the chirping of the birds and the sunlight slowly creeping towards you, you feel a lot heavier
  45. >Wait, when did that bush fall on you?
  46. >You do a double take as it opens up it’s eyes and looks back at you with vibrant green eyes
  47. >Glancing down at it, the living wooden pony on your chest stirs and wraps it’s hooves around your waist
  48. >You sit up and it looks to you pleadingly as it clings to your chest
  49. >You sigh and scratch behind it’s ‘ear’
  50. >Today’s going to be an interesting day for sure
  52. >As you explore the forest with your pack in tow, the deciduous pony follows along for the journey
  53. >The two of you, stumbling and gliding through the thick underbrush respectively make a decent bit of head way, and eventually wind back up at the river
  54. >You haven’t actually had anything to eat yet, so you roll up your pant legs and get a fishing rod out of your bag
  55. >It’s rather relaxing being out here just fishing and chilling, despite all of the things creeping about in the woods
  56. >Your little follower is quite content with just sunning itself and watching you try to fish
  57. >After a short while, You get a bite!
  58. >The slippery fish pulls with all it’s might, but you prove to be superior as you yank on your rod and pull it out
  59. >Getting back on shore with the wriggling fish in hand, your petite admirer smiles and nuzzles your legs
  60. >As you and it start to make your way back to the camp, your hand is itching, burning fiercely as you scratch at it, dropping the fish onto the forest floor
  61. >Your diminutive friend notices your troubles and nuzzles your hand, relieving the pain
  62. >Looking down at your hand, you move it around and drum your fingers against the air, albeit a little more slowly than you’d like
  63. >As you and it start to continue on the return trip, you hear the leaves rustle and a feminine voice asking
  64. > “Are you alright?”
  65. >Yep, that’s it. You’re off the deep end now for sure
  66. “I’m just dandy! Peachy keen! Never felt better!” You scream out to the forest, with your arms raised high to the skies
  67. >Your companion cringes in pain, and the voice screams out “YOU DON’T HAVE TO YELL!”
  68. >You feel rather dumb for not recognizing the fact earlier
  69. >Even though her ‘mouth’ doesn’t quite move, the voice belongs to her
  70. “Why didn’t you speak earlier?” You question her as your hand throbs dully as you rub it with the other
  71. > “Why didn’t you listen? Nature speaks to all of us, you just need to heed it’s call” She retorted as she trotted around you
  73. >Wow, that was really deep
  74. >If your hand wasn’t sore and if you weren’t in a forest full of things trying to make you their breakfast, you’d take a moment and ponder
  75. “What’s your name, by the way?” you question her
  76. >“It’s been a while since anyone’s asked me that…” She muttered, her ears drooping as she kicked the ground lightly
  77. >You put your sore hand in her leafy mane, and rub her head as you carry on to the campsite
  78. >“I don’t quite remember, but Willow seems like the right thing to say” She says as she looks upwards to you
  79. “Well, Willow.. It’s nice to meet you. My name’s Anon” you smile as you hold your other hand out in front
  80. >She hesitantly holds for a moment, raising her ‘hoof’ towards her before committing to the shake
  81. >When the two of you make it back to camp, the shadows of the trees have spread over it and the skies turned to an orangish hue
  82. >Luckily you grabbed that fish after that cramp earlier, so you still have dinner for the night, after you clean it and take out the bones
  83. >As you re-kindled the fire, Willow is visibly saddened by it’s rise and re-birth
  84. >“Why must you do that? The fire still hurts all it touches” she said with a twinge of remorse in her voice
  85. “Unfortunately, not all of us here have a giant coat of fur, or are living off sheer magic. I need the warmth to keep me alive, and to cook this” You answer, holding the gutted fish in your hands
  86. >“I see...” Willow trails off as she looks over as you wrap it in leaves to seal in the flavour
  87. >After your meal and the sunset, You and her sat and watched the stars come out
  88. > “It’s not often that I find someone who can listen to us” Willow said as she laid in your lap, while fireflies lit up the woods
  89. >You raise an eyebrow at that, stretching and yawning as sleep begins to take you
  90. “To be fair, not a whole lot of ponies are willing to go in” You respond
  91. >“Harmony isn’t just order, it’s a balance. You can live in harmony with the land without changing it, but it changes you”
  92. >Your suit is soaked with morning dew, last night’s fire is nothing but a smoldering pile of coal and the clearing is filled with a thick fog
  93. >Your body is super sore, pain washing intensely over your arms and legs in waves as you try to get to get up on your feet
  94. >Your only thought is of Willow right now, and with a trail of hoof-prints leading off into the woods, you follow along
  95. >Stumbling through the deeply chilling woods, you crash and tumble down the trail
  96. >Every time you fall down into the underbrush, the more sore your body seems, with your finger and toes just outright refusing to move after a few trips downwards
  97. >Your suit is absolutely shredded because of the errant branches and jagged stones ripping into the elegant threads, changing it’s appearance from nearly formal to something almost primal in its essence
  98. >The sounds of the leaves rustling, branches swaying, and the animals living form a rapturous cacophony of noise in your ears as you throw yourself down to the forest floor in a fit of near insanity
  99. >Looking at your body through the tattered suit, you see your body taking on a more earthen tone as every heartbeat sends a wave of green through your muscles, tightening and tightening them until they harden
  100. >Using what you can of your hands, you get rid of as much clothing as possible, tearing it asunder with the force
  101. >Gazing over your body, it’s changing as leaves and moss replace what hair would’ve been there, your legs and arms turn into what seems to be hooves, and your sinewy muscles transforming into hard wood
  102. >After a few hours, you’re not even sure that “human” would be the best way to describe you, as vines and flowers creep and grow out from within you
  104. >The starlight is creeping though the thick canopy of the everfree as you lay in the dirt
  105. >You’d scream for help, if your mouth wasn’t formed into a still muzzle
  106. >You’d try to get up and run as far away as you can from these god-forsaken woods, if you could move your hooves at all
  107. >You can still feel your heart beating, albeit slower and slower and slower every time it does
  108. >Countless emotions wash over your unchanging face and body, mostly of desperation and sadness as your body finishes composing itself from nature
  109. >Birds, squirrels, and other forest life burrow into your body, using it to hide from the other nastier things hiding in the gnarled roots and thorny bushes
  110. >You’d rather take a 12-hour forced trip on >>>/pol/ than to deal with this
  111. >Closing your eyes and just fading off to sleep for the rest of eternity, not gonna lie, sounds pretty good right now
  112. >“I’ve been looking all over for you!” Willow says as she looms over you, with a malicious smile on her face and a set of glowing green eyes
  113. >It’s rather ominous with her being backed by the darkness of the skies above
  114. >She bends down and gives you a deep kiss, and you feel something slide down your throat
  115. >More vines slide around you and constrict around your limbs and body, lifting you up into the air and tearing off the remainder of your threads, your tie fluttering to the ground, like a long crimson leaf
  116. >You can feel and move again
  117. >“Someone’s a little fiesty...” Willow smugly as she slowly trots towards you
  118. >“You know, I’d heard from a little birdy that you came here to relax, so why don’t you stop and smell the flowers?” She said as she came up to you with a red flower, and forcibly made you take in it’s scent
  119. >As you take in it’s scent, you remember all the sweet things you and her did before she ran off, and how serene it all was before
  120. > “That’s it..” Willow coos gently as you relax, the vines loosening
  121. >All you want is her right now
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