Undercover Blues pt 3

Jun 25th, 2018
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  1. Eerie red light filled the hive of the changelings as Chrysalis stamped and stomped her way through the halls. Not from the queen’s horn, no. Nor was it from her hateful eyes. Even the normally green lights on the ceiling were nothing compared to the ruby glow coming from the queen’s cheeks. Both sets, in fact. The front cheeks shining with embarrassment and the rear ones glowing a red so bright the smallest hatchlings were getting excited about Santa.
  3. Chrysalis had finally decided, due to the night previous, that she’d had enough. It was time to end the reign of this stupid hairbrush over her flanks. Last night had been the absolute worst…one indulgence in rage, one thrown object, and she had found herself over her bedside for an hour while the brush reddened her bottom. The final straw, though, had come this morning. Upon arriving to her throne room with a thick cushion and taking her seat, Chrysalis had immediately leapt up with a cry of pain. Looking beneath the cushion, she found one of the hatchlings’ toys…a figurine from some show about a pony in space, complete with Karate Chop action. Sadly for her flank, it had karate chopped her right through the cushion.
  5. It was the final straw for the queen, who now stamped her way through the hive, Hairbrush and toy held in her magical grip. Into the Chamber of Understanding she made her way, pushing aside scientists and mages alike with her legs before (gently) slamming the brush’s box onto the table.
  7. “I want this thing disenchanted and I want it disenchanted yesterday. I don’t care if you have to steal that time travel spell from Canterlot’s archives in order to do it, just get it done!” she barked, glaring all around her, especially at the changeling standing next to the lever. Kronk at least had the decency to look sheepish and hold up a tray of what appeared to be Spinach puffs.
  9. Rolling her eyes at the attempt to placate her, Chrysalis swooped out of the room, pausing only to grab a puff on her way out. The guy was an idiot, but he could cook…
  11. Shaking her head, Chrysalis made her way next to the hatchling nursery, holding the buzz toy high. “And just whose is this?” she asked, venom dripping from her words as she looked all around the room, the little ones having stopped playing the instant they saw how angry Queen-Mama was. Slowly, ever so slowly, one of the little ones raised his tarsus.
  13. “And do you know where I found this?” she asked, receiving a headshake in response as the young drone began to look scared.
  15. “Why, I found it on my throne, when I sat on it.” The queen responded, smiling a little as she dropped the toy into that hatchling’s chest, eliciting a sigh of relief from him. “Oh stop it.” She snapped, “I’m not about to break your favorite toy just because you didn’t pick it up. However…” she started, then moved in a flash.
  17. The hatchling found himself grabbed and turned across Chrysalis’s knees as the queen sat (gingerly) on his bed, magically grabbing a nearby hairbrush. “Maybe it’s time I took a leaf from the pony’s book and began using a hairbrush instead of a corner and chores to discipline you when you break the rules. Now, are little hatchlings allowed on my throne?” she asked, receiving only a squeak in response.
  19. Swinging the brush down into that chitinous flank, Chryssy heard a sharp yelp from the hatchling in her hold, who immediately began squirming, trying to escape. “I didn’t hear that answer. Now, are little hatchlings allowed on my throne?” she asked again, hairbrush poised up and in the air.
  21. “N…No, Mama…” the little one…Scramble, that was his name…managed to stammer out. Chrysalis responded to the answer with a pair of blows, causing Scramble to yelp louder and begin to cry. “That’s right.” She continued, “Little hatchlings are not allowed on my throne. Yet I found this toy sitting right in the middle of it. Care to explain how it got there?”
  23. “I...I was…playing and OWWY!” Scramble started to say, only to be interrupted by a trio of spanks from the brush, his chitin now glowing a healthy red from the repeated impacts. Chrysalis wasn’t being anywhere near as harsh as Shining Armor and Cadance were to her, though. He /was/ just a hatchling, after all.
  25. “So you were playing on my throne, where you had no right to be, hm?” she scolded, spanking her little one twice more, then raising his flank to attack his sit-spots with a separate pair of swats.
  27. Poor Scramble couldn’t take it anymore, breaking down and bawling from the pain in his bottom. “I was just playing pretend! I was being a cool queen like Mama!” he managed to say before succumbing entirely to the tears.
  29. Just like that, Chrysalis stopped, looking down at the child before picking him up and giving him a loving hug. Setting him on his bed, she strode out without another word...chiefly because she didn’t want to seem merciful or let her hatchlings see her wipe away a tear.
  31. Still, she couldn’t deny…that had been rather enjoyable. Forcing Scramble to accept what he had done wrong, holding him down like that…that had really been exciting. Almost like executing a military maneuver. She could see why Shining and Cadance used it on Flurry now. Heck, she could even see using it when she got her…her…
  33. Suddenly, the queen’s face split into a nasty grin, as evil as she had ever smiled. There was even time today to do it, if she could slip in properly. Which, given palace security, wouldn’t even be difficult.
  35. ----------------------------------------------------------------
  37. Slipping through the barrier, Chrysalis paused and took stock of her disguise. No Flurry Heart or Cadance this time, no sir. She had disguised herself as a simple member of the Crystal Guard. Trotting towards the palace, trying to think about just what she was going to do, she found herself stopped by the gatekeepers.
  39. Pausing only to give them a cursory glance, she gave the code phrase her spies had picked up. “I am the Keymaster.” she intoned, eliciting nods from both of the guards. “We are the gatekeepers.” they replied, pulling their spears aside and allowing her access into the halls of the palace.
  41. Trotting down the crystalline structure, Chrysalis marveled at the shimmering lights for a moment before continuing on through the multicolored building, hooves clicking slightly on the gemstone flooring. A left turn here, a right turn there, a quarter turn this way, turn south by southeast here, turn thrice widdershins and clap your hooves twice…there it was! The doorway to the royal quarters of the palace lay before her.
  43. Opening the door with a gentle hoof to minimize any creaking, the disguised queen slipped into the royal apartment with ease, heading towards the chamber where Shining dressed and occasionally slept (there was no bed in that room, only a couch. Cadance had forbidden the installation of any bed). That would be the perfect place to deliver her vengeance upon Cadance and Shining Armor. The notes were already written, ready to go. Chrysalis was in the process of moving to the Consort’s chamber when a slight cough made her blink.
  45. Turning around again, she saw that the door to a different bedroom was slightly ajar, the light on inside, and the soft sound of shuffling coming from beyond. She crept over slowly, peering her eye into the crack, and stifled a gasp at what she saw. Flurry Heart stood there, playing with a set of dolls and building blocks. Though oddly, she was being very quiet. Like she wasn’t supposed to be there…
  47. It hit the Queen in a flash of memory. When Cadance had spanked her during her last infiltration, the excuse she had used was that “Flurry” had skipped school that day, since she was home. Checking her mental calendar, Chrysalis realized that was why the Princess was being quiet…she didn’t want to get busted.
  49. But she had been busted…and revenge was going to be sweet indeed. Chrysalis stepped away from the door, activating her magic. As a wave of emerald flame passed over her body, she resumed one of the most familiar forms to her…Princess Cadance herself. One quick check to make sure everything was in order…she didn’t want to forget her horn like the first time she had changed into this mare…and Chrysalis strode quietly back to Flurry’s door, took a deep breath, then threw it open.
  51. “Flurry Heart Sparkle-Cadenza!” she barked, causing the young foal inside to jump, sending blocks toppling down all about her as she grabbed for her Teddy Wolf, spooked eyes staring up at her “mama”, the gaze slowly turning from surprise to fear as the tiny princess realized she had been caught. Her very first time playing hooky and she had been caught by Mama.
  53. But you know, that little Flurry was so smart and so slick, she thought up a lie and she thought it up quick! She began coughing and hacking a little, slowly making her way towards the bed, putting on what she felt was a fine performance. And it was a very good attempt for a seven year old filly.
  55. Sadly for Flurry, Chrysalis wasn’t having any of it. “You’re not sick, young lady. I caught you playing with your toys when you should be in school.” She snapped, glaring down at the foal before her, causing her to cut off the performance with a squeak. “Do you know what Mommy does to little foals who don’t go to school and who fake being sick so they can get out of going to school?” Chrysalis asked, taking a slight gamble.
  57. Fortunately for her, it paid off. “I…I didn’t fake, Mommy…” Flurry tried to say, only to have Chrysalis’s hoof immediately cross the space between them and touch her forehead. “No fever, you’re not shaking, you were just playing. You’re not sick at all.” She said, knowing all those tricks from her own days of deceiving parents…hey, when you’re a teenage princess and you want to see that latest pony flick, you figure out a method.
  59. “Um…Uh….I love you, Mommy!” Flurry stammered, carefully stepping backwards. Not quickly enough, though. Chrysalis flashed forward, grabbing the tiny child and moving to the bed, where she plopped herself down and plunked Flurry across her knees. “Little foals who skip school and pretend to be sick and lie to Mommy get spankings.” She said, imitating what Cadance had done to her a couple months back.
  61. Flurry gasped upon hearing her bottom’s fate so cruelly pronounced. “N..No! NO! Mommy please no!” she begged, trying to wiggle free. Sadly, Chrysalis had practice restraining changelings along with her memory of being spanked in Flurry’s form. One quick magical spell to restrain the wings, one hoof grabbing both of Flurry’s front ones and pinning them behind her back, tail pinned under said hooves. Chrysalis wasn’t going to let her block…which meant no punishment spanks, but she wasn’t THAT cruel.
  63. Raising her hoof and ignoring Flurry’s incessant pleas and pleases, the disguised queen of the changelings brought down the first of many spankings to tenderize that lightly pink bottom. Immediately Flurry began thrashing against her bindings, yelping and crying as she begged and pleaded for it to end, her bottom aflame just from the first swat.
  65. Sadly, it was nowhere near ending. Chrysalis began a rhythm of painful hoof swats, slowly and surely painting that bottom a darker dusty pink as the sounds of smacking and crying filled the childish nursery. Flurry was sniffling by the tenth spank, sobbing by the twentieth, and by the time the twenty fifth hoof spanking rolled around, the poor filly was wailing at the top of her lungs.
  67. Chrysalis was eagerly spanking now, hoof rising and falling. This was surely the sweetest of revenge…repeatedly slapping the bottom of the very foal she had sought to emulate. Punishing the child who had so effectively put the kibosh on all of her plans for stealing the Crystal Heart. Flurry yelped and howled as the spanking increased in tempo and severity, only for Chrysalis to stop after a few more swats, grinning an evil grin.
  69. “That was for faking being sick.” The changeling queen told her, having spied a hairbrush nearby. Thick wood, good bristles…it was a hairbrush fit for a princess. And with an oval shape, it would be the perfect fit for a naughty princess’s bottom. Reaching over, the queen grabbed it in one hoof. “Now, you’re getting a hairbrushing for skipping school.” She sentenced, causing Flurry to start crying anew.
  71. “NO! Not the Brush!” she screamed…Mommy only used the brush on her for the worst of things, like when she had hit a servant and ordered her to get her a glass of milk at dinner, like she saw the Princess on the video orb do. That had been horrible for Flurry…dragged from the table, a hairbrush applied to her flank, and NO DESSERT for a whole WEEK!
  73. Sadly for her, the brush was soon reintroduced to her flank, causing her trip down flashback lane to end prematurely as the heavy wood left a deep imprint on her behind. Chrysalis spanked up and down, letting the weight of the brush do her work for her. Five to the left cheek, five to the right. Poor Flurry’s bottom was growing redder by the second, already a bright cherry glow, just like the hairbrush left Chrysalis every night.
  75. Reminded of her own nightly brushings, Chrysalis grinned and stopped spanking for a moment, preparing to execute her meanest move yet. Flurry glanced up at her mommy, then gasped as she picked up the tiny filly in her magic. Spreading her legs, she draped Flurry across one knee, then closed them again, pinning the filly’s hindlegs between her thighs. Flurry now found herself staring at the floor, rump stretched taught and her sit spots painfully exposed.
  77. Chryssy wasted no time, clapping the brush down onto those tender sits, eliciting howls of pain from the poor filly trapped in her grasp. Left, right, left, right, she spanked on and on, bringing those tender undercurves to the same level of pink that her hoof had left earlier. Flurry was beyond words now, sobbing her poor eyes out.
  79. A flash of pink caused Chryssy to look down, not stopping her spanking. Flurry had reached out and grabbed her toy wolf with a bit of magic, and was now hugging it close to her muzzle, crying into it. Wanting to hear those cries, the queen ended the spell keeping Flurry’s wings contained, opting instead to grab the treasured toy and try to tug it out of her grasp.
  81. Flurry held on, and the spanking stopped as the contest of wills continued, Flurry clutching tight to the toy and Chrysalis redoubling her efforts to yank it away…until suddenly, a ripping sound filled the air. The wolf’s lifeless body fell to the ground, Chrysalis left clutching the head in her magical grasp. Dead silence filled the room before Flurry started wailing and thrashing more. “You broke him! You broke Romulus!” she screamed, beating on her Mommy’s leg with her little hoofies.
  83. The slight…or not so slight, OW!...pain of those punches brought Chrysalis back from staring at the destroyed toy, seeing her own plush dragon lying beheaded there instead. Raising the brush again, she began spanking Flurry’s bottom in earnest, letting the brush fall again and again. Then, she saw the belt and stopped, grinning as she levitated it over. She’d given Flurry thirty with the hairbrush and fifty with her hoof, now she could round it off with just ten from the belt.
  85. Flurry had been resting due to the reprieve, but the sound of her Mama’s magic made her stop for a second, hoping she was just getting some balm. No such luck, however, as the sight of the belt made her gasp. Mommy had never used the belt on her! Not once! She’d only threatened!
  87. “And this, young lady, is for lying to Mommy and skipping school.” Chrysalis said, inspecting the damage. Flurry’s bottom was already glowing red, it wouldn’t need to be too much more now. Raising the leather strap, doubling it over, she brought it down with a sharp CRACK!
  89. Immediately, Flurry wailed so loudly that she could be audibly heard outside the bedroom, the sound increasing with each successive strike. Chrysalis spared no strength for this one, lashing the leather down with an evil grimace on her face. Flurry’s bum was now a healthy glowing red all throughout, save for the top, right beneath her tail. The yelps and cries from the young princess increased in volume until they could easily be heard not only from outside the bedroom, but from outside the very palace itself. Indeed, one particularly piercing cry startled a single partridge from his roost in the palace's pear orchard.
  91. Thankfully for Flurry, she was almost at the end…the last spank fell with a loud CRACK! And Chrysalis set down the belt, picking up the tiny filly and draping her over her shoulder, hugging her close and rubbing her back. “Now…you’re almost done” she said, adopting her “Speak with the youngest hatchlings” tone. “But you hit your Que…Mommy a few minutes ago, so you’re getting ten more with my hoof, understand?”
  93. Now thoroughly cried out, Flurry could only sniffle and nod into her Fake Mama’s shoulder, unable to see the queen change her hoof back into Chitin, her tarsus far harder than any pony’s hoof could ever hope to be.
  95. The first spank fell, Flurry still hugging close to her Mama, yelping in pain…the chitin wasn’t only hard, it was rough too, and Mommy was spanking her right beneath her tail. Up and down it went, Flurry wailing a bit more…five, six…nine and…
  97. Chrysalis slapped down the last spank with a hard blow, then gently nuzzled the Princess and began rocking her back and forth. Revenge was truly sweet…or, well…there was a foal crying loudly into her shoulder now. And a ripped wolf at her feet. And a warm red bottom beneath her hoof that she was rubbing now to take the sting away. And a room made messy by her throwing the door open and scaring the filly. And a foal needing her nose to be wiped…Chrysalis quickly grabbed a hankie and took care of that. And an angry Crystal Princess in the doorway glaring at the two of them…
  99. Wait WHAT!
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