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  1. It was about 10:45 and me and my friend who I am going to call J, got 2 doses each.  I was highly anticipated for the night about to come as I heard stories and he always wanted me to do hallucigens. We both took the 2 doses whilst, he was driving down the highway so we could get to our trip spot.  We planned on tripping at a friends apartment.  Around 11:08 J started saying the acid was starting to hit him. He kept exclaiming about how he was trippin, and that he couldn't drive anymore. So a friend of ours took over, the rest of the drive as J sat in the back.  Being my first time I didn't know what to expect whilst tripping. I was wondering if I would see shit, and I kept asking how do I know if i'm tripping.  Thats when it hit me, I started getting strange feelings throughout my body, it was almost as I felt energy pulsing through every vein of my body. I started giggling and laughing and could not stop to save my life. Around 11:15 we arrived at our spot, which I ended up laughing hysterically the whole way.  When it hit 11:17 I started seeing shit morphing, I would stare at the walls and near the carpet would be streaks of lightning bridging off, pretty much fractiles. I would occasionally get double or even triple vision. Wandering about the first hour of our trip, I ended up having to take a piss, and didn't know the counter was wet with alot of water. My hand landed on the counter and it felt like the water was being absorbed into my hand.  I pretty much creamed myself at this marvelous feeling of the water, and I brought J to try it. Too make a long story short when we started peaking, we both went outside to take a walk. This was around 12, if I remember correctly, and I remember going under overpasses and feeling like it was neverending. J was next to me rambling about how this is why I always wanted you to try psychadelics and he would jump from 2 words, to a complete different sentence.  We would walk by a car, and I would feel that I teleported back 5 inches, into a endless loop. Only then did I realize I was standing looking at the ground. Seeing as the place we were in was quite notorious for cops, we quickly walked back to the designated trip spot, and engaged into our normal routines. I went off into the corner putting on some Lotus and sound tribe sector nine, and I quite distinctively remember the carpet moving to the beat of the music. I felt myself surfing the audio waves, as they fluxiated through my ears. I moved over to my friend J, who was sitting on the chair, writing down every thought that came to his head.
  3. This is when something I never have thought was possible happened.  I remember distinctively him turning around and having a full blown conversation with him, we talked for about 45 minutes. When the 45 minutes passed he turned back to drawing and i turned my music on, and about 5 minutes later I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was J and he looked a little freaked out, apparently one of our friends said we have been doing our own little thing for about 45 minutes. Me and J both can remember exactly what we had a conversation about and when we had it, however all o
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