Half-Moon in Equestria 23

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  1. Two days have passed since you left Ponyville. Your time was spent in a makeshift camp in the woods, deep enough to keep pony's from finding you, but not so far as to encounter anything truly dangerous. It may not have been the most comfortable time, but you were able to experiment with your abilitys. As it turns out, your half-circles work amazingly well with only one arm, so you made many half-circles on paper, and stored them on your body.
  2. Standing up, you clear away the remains of your campsite, and begin walking back to Ponyville. You make quick work, and the edge of the forest quickly approaches. Before you step out, you see Twilight and Trixie on the island, waiting patiently for you. Steeling yourself to show no emotion, you step from concealment, they both almost instantly notice you and teleport over.
  3. "Anon! Your Okay!" Tricxie exclaims. Ignoring her, you keep walking until you cross the bridge to the island. Turning around, you draw a circle on the bridge, and melt it into the island. Seeing what you are doing the two quickly hop onto the island.
  4. "Where did you go Anon? We were worried about you" Twilight says, nuzzling your leg. Reaching into your pocket, you pull out a pair of rings, and set one on each of their horns.
  5. Standing in the middle of the island, you look over and announce "Its time for your first test. I want you to use alchemy to knock me off the island. You have three days, starting now."
  6. You smile as they stand there stunned, before quickly pulling a circle-marked paper from your pocket, activate it and hurl the resultant, a pair of small pellets right at them. Both pelets strike true, leaving a small red welt under each of their horns.
  7. "Come on, attack! Push me off this island". Drawing another circle, you launch a stone hand right at the two. They snap out of their daze and jump to the sides.
  8. "Anon! Why are you doing this?" Twilight asks, dodging another hand.
  9. "Don't talk. Fight back" Snapping, you launch a spear of flames at Trixie, before launching a second at Twilight. "When you are attacked, your enemy wont show you mercy. This is a test, so don't expect me to show you any either." Launching another pair of flames, you maneuver Trixie and Twilight onto opposite sides of you. Drawing with your foot, you continually launch fireballs at the two, before dropping down and activating the circle.
  10. Pulling up, the dirt is transmuted into a staff with a cloth coated end. Gripping the staff, you dash at Trixie, driving the padded end into her chest, knocking her clean into the water. Pivoting quickly, you see a dirt column shooting at you. Smashing it with a backhand from your staff, you say "Good, but you will have to do better than that."
  11. Sliding a circle from your sleeve, you launch a low to the ground wave of dirt that catches Twilight and knocks her into the moat.
  12. Walking back into the middle of the island, you rest the staffs uncovered end on the ground, and lean on it. It takes about a minute for the two of them to get out of the water.
  13. "Come on now, is this the best you can do? For two of the fastest learners I have met, you sure are slow on the uptake." Hefting your staff, you shuffle a paper from your sleeve down into your hand, and use it to transmute the staff into a large ice chunk.
  14. Flinging the chunk at Twilight, she manages to raise a simple dirt shield, which crumbles but blocks the ice.
  15. "Good, now get on the offensive".
  16. A whistling sound allerts you to an attack from behind, and you duck, the projectile flying past you and colliding with Twilight.
  17. "Hey, Ididot, Watch where you are launching those things!" Twilight says, getting back to her hooves.
  18. "Maybe if you weren't standing in the line of fire yo wouldn't get hit Twitlight"
  19. With a sigh, you activate a circle, causing the ground under them to shoot up, knocking the pair into the water.
  20. "Get focused! If you cant knock me into the water, you cant pass the test. Now stop arguing and knock mo off this damn Island!"
  21. This pattern of arguing, frienly fire and dunkings goes on for the next couple hours. You knock the two into the water one final time.
  22. "Thats it for today. Get out, dry off, and follow me." Walking to the edge, you remake the bridge, and walk across to the other side. The girls quickly follow behind you. Making your way around the edge of town, ou soon come to Fluttershys cottage.
  23. "Trixie demands to know where you are taking her" She damnds, as you walk up to the door.
  24. Knocking on the door, you call out "Fluttershy! Are you home?"
  25. You hear an excited squeak, before her voice replies "Yes, I'll be right there Anon". Opening the door, she notices the two behind you, covered in assorted nicks and bruises. With a gasp she opens the door and says "Oh you two must come inside and let me patch you up." You motion the two inside, before turning to leave.
  26. "Hey! where are you going Anon?" Twilight asks, turning back to look at you.
  27. "Got some stuff to do, But I'll be back later to pick you up, that is if it is okay with you Fluttershy".
  28. Fluttershy blushes a bit, before replying "Of course its fine. You can stop by any time you like Anon".
  29. With a smile, you head into town, to arrive at Sugarcube corner. Pinkie is Immediately there to meet you.
  30. "Hey Anon whered ya go? Everypony was worried about you. What happened? Dash said you were going into the forest, but she never said why. Why did you go? Huh? Huh?"
  31. "Dont worry about it Pinkie, Everythings fine, I went to get a break for a day. Now if you will excuse me, I have things to do.
  32. "Okie Dokie Lokie" She says, and vanishes in typical Pinkie fasion.
  33. With a shrug, you continue on your way, finaly reaching Twilights treehouse. Stepping inside, Spike is there, and he says "Hey, Anon, where's Twi?"
  34. "She'll be here soon. I was wondering if you could make up some dinner for four including you?"
  35. "Yeah, no problem, but who's the fourth?"
  36. "Trixie, my other student, remember".
  37. "Oh right..."
  38. "I can pay you with a sweet gem "
  39. "Deal"
  40. Grinning, you turn back out, and leave Spike to make dinner. Making your way back out to Fluttershy's cottage, you notice the sun is getting close to setting, so you pick up the pace. Ariving at Fluttershys place, you knock on the door, to have it opened by a lightly bandaged Twilight.
  41. "You two ready to go?" You ask, leaning on the cottage. They nod in consent, and step out, and you turn to Fluttershy, giving her a gentle hug, saying "Thanks for helping out. Im not good at the whole medicine thing, and its nice to know there is someone I can count on."
  42. She blushes furiously, before closing the door as you break the hug and turn to leave.
  43. "Bye Flutters" You say, and the others echo you.
  44. "Bye" You hear her soft voice say.
  45. Making your way back to Twilights place, Trixie turns to leave, but you place a hand on her shoulder and say "I got Dinner set up for the four of us, so you best come. It will also be a good bonding time, since you and Twi need to get over your natural resentment."
  46. "Fine, If you wish it Trixie will go."
  47. "Good, I didn't want to have to drag you by your horn." You grin, your hand making grasping motions. Both Twilight and Trixie Blush at this, and every unicorn in town probably felt a cold chill go up their spine.
  48. Ariving, You can see Spike has made one hell of a dinner, with all courses and drinks.
  49. Pulling out a circle, you press it to some of the food, turning it into a fist sized Saphire, which Spike eyes, drool dripping from his mouth. Passing it to him, he immediately takes a bute, and almost passes out from the taste.
  50. Sitting down, the rest of you eat your dinner in relative silence, until you all start drinking a bit too much wine, which Spike set up.
  51. The end of dinner is a blur, and you end up falling asleep relatively in your bed.
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