Maudlin: The Knight

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  1. [collapse=The Town of Maudlin Character Sheet][hr][hr][big][b]Name:[/b] ___ [b]Level:[/b] 1 [b]XP:[/b] 0 [b]Coin:[/b] 0[/big]
  2. [big][b]Armor:[/b] 0 [b]Hit Points:[/b] ___ [b]Damage:[/b] 1d10 [b]Carry Weight:[/b] ___[/big]
  4. [b]STR:[/b] ___ [b]DEX:[/b] ___ [b]CON:[/b] ___
  5. [b]INT:[/b] ___ [b]WIS:[/b] ___ [b]CHA:[/b] ___[hr][hr]
  6. [center][big][b]Special Moves[/b][/big][/center][hr][hr] You ignore the clumsy tag on armor you wear.
  8. [eicon]Zealous_Speech[/eicon] [big][b]Faithful Steed[/b][/big]
  9. You have a seasoned connection with a loyal mount. You can’t talk to it per se but it always acts as you wish it to. Your faithful steed can carry 10 Load in addition to you and your gear.
  11. Name your faithful steed: __________
  13. Choose a species:
  14. Horse, Pony, Mule, Camel, Boar, Wolf, Dog, Lion, Tiger, Elephant, Lizard, _____
  16. Choose two [b]strengths:[/b]
  17. ( ) [b]Swift:[/b] [sub]It can outpace almost any other mortal creature.[/sub]
  18. ( ) [b]Nimble:[/b] [sub]It is particularly adept at traversing difficult terrain such as mountains or rivers.[/sub]
  19. ( ) [b]Majestic:[/b] [sub]Its appearance is especially stately and elegant, drawing impress and admiration.[/sub]
  20. ( ) [b]Alert:[/b] [sub]It has an uncanny sense for impending danger, warning you in time to react.[/sub]
  21. ( ) [b]Steadfast:[/b] [sub]It won’t panic in the face of even the most ferocious beast.[/sub]
  22. ( ) [b]Enduring:[/b] [sub]It can go without rest, food, or water longer than most.[/sub]
  23. ( ) [b]Rough:[/b] [sub]It retains hints of its wild nature and is capable of sudden bursts of energy.[/sub]
  26. [eicon]Unshakable_Leader[/eicon] [big][b]Knightly Order[/b][/big]
  27. You belong to and follow the code of an order of knights. Each order grants its followers a specific benefit but has a strict primary tenet. Failure to obey the primary tenet results in losing the order’s benefit and becoming a Knight Errant. You may atone for breaking the tenet of your Order, or join another Order per the GM’s guidelines. Choose your order:
  28. [color=gray][b][big]⚔[/big][/b][/color] [b][i]Order of the Blade[/i][/b]
  29. [b]Benefit:[/b] [sub]When you challenge a worthy foe to a fight, they must accept or you take +1 ongoing against them.[/sub]
  30. [b]Tenet:[/b] [sub]Bravery (you must not flee from combat)[/sub]
  31. [color=yellow][b][big]♚[/big][/b][/color] [b][i]Order of the Kingdom[/i][/b]
  32. [b]Benefit:[/b] [sub]When you enter a civilization, tell the GM an important name or key fact about its society that you’ve studied (such as government, law enforcement, or crime). The GM will tell you if that information has changed and why.[/sub]
  33. [b]Tenet:[/b] [sub]Lawfulness (you must not break the laws of your kingdom, even while you are outside its walls)[/sub]
  34. [color=red][b][big]❀[/big][/b][/color] [b][i]Order of the Rose[/i][/b]
  35. [b]Benefit:[/b] [sub]Every town or city will have someone willing to provide you with lodging and share general information about the goings-on in the area.[/sub]
  36. [b]Tenet:[/b] [sub]Charity (you must not turn down an opportunity to aid the poor or weak)[/sub]
  37. [color=brown][b][big]🕮[/big][/b][/color] [b][i]Order of the Tome[/i][/b]
  38. [b]Benefit:[/b] [sub]When you Discern Realities, the GM will also tell you what here is magical.[/sub]
  39. [b]Tenet:[/b] [sub]Preservation (you must not knowingly destroy any magical artifact, or allow another to do so)[/sub]
  40. [color=white][big][b]♰[/b][/big][/color] [b][i]Order of the Temple[/i][/b]
  41. [b]Benefit:[/b] [sub]You gain the Cleric moves Deity and Divine Guidance. Describe your deity.[/sub]
  42. [b]Tenet:[/b] [sub]Piety (you must follow the will of your church and dedicate yourself to daily prayer)[/sub]
  43. [color=black][big][b]⛨[/b][/big][/color] [b][i]Knight Errant[/i][/b]
  44. [b]Benefit:[/b] [sub]You attract the attention of the distressed and needy, who welcome you openly.[/sub]
  45. [b]Tenet:[/b] [sub]None[/sub]
  47. [eicon]DD_Tactics[/eicon] [big][b]Combat Tactics[/b][/big]
  48. When you [b]lead the way for your allies to accomplish a specific goal in combat[/b], roll +CHA. On a 10+, hold 3; on a 7-9, hold 1. If you intentionally draw the enemy's attention to yourself when you take the lead, hold +1. While you and your allies pursue that goal, you may spend hold 1 for 1 to choose an option:
  49. • Allow an ally to travel through dangerous circumstances without having to [b]Defy Danger[/b].
  50. • Interpose a willing ally in the way of a threat.
  51. • Redirect half of an attack's damage to a willing ally (both characters apply their own armor).
  52. • Separate an enemy so its cohorts cannot modify its damage.
  53. [hr][hr]
  54. [center][big][b]Advanced Moves[/b][/big][/center][hr][hr]
  56. [hr][hr]
  58. [center][big][b]Inventory[/b][/big][/center][hr][hr]
  59. _____
  60. _____
  61. _____
  62. _____
  63. _____
  65. [hr][hr][/collapse]
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