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May 8th, 2013
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  1. @thelulzdeptxx
  2. #OpSocks
  4. Greetings Citizens of the Interwebs,
  6. Anonymous has always tried to help those that can't help themselves. When #YAN asked for help with a website they were able to raise over $50k from people willing to help out. Homeless people aren't asking for help but they desperately need it. It is come to our attention that socks are very important to helping homeless people stay healthy on the streets. The Seattle Union Gospel Mission hands out over 15,000 pairs of socks annually and around 50 pairs of socks nightly. It would mean a great deal to not only the homeless people but to the thousands of volunteers that help the Union Gospel Mission every year.
  8. This is the link to their webpage with all contact information.
  10. On the sight they have a link to Amazon with 6 pairs of socks for about $10. If you don't want to use Amazon shop anywhere you like and mail them in. You can also donate money directly to the mission.
  12. If you want a better community surrounding you it is imperative to works towards making it better.
  14. Anonymous
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