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  1. SomethingWitty: Friday evening rolls around and the metal heads of the city are in an uproar. A new band is on the scene and they're rising quickly - everyone who's anyone is coming out tonight to see DEATH DISEASE, live and on-stage. The stage is being set up right outside of city hall, and people are queuing up and down the streets to secure their place as close to the stage as possible. The members of the band are just finishing up a quick jam-session to loosen up.
  2.  Once everyone is settled, the intro comes along - the band introduces themselves, ARE YOU READY TO ROCK, everything you'd expect from a band that's about to shred up the stage. And they do! Unfortunately, it's quite literally - as Death Disease hits their stride, the stage starts to shake, and quickly fall apart. The rumbling spreads to the ground, cracking under the weight of their songs. They're destroying the city around them!
  4. CapsLockRAGE: Cannon is a nobody who doesn't like crowds, but she was dragged here against her will. She didn't dislike the music. But people were around and she'd rather be just about anywhere else. Cannon does a quick energy scan of the area, trying to find the source of the brawny beats. "We need to get these people to safety." she states, looking around. "Get the exits open and try to keep people from trampling one another.
  6. (4:49:17 PM) Palanius: Cold, black eyes stare at the destructive crescendo going down from a rooftop across the streets. Arac carefully studies the band from his far away vantage point, thanks to his enhanced cybernetic eyes he might as well have stood right up at the stage with them. He pay extra attention to their instruments, using his xray vision to try and see if they're more then meets the eye.
  8. Keioseth: Cobalt was running some errands and happen to be in the area when he heard the music start so he headed towards it with his groceries in hand.
  10. GeneralFreedom: Becky, of course, was nearly int he front row when it all started going down! Like she was going to miss a badass concert like this! Unlike many of the normal civilians around her she manages to keep a cool head in the wake of the destruction. "Why does this have to happen when I have some free time," she huffs.
  12. SomethingWitty: The concert goes on the, music grows louder - earsplitting, even to the fans who have almost driven themselves deaf standing next to loudspeakers for years of their life. Moshers find themselves getting caught in the widening cracks in the ground; those that can, start to escape, turning the evacuation into a nightmare of people stampeding into - and over - each other. The three members of Death Disease don't stop - they probably don't even notice. They're too devoted to the shred.
  14. CapsLockRAGE: Cannon turns on her Coms, She's shouting at the people to get themselves through the doors, She then informs her teamates. "There's a strange energy signal radiating from the musicians themselves. If we stop them from playing, we'll most likely stop the tremors."
  16. GeneralFreedom: As much as Becky hates to look like a nerd by stopping a truly brutal metal band, it's probably time to do something about this! She reluctantly speaks into her comm, yelling over the noise. "I'm here. Work on the evacuation, I'll handle the band." She sets off a controlled explosion under her feet and leaps onto the stage! "I think it might be time to unplug," she calls out over the nearly deafening sound of ROCK.
  18. Palanius: Dives into a suspicious dufflebag at his feet, assembling a sniper rifle. Cause of course it's normal to bring one of those with you in your every day work? He mounts a silencer, just in case, even though the deafening music most likely would drown out any shots. He takes aim, mentally marking any loudspeakers visible before squeezing the trigger.
  20. Keioseth: "Oh hell..." Cobalt dropped his grocery bags, put on his eye mask, and pressed a button on his watch which would then turn into a skeletal/less armored version of his normal bracers. He fires off a grapnel line and pulls himself towards one of the musicians on stage to attempt a flying kick.
  22. SomethingWitty: The lead guitarist lifts his guitar to his face - is he about to play with his teeth? It doesn't matter, since Cobalt grapnels in and kicks the instrument right into the guitarist's head, sending him stumbling back onto his ass. Arac's bullet catches the bassist, the high-powered shot hitting right at the wrist and causing him to drop his instrument. The deafening beat hardly lessens - the drummer keeps drumming away, rattling those onstage down to their very bones! The civilians start to organize a bit better, what with the cyborg lady managing to overcome the violent noise and guide them (relatively) safely towards the exits. A few of them are still grounded though, injured by being trampled all over. They might need a hand... But, Cannon is slowly making it happen. The stage will be safe for a full on fight in just a few minutes, at this rate!
  24. CapsLockRAGE: Cannon keeps escorting people out of the door, picking up and helping trampled people. Unfortunately, she can't join the fray at this time, her abilities are too destructive without her extra equipment. She's go no way to stun without something to change her cannon. "Try not to bring the house down, we still have people here."
  26. GeneralFreedom: Becky notes her allies showing up around her and gives a brief nod before moving towards the drummer, pushing through the rattling beat! "Hey, didn't you hear? Show's cancelled!" She takes a downwards chop at the drums, aiming to smash up the dangerous set!
  28. CapsLockRAGE: "Everyone, It's the drummer." she informs the group. " His readings are spiking, Take him out."
  30. Keioseth: Using the slow down from kicking the guitarist he'd do a handstand flip, landing on his feet and bringing up his fists, "Dude, as one guitarist to another, you need some lessons." He grabs a nearby mic stand to use as a makeshift staff before answering Cannon, "Right on it." He'd then rush the drummer.
  32. Palanius: Reaches down into his dufflebag again, taking out two pistols, a set of grenades, a shotgun and a belt of multiple kind of shells. Now armed for a direct confrontation he zips down from the rooftops, landing on the stage next to his team,  guns in both hands pointing towards the drummer and the bassist, in case they try something stupid.
  34. CapsLockRAGE: "Try not to seriously hurt anyone. I have reason to believe at least the guitarist and bassist are just pawns. The drummer may be as well."
  36. SomethingWitty: The guitarist and the bassist look completely lost now - like they've just woken up from kind of stupor. The guitarist barely registers Cobalt's comment before the hero darts away! Bom-Pom smashes away at the drums - but only the metal rigging around the instruments snaps away and clatters to the ground. The drummer hardly notices - he's banging his head away in time with the: beat of his own drums... and now he's starting to glow rather visibly on top of that. The drums, now hovering in the air, bounce under each strike with the drumsticks, releasing a shockwave that radiates in all directions around him, each one accompanied by a peal of thunder! Rubble and dust drops down from the ceiling, the walls start to crack - this place is coming down around their ears!
  37. On top of it all... as the drummer's power swells, so does his size; he's growing in size with each passing second.
  39. GeneralFreedom: Bom-Pom staggers back a bit from the growing shockwaves and crashing sound. "Yeah, definitely the drummer..." she mutters at the display of paranormal playing. "How's the evacuation coming?" She hops back and clenches her fists, summoning her glowing energy poms as she prepares for a real fight!
  41. Palanius: Takes a shot at the drummer, aiming for his center of mass. Not a real bullet of course, but a special ceramic bullet laced with paralyzing venom.
  43. CapsLockRAGE: "Keep the collateral to a minimum. this place looks expensive." Cannon, still bossing people around states. Her metal arm's plates start to shift, molding themselves into Cannons signature weapon. "Weapons hot. I'm firing." she states, before firing a plasma beam into the instrument itself. It's a weaker beam, she's attempting to destroy it without hurting the drummer.
  44. (5:20:58 PM) Keioseth: Cobalt attaches his line to the stage as the shockwave hit him. He'd slam into the floor hard to make sure he was out of the way of the plasma beam.
  46. SomethingWitty: Arac's shot doesn't quite hit where he intended - not due to any poor aiming on his part, but more because the drummer's center of mass shifts as he grows larger and larger. The shot catches him between the legs instead, the same place where the drummer's drum flies into almost immediately after - the instrument survives Cannon's, uh, cannon, but it's quite a bit more charred than it used to be! More importantly, however, the playing has stopped, at least temporarily, while the drummer cups his groin and falls all over his drumset. "Aggh, what the hell was that?! Security!" He calls out.
  48. CapsLockRAGE: The cyborgs cannon stops glowing as the energy contained within releases charge, going back and being recycled into it's power source. She takes a quick look around to ascertain the destruction. "At least this time, the destruction isn't entirely Cobalt's fault." she states. Making quite possibly her first -joke- ever. "Is everyone unharmed?"
  50. GeneralFreedom: "We might be a little late on the whole collateral thing. Looks like most of it's going to need to be replaced!" She crosses her arms and heads towards the now giant drummer. "As much as I hate to interrupt your show, we can't have you knocking the city down."
  52. Palanius: Takes his shotgun and loads it up with some high tech shells. He studies the surrounding building for cracks and weakening in the structure and fires of a handful of shots. Upon impact they expand into a tough, rubber like foam sealing the building and providing some extra stability.
  54. Keioseth: "What do you mean not my fault, when is it ever my fault?"
  56. CapsLockRAGE: "When is it ever not?"
  58. SomethingWitty: The drummer rolls over, so his face isn't buried in drum skin anymore. He's... remarkably ugly. Supernaturally so, considering the violently red skintone and the massive yellow tusks that split his face into a permanent grin, each and every tooth visible. His eyebrows are big and bushy and eggshell white, a color that starts to creep into his waist-length black hair. The skintone extends to the rest of his body as well, if the rips in his now far-too-small clothes are anything to go by. The drummer isn't the only one undergoing changes, either - the drums shimmer, and start to glow, rising into the air, becoming something a bit more... archaic looking. The ugly man's eyes open, sickly yellow eyes training on the teenagers. "What... a bunch of kids, rushing my stage? And ruining my concert! Didn't your parents ever teach you anything about RESPECT?!" The last word is a shout that splits the heavens - the team can't see the flashes of lightning, but the thunder that follows shakes the building to his foundation.
  60. Keioseth: "Says Megachick and her Buster gun."
  62. (5:36:08 PM) CapsLockRAGE: "I don't understand that reference." she says to Cobalt, before looking at the demonic drummer. The internal working of her cannon starts to turn blue again, charging energy. "I advise standing down, sir."
  64. (5:38:02 PM) GeneralFreedom: Bom-Pom wrinkles her nose and takes an almost unconscious step back from the creepy dude. He looks familiar somehow... "There was a noise complaint and we're more than capable of stopping the show. Just try us!" She grins broadly as the energy swirls around her fists.
  66. Keioseth: "Nevermind." Cobalt twirls the mic stand with a little flair before stomping the base onto the ground, "So what is that thing?"
  68. (5:38:47 PM) Palanius: Cocks his shotgun and activates his stealth suit, disheartening out of sight. He attempts to sneak around the giant beast to get into a better position to deliver a shotgun blast to the back of his head.
  70. GeneralFreedom: "I swear I've seen this guy somewhere, but I can't remember where," she mutters to Cobalt.
  72. SomethingWitty: "Stand down? STAND DOWN?!" Another thunderclap. The ugly man picks himself up, standing at his full height to tower over the GPrimers before him. "You would tell ME to stand down? HAVE YOU ANY IDEA WHO I AM?!" He shouts again, while the drums form up in the air behind him. Each one is now an archaic construction of wood and leather, with a trio of comma marks arranged on a circle on each one. "I will GRIND YOUR BONES TO DUST and SCATTER THEM TO THE WINDS!"
  74. Keioseth: "Should I know who you are? Cause I have no clue Big Red Pigman."
  76. CapsLockRAGE: "Yes, I would. I also find you loud and obnoxious." she says flatly. "I do not care who you are. This is your last warning to stand down before I fire."
  78. GeneralFreedom: "I somehow don't think he's going to be reasonable. What a shame," Bom-Pom smirks. "Let's get this started."
  80. Palanius: If successful in his sneakiness, Arak would aim a blast of his shotgun to the back of the giants head.
  82. Keioseth: "I'm sure you're real upset by that, Bommie."
  84. SomethingWitty: BANG! The ugly man catches a shotgun blast to the back of his head - it sends him lurching forward a step, but not much more than that! He wheels around, howling in rage, swiping through the air with a massive pair of drumsticks that he quite suddenly has in his hands. He's surprisingly deft despite his size!
  86. CapsLockRAGE: "He seems sturdy. My weapons are largely lethal however. I do not wish to kill him outright. I am not sure how much he can withstand."
  88. GeneralFreedom: "Just devastated!" Once the shot goes off and the big guy goes into motion, Bom-Pom lunges in low, rising up and aiming an exploding punch into the giant's ribs on closing! "Just hang back and watch then! I'm sure I can handle it!"
  90. Keioseth: "Oh no, my awesome fucking laser hands are too strong! Meanwhile I'm going after him with a mic stand." He charges the villain aiming to swing the mic stand into the back of his knee.
  92. CapsLockRAGE: "Be careful, his energy readings are spiking. It does seem as though he's either holding back, or something is limiting his energy expulsion. " Cannon says. Still taking energy readings. She herself steps out of Bom Poms way, Then steps forward to give a mechanical right haymaker.
  94. Palanius: Ziphooks out of the way of the incoming attack, still invisible. He uses his robotic eyes to scan the giants exterior to determine how much force it can withstand.
  96. SomethingWitty: Bom-Pom's punch throws the ugly man off balance, his swing swerving down to the ground and demolishing the stage where it hits. He bounces on one foot, threatening to put more holes in the floor under his considerable weight until he finds his balance again... just in time to get hooked by a mic stand and fall over completely. He's not a very graceful guy - and then Cannon has to punch a man while he's down! Just being rude all over, which seems to considerably anger the ugly man. He's not graceful but he is fast - he's back on his feet in a flash, drumsticks in hand. The drums lower to waist-level and begin to slowly rotate around him. He strikes each one in turn, an arc of lightning firing from the contact point and towards each of the Gen Primers. The rhythm builds as he plays, slowly growing more and more complex.
  98. Palanius: With his newly gathered information Arac goes in for the offense. He loads up his guns with hard hitting hollowpoint rounds and starts circling the giant. He uses his knowledge of physiology and with carefully aimed shots on what would be preasurepoints on a normal human he probes the thing for a reaction to determine any weak spots. All this whilst gracefully dodging and flipping out of the incoming lightning
  100. CapsLockRAGE: Cannon steps in front of Crush, whether he wanted her too or not, in an attempt to shield him from the lightning. She took it in her metal arm, it didn't look like it was a pleasant sensation for her but she figured she could take it better then he could if he didn't manage to dodge it.
  102. GeneralFreedom: Bom-Pom sets herself and leans into the incoming bolt! Though it sends her skidding backwards, she somehow maintains her footing and the electricity arcs across a field around her body before fading away! "Ugh... Maybe I shouldn't have done that," she mutters to herself and drops to one knee as her body processes the absorbed energy.
  104. Keioseth: Cobalt knew he wasn't getting out of the way in time and tried to raise his arms up to intercept the lightning in a vain attempt to shield himself. Cannon does it for him though, "You okay?"
  106. CapsLockRAGE: "No, but I'll live." Cannon replies, as her systems whir to compensate for the surge on her system. " I'm going to fire it back. Weapons hot." Cannon states, her gun shifts slightly, and she begins firing the lightning back at the large, ugly man.
  108. SomethingWitty: The bullets definitely smart the ugly man, but hitting him in one place compared to another doesn't seem to accomplish anything different. The shots /do/ cause him to falter in his rhythm, however which seems to lighten the oppressiveness that the beat had been building. He seems in good spirits despite it, however - he throws back his head and laughs. "YOU FOOLS! YOU FIGHT ME FOUR ON ONE - AND YOU THINK I WOULD NOT BRING MY OWN BACKUP?! NOW SUFFER FOR YOUR IDIOCY!" As if on cue... /something/ in Bom-Pom and Cannon would start to react aggressively. Like they're being clawed and scratched at from the inside! Cobalt and Arac are safe from whatever's causing this discomfort. The ugly man doesn't get to revel for long, though - the energy blast comes hot and quick, and he just manages to raise his sticks to keep the laser from melting his face off.
  110. GeneralFreedom: Bom-Pom cries out and clutches at her stomach, but she guts it out and begins a counter attack! She slams her energy charged fists together, throwing off a directed cone of destructive energy towards the drum playing menace!
  112. CapsLockRAGE: Cannons HUD starts to go crazy about whatever it is inside of her that's clawing at her. She grits a bit and takes a knee, gathering more energy, she attempts to -purge- whatever it is, by attempting to focus, and fire even more destructive energy through her cannon.
  114. Palanius: It's clear that Arac didn't bring sufficient firepower to outgun this opponent, rather he need to use what he got clever. He takes his shotgun and loads it up with the same foam rounds he used earlier to secure the building and fires two rounds aimed to the giants face to block of his eyes and nose.
  116. Keioseth: Cobalt fires his line at a piece of broken stage he figures he could move it and trying to spin round and round to build momentum to fling it.
  118. SomethingWitty: The intrusive pain ceases when Cannon fires her energy blast, the laser this time crackling with electricity. Just as she does so, the pain Bom-Pom suffers concentrates on her navel... then bursts out of her bellybutton, in a surge of electricity in the vague shape of a feline! It flies at the laser in the air, tackling it and 'merging' with the lightning coating it. Both entities tumble to ground (as much as shaped lightning /can/ tumbles) anyways, untangle from each other, and turn to hiss at the teenagers - but the sound that they make is more like thunder than any sound an actual animal would make. The ugly man smacks Cannon's energy blast with both sticks, swiping them to the left and right, splitting the beam - the first to intercept Bom-Pom's cone of destruction. The other, he twirls around his drumstick, before smashing the drumstick down into the head of a drum. The energy courses through it, converting into a devastating wave of electricity that covers the entirety of the room before him. He doesn't even have time to smirk, though - his face is plastered with goop before his lips can even twitch. "You dare BLI- AGH!"
  119. His surge of fury is cut off by a chunk of stage applied directly to the forehead.
  121. GeneralFreedom: Bom-Pom staggers and falls onto her bottom, eyes wide in pain and shock as an electric cat bursts out of her body. "I... what?" She doesn't have much time to contemplate it as a wave of electricity blasts her back. "I'm starting to become very upset," she groans as the energy is absorbed into her body. The energy poms around her fists return, flaring violently as she builds power!
  123. CapsLockRAGE: Cannon once again puts herself in between Cobalt and the electricity. She takes a knee as her systems spark a bit. " I can't keep taking attacks like that." she states. "We need to end this."
  125. Palanius: Arac is hit by the wave of lightning, frying his stealth mechanics and dealing quite the chunk of pain. Not that he'd let it show to anyone. He zips in with one of his wrist mounted grappling hooks and aims the other one for the giants leg, snaring him up all Empire strikes Back style.
  127. GeneralFreedom: The ground under Bom-Pom explodes, sending her up into the air! She dives towards the red guy with both hands outstretched to deliver a massive explosive charge! "I'd recommend not getting close to him!" She cries out as she dives!
  129. Keioseth: Cobalt gives a thankful nod to Cannon. He fires the line up at the ceiling and tries to drop chucks down on the villain.
  131. CapsLockRAGE: "We don't have much of a choice, Energy attacks are seemingly largely ineffective." she states, before firing her plasma cannon right at his lower body, hoping he couldn't get to blocking them with his dumb drum sticks.
  133. SomethingWitty: The ugly man takes a step forward - and falls flat on his face, courtesy of a grapnel rope he did not know was there until a moment too late. The drums clatter to the ground around him and he loses his grip on his sticks. He groans in pain, starting to pick himself back up only to catch a laser on his body, courtesy of Cannon. With nothing to block or redirect the energy with, he's knocked down onto his back this time. Shortly after the ugly man is buried under a rain of debris from the ceiling, pinning him in place long enough for Bom-Pom's energy dive to smack down right on his belly. The energy release blasts the debris away (potentially at some of the heroes) and collapses the stage, both Bom-Pom and the Ugly Man disappearing into the space beneath it.
  135. Palanius: Does a cool Matrix pose, dodging the incoming hail of debris.
  137. Keioseth: Gets a bit cut up from the incoming debris, making sure to cover his head and neck.
  139. CapsLockRAGE: Cannon blocks her face, letting the debris ping off of her metal arm. Then goes to dive down the hole herself, Not gonna let Bom Pom have all the fun. "He's not down yet, get in there. His energy just got -stronger-"
  141. GeneralFreedom: A yelp comes from the hole blown in the stage and a second later Bom-Pom comes sailing out and back into the open! The lands hard and bounces a few times, but she's quickly back up on her hands and knees. "Well then, we'll just have to hit him harder..." she pants.
  143. SomethingWitty: Cannon's path is cut off when the ugly man rises out of it - he's almost as big as the building itself now, his body crackling with electricity, his every word a peal of thunder that threatens to bring the concert hall down around them. "YOU PETULANT CHILDREN! IF YOU REFUSE TO LEARN YOUR PLACE, I WILL PUT YOU IN IT - THIS HALL WILL BE YOUR GRAVE!" It's evident now, this has gone far past the point of 'fun' for the ugly man. Now he's just actually mad. He raises his arms and smashes left, right, up and down, shattering the wall and breaking the roof, trying to do just as he said - bury the teenagers in there with him. They need to put him down, and now!
  145. CapsLockRAGE: "Removing limiters, Plasma cannon going full charge. I suggest you shield your eyes." Cannon takes aim. her gun begins to hum as it increases it's energy charge to maximum. After a moment of charge time, Cannon takes a knee. Her mechanical leg buries stakes into the ground to stabilize her, and her shoulder forms out a brace to keep her stable. She lets loose with a very bright, very very large ball of plasma energy, tearing up the path it takes as it winds quickly towards it's intended target, fatty's stupid chest.
  147. Keioseth: As chunks of the building begin to fall Cobalt hooks them, spins then flings them back at the villain as fast as he can.
  149. Palanius: With his remaining graplinghook he fires of what little is left of the roof. On his way up his computers in his brain works overtime doing all the right calculations as he pulls a high explosive - grenade from his belt and throws it towards the giants mouth to finally shut him up.
  151. GeneralFreedom: Bom-Pom rolls and darts up to her feet, just in time to avoid one of the flailing arms. She grabs onto it as it rises, leaving behind two shining blobs of energy before she moves on, dropping a few more of the odd energy blobs along the length of his thrashing arm before jumping off and rolling across the debris strewn floor. "Tick tick tick..." she grins as the shimmering blobs, time bombs of living energy, begin to pulse...
  153. SomethingWitty: The ugly man ends his day on a pretty rough note. His reign of destruction grinds to a halt when the very rubble he's creating gets turned against him, battering against his head and chest and, blind as he is due to Arac's foam, he can't reliably put his arms in the way to stop it. Cannon's plasma ball collides with his chest, blowing it away and knocking him back. His torso and arms smash against the back of the concert hall, /through/ the back of the concert hall. He tries to stop his downward moment, but when he throws his arm out to try and catch something, /anything/, Bom-Pom's energy bombs go off, redirecting the momentum so he ends up punching himself in the face instead. The icing on the cake are Arac's grenades, blowing the ugly man's head into the ground, leaving him bald and a little bit deaf... but at the end of the day he's still breathing, and trying to climb back up to his feet! "I WILL... HAVE YOUR HEADS..." He grunts, but he can't quite make it back up. Things don't get any better when a bright blue bolt of lightning strikes him in the chest! "Father!! What are you doing?!" Comes a familiar voice... is that Raikiri standing atop the ugly man's chest?
  155. Palanius: Not familiar with Raikiri from earlier, Arac remains on alert, guns in both hands. He looks towards Bom-Pom for direction on the situation
  157. GeneralFreedom: "...that's where I've seen him before," Bom-Pom gasps. "He's... Raijin. I've seen the statues."
  159. CapsLockRAGE: "I thought my father was bad."
  161. SomethingWitty: Raikiri and the ugly man - Raijin - begin to have a very hurried conversation. They speak in an ancient dialect of the Japanese language, most of it indecipherable aside from a few words that have made it through to the present day. From Raikiri's animated gestures, though, it's not difficult to tell how it's going - she's clearly displeased with the ugly man's antics, and he's simultaneously apologetic, embarrassed, and more than a bit still angry.
  163. Keioseth: plops down on the ground, catching his breath.
  165. Palanius: Slowly lowers his guns as the others seems to be out of combat mode, though he doesn't quite put them away
  167. CapsLockRAGE: Cannons arm jerks a bit. the electricity she took had taken it's toll. " Are we done here? I need to take time to repair some surged systems."
  169. SomethingWitty: When the chastising calms a bit, Raikiri climbs off of Raijin's chest so he can shrink down to a more normal size. Then she commands him to get up and follow her towards the others.
  171. GeneralFreedom: Bom-Pom sighs and takes a seat. "I think it's over, yes."
  173. GeneralFreedom: She gives Raikiri and Raijin a little smirk as they approach. "Sounds like someone got an earful."
  175. SomethingWitty: Raikiri bows deeply from the waist. "Friends, teammates - I apologize sincerely for my idiot father's behavior. It is very easy for him to get caught up in his music... and then into his fights."  Raijin scratches the back of his head.
  177. Keioseth: "Good fight old dude." He gives a weak thumbs up.
  179. Palanius: "Is this an excuse?"
  181. GeneralFreedom: "So I see," Bom-Pom nods. "There's going to be a bit of clean up, but... I think everyone got out alive."
  183. CapsLockRAGE: "I don't think an apology is good enough. He endangered the lives of several innocent people. He needs to be made to atone for that.
  185. SomethingWitty: "Don't you worry," Raikiri promises. "I am not going to let my father just get away with this. He knows better by now."
  187. GeneralFreedom: "He is a 'thunder god'. I'm sure he's good for it," Bom-Pom chuckles.
  189. SomethingWitty: "You, go home. We'll talk more when I'm finished here." Raikiri commands Raijin; he opens his mouth, like he's going to argue... but then he disappears in a flash of lightning.
  191. Palanius: Looks to Bom-Pom to see if she appears to agree with the conclusion.
  193. CapsLockRAGE: Cannons arm shorts out again, giving a jerk. " I need to run a diagnostics and self repair."
  195. GeneralFreedom: She sighs as Raijin vanishes and shakes her head. "...I've never fought a god before. I assume he can do something to make this right."
  197. Keioseth: "I think I have a date with some hydrogen peroxide and some neosporin." He says looking at the various cuts from the debris, "Thanks again Cannon."
  199. GeneralFreedom: "Call ahead. I'm sure Tutor will be happy to play nurse at the base."
  201. Palanius: Gathers up his equipment and goes to fire his grappling hook back up to his previous position on the roof, packing everything back into the dufflebag.
  203. SomethingWitty: "If I must make him rebuild the building himself, I will do so. But I'm sure he has some form of riches to spare."
  205. CapsLockRAGE: {Cannon about faces, not sparing another word as she makes her way outside, so she can go fix herself up.
  207. GeneralFreedom: "Excellent. It keeps my father from having to cover it," Bom-Pom grins. She takes a look around at the devastation and tsks. "What a mess."
  209. SomethingWitty: Raikiri watches the others go, waiting until they've disappeared from view to pull her mask off. "Why does he /always/ have to do this? It's never a normal visit with him..." She extends a hand to Bom-Pom, to help he back to her feet. "I hope you and the others weren't /too/ injured. Thankfully this avatar was relatively weak."
  211. GeneralFreedom: "I'm fine, of course," Bom-Pom grins and takes her hand. "The others will get better. Danger comes with the job, after all." She does self-consciously rub her stomach, however.
  213. SomethingWitty: "... Wait, wasn't this the Death Disease concert?" Raikiri takes a step back and looks Bom-Pom up and down. "I... didn't know you liked this kind of music."
  215. GeneralFreedom: "It was, yes," Bom-Pom snickers. "What can I say, I have varied tastes. I have a few posters, the CD... is your father's avatar always the drummer?" She seems to be angling for an autograph.
  217. Palanius: Takes one last suspicious look down at Raikiri before dissapearing with his duffelbag into the night
  219. SomethingWitty: "Right. Well... I guess I have to go deal with this now." Raikiri rubs her forehead, not looking forward to the oncoming stress headache. "Take care, Becky. I will report back soon."
  221. GeneralFreedom: "Er, we'll talk about it later," she laughs and gives her a quick bob of her head. She sighs and rests her hands behind  her head. "Ugh, now what to do with my free time..."
  223. SomethingWitty: "Huh? Oh, uh... yes. And the guitarist, and the bassist. Kind of - they're manifestations of Uncle Raiju."
  225. GeneralFreedom: "Hmmm... That's good to know," Becky grins as she heads out. "Remind me to ask you about it later!"
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