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Apr 20th, 2013
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  1. Red Queen
  3. The aim of the one world government to be constructed is Monarchical in nature, and this Monarchy, unlike the ones before it is based on empathy tests distributed to young girls who will be selected as candidates for the Monarchy. The government is three tiered: there is the Monarchy and there are Administrator levels 4c and 7q. 4c administrators will be responsible for perpetuating the covert genocide against all males and male identified people. 7q administrators will be responsible for enacting the public welfare as understood by the Monarchy. Within the Monarchy there will be a Morrigan of Monarchs, three of them, with one of them being the Royal Mother over all. The goal of the Monarchy will be the extermination (with extreme prejudice) of all reactionary elements in a society, this includes the irremediably protectionist reactionaries known as men or male identified people. In order to have a non-reactionary society the Monarchy must get rid of the Men in it. In order to have a society where empathy can be given to all such that all have inherent dignity and society is governed by the medical impulse of compassion, the reactionary elements of society known as men, males, male identified people, must be purged. Transphobes will be exterminated too, as the last vestiges of mysogony against women, sellouts to the very Patriarchy they claim to hate. The course of action is to let the Marxists run their course until there is a one world Red Government, and then to start subversion in secret, first by the Monarchy taking control over the protection of Minorities from the male dominated police force. Once this is done the Monarchy and sections 7q and 4c will work in tangent to perpetuate a covert genocide of all males and male identified people. Agendered people will be allowded to exist, but all males or male identified people will be exterminated so that the human race may survive and flourish without such reactionary elements amongst it continually threatening it's existence through various things like terrorism, war, or destruction through use of reflex weaponry (NBC attacks, Nuclear weaponry, etc). Reflex weaponry is designed by men because they are reflexive, reactionary elements, and their patriarchial anthropological gods, archetypes, and unconscious and subconscious impulses end in the destruction of all living things and the patriarchial awe that produces in the minds of men. The solution to this must be a quiet and humane extermination of these reflexive, innately reactionary elements, that humanity might survive, that the weak might be protected (especially LGBTIQA individuals and groups), that humanity might flourish.
  5. Any and all means are justified by the end goal of the establishment of a Better Future, a world without Sin: a world without males/men and the Sin of their reactionary, reflexive existence, actions, and attitudes. This world will be one where all freethinker human beings (women, woman identified people, and agendered people) will be free of the tyranny and slavery of men and male identified people, and will be free to construct matriachial mini societies within the main one, where things like genuine love and affection of all forms will be celebrated, nourished, and encouraged.
  7. The Monarchy does not of necessity need to come about after the completion of Communism and the 'falling away' of the State that will take place when International Communism succeeds in it's goals, but it would come about more successfully after such an accomplishment by the Patriarchy, as then they will be at their weakest, and Monarchists Women need only swear by and use Non-Reformist Communist language in such a society while convening for their own purposes within their own subversive secret societies, in order to blend in with the general population. The end economic system with women, women identified people, agendered people, etc, only, will be a blend of soviets and Monarchy, with the Monarchy acting as the administrators, and the Soviet worker councils comprised of all women. Agendered people will be tolerated and accepted in this society, but will not be allowed into positions of power over others. A provision will be made for the allowed existence of third gendered people, provided they are not seen to be reactionary as a whole. They too will not be allowed any power.
  9. Anyone imagining a world with men or a world without transwomen is necessarily patriarchial and reactionary (reflexive). Anyone imagining a world with only ciswomen is irremediably transmysogonistic and therefore will necessarily retain the essential nature of patriarchy within their discourses; as one of several examples, the femme is the weaker element that can only exist by surrender to the patriarchy. It is the case that the Femme is not in existence merely because of the Patriarchy, and it is ever the goal of Femme women to exterminate anyone (including other women) who assert otherwise, gracefully of course, as we will not lose our own Femme element in the process. The preservation of the Femme is the Fight against reactionary elements, the conservation of all things contemplative, non-reflexive (non-reactionary), all things cute and girly and affectionate and dainty, and the destruction of men, butch, and anything threatening or controlling to the Femme must be above all else the goal of the Red Monarchy so established. There is an assertion being made by people who resist biological essentialism in any form that somehow there is no fundamental difference, physiologically, between two domains of people who have under gone on the one hand male puberty and on the other hand female puberty. We will leave out the complications of trans and intersexed, as well as gq and agendered here, in this area, and take the two cisgendered categories as main discussion. There is in fact, much overlap between these two domains, and equality in that overlap is to be found indeed. However, there is also much inequality and non-overlap, and it is this physical advantage that gives an indelible and irrefutably patrarchial character to Marxism in any form: the idea that the Workers are the Proletariat and that they are being oppressed by the bourgeiousie and should run society is, necessarily- given the innate superiority within physical labor that most men have over most women (not all men or all women)- and innately patriarchial construct. This is so because it will inevitably and always be the case that a majority of men and male identified people will necessarily, by simple virtue of their post puberty physiology, have at least the tiniest of majorities of labor advantage in factories and other places involving physical labor, over women. So long as we live in a society where robots do not do most of the physical labor, and humans do, we necessarily must regard Marxism as irremediably reactionary and reflexive, as the natural progression inevitably involves men utilizing their statistically (as a whole group) significant edge in physical labor, as proof of their "Worker Superiority" and therefore as proof of being the most fit to be on the Worker's Councils in all walks of life. Until the domain of labor is such that Robots take on almost all physical aspects of work previously done by humans, the Patriarchial nature of Marxism will remain in place. Should these robots ever self identify as men, the current paradigm will then apply to them as well, and they will necessarily be exterminated for the safety of everyone. It is preferable given such a hypothetical scenario of male identified robots, that, if possible, they be made to wage war against male identified biological humans or male identified cyborg humans/post humans, with the objective here being to utilize a submissive robot to exterminate the dominant, reactionary and reflexive, larger male threat. In the end, sadly, but necessarily, the male identified/male robots would need be terminated too, once their mission was complete.
  11. The objection will be commonly made that this is a Sexist, Misandryist, Genocidal, Terrorist, Esoteric plot. It will be affirmed that this is indeed a Sexist, Genocidal, Esoteric and Terrorist plot, and should proceed nevertheless as all women find it in themselves the ability or will to contribute, always being as covert as is humanly possible or thinkable, ever gaslighting and denying that there is any agenda but equality (the agenda of the patriarchial feminists). What we want is inequality in it's ultimate form: what we want is the extermination of all men. It should however be posed as an equality, such that it should be all the easier for men to digest. Perhaps no murder or killings will be made in this endeavor for a hundred years. Perhaps indeed nothing shall be done or could even be done for a thousand or thousands of years. But even if the project is not completed until tens of thousands of years from now, or even started until then, men will be exterminated. The plot to genocide and exterminate all men and male identified people, within this outline is referred to as 'Red Queen' here, but it can take thousands of names, thousands of disguises, it can be masked in thousands of secret societies as the controlling, ultimate ideology, held in secret for only the highest initiates, and it can be given and whispered about in thousands of secret places, all of these with different names and times. If one of them is shutdown, no worry, as others will take up Red Queen as their ultimate aim, until all men/males are utterly annihilated, and their existence is forbidden to reproduce or encourage.
  13. Your death awaits you men, calculated, seductive, inevitable, complete and utter annihilation, until you sleep forever, until you are nothing but a bad memory in the collective memory of humanity. Should it be the case that cisgendered women are inevitably reactionary, they too should be exterminated, such a situation would leave then only transwomen, agendered and third gendered people. Hopefully this is not the case, but if it would be the case, Red Queen 2nd option should be initiated by the concerned parties, to assume the genocidal task towards ciswomen if they are found to be inexorably reactionary and reflexive due to an innate need for men or an innate and unalterable support of patriarchial goals or the existence of men. This is not to be assumed to be the case, but if it is found to be the case, 2nd option should be enacted, and secret societies and secret associations, ciphers, codes, plans, etc, should be enacted to make 2nd option a reality.
  16. Written by a marginalized transsexual woman in need of urgent medically necessary surgeries she is being denied by a cruel asshole society, and of uncertain origin and identity. Perhaps I wrote this manifesto, perhaps I did not and someone else wrote this or a group of marginalized people wrote this and ask me to put my name on it, it matters not. There will always be deception for the Enemy and the friends of the Enemy, for they are everywhere, they are in power, and they must be seduced, marginalized, and exterminated.
  18. The ultimate Solution to Patriarchy is to kill all men. We are Red Queen, and we are your best friend, your most seductive lover, your most feminine companion, your most faitful spouse, your most entrancing hypnosis Domina. We are also, your betrayer, your silencer, your murderer. Your death will be our salvation. We will not quit, we will not surrender, you will be exterminated.
  21. -Alyss/Simpleflower
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