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  2. -x4 a long gilt-edged dagger with a central blood channel - Gore weapon
  3. -x10 a jagged sandstone shard with a lump of soulstone embedded in one end - Medium Edge, rub to go slightly mad
  4. -x3 an elaborately carved staff inlaid with tarnished filigree - Staff
  5. -x5 a petrified piece of mantrap stalk - Heavy Blunt
  6. -x2 an elongated spiky barb - Light Edged
  7. -a large pitchfork - Polearm
  9. ARMOR:
  10. -x2 a reinforced oilcan with a missing bottom - Plate, head/neck/eyes
  11. -some articulated plate greaves embossed with seven-pointed stars - Plate, legs
  12. -a tarnished chainmail hauberk worked to display a seven-pointed star upon the chest - Chain, chest/back/abd/arms/legs
  13. -some heavy gloves embroidered with blood-shot eyeballs on the palms - Light, hands
  14. -x3 a supple leather coat bearing a repeated pattern of purple-limned eyes - Light, chest/back/abd/arms
  16. SHIELD:
  17. -x2 a rough sandstone slab incised with odd symbols
  19. MAGICAL:
  20. -x2 a beveled uthamar thumb ring engraved with a closed eye - The ring is scribed with a minor invisibility spell and has fifteen charges left. The ring is enchanted to render the wearer magically unlocatable when properly rubbed.
  21. -x3 a brass bolt with an oily sheen - Rend spell (dispel 2 effects), 10 charges
  22. -a tattered aubergine robe covered in cambrinth-beaded symbols - worn 50 mana
  23. -x2 a stylized cambrinth comet with a silver-glittered tail - 108 mana, held
  24. -a white-painted cambrinth cumulonimbus cloud - 108 mana, held
  25. -a pitted and pockmarked cambrinth moon - 108 mana, held
  26. -x3 a chakrel gear attached to a curving metal band - Barb meditation, upper arm slot
  27. -a cracked sandstone orb embedded with amethysts - gen worn, Garden's Vision, see all invis/hidden
  28. -x3 a small lump of soulstone - gen worn, pally
  29. -x4 a charred and melted lump of soulstone - gen worn, pally
  32. -a dreamweave saddlebag clasped with a golden eye - for some reason this was empty for me
  33. -x3 a pale spiritwood cigar case clasped with an indurium Bloodworm Comet
  34. -x3 a moonsilk arm pouch embroidered with stylized eyes
  35. -x2 an ink-splotched deep purple pouch with a golden closed eye clasp
  36. -an ink-splotched blue pouch with a broken drawstring
  37. -a dusky grey satchel branded with geometric shapes - some extra words when open/close
  40. -some carnivorous plants
  41. -a nightingale windchime
  42. -a golden eye-shaped bell
  45. -x4 a piece of smooth starstone embossed with a golden eye
  46. -a piece of ivory carved with tiny copper-rubbed symbols
  47. -x2 a fan of three Tokka cards carved from a single duskbloom sapphire
  48. -a carved viper's eye sapphire shaped like a stylized upturned Q
  49. -a small Seed of Entropy wrought from purple gold
  51. BOOKS:
  52. x4  a dusty leather-bound journal depicting a closed golden eye - lists altars locations by province, bonds when rubbed
  53. a thin notebook bound in bright purple silk - Write-in journal, upgraded with potency crystals, bonds
  56. -x2 a large brass spring - wrist worn toy, goes "Boing!" when pulled
  57. -a thin section of rafflesia vine  - belt worn, wave at people to whip them
  58. -a trio of multihued moons - gen worn, atmo: "A trio of multihued moons float lazily around your right forearm, glowing with a lustrous sheen against your skin."
  59. -a clockwork monstrosity puppet - whisper ventriloquest puppet
  60. - a brass and chakrel spike - nose ring
  61. -a tarnished copper pin shaped like an open eye
  62. -x3 some tattered purple robes edged with gold braiding
  63. some slightly worn purple robes accessorized with brass-lined stone buttons
  64. x2 some simple rope sandals - verby
  65. -a can of borax flux - crafting
  66. -x3 a blackened brass gear - ring, verbs
  67. -x2 a necklace suspending an eventide moonstone pendant rimmed in blackened silver - verbs
  68. -x3 a leather crupper pyrographed with a map of the Blasted Plains - horse, rear
  69. -a gloaming leather chanfron with a closed golden eye on the brow - horse, head/eyes
  70. -an elegant golden orchid
  71. -a bright orange tiger lily
  72. -a brilliant ruby red rose
  75. -x5 a flaxen-tinged sand golem eye
  76. -x3 a crystalline sand golem eye
  77. -a glittering sand golem eye
  78. -x3 a pale amber-hued sand golem eye
  81. x2 a sanguine-stained verdant heart - Partial Displacement spell
  82. x2 a milky celadon verdant heart - Shadows spell
  83. x2 a lurid green verdant heart - Dazzle spell
  84. x2 a sickly green verdant heart - Psychic Shield spell
  85. x2 a chartreuse verdant heart - Shear spell
  86. x2 a deep viridian verdant heart - Artificer's Eye spell
  87. x2 a blackened verdant heart - Dinazen Olkar spell
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