MGE Side III Church

Sep 5th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. Nbu❤❤❤... Slurp, chu, slurp... gulp❤
  2. Haa...❤ I love it so much when you stroke my head while sucking you off, onii-san❤ It’s like you’re praising the way I use my mouth, it makes me feel so happy...❤
  4. Alright, now that you’re refreshed, let’s go to the next place~♪
  6. The atmosphere here is different from that street from earlier, it’s quiet here, don’t you think~? From here on out, this is a residential area where lovers and couples live. They already have partners, so their dances and songs are only for their husbands, and they only do lewd things with their husbands❤ I also have a husband~ Nuzzle~❤
  8. Onii-san has been looking at this building since earlier, haven’t you?
  9. It doesn’t suit Dé Ryúa at all, it’s pure white and clean, this beautiful and not very lewd building, what ever could it be✰
  10. The answer is, “The Church of the Chief God”! Actually... Jajaaan✰ I’ve got a rosary, isn’t it cute~❤
  11. I’m also a follower of our Lord the Chief God♪ My father was a believer too, so I’ve also been praying here since I was little.
  12. I prayed to one day meet a lewd and lecherous man, one like onii-san❤
  14. Huh? It’s weird that there’s a church in a monster realm, and that there are monster adherents? Why? I mean, even us monsters were created by the Lord, right?
  15. The Lord is the one that made onii-san’s body that uses me to feel really good... And the Demon Lord was the one that made us monsters able to do things like the succubi do, but wasn’t it the Lord that made that succubus that made this body that makes onii-san feel good?
  17. ...Ah, I know! Onee-sama taught me a way to explain it at times like this!
  19. Umm, do you know the old story about this city, onii-san?
  20. When this city was occupied by another country, the brothers of the Order of the Chief God desperately protected the sea folk while they sang!
  21. That’s why, in Dé Ryúa, the brothers of the Order are knights who protect us sea folk❤
  22. There's a ton of girls that long for the Order Knights, and want to get closer to them and have lewd relationships❤
  24. The Scriptures? Of course I’ve read them properly!
  25. But I ignore the parts that say you must slay monsters, or never do lewd things!
  26. There are loads of men and monsters in this city that believe in the Lord, but everyone just ignores those parts, and the scriptures found in this city have all had those parts left out.
  27. I mean, the rest of the time the Lord is a super nice and warm person, but then suddenly starts saying “Slay the monsters!”, it feels really weird. It’s almost like they’ve become a different person.
  28. Besides, the part that says you shouldn’t do lewd things is strange too you know?
  29. Like I said earlier, it was the Lord that made humans and inma able to feel good, so saying “I didn’t make it for that!”, is also really weird, right?!
  31. This church has been used purely as a church of the Chief God since this island was the prison island, but there are several other churches of the Chief God like this in Dé Ryúa.
  32. They’re often attached to churches of the Fallen God or Lord Poseidon though.
  34. Look, the inside is beautifully white too~❤ There’s also statues of the Lord and stained-glass windows❤
  35. The head priestess here, a Sea Bishop, and many others follow both the Chief God and Lord Poseidon.
  36. Also, many of the sisters here are Nereids like me~. By the way, the image of the Lord seems to vary country to country, but the image of the Lord in Dé Ryúa is really cute, huh?❤
  37. If she became a song maiden, and awkwardly swayed her ass while pole dancing, she’d be so desirable❤
  39. Ah, there’s a soldier of the Order praying! From his armor, I wonder if he wandered in from outside of Dé Ryúa? It’ll be nighttime soon, it’s also time for us to pray❤
  40. When night falls, Dé Ryúa gets real! Look forward to it❤
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