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  1. *Delete Products
  2. - Go to woocommerce - products - delete all products
  4. *Add user
  5.  -Go to Users->Add New(Use a normal Name, email just do with domain being the one you work on)
  6.  -Uncheck: Send User Notification
  7.     Example:
  8. - Make them set to author not subscriber
  9.  -Press: Add New User
  11. *Categories
  12. -Go to Posts->Categories.
  13. Add 2 of the following: Music, Sport, Health, Gossip, Politics, Tech
  15. *Add plugin Randomizer
  16. - Go to plugins - add plugin - search Randomizer install and activate it
  18. *Add plugin Legal Pages
  19. - Go to plugins - add plugin first on the left activate it.
  20. - Depending on the country I said for domain, use
  21. - Put in country, street, zip code any 5 numbers, phone number just grab 9 digit number like this
  22. - Click save
  23. - Go to create legal pages and click privacy policy on right then add page, then do the same for DMCA.
  25. *WP AutoTerms
  26. - Go to plugins and activate WP Autoterms
  27.  -Go To WP AutoTerms->Add Legal Pages
  28.  -Go To WP AutoTerms->Add Legal Pages
  29.  -Create Terms and Conditions with following settings(domain, website and company name will be different):
  30.  Then press Publish
  32. * Go to Pages
  33. - Delete Cart, Checkout page, My Account, Shop
  35. *Menu
  36. - Go to appearance menu and add in the DMCA, privacy policy, terms of service and click save
  38. *WP Automatic
  39. -Go to WP Automatic-> New Campaign
  40. Title: (one of the Categories you chose eg. Music)
  41. Campaign Type: Feeds
  42. Maximum Posts: 20
  43. Feeds to post from: Use all these below:
  51. *Rotate feeds
  52. Post Text Template : <br>[matched_content]
  53. Post posts to this category: The selected category you chose above
  54. Posts Author: The user you created earlier
  55. Strip original links from the post (hyperlinks): Check
  56. Set First image/Vid image as featured image : Check
  57. Strip first image from the content after setting it as featured image : Check
  58. Actually strip the image from the content (by default the plugin filter the content on display to strip it) : check
  59. Download images to my server : Check
  60. Try to generate names for images from the post title: Check
  61. Translate the post before posting (using Microsoft Translator/Google Translate): Check
  62. Translator: Google Translator
  63. Translate from (auto detect) to (language of country for each website) - but leave the third one as is please
  64. - (auto detect) - (slovak) - (leave blank) etc
  66. Translate title also : Check
  67. If translation got failed set the post status to Pending : Check
  69. -Scroll up and press Save Publish.
  70. - Then click run campaign -
  71. - Press and wait for article to post, repeat 8x then scroll down and click another category in settings. Then click update and repeat this 8x again.
  73. *Add magazine theme
  74.  -Go to Appearance->themes and add new. Pick one of the below, rotate for each site you make:
  75.  Avid Magazine
  76.  Magazine Power
  77.  Vmagazine News
  78.  Vivacious Magazine
  79.  Multipurpose Magazine
  80.  Lifestyle Magazine
  81.  Eximious Magazine
  82.  -After you installed it, activate it
  84. Done
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