Bronon (A twist on a classic)

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  1. >Another fine day in Equestria.
  2. >Another day you get to spend with your bro Anon.
  3. >Flying down from your place, you float up to his door, giving it a good knock.
  4. >As he answers you hold out your hoof.
  5. "Ready for today, bro?"
  6. >He bumps it with his fist.
  7. >"You know it Rainbro."
  8. >It looks like he winces a bit as he says this, but you just chalk it up to the sun.
  9. >"Gimme a moment to grab some stuff, then we can go."
  10. "Mind if I wait inside?"
  11. >"Not at all."
  12. >Flying inside as he steps aside, you flop on his crazy comfy couch.
  13. >This is one thing you were glad Twilight could bring from his world, even if he couldn't go back.
  14. >Wiggling on your back, you sigh, sinking into its super comfy cushions.
  15. >Anon takes this moment to step back into the room, and you see his skin flush red for a moment.
  16. "Hey bro, whats wrong? You turned red there for a moment."
  17. >"Oh, that happens when I get warm, and the other room was cold, so when I got in here, it flushed red."
  18. "Ok, just wanted to make sure you were okay, ponys dont change colors."
  19. >"No problem, you ready to go, or are you gonna stay on my awesome couch?"
  20. >Rolling off, you fly up and land on his back.
  21. "Come on, lets go before I decide to stay on your couch"
  22. >Laughing, he reaches up and rubs your head.
  23. >"Alright."
  24. >He walks out the door, grabbing his backpack before locking the door behind him.
  25. "I still don't see why you do that."
  26. >"Its more of a habit from back home, but better safe than sorry with Applerapist and Fetishshy around."
  27. >You and him share a bit of a chuckle, but quickly serious up.
  28. "We still on for movies and booze tonight?"
  29. >"Nope, booze and movies"
  30. >You groan, and sock him in the shoulder playfully.
  31. >Making your way out to the lake, he pulls a ball from his bag.
  32. >You immediately fly up, and he chucks it out over the lake.
  33. >Its easily caught, and you call back to him.
  34. "Your gonna have to do better than that to get me to miss."
  35. >Throwing the ball back, he runs to catch it.
  36. >You and him throw the ball for an hour or two, before you break for lunch.
  37. >Out of his bag he pulls a box of sandwiches, and a pair of bottles of what he calls "Coca Cola".
  38. "You sure you wanna give me one of these? You know Twilight can only make so many of those a month."
  39. >"Hey, I'm sharing it with my best friend, so its fine."
  40. >Taking the proffered bottle, you struggle to remove the cap.
  41. >Smiling, he takes it back.
  42. >"Here, let me get that."
  43. >setting the cap against his sharp teeth, he pops the cap off.
  44. "Thanks bro."
  45. >"Yeah..."
  46. >Taking his own bottle, he pops the top, and tilts it back.
  47. >He down about half the bottle, before letting out a sigh.
  48. "Something wrong bro?"
  49. >"Promise you wont laugh?"
  50. "Dude, I'm your bro. Anything you need to say, I will be here."
  51. >"I'm thinking of starting dating ponys."
  52. "Took you long enough, I mean how long has it been? Almost 3 months?"
  53. >"Yeah, I guess, though I dont think I want to go to fast with it though."
  54. "Got somepony in mind?"
  55. >You scoot over, looking at him.
  56. >"Yeah, but I don't think she feels the same. I mean, we are good friends but... Never mind, its nothing you need to worry about."
  57. "Hey, no problem bro, if you ever need to vent, remember I will always be here, heck If you want, I could help you out."
  58. >He winces again as you say bro, but you chalk it up to the cool drinks hitting his stomach.
  59. >Finishing up lunch, you get back to hanging out until the sun starts setting.
  60. "I'll meet you at your place, I gotta grab something. It will help keep the hangovers to a minimum in the morning."
  61. >"Cool stuff, meet ya there."
  62. >He holds up his fist, and you bump it before taking off.
  63. >Racing to your pad, you dig through your fridge, before removing a bottle of liquid rainbow.
  64. >Sticking it in your bro night saddle bag, you set the bag on your back and head back to your bro's place.
  65. >Knocking on the door, it swings open unaided, and past it you see some of his stuff lying around.
  66. "Hey bro! You here?"
  67. >A muffled sound comes from upstairs, and you set down your bag, before flying up them.
  68. >His bedroom door is open, and you float it to see him tied up and gagged on the bed.
  69. >He shakes off his gag, and yells "Run! its a trap!"
  70. >Suddenly from behind the door comes a rope, wrapping around your wings and torso.
  71. >Pulling away, you get out the bedroom door before getting pulled back.
  72. >"Now now Rainbow, ya know ya can't out-pull me without yer wings."
  73. "Applejack, stop this now, and let Anon go."
  74. >Fluttershy steps forward, carrying a rag in her hand.
  75. >"Im sorry Rainbow, but we spent so long planning this, we can't just stop now when we are so close."
  76. >Bringing the rag towards you, you try to fight away, but Applejack just pulls you over, and the rag comes to your nose.
  77. >As everything starts going black, you can see Anon break one of the ropes holding him.
  78. >
  79. >
  80. >
  81. >
  82. >"Hey, Dash, come on, wake up."
  83. >Slowly, your eyes open, and you see Anon looking over you concerned.
  84. "Hey bro, you okay?"
  85. >He pokes you on the nose.
  86. >"I'm the one who should be asking you that, you are the one who got drugged."
  87. "I'm fine."
  88. >Sitting up, you hold out your hoof to him.
  89. >Instead of bumping it, he wraps you in a hug.
  90. "Hey, I said I was okay bro, what happened?"
  91. >"Ah, not much. When they got you I managed to break free and get them out."
  92. >As he says this, you can see him hesitate a bit.
  93. "If you say so bro, come on, lets get back to our night."
  94. >He smiles, and shakes his head.
  95. >"Its a bit late for that, how about we just hit the hay, get some sleep with the few hours we got left."
  96. "No problem bro."
  97. >He lays out on the couch beside you, and you look at him confused.
  98. "Whats up? not sleeping in you bed tonight?"
  99. >"Nah, feel like using the couch, since you sleep on it so often, I figured I might as well try it."
  100. >Flying up, you head for the stairs
  101. "Sure, I'll head up and take your bed."
  102. >"Wait, please I'd rather you stayed here. I'm worried they may go for a second try tonight, since they did knock you out."
  103. >You float over, and hop on the couch beside him.
  104. "Sure bro, I got your back."
  105. >"Yeah... Bro..."
  106. >There is a heavy pause, before he turns onto his back and closes his eyes.
  107. 'Man, he must be tired to pause like that, then again he did stay up who knows how long to make sure I was fine.'
  108. 'What a bro.'
  109. >Moving around a bit, you get comfortable next to him, and his arms suddenly wrap around you, pulling you onto his chest.
  110. >Leaning close, you can see he is sleeping soundly.
  111. 'must have been reflexive.'
  112. >Closing your eyes, you drift asleep on his chest.
  113. >As he feels your breathing become steady, as you hit deep sleep, he sighs.
  114. >"Why can't I say anything..."
  115. >A single tear runs down his face, dropping to the ground with a soft plop.
  116. >
  117. >
  118. >
  119. >
  120. >For the first time, you wake up at Anons without a massive headache, although the sun still decides to hit you clean in the eyes.
  121. >"Mornin Dash, Pancakes for breakfast?"
  122. "You know it!"
  123. >Hopping up, you fly over to the kitchen and turn the corner, only to crash straight into Anon, knocking him over.
  124. >He reflexively reaches out to catch something, and grabs you.
  125. >You end up on his chest, him on his back.
  126. >Moving back to get off, you find your plot bumping into a bulge in his pants.
  127. "Bro, whats up? You hard for me or something?"
  128. >He blushes, and shakes his head.
  129. >"Its called morning wood. Overnight, blood tends to flow more to the body than the brain, and guys wake up with a boner."
  130. >Hopping off him, he sits up.
  131. "Okay, cuz seriously, while I can see why you'd get hard for me, bro's don't do that right."
  132. >Looking off to one side, he replies "Yeah... Of course."
  133. >He stands up, and walks over to the counter where he's got a bowl of mix all ready to go, and he takes it to the stove.
  134. >Plopping down on his taller chairs, you wait for him to finish cooking them.
  135. "Hey, you planning on asking her soon?"
  136. >"Hmmm?"
  137. "The mare, remember?"
  138. >"Oh, right. Maybe, I need a bit of time to decide."
  139. >You fly over, and punch him lightly on his shoulder.
  140. "Don't worry about it to much. The worst she can do is say no, right. And besides, I can come with you if you want a wingmare."
  141. >"Thanks, I dont think I could ask without you there."
  142. "You best not be going weak on me."
  143. >"Hey, I guess I don't need to make you pancakes then."
  144. >You sock him again.
  145. "You know I'm bugging you bro."
  146. >He groans, and holds up his fist, which you reply with your hoof."
  147. >Flipping some pancakes on a plate, he passes it over to you.
  148. >As you take the plate, he adds more batter and turns to you.
  149. >"Hey, would you find it weird if you were dating somepony who wasnt a pony, like how Spike likes Rarity?"
  150. "I dunno, never really thought about it. Why?"
  151. >"Just wondering how you would feel in my position."
  152. >You scratch your chin, pondering.
  153. "You know, I never really thought about it. I'll think about it and get back to you with an answer."
  154. >"Thats all I ask."
  155. >Finishing up breakfast, you grab your bag and head for the door.
  156. "Thanks for breakfast, I'll see you later bro."
  157. >"Yeah, see ya!"
  158. >Flying away, you don't see his depressed sigh, before he turns back to his breakfast.
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