Prime 1 Randomizer

MilesSMB May 20th, 2014 4,662 Never
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  1. Prime 1 randomizer that swaps around the locations of most upgrades and expansions. This is my first real attempt at hacking Prime 1, and not currently in a state to be publicly released.
  3. Changes include:
  5. - Randomly changes a pickup's properties to a different pickup, altering the item it gives/model used/size/scan/etc.
  6. - Imports required files for the pickup to appear/not crash
  7. - Adjusts the pickup's height, as different pickups are naturally higher/lower and would otherwise end up inside floors/ceilings
  8. - Changes the music played/pop-up message when you collect the pickup
  9. - Adds/removes layer changes for artifacts/old-Artifacts, so they activate Artifact Temple like they're supposed to (and the replacement pickups don't)
  10. - Removes cutscenes for most major upgrades, as they would make no sense with the item being changed
  13. 4 pickups are unchanged at the moment:
  15. - Hive Mecha Missile
  16. - Morph Ball
  17. - Bombs
  18. -- Currently unaltered so you don't get immediately stuck in Chozo Ruins
  19. - Artifact of Truth
  20. -- Works differently from other artifacts, and requires more changes made to force it to be required
  23. Known issues:
  25. - Doesn't make sure pickups are in possible-to-obtain locations, meaning the game will most likely be impossible to complete
  26. - Pickups that were previously artifacts still pause the game
  27. - Old major upgrades still flash white/briefly make you lose control
  28. - The height adjustment isn't entirely accurate, and pickups may appear slightly higher/lower than they should
  29. - Items that replace Wave and X-Ray don't have a pop-up message
  30. - The cutscenes for old-Main PB and old-Phazon Suit aren't removed; Main PB because you're stuck inside the maze, Phazon Suit because the unique way you obtain it
  31. - Old-Charge, old-Boost and old-Thermal have an additional second cutscene that aren't removed
  32. - Phazon Suit uses the Gravity Suit model
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