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  1. Key: Miyuka Bazooka
  2. Character Name: Alma
  3. Applying for: Third Eye/White/Colorless Ascension
  4. Reasoning: After observing several of the different training methods others use to enhance their power, Alma, whose chief choice in life is to find her own way to achieve those same heights, combines them into something else entirely. It achieves much the same effect, but in a different way. Where training her body is important, as the weight training of Ozcep's school teaches, she's crystal clear that that's not the only thing one needs to be strong.
  6. She focuses on her Aura, and on mental training as much as physical. In her sit-ins on the others, this was what all the schools had in common. They may train their bodies through weights, or through swinging a sword a thousand times. When questioned, though, it was the philosophy of working through that training mentally that she'd decided they had in common.
  8. tl;dr girl find her own way, looks at all the big fighters and decides it's not just muscles that matter
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