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  1. lost stars ☆゚*・。*・
  3. username: baekacheu
  5. full name: | Park Spring
  7. nickname: Spring, P-pringeuduekie
  9. birthdate: | July 30 2001
  11. age: | 16 korean age
  12. personality: | She's kinda naughty and noisy girl. She keeps on talking and joking around. People thinking that she's weird because of her lively and smh autistic personality. She's a 4D. But even though she's smiling and laughing around behind it She's hurt.
  14. background: | - At the age of 11 she auditioned in MusicK entertainment but she left.
  15. - She particitipates in her school programs.She's avarsity player in badminton.
  16. - She helps in their family business as a cashier. It's a Ramyeon restau
  18. primadonna ☆゚*・。*・
  20. family: | Park Snow / Eomma / Manager or business woman
  21. Park Jaeyong / Appa / Lawyer
  23. friends: | max 6, depending on slot; choose any idol in the idol world
  24. Kim Sejeong /Kim Seji/occupation; Bestfriend
  25. Lee Jeno / Lee Justine / Friend
  26. RV Yeri / Choi Sooji / Friend
  27. Monsta X Hyungwon / Chae Hans / EX BOYFRIEND
  28. Jeon Somi / Jeon Sanha / Friend
  29. Kang Mina / Kang Muiwi / Friend
  31. likes: | Foods, Dancing, Jokes, pick up lines, My internet friends , Amusement park , Hamster, My laptop
  33. dislikes: | Books , Dirt , Cracking nails , Insects , Cucumbers , Flirts/fucbois , Backstabbers.
  35. extra curricular activities: | I joined Drama club. I am a Badminton player. I dance in our school. I participate in joining some art contests.
  37. trivia: | She's allergic in Cucumber , She once drop her phone in the pool, She put make ups but she failed in putting an eyebrows. She writes sometimes a poem. She enjoys Ballad musics. She can create a dance within 30 minutes, Step by step. She never cried since her exbf broke up with her. She's corny. She's sometimes mean because of her jokes.  
  39. the light ☆゚*・。*・
  41. scene suggestions: | // I'm walking in our corridor with my earphones. I'm enjoying Bangtan's Miss right cause Jungkook's voice is a lit. I know im late but its okay. My first subject teacher wouldn't mind haha. All students are now running because the bell rang. Suddenly someone bump me. " Oh I'm sorry" she said. I smiled at her " Gwaenchana" She smiled at me too. " Why're you not in hurry? The bell already rang " She asked. I giggled because of that. " Why not? I'll get sweaty if I run like you guys did. Look at you, You look like a sweaty siopao " I laughed because her face turned into red. " How mean~ " She said pouting. I looked in her ID. " Muiwi? Nice name. It fits in you hahaha" she rolled her eyes but smiling at me " How about you? " she asked again " Mine is Spring. " I said then started walking " Nice meeting you Muiwi. Let's meet again later lunch " I said and wave my hand. I found another new friend.
  43. face claim + backup: |Halla / Lee Suji Back up : Kang Seulgi
  44. slot + backup: | m n m back up; buttercup
  46. love rival + backup: Jungkook ;; Jimin
  48. how you and your love rival met: | We met in girl's comfort room. He thought that it's Boy's CR and he blamed me because I look like a boy because of my cap. I pony my long hair and wear some hiphop attire because I'm going to perform.
  50. relationship with love rival: | Friend
  52. extra: I'm beautiful, Crazy inlove with him.
  54. message to me: Pick me pick me pick me up.
  56. message to others: Support my lovelife. Been there before and I'm broken aw
  58. password: |V E R
  60. tag 4 friends:
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