Sony Vegas Pro 12 Build 486 (64 bit patch-KHG)

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  1. Sony Vegas Pro 12 Build 486 (64 bit patch-KHG)
  3. Sony Vegas Pro 12 Build 486 (64 bit patch-KHG)| Size : 226.52 MB
  4. Notable fixes/changes in version 12.0 (Build 486)
  6. * Added support for exporting nested Vegas Pro projects as compound clips when exporting to Final Cut Pro X format.
  7. * Added support for importing compound clips as nested Vegas Pro projects when importing from Final Cut Pro X format.
  9. When importing a Final Cut Pro X project, a Vegas project is created for the main project using the same base name as the .fcpxml file, and separate nested Vegas projects are created for each compound clip and for each clip that contains an audio and a video stream.
  10. * Added Anchor point setting to the Titles & Text plug-in. Text now scales relative to the anchor point, which does not move.
  11. * Added support for reading and rendering up to 16 channels of audio in HD MXF files.
  12. * Added support for reading Sony XAVC files. You can use the Device Explorer window to browse and import clips from XAVC disc images.
  13. * Added support for timecode in P2 MXF files. If you’re using a project that was created in version 12.0 (build 394) or earlier, please update P2 clip timecode as follows:
  14. - If you imported the clip from a disc image, right-click the clip in the Project Media window, choose Replace, and then select the clip from the disc image.
  15. - If you imported the clip using the Vegas Device Explorer, delete the .mxf file from the C:\Users\\Documents\Imported Media\ folder and reimport the clip using the Device Explorer.
  16. * The Documents library and custom libraries from Windows Explorer are now available in the Vegas Pro Explorer.
  17. * File Open dialogs have been updated to allow you to browse and open files from mobile devices. (more...)
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