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  2. Petra slid back across Brawlhaven, throwning up grass and even carving stone in her wake. She'd just taken a beam of light from Zariel chest-on.
  4. "They call me Petra because I'm made of stone," she cheesily delivered on the verge of laughter.
  5. "That would have disintegrated stone, I do believe," Zariel replied in its deadpan, factual manner of speaking.
  6. "Whatever." Petra shook embers off her shirt like a chef shaking up a pan of fries.
  7. "Ouch," one of the tiny embers squeaked as she fell to the ground and perished from fall damage.
  8. "I do find that mildly amusing. I will have to thank Fait after this for that spell," Zariel replied.
  9. "So you ready for more, catcher in the rye?" Petra prodded the angel.
  10. "I am ready. I do not know if I am interested," it plainly stated.
  11. "Cheez whiz, you're no fun at all without some degree of physical contact," Petra grumbled.
  12. Zariel's golden cheekplates glowed a bit.
  13. "Not like that, you idiot," Petra laughed angrily.
  14. "I bear knowledge that would cause cessation of the mortal brain function in an instant. I do not believe I am, as you say, an idiot," the angel countered.
  16. That was when Petra lunged.
  18. The angel flew straight up, prepared, and aimed its bow downwards. Petra threw her Darkheart upwards and smashed the arrows.
  19. Both landed with an impact. "Get me the turismo because it's like deja vu in here," Petra muttered.
  20. "Your bungled pop culture reference is rancid," noted the angel.
  21. Petra fired bolts from the Darkheart in response. The angel backhanded them out of the way.
  22. "Boy, it sure is fun not playing by the limited moveset of the rules, isn't it," Petra exclaimed as she drug the Darkheart through the ground, accumulating material around it, approaching Zariel with a mace of stone.
  23. She swung, and Zariel dodged out of the way, but she threw it at the angel in its recovery. It was surely flying off into Helheim, before the boulder broke with a flash of golden light and the angel came rushing back.
  24. Petra feinted to the left and grabbed Zariel directly by the wing. The solid light seared, but not as much as it did when she smashed the angel into the ground, she reckoned.
  26. As Zariel lay embedded in the stone, Petra leaped into the air and charged a spirit bomb over her head. She threw it down, and when the dust settled, Zariel was several meters away with its arms crossed.
  27. "I hate you," Petra roared.
  28. "I cannot feel hatred in turn," Zariel solemnly replied.
  29. Petra expended the Darkheart's energy to phase behind Zariel and grab it. She ended up just lunging onto the ground like a dummy.
  30. "Hatred brings predictability," the angel noted.
  31. Petra got up in a low stance, huffing and seething. Zariel threw a golden disc at her; she grabbed it and crushed it.
  32. "Done playing games, Sentenza."
  33. "This is, by very definition, a ga-"
  34. With that, Petra had pulled two slabs of stone straight out of the ground and crushed the angel between them. When they parted, a golden orb surrounded by feathers floated where it was.
  36. It squealed something in some ancient language, and three massive rings flashed into existence with six blinding wings to match.
  37. <NO RULES> it transmitted directly into Petra's mind.
  38. "...Ah, shit," she exhaled.
  39. Just then, a spear planted itself between the two. The gyroscope went dark. Petra stumbled a bit.
  40. "What's this?" a sweet but certainly six pack-bearing voice echoed from above.
  41. A valkyrie landed in a torrent of feathers, none other than the notorious Brynn.
  42. "I thought Odin told you no more Ophanim shenanigans in his domain," she wagged her finged at the unveiled Zariel.
  43. "And you," she turned with an exasperated look to her petrified prodigy, "still owe for the property damage you inflicted on the Fangwild. I let that go because Ember could sing some trees back into that place." Brynn looked at what was left of the great stone platform. "Ancient stone requires an entire symphony orchestra."
  45. Zariel reduced back to its humanoid form. "My apologies, daughter of Hypernia."
  46. "Hopes and dreams aren't how we run this pantheon buddy," Brynn snipped at the angel. She turned back to Petra. "What's your beef with this one anyways?"
  47. "It all started with Scrappy Doo," she started, Brynn's face contorting into disgust at mention of Mordex. Nobody really liked Mordex in Valhalla.
  48. "Yeah. Anyway, he brought the Gameboy Veggietales to me and it was broken, so I was gonna go fix it and make him buy my lunch for the rest of our eternal afterlives as payback. Then PC-98 over here started chucking frisbees at me."
  49. Brynn crossed her arms and sighed. "Just because you're a bad girl doesn't mean you have to hang out with bad guys. The Geminus Virens shouldn't be in either of your possessions."
  50. "But," she continued, "We can talk about this later. How about some ice cream?"
  51. "It's winter," Petra smirked.
  52. "It's ice cream," Brynn said with a wide smile and eyes glaring daggers.
  53. "Oookay~" Petra squeaked.
  54. Brynn took Petra's hand and prepared to lift off.
  55. "Miss Bry-"
  56. "I only date people shorter than me, goldie."
  58. And they were off.
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