Assorted Miiverse Hacks

Dec 31st, 2016
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  1. Here's some assorted JavaScript hacks. These are all labelled, depending on their usage.
  3. Make Post In-Game:
  4. Run this on 3DSverse's "[titleID]/[communityID]/post" page, and your posts will automatically become in-game posts.
  5. In-game posts cost you no posts-per-day to make, and have absolutely no character limit (for now). This also lets you comment on any post up to the old limit of 1005 comments!
  6. They're forbidden in certain communities (such as the Play Nintendo community and previously the YouTube community), so if you get a random error after inserting this, it may be forbidden.
  7. If the permissions on the community are right, you can use this bookmarklet to post to verified-only communities like Miiverse Announcements, though Nintendo is cracking down on more and more of those.
  8. javascript:$('<input type="hidden" name="has_title_depended_value" value="1">').insertAfter('.spoiler-button');
  10. Add URL Form to Post:
  11. Running this on some of Wii Uverse's post forms will allow you to add a verified-user URL field to non-redesigned communities, or in-game posts.
  12. Inserting a YouTube URL will auto-embed it as a video, making this twice as useful as just a clickable URL button.
  13. This is made for Wii Uverse, though you can change the value="your url here" part of it to make it work well with 3DSverse if you wnat.
  14. javascript:$('<input type="text" name="url" placeholder="URL" value="" style="width: 850px; margin: 20px 0 0; background: url(&quot;/img/textarea-line-bg-l.jpg&quot;) no-repeat 0 0;" img="" no-repeat="">').insertBefore('.spoiler-button');
  16. Miiverse Post Generator:
  17. This is a useless little extra thing I made for PCverse, this hasn't been tested on Wii Uverse and definitely wouldn't work on 3DSverse.
  18. Run this on an un-redesigned community page while logged in, and this will read the post list and use Markov to generate a post for you. You have to be logged in because it sets the post form's text to show the post, though you could replace "$("textarea[name=body]").val" with "alert" to make this not require a login.
  19. The Markov part of the code was taken from here:
  20. javascript:!function(a){function b(a,b){c={},d=[],e={},f=b.split(a.punctuation_marks);for(var g=0;g<f.length;g++){var i=f[g].split(a.word_splitter);c[i[i.length-1]]=!0,d.push(i[0]);for(var j=0;j<i.length-1;j++){var k=i[j],l=i[j+1];""!==k&&null!==l&&(e.hasOwnProperty(k)?e[k].push(l):e[k]=[l])}}var m=h(a.min_length);return m+a.punctuation}var c={},d=[],e={},f=[];a.markovmaker=function(c,d){d=a.extend({},a.markovmaker.options,d);var e=b(d,c);return e},a.markovmaker.options={punctuation:".",min_length:2,punctuation_marks:/\.|\;|\?|\:|\n/,word_splitter:/\s/};var g=function(a){var b=Math.floor(a.length*Math.random());return a[b]},h=function(a){for(var b=g(d),f=[b];e.hasOwnProperty(b);){var i=e[b];if(b=g(i),f.push(b),f.length>a&&c.hasOwnProperty(b))break}return f.length<a?h(a):f.join(" ")}}(jQuery);list="";for(post=0;post<$("").length;post++){list=list+$("")[post].innerText+"\n";}$("textarea[name=body]").val($.markovmaker(list,{punctuation: '\n', min_length: 5}).split('\n')[0]);$('.black-button').removeAttr('disabled');$('.black-button').removeClass('disabled');
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