Luna Encounter

Mar 22nd, 2021
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  1. It'd been a few weeks since the encounter.
  3. Nobody really believed you when you told them about it and, honestly, you couldn't really blame them. If you hadn't experienced it firsthand, you would find the whole thing pretty unbelievable too. Even now, you could recall the pain that shot through your body. You could recall the feeling of the pavement as you curled up helpless on the ground. And, you swear, you recall the way she looked at you, eyes filled with disgust, as if you weren't even worthy to exist in her presence.
  5. But... maybe you WERE wrong.
  7. You definitely felt pain that day, that was unmistakable. But... maybe something else caused it? Something more believable than your favorite vtuber suddenly assaulting you out of nowhere, at least. You WERE pretty tired that day after staying up late watching her stream, so maybe you were just confused? Maybe you were just distracted thinking about how great her stream was, and then you ran into a pole or something and your brain just got everything all mixed up. That... also sounded kind of dumb, but it was a much more believable kind of dumb.
  9. You were just about to write off your experience and move on with your life when suddenly... you heard it.
  13. Fear filled your heart as you spun around wildly, trying to pinpoint the source. Not in front of you. Not behind you. There was nowhere she could've been hiding and yet the sound felt like it came from everywhere.
  15. And then you looked up.
  17. You looked up just in time to see her pretty princess heel collide with your face and send you crashing down to the very familiar pavement.
  19. "Surprise, motherfucker!"
  21. Luna ground her heel into your forehead, a look of annoyance on her face as if to say "Don't you dare try to forget me like that". And then, as if to make certain that you recalled your first meeting correctly, she gave you another swift kick to the balls. You were a bit woozy and disoriented, partially from the impact of your head hitting the pavement and partially from the resulting blood loss, but the pain you felt then was unmistakably familiar.
  23. You apparently blacked out soon after. When you woke up again, Luna was gone.
  25. This one was going to be a lot harder to explain.
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