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  1. Welcome researchers on a bit of a mission.
  2. Welcome mildly curious people.
  3. Welcome person looking up the history of Leicester city centre.
  4. Welcome midlife entrepreneur wanting advice.
  5. Welcome scientist with a theory it's going to take at least ten years to prove.
  6. Welcome local fancying a cup of tea.
  7. Welcome teenager gothically in love with Lord Byron.
  8. Welcome tourist who thinks we're the British Museum.
  9. Welcome musicologist who will be in the papers with what you discover today.
  10. Welcome school learner who really wasn't expecting it to be like this.
  11. Welcome student scrolling through Twitter.
  12. Welcome person who doesn't want anyone to know what you're working on.
  13. Welcome diligent journalist looking at a cached web page from 2006.
  14. Welcome parents in with the kids to see an exhibition (sorry about the tempting shop).
  15. Welcome all ten people who think they've got the most niche interest in the whole building.
  16. Welcome librarians from everywhere. Together we've got this.
  18. Welcome, knowledge. Welcome, curiosity. Welcome, imagination. Welcome, UK. Welcome, world.
  20. British Library: 20 years of welcomes.
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