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  1. Steam Name:Supersoup
  2. Steam ID: Eh
  4. Universe: Star Wars
  6. Character Name: DT-1125-A
  8. Character Species: Augmented Human
  10. Abilities: He's trained to be a relentless infiltration bodyguard do-it-all elite trooper. He's in pretty good shape and could easily out preform anybody who isn't augmented or genetically powerful.
  12. Weaknesses: He's human. He can bleed and die and starve and get sick all the same. Disease and all that. He's got the gear to compensate.
  13. (If you have any, stronger chars should have at least some)
  17. E-11D - Fifty round rifle-based varient of the E-11. Extended stock and cooling barrel to increase fire-rate and range. Maximum range of 500 metres, optimal at 250. It's incredible adaptability and configuration abilities allowed for the more professional regiments to utilize dart rounds, grenade rounds, and flare rounds. It can flick between semi-automatic, fully automatic and pulse-based, which allowed for stunning. The power an E-11D bolt provides is equivalent in terms of ballistic trauma to a 7.62x51mm, and literally burns through armour as it is plasma-based. The most optimal form of defence against an E-11D is thick, heavy armour, or extremely dense armour, such as Iron. Soft armours are extremely vulnerable to Plasma-based weaponry while hard-armour fends well against it. A Level IV AR500 Steel Plate could take three E-11D rounds without much problem until it eventually begins to either deatomize or melt entirely.
  19. Vibrodagger - A vibrating blade with a cortosis weave. Capable of stopping high-heat plasma-based melee weapons.
  21. Deathtrooper armor is a massive par above typical stormtrooper armour. Aside from the Plastoid-base (That can take a impressive beating from ballistic-based weaponry, unless the munitions are designed specifically to penetrate armour. To specify, the breastplate could take 10 5.56mm, and the other parts could take 5 5.56mm.) and electronic wiring that encourages unconsciousness if a fatal blow is delivered to the user, it is covered in a spray-polymer called Reflec that warped electromagnetic signals typically found in most forms of electronic sensor tech. The armours bodysuit allows for substancial survival in extremely deadly environments, as it is sealed, such as toxic-based scenarios. The helmets and bodysuit were sealed and fitted to ensure full-body protection against hazardous sources, even allowing for brief survival in a vacuum. High-powered forms of blasters, such as A280s, are capable of penetrating a Stormtroopers armour and inducing unconsciousness.
  23. They also have an extremely advanced helmet with communication scramblers that only allowed other death troopers to understand them, aswell as image-intensifying tech, Infra-red, Night Vision and even UV Tech, Multi-frequency targetting that allowed them to keep a cohesive bead on multiple enemies in an engagement, and a Macromotion Monitor that picked up even the most faintest of motions with a visual HUD. They also have the abilities to keep track of tagged allies, enemies and essentials that were deemed necessary through a HUD. It also recorded their vitals, how loud they were, and munition counts aswell as vital supplies that were updated through a smart-tech inferface that automatically updated anything used within the users visuals.
  25. Rations (x3) - A basic kit of gruel that provided sustinence and nothing more.
  27. DT Survival Field Kit - A basic survival kit that consists of means of starting fires safely, rope (20 Feet), Antivenoms (3x), Bacta-injectors (3x), Sueters, Turniquettes, compression bandages, tools to disarm and reconfigure Star-wars based explosives, and adhesive.
  29. HOWEVER...
  31. All this gear he's got? It's electronically powered in his back. And he's got NONE of that power to start with. He's gonna need to find a way to make everything outside of the protective feats of his armour. Oh, and he's got a Plasma-gas cartridge with him that allow up to a hundred shots each, but good luck trying to effectively reload it. E-11Ds can be electrically charged too for extremely less-effective purposes, but it's better than being unarmed.
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