Dadonequus Discord Part 273

Nov 16th, 2016
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  1. >You step up to the door, ready to knock.
  2. "Hmm...should I have brought flowers? Nah, this isn't a date. Just a friendly sleepover. Right....ok"
  3. >You take a moment to collect your thoughts. Then knock on the door.
  4. >You then wait, but it didn't take very long. The door slowly opened part way as a Blueish, blue eyed butler pony who was rather old looked down upon you. He looked left and right of you and then spoke in an elderly docile tone. He looked familiar with his white poofy mane and eyebrows. he was bald on the top except for a puff of hair as well. "You are master Anon...correct?"
  5. >Actually, he looked familiar...
  6. "Yeah, umm..I'm here for the sleepover. It is tonight right?"
  7. >"It is" He answers as he seems to want to make sure no one was around you, or near him.
  8. "Uhh, whatcha looking at? Who are you?"
  9. >"I'm Randolph...the butler. Mr.Rich gave me specific instructions to secretly lead you into the study before meeting with Lady Tiara. Will you follow me please?"
  10. >Welp...this was weird.
  11. "Ok..."
  12. >You follow "Randolph" all the way to Filthy's study. You look over to see Filthy at his desk, his chair turned away. With a big cushy seat in front of the table.
  13. >Randolph announces himself to Filthy as he steps behind you. "Master Rich, I have brought young Anon to you as you requested"
  14. >"Ahh!" Filthy slowly spins the chair around as he leans forward and looks to him with a serious face as he rests his head on the top of his front hooves. Placing the elbows of his hooves onto the table itself. He looked like Gendo Ikari in the midst of planning something in his head. "That will be all, thank you Randolph"
  15. >"Very good sir, I shall resume my usual duties" Randolph says as he steps back and closes the door.
  16. >Filthy's eyes then fall upon you. His tone was very serious at this point. "Anon, would you mind having a seat?"
  18. >...curious
  19. "Uh, sure. What's up Mr.Rich, is there a problem?"
  20. >"As a matter of fact, there is a little somethin' bothering me and I hope you don't mind if I share my thoughts with you before you go see my little darlin'"
  21. >You go and sit on the seat, planting your butt down like a cat as you look up at the billionaire horse. He looked stressed about something, you could see it despite his serious face.
  22. "Sure I don't mind. something the matter?"
  23. >"I guess that depends..." Mr.Rich turns around and looks behind towards a painting behind him. It looked like an ancestor of his. The first Rich? From Granny's story? "You see Anon, The rich family business is actually not every hard to run. We have our hooves in almost every business that has meaning. And, of course, without Barnyard Bargains, the centerpiece of the Rich Family Lineage, it wouldn't even exist. And yet, still, I can run it with two legs tied behind my back. No, what's difficult Anon..." He turns around, and softens up as he lets out a sigh, showing the true concern in his expression. "Is being a good father. This entire sleepover has got me a might jittery. Maybe you'd understand why, maybe not. But before we continue, how do you feel about it Anon?"
  24. >He was worried? Hmm, Diamond did say he didn't allow it before. Maybe something worried him about it. Was it because you were a guy, she was a girl, and it took place in a bedroom?
  25. "Umm, I mean. It's just a sleepover right? Doesn't seem bad to me"
  26. >Filthy let's out a chuckle as he sighs and looks to you with a smile "I like that innocent ignorance in you Anon, same kind my daughter's got."
  27. >Still, you had to ask
  28. "I um..I guess. But Mr.Rich, exactly did you meeting my sister go? If I remember right, you didn't want this sleepover to happen and now suddenly you do. Now I'm not saying my sister is bad or anything, but uhh. How did she convince you exactly?"
  30. >"She didn't tell you? hrn, that is a might strange. I figured she would have told you how good our first meeting went, but I guess she really was as busy as she said she was, poor thing. You are aware of her injuries at least, right?"
  31. >Injuries?...the cannonball?
  32. "Oh, um. Yeah, what kind of brother would I be if I didn't know about it. I feel really bad too, erm..I wish I could do more for her. But, still, how did she convince you exactly?"
  33. >You didn't sound all too sincere about her getting hurt. Hell, you didn't think it was that bad. Was she faking? Didn't matter, you had to know this.
  35. >Filthy looked at you as if something was off. He just observed you for a second before looking into his desk and pulling out a picture of Diamond Tiara and "Nymous". "Well, I wouldn't use the word convince. maybe she was too busy to explain this to you but my little princess introduced me to her. Now at first I was skeptic since she seemed to just come out of the blue. But after spendin' some time with her, I can safely say she's as trustworthy as you are and is a very fine young mare with a heart of gold. She didn't need to convince me really, she just offered to chaperone this little sleepover and even suggested bringing in one of Diamond Tiara's best friends to make it more of a slumber party instead of eh...somethin' else. Since usually these kinds of things are girls only, It was quite interesting to speak to her on the matter, couldn't find a single hint of deceit in her and she only wanted you and anypony you knew to be happy." Filthy tapped his chest a few times "It got me right here Anon, it made my heart ache on how she can be so caring after coming from the terrible troubles she had to pull away from. I guess part of me just wanted to make her as happy as my daughter by just sayin' yes. It's what an honorable stallion would do"
  36. >Something about that hurt. One of those lines. You couldn't tell which one, but one of those lines made you feel like some sort of villain.
  37. "So you just got to know her and that's it? Oh.."
  38. >Wait, if you sound like you're worried he'll think something is wrong. Act more....cheery and dumb.
  39. "I mean, that's super great Mr.Rich! She is a pretty good sister. I'm glad she came into my life"
  41. >And that made Filthy's worry on how you were acting wash away. He thought that maybe you were just nervous about the whole thing, like he was. "Well, glad to hear it Anon. Got a touch worried that something was wrong between you two. Guess she really was too busy to tell you about our talk. But Anon, I still got a little more to say to you before I let you go. Now, as I was saying. Being a father is the most difficult yet most rewariding thing ni my life. And so my daughter is like a treasure to me. Now Anon, I like you, I think you're a fine pony and even think you'd be good for my daughter when you're older. You know that. But, this is the here and now and despite me saying yes..."
  42. >The tenseness in his expression and voice began to build
  43. >"As the night came closer, I started to have some regret for what should have been a smart investment decision in the well being of my shining jewel. Anon, while I approve of this relationship. I did think it was only at a certain place, and yet, it's in a much higher place than I anticipated"
  44. >Wut?
  45. >You tilt your head in confusion
  46. "What do you mean Mr.Rich?"
  47. >"To put it simply Anon, there's ways to go about being in a relationship as foals, then there's a way two ponies conduct themselves in teenage romance, and then there's the methods and planning that go into being a couple as adults. And I really don't need this skipping into the teenage part or" He holds back gulping in terror, and tries to keep a brave front "or beyond that. Anon, you do understand what I'm talkin' about don't you?"
  48. >Yes
  49. "No"
  50. >"Good, good..that's exactly what I wanted to hear. But just in case, I have a few rules I want you to follow. And I want you to follow them to the letter, are we clear?"
  52. >He seemed super serious about this. And now you understood why. He was afraid of the relationship advancing too far into...something else. Well, he shouldn't have to worry. You're pretty responsible, you can handle it.
  53. >so you give him a cute salute
  54. "Yessir!"
  55. >"Good! Now, rule one, don't go kissin' my daughter anywhere but the cheek. Even if you kissed on the lips before, this is in a bedroom and it doesn't need to happen. don't ask why. Now, rule two, Do not under any circumstances sleep on the same bed she's sleeping on tonight. I made sure to get you all comfortable single beds fitted for all your sizes. Rule three, don't talk about your future together, this is meant to be a sleepover, not a romancin' session. If you gotta discuss something about the future, keep it simple, like a sales pitch. And the final rule, don't let her know that we had this talk. Trust me, she'd be fuming and demand another sleepover where I don't talk to you saying something like "You can trust us daddy? why did you have to do that? Now it wasn't a real sleepover". It'd be a nightmare for me Anon and I think this one sleepover will be enough for awhile. You understand, don't you?"
  56. >You just nod. God, he must be a wreck deep inside. Diamond must REALLY be into you in such a way that it's been worrying him. And yet he saw you as a prime choice to have as a son-in-law. He just didn't want to become a grandpa yet.
  57. "Understood sir, I will be an exemplary example of a gentlecolt."
  58. >you salute again to him as he slowly smiles and rests back a little, feeling like a weight came off his back.
  59. >"That's good to hear Anon, very good to hear. Now that we understand eachother, why don't you get a moseying along upstairs? I'm sure she's anxious to see her little prince, right?"
  60. >oh, you were sure she'd be ecstatic
  61. "Alright, are you going to be ok, sir?"
  63. >He nods and takes a breath "I will, as long as my rules are followed, just keep things as simple as you can Anon. A true Gentlecolt knows how to properly handle their lady. I know your young, but I'm sure you understand somewhat how I feel and why I want you to follow my rules."
  64. >You nod again
  65. "Yessir, I think I do"
  66. >"Then there's nothin' to worry about. Have a fun night Anon, but not too much fun...please?" His eyes, behind that smile, was the eyes of a worried father who was just trying to make his daughter happy.
  67. >You make a more sincere nod crossed with a bow. And hop off the chair and salute.
  68. "I promise sir, there won't be anything to worry about"
  69. >He laughs a little at that, and sends you on your way as he remains in his study.
  70. >This wouldn't be too difficult. Poor guy, he must have noticed how close DT really has become to yu. How attached she is. As for Chrysalis, she wormed her way in pretty good to be able to get him to warm up to her so fast. Then again, she had DT's attention and admiration as well. So DT plus herself would be able to do the trick.
  71. >As for the sleepover itself. You'd just have to see how it goes. You were sure you'd be able to pull this off no problem.
  72. >As you go up the stairs and head towards her room. You see "Her" waiting outside in the simple maid attire of the household.
  73. >Chrysalis was standing outside the door like a guard. In Nymous form of course, she looked pretty regal. Looking straight ahead with a serious stare. But the moment you came into view, she turned her head slowly as a smirk came upon her face "Ahh, Prince Anon. You finally arrived. How are you this night?"
  75. "Chrysalis? What...what are you doing? What's with the maid outfit and...?"
  76. >You notice it, white bandages around her torso and chest. and some around her right front hoof.
  77. >"What? Do you find it strange I'm in a serving role? I've done it before Anon, I've had to take on many forms during my conquests. For this? I am but a humble servant of Princess Diamond Tiara. Standing at her door in wait for her prince. To show him inside and announce him like a real official would. I think it's adorable...and rather filling"
  78. >So, she was eating any love coming outside that door as she waited. Still, was she up to anything?
  79. "I see, and those bandages?"
  80. >That smirk turns to one of irritation as she mentally recalls what happens before speaking it "No thanks to that idiot draconeequs and his idiotic endeavors. I was already recovering from that wound from your idiocy, My wing has nearly fully recovered, now my body is in no shape to do my usual work. But substantial love is necessary for the healing process. Besides, I did tell my BEST friend that I'd help him didn't I? This is the night we'll be securing your future so you don't end up a lonely loser."
  81. >Essentially, she was making sure she could heal properly while apparently keeping to her word. She didn't have to say it like that though. Sheesh. Still, you were glad she was ok.
  82. "It's just good to see you're ok. Then again, I figured you would be. "
  83. >"Of course, if you came looking for me worrying if I was ok I would have slapped you. I am ALWAYS alright in the end."
  85. >Ok, that was good. Because you did feel somewhat guilty not looking for her after she got hit by that cannonball. It was a good thing you didn't actually go looking for her then.
  86. "So you're really doing this huh? And no tricks?"
  87. >You couldn't ask her about the letter without causing some suspicion. So you held off on that, but you wanted to see if she had any tricks in store for this sleepover. She'd probably lie. But it doesn't hurt to ask.
  88. >"None I can think of. All I will be doing is feasting and helping you with this relationship. I'm sure that foolish father already went over those rules with you."
  89. "He told you about them?"
  90. >She nods "Of course he did, he's absolutely frightened that you two will end up doing "Something". I can make sure that doesn't happen of course, while also making sure I get the both of you to find eachother absolutely irresistible at the same time." There was something sinister about that last part, the way she said it, but you couldn't put your hoof on it. Probably meant it as a way to just drain more love in the process, or just sounding evil just to be evil.
  91. "Just like you wormed your way into his heart, right?"
  92. >She chuckles about that "It was easy. When you look this good and have such a sad origin story. Hearts just break from the tragedy of it all. It's delicious."
  93. >You had to be a little cautious now, it seems she was definitely going to try to run the show here and may have an ulterior motive. But what could it be? What would she have to gain other than food? But what if you were wrong? What if she was just being her usual self while also caring about you? While only using the love to also heal herself? Yeah, be cautious, but try to trust her. That seems like the best thing to do right now.
  95. "Yeah, well. If that amount of love will help you get better than I'm happy to help. But remember, this is a sleepover. That's all it's meant to be. I do want to respect those rules while also making Diamond Tiara happy. Ok? I don't want this to be a disaster"
  96. >"And it won't be. Anon, by the end of the night you two will find that there is nopony else in your lives that you can call your lover." Her grin becomes toothy when she says that. "I mean that"
  97. >.....egh..kinda scary. You don't like the way she's presenting herself.
  98. "Lovers isn't the word I'd use, let's just keep it at marefriend and coltfriend..ok?"
  99. >Chrysalis rolls her eyes and puts her hoof to her face at the fact you have to "correct" her. "Anon, I really don't like being told how to call things as they are. You can call it that, and I can call it lovers. Do we understand eachother?"
  100. >Yeah, you guessed you can have it that way, but you didn't want her thinking she could just push those rules to the edge like that.
  101. "I just don't want you thinking anything more can happen than what's been laid out for me. I'm serious about those rules, I don't want to break them. And I don't want you convincing Diamond to break them either. Even though she doesn't even know about them"
  103. >"Ugh.." Chrysalis was finding you irritating that you were suspecting her of something. She starts to do the pinkie promise motion without actually saying the words "Anon, I promise not to force or coax either of you into doing anything lewd. Really, that's your problem anyway...isn't it?" She gets a rotten idea as she gives you a sultry grin and speaks to you in a very soft way as she rubs her hoof under your chin. "You're the one who enjoys that kind of attention no matter what pony does it to you, right?"
  104. >You blush from her touch,look, and voice and quickly push her hoof away,
  105. "Gyah! look, look. I'm not like that anymore. Just..don't. Don't do that. Ok? You got it! I trust you, fine. Just don't tease me like that while y'know...we're here"
  106. >Chrysalis chuckles as she turns to open the door. That lifted her spirits. The fact that she can still easily mess with you through your hypothetical loins. "I'll keep that in mind Anon,oh, by the way. did Mr.Rich mention anything about that outfit? It's quite cute"
  107. >She said it was cute? Damn, why did that make you feel a little blushy? Why? Coming from her? Dammit..
  108. ", he didn't actually"
  109. >"Then he really didn't notice. Oh, the poor dear." She snickers "So worried that this might crash and burn that he didn't even compliment the outfit. He so does love making his daughter happy. Doesn't he?"
  110. >Ugh...
  111. "Do you have to say evil things like that all the time? It's pretty cliche"
  113. >"Well it is funny enough to mention Anon, certainly puts a smile on my face. Enough to forgive your irritating form of questioning and "correction" on my usage of words. We'll just call it even and leave it at that. I'm in a good enough mood to overlook your usual silliness. Also, stop worrying about what I'll do. Will you? You've done me such a service with that car you gave me, and even though you owed it to me anyway, it's enough for me to see you in a way that should be to your liking as far as those rules are concerned. Don't worry, your sister Nymous will make sure you don't do anything bad to your own marefriend" She puts her hoof on the door and begins to open it "Now, enough talk. Your little princess awaits"
  114. >Dammit. you were trying to reform her. And part of friendship is to trust your friend. But goddammit, this is Chrysalis. Who wouldn't think twice about tricking you. But she seems to be so concrete on saying that she's not going to break those rules while really helping locking in this relationship you have with Diamond weren't a loser could do this on your own if you wanted. Y' was easier than being a human after all.
  115. "Alright, I'll trust you. I got this..I'm ready. I mean it Chrysalis, I trust you. So don't break your promise, ok?"
  116. >"You needn't worry Anon. Like I said, I won't force or use any of my wordplay to trick either of you into anything you'd both regret. It shall be fine for everypony involved. Now, look brave, you have a "princess" to meet." She opens the door completely, and gets ready to announce your presence.
  118. >You look ahead as Chrysalis steps forward. The room had some slight changes to it. Mostly, that three beds were set up away from eachother aside from Diamond Tiara's extravagant and large bed. For temporary beds, they looked pretty luxurious in their own right.
  119. >Also, at the end of the bed frame for Diamond's bed were three thrones. Two luxurious ones and a smaller, less fancy one. In the middle luxurious throne sat Diamond Tiara, garbed in a blue princessy outfit with a beautiful crown set upon her head. adorned with jewels and gems. She seemed to be waiting there for awhile because she looked rather impatient. On the lesser throne on the right sat Silver Spoon. She was sitting down patiently. The third throne was empty, presumably, this would be your seat.
  120. >Chrysalis, steps forward like a court official would and steps to the side as she raises her hoof. Catching Diamond's attention "Your Highness, may I present, the young lord of disharmony! Prince Anon!"
  121. >She points to you as you just now figure out what is fully going on. This was a full on roleplay thing.
  122. >"Oh my gosh he's actually wearing t-" Diamond's eyes lit up in excitement, shock,surprise, and pure happiness to see you in that outfit that she spoke out of character of what she had planned. She had to force herself to calm down, look at you boredly and speak as regally as possible while at the same time containing her excitement from seeing your princely form. "Oh yes, Prince Anon. Ahrm. It is quite the surprise to see you here. I wasn't expecting you."
  123. >You take a bow, you can handle this no problem. You were already smiling internally from her adorable reaction.
  124. "Well my princess, chaos works in unexpected ways, but it is a pleasure to be in your company"
  126. >"Ohhh!" She loses it again as she looks to Silver Spoon "He's acting like a true prince! He's actually doing it!"
  127. >Silver Spoon gets caught up in the excitement as well as she finds the scene romantic and amazing "Like, I know! He really is dreamy!"
  128. >"I knowwww, he's so cuuute!" Diamond Tiara started to hop on her throne from just your greeting. Sheesh, you really do have to be careful. Though, charming her like this was adorable.
  129. "I'm glad to know that my presence is well received"
  130. >"Oh it's very-...erm" Diamond Tiara starts blushing as she looks away shyly, bopping the end of her mane with her hoof until she realizes she's being very unladylike. "Ahrm, I mean. Yes, I am glad you are here..I suppose" She acts bored again and points to the empty throne "Come and have a seat on this throne, you'll be acting prince of Equestria for the time being. I don't really care for you to be here but it's a must to keep the land harmonized..or something"
  131. >You bow to her, making her blush. Then very calmly take a seat. She just turns her head to you and blushes, staring with a smile.
  132. >Silver Spoon leans towards her and whispers something to her.
  133. >You looked towards Chrysalis, who just...stood there, dutifully like a real court official. She didn't even seem to pay attention.
  134. >"Anon..."
  135. >Hrn?
  136. >You turn your head towards Diamond, who was looking at you with dreamy eyes. "You look real cute you know. I can't keep pretending , my heart feels so warm with you so close."
  137. "O-oh, umm.."
  138. >Shit, she already shifted to being normal again. And you could see....was Chryslais trying to hide a smirk? Dammit!
  139. "MY heart is soaring with you next to me Diamond. It really is and..gah!"
  140. >She hops from her thrones and starts nuzzling into you.
  141. >"You actually dressed as a prince for me, you actually wore it and acted like one. That's all I wanted to see! It was sooooooo awesome! So cute!"
  142. >You very, very slowly and reluctantly hug onto her as she nuzzles her muzzle into your chest.
  144. "If it makes you smile Diamond, I'll do anything"
  145. >"Oh my goooodness! Did you hear that Diamond, that is like..oh so super romantic!" Even Silver Spoon was getting swept up into it.
  146. >But you had to reserve yourself, you couldn't get too into this. Even if her attention was warming to you.
  147. "I'm glad everypony is happy that I'm wearing this, but erm..this is a sleepover right? A sorta slumber party? Shouldn't we be playing a game or something?"
  148. >"Oh...oh right!" Diamond Tiara hops off of you and hops into her bed and scoots to the end of it to look down on everyone. "Well, I did plan a few things so we can have fun tonight. I thought the very first thing we should do is a pillow fight!"
  149. >Pillow fight? these clothes?
  150. "Um...really?"
  151. >Diamond nodded "Mhmm!According to the best magazines, having a pillow fight first is something young princesses do to get rid of any pressure or tension from ruling over a kingdom. Since we are all royalty, we shall have a pillow fight to calm down after a long day of ruling."
  152. >Chrysalis speaks without actually moving "A very good idea Princess Tiara, if I may be so bold however, I would like permission to be able to strike at Anon with said pillows."
  153. >"Oh? Ok, that doesn't seem bad. Just because you're his sister doesn't mean you'll beat him though, you better watch out. He's the hero colt. And since I'm the only one here who has seen him fight. I think I know enough to be the only one to beat him at a pillow fight." Diamond Tiara said with a soft smile as she pointed to herself, eyes shut "Besides, I am his marefriend. Of course I'd know his"
  154. >Diamond Tiara suddenly grabs one of her pillows and swings it down from the end of the bedframe and onto your face where you sat "He's easily surprised! Wheee!"
  155. >Agh! but that hurt! She slammed it into your face, sending the back of your head into the chair. But, even if it hurt. You'd bear it, it was only your head after all.
  157. >"Uh oh! I better get ready!" Silver Spoon backed off to one of the beds and grabbed a few pillows and waited to strike.
  158. "Guh...That wasn't fair.."
  159. >You slide forward off the throne and look up to a grinning Diamond Tiara
  160. >Chrysalis steps forward slowly and heads to the larger of the three beds. "Combat isn't about being fair, that's why my lady was capable of getting the first strike. Very impressive your highness"
  161. >Diamond Tiara let out a giggle as she held up another pillow like a shield, looking down at you from the top of it with cute eyes. "Thanks Nymous! That was super analytical of you"
  162. >"My pleasure your" Chrysalis reaches her bed and quickly turns with three pillows being tossed right at you at breakneck speed. "Take this Anon!"
  163. >C-crap!
  164. >You didn't even have time to dodge. You got smacked by one of the three pillows and ended up sliding across the floor from such a hard hit.
  165. >All Diamond Tiara did was laugh and clap her hooves "That was neat! I guess I should realized that since your Anons sister that you would have been able to surprise him too!." Diamond Tiara looked down at you from her bed and hopped in place "Come on Anon, stop being a stooge and show us your heroness! I, the princess, commands it!"
  166. > were still a little dizzy. You then have one more pillow lightly land on your head.
  167. >You lean your head back from laying on your back to see Silver Spoon smiling, then hiding under a blanket.
  168. "Ok, that's it!"
  169. >You hopped up and grabbed a pillow by your teeth and began to spin around and you throw the pillow at Diamond first.
  170. >She ducks her head behind the end of the bed frame. But the pillow doesn't even go over it. it hits the middle and bounces back into your face. knocking you back onto your back.
  171. >"Look everypony! Anon is trying to trick us by being pathetic! Don't get fooled! Or you'll get hit!" Diamond calls out to everyone.
  173. >"Oh yes my princess, thank you for the call out. I almost thought his idiocy was real" Chrysalis snickered.
  174. >Ok...ok...time to get serious.
  175. "Well, in that case sis..let me show"
  176. >You secretly grab the pillow into your teeth and rush at Chrysalis for a swing
  177. "MY TRMUE POMAH!:
  178. >You swing your head to horizontally strike her, but she quickly grabs a pillow with her tteth and with a spin, parries your swing with a vertical swing.
  179. >"nimf tmy Anom, bmut yer gomma have to moo benmer tham hmat!" Chrysalis says as she continues to hold the pillow between her teeth.
  180. >You growl and start taking berserk swings at her. Chrysalis however, easily parries each and every strike with her own pillow.
  181. >"MHMHMHM, AMOM, YMOU CAM'T DEMFEAMT ME! I'M DOME THIMS MORE YEARMS!" She laughed while gripping the pillow in her teeth,
  183. >You continue your assault as Chrysalis deflects your swings. Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon just watch in awe at the amazing pillow action going on. You swing to the right, she dodges to the left. She strikes with a straight cross of the pillow, and you duck it.
  184. >Nothing was working. And you were starting to falter, the Gumbo's power was already waning. And Chrysalis and tons more stamina than you did.
  185. >You spit out your pillow and go for a suicide move. You jump at Chrysalis's pillow and chomp your mouth into it and pull. It seems she wasn't expecting that. As you manage to pull it out of her mouth. Diamond Tiara cheers the moment you do, and with a heave turn of your head. You strike Chrysalis right in the face.
  186. >You were bretahing hard, triumphant. But when you look at Chrysalis,s he was just standing there. Looking at you with a stoic expression. "Good job brother, you hit me with a pillow. Too bad you hit like a girl"
  187. >"Hey..Nymous..don't say that" Diamond tiara's ears perk down from hearing that as she frowns "He's still your brother"
  189. >Chrysalis nearly grumbles, but acts professional and holds her head up high "My apologies Princess, I was perhaps too-HEY!"
  190. >You take an opportunity to hit her in one of her tender spots where the bandages covered. For a second, it actually looked like it hurt her. She stumbled back. then smirked at you as she sat and clapped her hooves. "Good work Anon, you took advantage of my weak spot and..HEY!"
  191. >You then throw the pillow at her face, now she was looking at you with angry eyes and a scrunchy nose "Now that was plain underhoofed"
  192. >You shrugged with a smirk
  193. "Hey, a hero has to do everything he can to defeat the villain and save his Princess...speaking of which."
  194. >You turn your head with a smile and wiggle your eyebrows at Diamond Tiara, making her blush and hide her head.
  195. >She then calls out "Lady Silver Spoon, launch all the pillows!"
  196. >"Got it! You can totally leave this to me!" Silver Spoon immediately pops out from the blanket she was hiding under and throws all her pillows at you. But her delicate legs were not powerful enough to actually land a notable hit. When she notices she fails. She frowns and ducks her head a little "Oh..."
  197. >You grin and rush up and grab a pillow in your teeth and dash and hop up onto the bed and rev up to smach Diamond Tiara.
  198. >She closes her eyes and covers her face as she calls out "Anon wait!"
  200. >But what she feels isn't a smack with a pillow, but a kiss on the cheek.
  201. >When she uncovers herself and looks up at you, she sees you leaning in with a smirk
  202. "Do I win?"
  203. >She blushes deep "Y-yeah"
  204. >You chuckle and hop off the bed victorious. Yeah, that was some smooooooth shit. Why did you even need Chrysalis's help? You were securing your future and keeping to the rules damned well on your own. Diamond would never recover from that.
  205. "So then, what's next?"
  206. >Your confidence was building. But as Silver spoon and Diamond Tiara hopped off their beds. Diamond tiara still blushing and even a little dazed. Chrysalis just silently looked on. You couldn't read what she was thinking..or planning.
  208. >"Well actually, as royalty and officials. We are supposed to discuss about like, internal politics" Silver Spoon states as she hops off her bed.
  209. >"mnnnn..." Diamond Tiara was still blushing, Chrysalis approaches her from the front of the bed frame and looks to her with concern, reaching her hoof over to tap her
  210. >"My Princess, are you alright?" Chrysalis asks
  211. >"mmm? Oh..uhh..yeah! Internal politics..right" Diamond Tiara was blushing hard, she had to shake off the kiss to be able to think straight.
  212. >She hopped off her own bed and marched to her throne and sat. "Then this means it's time for Truth....or Dare!" She smirks as she points to her left. "Nymous, you sit there to my left. Silver Spoon. To my right. And Anon..right in front of me. We'll go clockwise, then counter clockwise. I hope all of you have a stomach made of diamonds, because when it comes to truth or dare....I always end up winning." Diamond grins arrogantly and rather jerkishly about this. Like her old self. You didn't even think anyone could win Truth or Dare.
  214. "You can win in that game?"
  215. >You question as you take your spot.
  216. >Diamond Tiara nods as psyches herself up for a win. "Of course, if you lie or don't do the dare. You're an automatic loser. Of course, everypony can win. But they usually don't, not with the kinds of things I ask"
  217. >Silver Spoon agrees as she takes her place "Yup, Diamond Tiara can be downright evil in this game....but, y'know. Royal evil..because she's royalty"
  218. >Diamond Tiara looks to Silver spoon with an accomplished smile "Thank you Silver Spoon, that's exactly right"
  219. >Chrysalis, as she took her place, seemed to have found something odd with the placement. "Your highness, shouldn't your prince be next to you instead of me?"
  220. >"Uh uh" Diamond Tiara shakes her head "Anon would easily do whatever I tell him to do or always tell the truth to anything I have to ask. It's better this way"
  221. >Chrysalis holds in a cackle. Only smirking and doing a bow "Oh wise Princess Tiara, I couldn't have put it more eloquently if I tried"
  222. >.....goddammit....Really? You weren't a damn cuck.
  223. >You open your mouth to say something, Diamond Tiara immediately responding before you can say a word
  224. >"Do you have something to say Prince Anon? You don't hate my order you?"
  225. >......fuck
  226. "O-oh, no. I was just..."
  227. >You cough
  228. "going to say how beautiful you look right now"
  229. >"Awwww..." Diamond Tiara blushed "I know I look beautiful, but you know you look super handsome right?"
  230. >Fuck yeah you did...still...dammit. You should have just said what you really thought...oh well. It'll be fine.
  231. "Yep"
  232. >"Good, now let's begin! Nymous, Truth....or Daaaare!" Diamond Tiara challenges Nymous
  234. >"My Princess, I'll choose dare. I am the sister of the Hero Colt after all, I should be able to handle any challenge you give me" Chrysalis sits dutifully like any maid should. Looking to Diamond Tiara with a courteous yet stoic look.
  235. >"Let's see" Diamond Tiara starts tapping under her chin as she thinks. "Let's seeeee...Oh!" Her eyes light up as she comes up with a good dare. "Step out to the balcony and proclaim that I'd make a better princess than..Well, I really like Princess Celestia and Luna. Cadence just, I dunno, came out of nowhere. So say I'd be a better princess than her really really loud!"
  236. >Chrysalis bows and steps towards the balcony without hesitation "I shall, without falter"
  237. >She steps out into the balcony as you just roll your eyes, of course she could do this. She hates Cadence.
  239. >A boo can be heard, and the sound of a cat screeching. Other than that, nothing else.
  240. >Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon start clapping. Diamond clapping her hooves as Silver Spoon claps her hooves on the ground. you just slowly clapped, peh, what kind of dare was that?
  241. >"Wow! That was really great Nymous! Weren't you afraid somepony would have gotten mad though?" Diamond Tiara asked, a little worried for her.
  242. >"I care not but to carry out your will my princess" Chrysalis says with a polite tone and soft smile
  243. >"She's so cool! Just like Anon, totally fearless" Silver Spoon adds, impressed
  244. "Yeah.."
  245. >You say in a subtly sarcastic tone
  246. "Real tough stuff, ok Nymous. Your turn to ask me I guess. And guess what?"
  247. >You cross your front legs, huff, and nod in confidence.
  248. "I choose dare"
  250. >"Oh, good. I was hoping for let's see" Although Chrysalis looks like she was wondering what she'd make you do. It actually didn't take long for her to smirk at you and look at you dead in the eye "I know! Say "Chrysalis is a better ruler than the four current princesses and that I'd LOVE a chance to work under her as her soldier and follow any order she might have for me, and even be her best friend forever as we crack a whip at our carriage being hauled by Princess Celestia herself"
  251. >.....wut?!
  252. "I' not...saying that"
  253. >No fucking way you'd say that.
  254. >"Oh?" Chrysalis looks to Diamond Tiara with a stunned and worried look in her eye "Dear Princess, doesn't he lose if he does not do the dare?"
  255. >You look to Diamond tiara with a grumpy look
  256. "Don't you think it'd be wrong to do that dare at all? Come on, make her do a different one!"
  257. >Diamond tiara however, looks at you with a pouty impatient look "Anon, just do it. This is truth or dare, dares are supposed to be things you don't really want to do. She doesn't really mean any of that. Do you Nymous?"
  258. >Chrysalis shakes her head "Of course, I, Nymous, would never want such a thing" Chrysalis then looks to you with an evil grin. "That'd be something that Queen Chrysalis herself might enjoy however. I suppose it's a good thing I'm not her"
  259. >"See Anon? Do you want to lose to something really easy? You're a prince, remember? We should try to win together" Diamond Tiara just stares at you, hoping you'd just do it and move on.
  261. >Oh, she thinks she's won this.
  262. "Ok ok...but we're going counterclockwise after it goes back to you, right?"
  263. >Diamond Tiara nods "Yup! That way everypony gets one in."
  264. >Good, you'd have something in return when the pendulum swung the other direction.
  265. >You calmly take a breath, and say the line without qualms.
  266. " "Chrysalis is a better ruler than the four current princesses and that I'd LOVE a chance to work under her as her soldier and follow any order she might have for me, and even be her best friend forever as we crack a whip at our carriage being hauled by Princess Celestia herself"
  267. >Nymous smiles and claps "Very good Anon, I didn't want to see you lose so I just thought an easy dare would be alright"
  268. >...yeah you bet...easy. Everyone else saw it as easy. But you knew she just wanted to hear you say that for kicks.
  269. >"Don't hold back Anon, I'm super good at this game. I've been to ALL of Diamond Tiara's slumber parties and this game is like, totally easy for me to win" Silver Spoon seemed pretty confident as she batted her ponytail back behind her head.
  270. "Ok then, Truth or Dare"
  271. >"Truth, go on. Ask me anything" Silver Spoon awaited your question.
  272. >You had to actually take a moment to think of one as Chrysalis's dare still floated around your mind.
  273. >Then, you had it.
  274. "Ok then, here's the question. Is it true that you like a certain colt in our class? hmm?"
  275. >You expected her to blush and fight it. Thinking she had to have liked someone but was keeping it a secret. But she just shakes her head as if your question was shit.
  276. >"No, none of the guys in class are cool enough. And Diamond Tiara got the only colt that is way beyond cool." She looks to her friend "Right?"
  277. >Diamond Tiara blushes as she nods, and then looks to you with dreamy eyes "Yup"
  278. >Dammit...
  279. >"Well, that means it's mine turn. Ok Diamond Tiara, Truth or dare?" Silver Spoon looks to her best friend with a more soft hearted glare rather than any expression showing arrogance or confidence.
  281. >"Truth" Diamond Tiara says with confidence that she can win the challenge
  282. >" much do you like Anon? It's a lot, right?" Silver Spoon asks her with a jovial smile. Actually, that was a cute question.
  283. >"Lots and lots!" Diamond Tiara said as she blushed and put her hoof to her cheeks as she shook her head from the fluster of love.
  284. >"Eeee! That's so awesome! That means you really do like him, it's the truth!" Silve spoon squees in excitement.
  285. >"I couldn't lie you know? It's the truth! So, you're gonna ask him the same question right?" Diamond Tiara asks her friend in earnest.
  286. >"Of course, so, to make things super quick. I pick truth" Silver Spoon says as she eases her zealousness and awaits her friend's question.
  287. >"Are you my best friend?" She asks her
  288. >"Of course!" Silver spoon replies.
  289. >You found this all very adorable. The game became less of a game at this point once Silver spoon busted out that question and more Diamond Tiara rushing to hear the same answer from you. Honestly, you could feel your heart thumping just from her cutesy words. You felt loved and adored.
  290. >"Ok Anon, truth or dare?" Silver Spoon asks you
  291. >Diamond Tiara looks on, waiting for you to say those words. muttering "Truth" under her breath.
  292. "Truth"
  293. >"Oooook!" Silver Spoon gives you a cocky little grin, acting as if the question is a tough one "Is it true that you like Diamond Tiara more than any other pony ever? You know the kind of "like" I mean" She wiggles her eyebrows at you.
  294. >You grin at that question. even blush a little. As you thought about it, it was the reason you were doing all this. She devotes her attention and love to you. How could you not return that love? Chrysalis was right about one thing. If you wanted companionship secured for your future, Diamond Tiara was the way to go.
  296. "More than anything my horn could conjure, and my horn could conjue pretty much anything, even another Diamond Tiara. And you know? Even one I made could never compare to the original. Never ever, she's simply too wonderful and beautiful to ever be compared to anything else"
  297. >And that did it, she nearly fell out of her throne on that one. She was overtaken with love and adoration for you that she didn't even form words. She just sat there, frozen, smiling, blushing.
  298. >You loved the fact that you made her happy with those words. Enough that you ALMOST forgot about getting back at Chrysalis, but you won't let her get the best of you.
  299. >"Umm...ermmm..." Diamond Tiara tried to hide her face behind her forelegs. She couldn't get a hold of herself. She had trouble getting a grip. Chrysalis of course, didn't say a word. probably feeding.
  300. >"O-ok,'s..erm.." Diamond Tiara tried to get her mind back on the game. She just wanted to dive in and hug you. But she had to keep her composure. Although she didn't know about her father's rules. she didn't want to give him a reason to come check up on her regardless. She would have to plan her super cuddles when it was later and quieter. "Ahmm...hmmnn..ahrm. Ok..ok. Umm, Anon, it's your turn." She let out a nervous giggle after saying your name.
  301. >You grin at Chrysalis who awaits your question. She looked fairly confident that she could beat whatever challenge you might have.
  302. "Alright sis, Truth or dare?"
  303. >"Dare of course, I like to believe I am as brave as my hero colt of a brother, even though I could never be as great as you" She says with false modesty
  304. >Now to seal her doom.
  306. "Well then, say "I love every single snuggly wuggly cute critter in the forest, especially the bunny wunnies. And I want to take care of them all and make them feel loved while I make sure to keep all the foals happy with my silly clown acts and upbeat and wonderful personality!""
  307. >Chrysalis stopped right then and there, she didn't even step up to bravely say it. She kept her mouth silent, refusing to speak those words.
  308. "Is..something wrong sis?"
  309. >You smirk at her
  310. "It's an easy thing to say, isn't it?"
  311. >Chrysalis holds off on grievances and looks to Diamond Tiara "My princess, is this not a dare that's a tad too easy? I was expecting something more daring to test my abilities."
  312. >..oh come on. Heh, you had her right where you wanted her. You start speaking in a subtly smug fashion.
  313. "Sorry sis, no matter how easy or hard it is, you still gotta do it"
  314. >"Actually Anon....she's right. That's pretty easy" Diamond Tiara tells you "She only wants to compare to your awesome bravery just a little. Give her something that's tough sounding"
  315. >WWUUUTTT?!
  316. "But!...wait, wait. It shouldn't matter, right? It's my dare!"
  317. >Chrysalis looks down in fake shame "Perhaps he is right, I'm not as worthy as he is to even think I could come close to being as brave as him. I guess as an older sister, I'm worthless"
  318. >"Nymous?! Oh no! nonono." Diamond Tiara hops off her throne and goes to comfort Chrysalis "You're not worthless, Anon is just trying to go easy on you. But, he doesn't need to be..." Diamond Tiara then shoots you a look opposite how she was feeling before "Right Anon?"
  319. >Ergh...dammit. What an under handed play! Ugh, you can't even argue this. Fine!'d let her have her way..for Diamond's sake.
  320. "Right..sorry, I just..y'know. Didn't want to do anything tough. Ok,ok...lesse...ummm...Oh hey, how about try dodging one of my signature moves?"
  322. >This wasn't about actually hitting her. This was about seeing how quick she was in that form. You know her pride wouldn't allow her to get hit. So if she did end up getting hit...well..hehehe.
  323. >"Oh? That sounds perfect actually. I do want a chance to test my speed. Knowing how fast I am helps because I always want to know how quick I can be at getting something some sweet pony may need. I accept" Chrysalis stands at the ready. She wasn't acting arrogant or smug however. She seemed to genuinely be enjoying her.
  324. >Even as Diamond asked her if it was really alright,considering her injuries. Chrysalis's expression showed no arrogance as she calmed her. It actually made you think. Were you just wrong? Was Chrysalis actually enjoying herself and just taking part in this for fun...and a meal? She hasn't insulted Diamond Tiara at all so far. Just you. But that's par for the course. To put it simply, Chrysalis was having a good time.
  325. "Alright...ready?"
  326. >"Of course, do your best brother" Chrysalis stands at the ready.
  327. > actually be courteous. To be brotherly, and perhaps. To even show your friendship. You return those words to her.
  328. "You too, good luck sis"
  329. >And with that, you dash towards her, bouncing right, then left, then unleashing an attack you had used against her once before. But this time, she couldn't fly away from it.
  330. "SHORYUKEN!"
  331. >You jump upwards, leading in with a spinning hoof punch uppercut aimed directly under Chrysalis's head.
  332. >Chrysalis, even with her injuries. Was still able to easily dodge your rising dragon punch. She hopped to the side, moving her head in a near impossible way to quickly get it away from your flying hoof.
  333. >You manage to stick the landing however and bounce back. But that was it, that was your attack. And it failed.
  335. >And didn't feel bad over it. Chrysalis decides to be a good sport about it and bows to you "A great try my valiant prince, with quicker hoofwork. You would be able to do such a move with blazing speed."
  336. >Was that..a tip? Work on your hoofwork? Huh...interesting.
  337. "Thanks Nymous, I'll keep that in mind. Speaking of hoofwork, that was a pretty neat dodge."
  338. >Chrysalis gives you a warm smile as she bows "Thank you for the compliment. But ahh, it is now my turn to ask the princess the question. Isn't it?"
  339. >"yeah...but, wow. I didn't think Anypony could dodge Anons..uhh...Shuriyam..thing. I actually don't ever remember seeing that move. But seeing it now, and seeing you dodge it. You both could be an amazing hero duo if you wanted to be" Diamond Tiara was amazed by it all, to the point she started to clap. "Good work!"
  340. >You and Chrysalis bow to her. Thanking her for the compliment. It wasn't easy keeping up the whole royal thing up. Since the role play was being broken every few minutes. But you all tried anyway.
  342. >Finally Chrysalis's turn came up. She looked to Diamond Tiara and very calmly asked "Truth or dare? Your highness"
  343. >"Truth, I want you to know more about me Nymous, so of course I'll answer any question you'll ask with hundred percent honesty" Diamond Tiara readied herself for anything she might ask.
  345. >"Then I have a very easy question. Which I would suppose would make us all winners. Would you marry my brother? When you're older?"
  346. >UH WUT! C'MON!
  347. >You blush at that question. As does Diamond Tiara as she starts to act shy "W-well...I'd like to of course. That is the truth.."
  348. >Chrysalis nods, then smiles "Then I suppose that makes us all winners." She bows to Diamond Tiara as she stands "An excellent game, your excellency, wouldn't you say?"
  349. >"Y-yeah...erm" Diamond Tiara was just looking at you, and when you noticed. you could feel your heart melt. Did you really like her that much? You must have. She's simply adorable. And yet, you still questioned a few things in your mind. Was this a wise choice? she was a little too young. Maybe you were just thinking more of her because you liked her. You just couldn't figure it out.
  350. >"So. what's next?" Silver Spoon asked, ignorant of the fact you were both looking into eachothers eyes.
  351. >"Oh!..oh right!" Diamond Tiara snaps out of it and looks to Chrysalis "Nymous, I do believe it's tea time"
  352. >"I do believe your right" Chrysalis gets up and walks over to Diamond's dresser. On the top were cups and tea pots on saucers. You hadn't noticed it before. Though you did wonder...why were there two tea pots?
  353. >As Chrysalis begins to lay out the cups and serve the tea. You took notice of the two tea pots. one was plain looking, which she used to serve herself and Silver Spoon. The other was adorned with jewels and gold embroidery. It was very fancy. and she used that one to serve you and Diamond Tiara. "My Princess and Prince, I do hope you both enjoy this special tea I brewed. This tea is one only royalty drinks. I hope it is to both your liking"
  354. >Woooah, awesome! Royal tea!....wait. God, you hoped it didn't taste like pretentious shit.
  356. >Still, it was amazing. Chrysalis was behaving herself and even being rather cool, if a little teasing. Maybe you were being too high strung. Eh, Starlight didn't know what she was talking about. She didn't know how tight you and Chrysalis were.
  357. >You all take your seats. Hmm, the tea sure smelled good.
  358. >"Is this really a tea royalty drink Nymous?" Diamond Tiara asked as she took in the sweet aroma.
  359. >Chrysalis nodded "Indeed, nopony drinks it today however. It has been mostly forgotten despite it's importance in history, but I thought for this sleepover, it would be appropriate to make for the both of you."
  360. >That's pretty neat. Hell, you even believed her. This must have been some old recipe she learned in one of her conquests. Oh mannnn, this is gonna be sweeeet.
  361. >But first..
  362. >You raise your cup
  363. "Everypony, I'd like to make a toast to Nymous, for these drinks we are about to have and for her patience in being our maid"
  364. >"Oh Anon, how sweet. You make me glad to be your sister" Chrysalis smiles as she raises her cup
  365. >"Yeah, a toast to Nymous!" Diamond raises her cup
  366. >"Yeah, I know right? Without her, we wouldn't even be right here, right now." Silver Spoon raises her cup, and the toast is raised.
  367. >You all then drink.
  368. >Well damn, this stuff was pretty good. pretty sweet and didn't even have that leafy taste most teas have.
  369. >You look to Diamond Tiara to see what she thought.
  370. "Hey, Diamond what do you think of the......mnn...waaaaa.."
  371. >You look directly into Diamond's eyes and become instantly overwhelmed by feelings you didn't know were that powerful. You lost your ability to speak for a moment. Diamond Tiara was the same way, the moment you locked eyes. She just couldn't look away.
  373. "My pwincess of cuddles, has anypony ever told you how beautiful your....everything is?" You say as you look at her dreamily. Damn, she was looking fine all of a sudden. Super good.
  374. >Diamond blushed, but didn't shy away as she leaned into the table and looked deep into your eyes. "I was thinking the same thing, my pwincy wincy"
  375. >Silver Spoon was finding it a little odd. She hadn't heard either of you use those kinds of pet names yet. But she was supportive, things seemed to be going good. "Wow, you both keep falling deeper for eachother huh?"
  376. >You both just lean in closer, putting your foreleg elbows on the table as you both take a breath at the same time "Yeeeaahhhh"
  377. >Chrysalis said nothing as she observed, and drank her tea.
  378. >You hop off your little seat and near drunkingly wander towards Diamond. The moment you do, as if by pure instinct, she starts nuzzling under your muzzle "Oh my Sugawycoltmuffin, you always make every second of my life great."
  379. >Your heart was thumping heavily. Her this close, this massive amount of love you felt, it was growing by the nanosecond.
  380. "Same to you my Pinkcuddlepeach. Having you this close, it makes me the happiest colt in the world."
  381. >You hug onto her and bring her close as you plant a kiss on her nose. Making her giggle.
  382. >Silver Spoon just stared. It was so scandalous to her. She didn't know what would happen. But it was so exciting.
  383. >You plant another kiss, and another. Diamond didn't know what to do with herself. She just let it happen.
  384. "My jewel of my life, having you this close. I'd never ever want to be apart again."
  385. >"A-anon.." She nuzzled closer. as you plant another kiss and pull in her body slowly close. sensually close.
  386. "I want to love you, take care of you, be with you, I even want to..."
  387. >You stop, and start to sweat
  388. ""
  389. >Your mind was flooding with lewd thoughts. You didn't care who saw. You wanted to rip those clothes off and make love to her right here.
  390. "W-want..t-to..."
  392. >Something was wrong. Did you ever love her this much? Maybe you wanted to do her..WAIT. WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?!"
  393. >"To what? My wuzzlesnacky?" Diamond asks dreamily as she gives you a kiss on your cheek.
  394. >You blush red, you almost do it. But you gulp, and shakingly tell her.
  395. "T-to...need to my sister...real..quick in p-p-private"
  396. >"B-but, then we'd have to stop snuggling. I don't want to stop snuggling" She whines
  397. >..oh, it was going to be more than snuggling if you didn't escape.
  398. >"Talk to me in private? Whatever for?" Chrysalis asks, she actually seemed genuinely confused.
  399. >Hell, you were confused. Were these what horse hormonal problems were like? You had to gently pull yourself away from DT. Which was a painful experience to not even be inches close to her. You had to force yourself.
  400. "I-it's'll be ok"
  401. >You look to Diamond Tiara with a strained smile. and start to back up.
  402. >She reaches out to you "But my snugglepoo,are you sure it's THAT important?"
  403. >You quickly nod
  404. "Y-yes....Nymous..please? Out there? please?...please?"
  405. >"..hmmm..alright. I don't see why, but alright" She seemed impatient now. But kept her servant like composure as she bowed to Diamond Tiara "A moment my princess, please be patient as I speak to the prince privately"
  406. >"O-ok" Diamond Tiara already had tears in her eyes "Please..hurry back"
  407. "Oh, I will!"
  408. >You try to assure her, already ripping yourself away from her
  409. "I will"
  410. >And you and Chrysalis step through the door and head a little ways down the hallway to speak privately.
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