BSA 500 Week 2 Virtual Organizations Table Part I

Dec 2nd, 2014
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  3. This paperwork of BSHS 325 Week 5 Discussion Question 2 shows the solutions to the following problems:
  6. How does technology and media connect people to the community? What are the effects of these connections on human well-being?
  8. Deadline: ( ), General Questions - General General Questions
  9. 1. What medium did Andrew Wyeth use to paint Christina's World?
  10. A. Oils
  11. B. Watercolors
  12. C. Ink
  13. D. Tempera paint
  14. 2. Why are paintings from medieval times more generic, lacking individual qualities?
  15. A. Painters copied from each other.
  16. B. Virtually all medieval paintings were produced by monks.
  17. C. Painters copied from pattern books.
  18. D. The Church frowned upon individualism.
  19. 3. Neoclassicism as an artistic style sought to emphasize
  20. A. asymmetry and ornamentation.
  21. B. order and rationality.
  22. C. grandeur and exuberance.
  23. D. tension and drama.
  24. 4. The pyramids of the Mayans were used as
  25. A. government seats.
  26. B. royal dwellings.
  27. C. tombs.
  28. D. religious sites.
  29. 5. Many of Hans Holbein's religious paintings were destroyed in the name of the Protestant movement
  30. known as
  31. A. Papism.
  32. B. Monotheism.
  33. C. Iconoclasm.
  34. D. Agnosticism.
  35. 6. ________ shapes are representational shapes that have been simplified.
  36. A. Organic
  37. B. Geometric
  38. C. Nonrepresentational
  39. D. Abstract
  40. 7. Which one of the following types of balance is less restrictive and more dynamic than the others?
  41. A. Asymmetrical balance
  42. B. Radial balance
  43. C. Symmetrical balance
  44. D. Bilateral balance
  45. 8. What artistic development is characterized by unique compositions, S-like shapes, elegance, and a lack
  46. of emotion?
  47. A. Baroque
  48. B. Modernism
  49. C. Rococo
  50. D. Mannerism
  51. 9. Throughout the Renaissance, the _______ was used in paintings as a structural innovation that used
  52. geometric underpinning.
  53. A. base line
  54. B. foursquare theorem
  55. C. horizon line
  56. D. figure triangle
  57. 10. Another name for serigraphy is
  58. A. silkscreen printing.
  59. B. etching.
  60. C. metal printmaking.
  61. D. wood engraving.
  62. 11. Color-Field Painting was associated with what artist?
  63. A. Willem de Kooning
  64. B. Franz Kline
  65. C. Jackson Pollock
  66. D. Mark Rothko
  67. 12. _______ is the opposite of relief printmaking.
  68. A. Etching
  69. B. Intaglio
  70. C. Metal printmaking
  71. D. Wood engraving
  72. 13. _______ vaults were used to construct the nave of the Church of Sainte-Madeleine in Vézelay in
  73. France in the twelfth century.
  74. A. Barrel
  75. B. Ribbed
  76. C. Pointed
  77. D. Groin
  78. 14. _______ was stolen from the Louvre in 1911 and remained missing for two years.
  79. A. Venus de Milo
  80. B. Raft of the Medusa
  81. C. Mona Lisa
  82. D. Liberty Leading the People
  83. 15. What was one of the most significant achievements of Albrecht Dürer?
  84. A. He created the art form known as installation sculpture.
  85. B. He raised commonplace objects in his subjects of fine art.
  86. C. He wrote treatises on painting, perspective, and human proportions.
  87. D. He made printmaking a fine art form.
  88. 16. This artist represents the purist method of Impressionism.
  89. A. Pierre-Auguste Renoir
  90. B. Vincent van Gogh
  91. C. Claude Monet
  92. D. Édouard Manet
  93. 17. _______ began his career as an illustrator, but later became a political cartoonist.
  94. A. Honoré Daumier
  95. B. Marc Chagall
  96. C. Jean-François Millet
  97. D. Gustave Courbet
  98. 18. The conversion of the English to Christianity began a rich period of artistic production in England,
  99. especially i
  101. To download this tutorial follow the link - https://bitly.com/12BVH3u
  103. The potential for gaining weight during freshman year can be overcome if you limit your simple carbs. Avoid eating pre-packaged foods and snacks that are high in sugar and fats. Eat foods that are fresh, like fruits and vegetables, to stay healthy and keep your energy levels up. Don't strictly consume protein as doing so is not healthy.
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