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Here are pictures of me (NSFW)

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Jun 12th, 2013
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  1. Here are pictures of me (NSFW):
  2. (Newer)
  7. Older:
  11. evil poppet and needles:
  17. So here are pictures of my cooking:
  18. (A simple waffles with black molasses and confectioner's sugar on top)
  19. (A chocolate crackle cake with confectioner's sugar on top)
  20. ( A very healthy meal of n'aan bread with nacho cheese dip and mozzarella on top, with yogurt, a peach, and a glass of my favorite drink, Orange juice)
  21. (A bowl of my amazing stirfry that I just made by randomly picking ingredients out in the china mart)
  22.,GowpW,Mpxjs (A strawberry cheesecake topped with whipped cream)
  23. ( A view of some raw cooking ingredients in my pantry)
  24.,qINiF,WjB8x#2 (Strawberry cheesecake w/o the whipped cream topping, accompanied by walnuts topped with black molasses and confectioner's sugar, and a glass of Boston Tea Company's Wild Herbal Strawberry Tea/Tisane)
  25.,YHRyg (My homemade cinnamon butter bread, hand knead from flour and water)
  26.,4vQiG (A handmade pastry of mine, involving dark corn syrup, pecans, hand knead dough)
  27. (the same exact pastry, just after I poured the paste I made out of confectioner's sugar on top of well a side glass of Strawberry Herbal Tisane from the Boston Tea Company)
  28.,3xFyo#1 (Waffles with strawberry jam and confectioner's sugar on top, with a glass of hot cocoa sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and topped with marshmellows))
  29. (A variation of my cinnamon butter unleavened bread shown earlier)
  30. (Oreo dessert pie)
  31.,YxlITbC,bdB4uZx,5n35Bw9,oagamwD,BBn1Nqk,3S3BxIW,RkT87hw,INVJpxj,bjo1ErG,sxJbbgc#7 (Stirfry cooking ingredients)
  32.,pN268EB,qB4QFzq,xuICnMn,bgGhOji,TFm3YF1,yC52RnP (Pictures of various teas in my room, in their boxes, as well as incense which I am a huge fan of)
  33.,blxLBzJ,5Ster1a,G2bx8Yn,TdWmkKf,QnfEISt,WrdRdRn,nbfdkxu#0 (A vegetable salad I made out of a simple dish of a bunch of different raw vegetables simple cut up and topped with mozzarella cheese and rach dressing =) )
  34. (A dish of baked brocolli placed in a balsamic vinegarette, topped with shredded cheddar cheese, accompanied with variations on my vegetable salad and slices of n'aan bread)
  35. (A tortilla type meal I love to eat and make and is very simple, comprised of n'aan bread types with sliced tomatoes, jalapenos, paprika, and shredded cheese)
  36. (And finally, I made this dish yesterday, and I will make it again today: it is sliced zucchini and mushrooms sauteed in butter with salt added, and then combined with rice and shredded mozzarella cheese mhmm =) )
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