Dr Anon 3

May 28th, 2012
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  1. >As you put the wasted flesh of the "random sample" fluffy into a hazmat bag for disposal, and hose down the table, you have to suppress a little disappointment.
  2. >"Jem" as he had thought his name was, was actually a pretty good Fluffy pony.
  3. >As far as fluffy ponies go anyway.
  4. >He had been clean and neat, which is pretty obviously a challenge in the cramped quarters of a specimen cage.
  5. >And he was affectionate and obedient. As far as you know, these are traits held by all fluffies, but this one had felt... well... special.
  6. >Damnit. You can't get attached to your work like this. They are consumer products manufactured in mass quantities, and you are just discovering that you are an overqualified dissectionist.
  7. >But... well, a souvenir couldn't hurt...
  8. >From the kit you remove a narrow sample tube, and a sterile cotton swab.
  9. >Lifting the lid of the hazmat bin, you spy Dr. Dela Rosa's discarded bloody gloves.
  10. >Take a gentle swabbing of still wet blood, and drop it into the sample tube.
  11. >Seal and pocket. You'll get this into the freezer soon.
  12. >Perhaps you can have some fun at this job after all...
  14. ---
  16. >At lunctime, you quietly slip the sample tube into the employee's freezer. Because the only other things in there are a bag of succotash and something so heavily freezer burned that it might be either meat or a fudge-sickle with no stick, you think it'll be safe there.
  17. >The rest of the day passes: you have to take part in the dissection of two more ponies; one with an abnormally sharp horn, and one with a fifth leg.
  18. >Polymelia is a hell of a defect.
  19. >The boss lets you actually handle the knife for the last one, and you don't mess it up too badly.
  20. >You've started to pick up on your actual duties now:
  21. >Remove aggressive, defective, and abnormal Fluffies from the population before they can breed and spread their mutant genes.
  22. >Burn the witch, abhor the mutants, purge the xenos, etc.
  23. >You report a sixth pony for dissection, it appears to have a severe case of strabismus.
  24. >"Is it's coat grey, with a blonde mane?"
  25. "How did you know? Are you a wizard?"
  26. >"Yeah, that color combination seems to have a predilection for wall-eye. Let it pass. They breed clean and aren't any risk for kids."
  27. >Whatever the boss wants.
  28. >You finish the cage cleaning / Fluffy screening with only a few minutes left in the day.
  29. >Your boss apparently nipped out early, so you don't know if there are any other procedures for the day.
  30. >Taking your Green-level security pass, you make your way back to the employee's kitchen.
  31. >And run headlong into a security guard with a plate full of succotash.
  32. CRASH!
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